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by Prince Of Petworth March 9, 2007 at 1:34 pm 21 Comments

If we of Ward 4 overwhelming elected Adrian Fenty for Mayor and apparently were tremendously satisfied with his job as our Ward 4 Councilmember than how come there is so much vitriol aimed against the candidate he endorsed -Muriel Bowser? If we like Fenty why don’t we want someone who will support him on the council? I haven’t decided who I am voting for yet, I’m just curious why there seems to be so much anger aimed at Muriel Bowser. I’d love to hear thoughts and please not just random bashing.

  • Anonymous

    This is not bashing, but the perspective of those who know Ms. Bowser’s constituent service record, or lack thereof. There is a great deal of dissatisfaction about Fenty’s endorsement because those of us who are familar with her as ANC, know that she has not served her constituents. The ANCs in neighboring SMDs are the ones who represented her constituents’ concerns about crime, Chevron issues in Riggs, schools, etc. Another example, is during her service as ANC treasurer, the DC auditor cited the commission for numerous late financial reports. The field is crowded with candidates several of whom have records of proven service and leadership. Yeah, being able to build consensus with the mayor is in the best interests of the citizens, but it is real clear that Fenty only wants someone who won’t think independently on the council.

  • Anonymous

    Prince will all due respect to you and your blog…please don’t label us as basher’s but truth tellers. Prince we live in her neighborhood, her single member district, and her anc.

    The work that she is trying to take credit for has been being done BEFORE she even lived in the neighborhood. The other person that mentioned the audit, when Muriel Bowser was the treasurer of the ANC she filed reports 68, 64, 56, and many more days late, and so on days late…PLEASE check this out yourself with the dc auditor…not bashing…pure fact!
    She has a resident who had a bullet hole in his window that lives less than a few steps from her…he waited 6 months before contacting the chair of the anc Cherita Whiting for help..6 months he waited on Bowser and she never came. Everytime we have needed the police in Riggs Park it has been that same chair who got them for us, not Muriel Bowser. She has not served her community as she tries to say. The fact that she agrees with Fenty without even researching for her own good speaks to why she is refered to as his “puppet”. The fact that she voted on a developement in her own single member district in which the developer has been pouring money into her campaign speak to a very big conflict, but even better another candidate that is also an anc did not participate in the vote showed better judgement.
    The fact that the Post reported that over 80 percent of her funds are from OUTSIDE ward 4 shows the resident of ward 4 are not spending their money on her. I can tell you that as you read this also think about the fact that if Muriel Bowser was as good as “she” says she is, then why do we have 1 of her own anc’s running against her, why is 1 of her own residents running against her, why do we have 2 other people within her anc area running against her? Then those on her ANC are hosting meet and greets for other candidates…non for her…..her own ANC is “NOT” supporting her! Makes you wonder doesn’t it! So please understand…not basjing…speaking only the truth!

  • Prince of Petworth

    I didn’t mean to label those who have issues as bashers. On the contrary I just didn’t want people criticizing without giving examples. I thank you both for your comments and hope to see more.

  • Jeff Steele

    As is clear from the previous posts, there is a lot of dissatisfaction with Bowser within her own ANC. Add in the perception — right or wrong — that she will either be a puppet of the mayor, a tool of developers, or both, and the current level of vitriol is not a surprise.

    Fenty earned his support by going door-to-door to meet residents, attending community events, and delivering stellar constituent services. He was the champion of the “little guy” taking on the entrenched establishment as represented by Charlene Drew Jarvis and Linda Cropp. Now, it is Muriel Bowser who is receiving the corporate funding that once went to Fenty’s opponents. As a result, I think many Ward 4 residents see in Bowser not what Fenty once stood for, but what Fenty once stood against. Whether that is either accurate or fair is a separate issue, but I think it explains the level of anger.

  • Anonymous

    I do not see a lot of comments posted about any special election articles on the Prince of Petworth blog or Ward 4 Special Election website(http://ward4specialelection.org/).

    This leads me to ponder whether the Ward 4 electorate is following the race and issues at hand through the electronic medium. I surmise, as others have, that most of the candidates are hoping to win the Ward 4 City Council seat, a part-time job with a $115,000 annual salary, with a small number of votes. The Ward 4 City Council seat race entails a game of whoever can get their supporters to the polls.

    Political races are intriguing. Sometimes, candidates win races but they are not really experienced. Most candidates for the Ward 4 City Council seat are not stand outs in community service and activism, or their professional careers.

    If any of the candidates are reading the electronic posts, I hope they are smart enough to focus on face-to-face and door-to-door campaigning. Electonic medium pundits will, more than likely, NOT make or break their campaigns.

  • Anonymous

    I wasn’t happy with him as our council member. I didn’t vote for him then, I didn’t vote for him for mayor either.

    About the only good thing I have to say about him is that at least he was more engaged than Charlene ever was.

    He was bad enough. Based on what I’ve heard in the neighborhood about Bowser, I want her as my council member even less, and Fenty’s endorsement doesn’t help her case with me.

    He’s not universally loved in Ward 4.

  • Anonymous

    One thing is for certain: there are plenty of candidates. Numerous candidates are similar in how they haven’t distinguished themselves in service. Among other things, Muriel Bowser has distinguished herself by claiming credit for community service done by others. That is a known fact, and also helpful in eliminating one name from the list for some active and voting “pundits” to consider.

  • Anonymous

    Forgot to co-sign with anotehr commenter on their impression of the former council member. Contrary to polular belief, Fenty was indeed NOT univerally loved by Ward4, for reasons that more people may begin to realize sooner than later.

  • holzsager

    I think the Mayor has subjected Ms Bowser to an undeserved burden by giving such early and total backing. She has added to that burden by backing him 100% on every single issue. It’s hard to see her as an independent voice.

    Further, she has accepted contributions from every interest out to curry favor with the Mayor. Legal and open though they may be, they leave a perception that she represents those interests.

    The problem is that, even when you are doing the right thing, backing like that makes your motives suspect. No matter how much independent thinking you do, when folks see powerful people behind you, they wonder about influence.

  • Anonymous

    This blog has been a blessing! It shows me that some of us see and know the truth. Fenty was not liked by all in ward 4…he did not receive every vote in ward 4. But what matters now is that our tax dollars could pay the salary of Muriel Bowser, one whohasn’t done a good job as ANC, has done nothing for Ward 4 Dems, and is riding in on Fenty…or his coat tails…sorry but I had to say it…cause it is being said all over the city. There have been great people doing great work in Riggs Park LONG before Muriel Bowser ever moved into “our” neighborhood and her web-site is now a list of lies which she takes credit for everything under the sun….and Rev. Hagler should be made because she list that she lead a protest against the liquor store and she did not, Rev. Hagler was in the newspaper with the other protesters years before she even moved there. With that being said her residents have hosted more meet and greets for other candidates and only 1…did you hear me 1 has been hosted for her in her own single member district. Puppet yes…..council member HELL NO!

  • The Good Doctor

    On a purely abstract and theoretical basis, it seems to me that the Ward 4 council seat carries inherent power in DC government. Aren’t we better served if that power has an independent base?

    Of course, I see advantages to being aligned with the executive. But given that the Mayor is from Ward 4 and needs to “take care of home” — and not soil his nest — isn’t it better if the Ward 4 vote needs to be enticed rather than taken for granted?

  • Vague Ponderings

    Hm. Well, admittedly I haven’t been very focused on the issues in Lamond-Riggs even tho I live there, probably because my block is fairly quiet so there haven’t been any real reasons for me to reach out to Muriel. That said, she has reached out to ME over the past 5 years and is the only candidate I have had any experience or contact with since I’ve lived in the neighborhood. I also think that Lamond-Riggs is two different neighborhoods — there’s a section that appears to have more crime and other troubles and the section where I live where it’s really quiet. I say this because I read the paper about all the “crime problems” and I’m like where??? I never see gangs and have experienced nor witnessed no thefts or other crimes. Maybe I’m just lucky. Last comment/thought: why would the ANC member need to come see a bullet hole in a window? Is she supposed to serve as the police, too?

  • justanothergirlinthehood

    You know, I’m glad you asked this question.

    I am turned off by the extent of the Mayor’s involvement in Ms. Bowser’s campaign. The fact that his finance manager, John, and at least two right hand campaign managers, Sinclair and Lamont, have moved into Ms. Bowser’s campaign office is one thing. The email list that was built of contributors to Fenty’s campaign has now been moved to Bowser and I’m receiving emails for her fundraisers with all the same folks hosting parties and lending their names. Even the fact that her campaign color is green bothers me.

    I come from one of those cities where patronage looms large and I’ve never appreciated it. The perceptions in this race alone are making me look past Muriel Bowser for a candidate who will independently represent the interests of Ward 4.

  • Anonymous

    I agree with the general sentiments expressed above: Ward 4 needs and deserves an independent voice on the Council.
    We can’t let Fenty’s machine turn our city into a patronage-run city like Chicago.

  • Anonymous

    To answer the question as to why another commissioner was asked to look at the bullet hole was because the other commissioner is the chair of the anc and received the call as a complaint about commissioner bowser not responding to one of her residents. I think you know no commissioner serves as the police but the chair did serve the resident and atleast responded to his concern, the chair of the anc did not bowser who should have.

  • Anonymous

    I just read in a DC North article that Judi Jones has held monthly single member district meetings in her ANC 4B, Muirel Bowser has not…so why all the hype for a part-time ANC who wants to be a part-time council member? I also just confirmed this with members of Muriel’s single member district…that she doe NOT hold SMD meetings….

  • Vague Ponderings again

    But my question is why would ANY ANC member need to go see a bullet hole in a window? Muriel or whomever? Why? And what did the ANC member who did go see the hole do? Did he/she fix the window? Solve the crime of the bullet hole in the window?? What?

  • Vague ponderings once again

    Also, I’m not a good person to talk to about meetings. I detest them. I think we (as a society) “meet” excessively about every and any little thing with little to no resolution of the issues we are “meeting” about a great deal of the time. Less lip flapping and more action is my motto. So, telling me that Muriel doesn’t hold meetings carries no water with me. That said, she does not have my vote locked, as I have not had a chance to get to know anything about the other candidates in the field as of yet.

  • princeofpetworth

    Vague ponderings, I think people like when politicians, ANC and Council members alike, visit crime scenes as a show of support. By visiting they are saying, I support you, I see what is going on, I won’t forget you, and I will do something about it.

    What people don’t like is when politicians show up after a crime for the tv cameras but then don’t follow up.

  • Anonymous

    Vague Ponderings, you make an excellent point about the value of an ANC viewing a bullet hole at someone’s home. ANCs are not full-time paying jobs. Not even the Ward 4 City Council member job is full-time. People may be forgetting the “advisory” role an ANC has. Enough said.

    Now for something fun and meaningful. I am calling for the citizenry to tell ANCs as gentrification is causing property values and taxes to rise, incomes of residents are not magically going up, proportionately. Higher property taxes due to a “stupid” real estate market are a windfall to the city. More money to be wasted. I say a huge NAY to higher property taxes. Down with property taxes!

  • Anonymous

    the bottom line being “most” ANC’s are responsive to their residents and do go above and beyond what they don’t get paid for….most of the time it’s part of the job.


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