Washington, DC

A vote please

So it got me thinking, reading the comment from the reader who was delighted with Sweet Mango’s food and ambiance… So I’d like to take a little informal vote. What are people’s favorites out there? Your choices are Colorado Kitchen, Domku, Temperance Hall, Sweet Mango Cafe, Hitching Post, El Torgoraz, or name your own favorite establishment. I’d love to learn about some secret gems that may be out there. I know it is a bit of mish mash between bars, restaurants, etc but think of the one place you absoutely couldn’t live without. I’ll start the voting off with a vote for Domku. If you can please say what you like best about your choice that would be even better.

Speaking of voting I’ve seen lots more lawn signs out there. I think in a few weeks we are going to have a very colorful neighborhood.


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