Interesting question from Washington Post Chat

by Prince Of Petworth March 13, 2007 at 9:42 pm 2 Comments

I can’t vouch for the validity but it is an interesting question. But I think the real important part is the last sentence of Mark Plotkin’s reply: Will some candidates drop out of the race and unite behind another candidate? From what I’ve seen, I doubt that will happen.

Petworth: Mark — I was out of town this weekend for a family
gathering. My uncle is a national labor bigwig and lives far away from
Washington He asked if I live in Ward 4; when I replied yes, he told
me that his umbrella organization is about to pump “a boatload” of
money into one of the candidate’s coffers. He told me who their
candidate is and bragged that the money was coming “from all over.” I
told him that I didn’t like what they were doing and he replied that
their candidate didn’t stand a chance unless they did this. It’s
shameful what’s happened to D.C. politics in the past four years. My
uncle lives hundreds of miles from Washington, and he has more say in
who my Council member is than I do.

Mark Plotkin: You can’t stop people from trying to raise as much money
as possible and from as many sources as possible. Bowser who is
Fenty’s candidate obviously believes that raising all this money will
eliminate any serious opposition. There could be a backlash to this.
There is still time as I said before for a candidate to emerge without
the same resources and some candidates might decide that they don’t
have a chance and unite behind somebody who has a chance. The election
is May 1 so there is still time.


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