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Home and Garden March 31, 2016 at 8:54 am

Any Azalea experts out there?


Hi All,

I’m looking for someone who can help me assess whether or not my Azalea bushes are salvageable. I planted them last year and have to admit that they seemed to struggle shortly after they were planted. That being said I do see new leaf sprouts and feel as though they might have a chance if someone who knew what they were doing could tend to them.

My husband is determined to just uproot them and start over, where as I’d love to be able to save them.

If you can offer any help or advice it would be appreciated!


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Are you watering too much or is your soil draining well? My grandmother had some azalea bushes planted but her soil was very dense with clay and caused some root rotting so we had to start over and mixed the potting soil with compost and some gravel to loosen it up. We actually only water her bushes once a week now since there’s a lot of shade where they’re planted. We also do trimmings and spray with fertilizer once a week.

If there’s new sprouts it’s definitely salvageable, just trim off all the dead branches/leaves and plant them with a loser soil. Be patient at first, it might look ugly but over time it will recover.

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