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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

I’m gonna be a bit off grid today and through the weekend so apologies if your comment gets delayed or if someone’s comment that should’ve been delayed got through : ) We’ll be back to our normal schedule on Monday!

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  • Revel: It’s finally spring break! It felt like it would never come.
    Rant: Passover food. I’m over it.

  • binntp

    Paging textdoc and others who lived in Japan: I have a young relative who’s graduating and moving to Japan to teach English. Any ideas about a possible gift I can give that would be useful/something that’s not available there that you wished you’d stocked up on?

    • Hmm, will have a think on this. The first thing that came to mind is peanut butter.

    • Also, maybe a book or two? (Either for the plane or once she’s there. I don’t read much but I remember really missing access to books in English without paying an arm and a leg).

      • Second. A Kindle or other e-book reader is a good choice. English books are not only expensive, but the selection can be limited.

    • Dill pickles, ranch dressing, buffalo sauce…. I can’t really think of many non-food items that I missed.

    • That One Guy

      Don’t know if this applies but, supposedly, if you’re a woman finding undergarments/clothes may be harder to purchase because of size differences so maybe a gift card to some clothing store here?

    • Admittedly, it’s been almost 25 years (egad!) since I lived in Japan, and perhaps things have changed, but I found that Japanese deodorant just did not work for me, so I always stocked up on American brands when I came home to visit. Maybe that’s too personal or weird, but there you go.

    • binntp

      Thanks, everybody! I knew I’d get some good ideas from the PoPulace to create a going away/graduation care package.

  • Rave: Treating myself to lunch out today and trying to decide what to get. Did anyone get the shrimp poke at Abunai Poke yet? (I’m not really a raw-fish fan or I’d try something else.) Alternatively I might just get pizza or a hot dog or something.
    Rave: The weather this weekend! I’m hoping I might be able to go out for an early-evening drink somewhere tomorrow.
    Rave: No rants today!

    • I’m trying to decide on a lunch splurge today too! I redeemed an OpenTable gift certificate for Brasserie Beck and their lunch prices are so much better so I’m thinking of *really* splurging but I might be too full to function after…

      • Oh nice! I admittedly haven’t been there but the menu looks delicious.
        (Actually, that jogged my brain a bit: I wonder if Founding Farmers does take out since I work a couple buildings away and I like their blue cheese burger…)
        I’m a little disappointed because the Abunai truck isn’t running because of the store opening this week, the Swizzler truck fryer is down so they’re not out, and the Donburi truck has been off the map for over a month. Booooooo.

        • I take that back — the DC location won’t do “to-go.” Only the VA and MD locations let you order ahead. Booooo……

          • Oh bummer! My food allergies keep me out of “the know” with food trucks but this thread sure is making me hungry early!

  • jim_ed

    Rant: What the hell is with the 1:00pm Easter start for the Wizards playoff game? People have familial obligations and mandatory brunches they have to attend. We couldn’t start the games until like 4?
    Rave: Warming weather means the Shad are coming. Just another week or two…

  • Rant: I’m still slightly bothered by an aggressive driver that I encountered yesterday morning. Normally I don’t let things like that bother me. I’m assuming that being hormonal has something to do with it, which is another rant.
    Rant: Too much family stuff to do for the holiday weekend. I really wish we could have it be a quiet weekend at home, just the three of us. Instead we will be driving all over the state of Virginia starting tonight.
    Rave: At least the family time will hopefully get us some kid-free time to see a movie, or hell, even take a nap!

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: My office mate is driving me nuts. He’s the loudest eater on the planet. And he eats all day long. He also lies. I hear his conversations with the customer and when he forgets to say something important I tell him afterwards and he then says he did say it. No you didn’t I just heard your entire conversation!
    Rave: Saw a greyhound on my way to work.

  • Rave: Its Friday!
    Rave: Going to hang out in the 80 degree weather at Sandy point tomorrow!
    Rave: Easter Brunch on Sunday at Beacon Bar and Grill, all of the prime rib!

  • That One Guy

    Rant: Dreaming about rubbing itchy allergy eyes and waking to find I was actually doing so while sleeping. Asian eyes + allergies = -_- (instead of o_o).

  • Rant: Open Houses
    Rave: When open houses actually mean its quieter than having the people that actually live there be at home

  • Rant: Have a migraine that won’t go away. I’m not a regular sufferer, so I’m not sure what to try. I’m on my second cup of black tea and I took an extra strength tylenol. I know there are some regular migraine sufferers on here. Does anyone have any advice? It’s bad enough that I can’t work but I’m not even sure I could get home at this point.

    • I would really go home even if you have to Uber or something (unless you’re a driver — then I’d say wait). If it’s bad enough to be making you nauseous or blurring your vision, you should really try to go to urgent care or something if there’s one nearby, especially if this isn’t normal for you and it has been more than a day or two. They might be able to give you a painkiller injection or something to at least get you home…
      I’m sorry you’re dealing with this today!

    • maxwell smart

      Migraine’s make me extremely light sensitive – I need to be in the darkest room possible with my eyes closed, an Ibuprofen, and sleep it off.

    • Unfortunately they’re all different and time is the best medicine. In the meantime, try stretching, make sure you’re eating (nausea will make this difficult but not having food might make it worse), caffeine, a massage if that’s in the budget, and some good ol’ no lights/sound rest. Best of luck to you!

    • Migraines are a side effect of a medication I am on, and what helps me the most is excedrin (important to get the aspirin in addition to the tylenol) and a soda.

    • A friend of mine who was a regular migraine sufferer always took Excedrin migraine. She said it was the only OTC med that worked for her.

      • Just as an FYI because I looked into this recently, the active ingredients in Excedrin migraine are the exact same as the ones in normal Excedrin. Same amount of tylenol, aspirin, and caffeine. No need to pay extra for the bottle to say “migraine” instead of “extra strength”

        • +1. But OP may want to eat with the Excedrin. If I don’t have something to eat with it, I get nauseous.

          • Thanks all. I ended up throwing up in my office trash can, so I went to the doctor and got zofran. I get migraines so infrequently (fortunately) that I don’t keep Excedrin with me, but I guess I’ll have to start. I’m on my way home to sleep the rest of the migraine off.

          • Oh goodness, I hope you feel better. I’m really glad that you went to the doctor. (I get moderate migraines frequently but severe ones rarely — the one time I had one as bad as yours I literally thought I was going to die, so I’m glad it sounds like you’ll be okay.)

          • Yikes, Anonymous! Sorry to hear about throwing up at the office. Hoping that the Zofran (and the nap) works and you feel better soon.

    • The first time I got an allergy-related headache (apparently a blocked eustachian tube), it felt like a migraine, but wouldn’t respond to migraine medicine (i.e., generic Excedrin — aspirin + acetaminophen + caffeine).
      Turns out that a decongestant (even though I didn’t fell congested) and an antihistamine can make it go away.
      For migraines, I recommend keeping some generic Excedrin on you at all times — they can get bad really quickly.

  • skj84

    Rant: My stunning ability to work myself into a ball of anxiety. About things that are in my control and not. Also my ability to overthink the simplest things, and procrastinate. I’m not loving myself right now.
    Rave: Took my first yoga class in a while yesterday. I’m not super flexible, and my tenseness made it a challenge, but I felt better afterwards.

    • Anxiety is a b*tch. Sending hugs and deep breaths!

      • skj84

        Thanks! I’m trying to focus one on thing at a time right now. Its so hard, but I’ll go crazy if I don’t.

        • I’m in a similar state of procrastination with too much to do and spinning my wheels, and just downloaded and am trying out Habitica, which basically turns getting things done into a game. Kind of like DuoLingo for learning languages, where you earn points but it is task and habit based to earn (or subtract) points.

    • saf

      I am not at all flexible, but I find that yoga helps a lot, both making me feel better physically from the stretching, and mentally from the sitting still and not focusing on stress stuff. That is to say – yoga is good even when you’re not flexible!

    • This may sound easier said than done, but something that has helped me, particularly at night, is thinking “Is there anything I can do about this situation right this second?” The answer, especially about things I procrastinated on, is usually “no.” That allows me to relax a bit in the moment and resolve to address the worrisome thing the following day. Hang in there!

  • Rave: I got into a cab yesterday and realized I’d left my phone at home. The cab driver said he’d circle around the block so I could go home and get the phone. At the end of the ride, he got out of the cab and opened my door. Great start to my day except –
    Rant: Thought I’d dropped my credit card in the cab but I looked around and didn’t see it. Dark grey is not a good color for a credit card!
    Rant: Disappointing customer services w/credit card company starting with being called Mr Barnes
    Rave: It’s Friday, I’m working from home and it’s almost time for mid-morning tea

  • Rave: Installed a Japanese toilet/washlet at home yesterday. It’s amazing!!
    Rant: In the past two weeks, I’ve been called a “white b*tch” and an “Asian wh”re” while walking to work at 8am. I feel like I get yelled at by strangers more than anyone I know…
    Rave: It’s Friday and three friends from high school all happen to be in town separately on last minute business trips! Can’t wait to see them. 🙂
    Rant: Boss is away for the rest of April, and my counterparts in our offices outside of DC all suddenly quit, making me the only person in my department in the entire organization. And now I have workload paralysis, which is why I came here to procrastinate.

    • I get white b*tch from the Walmart crowd on H St/NJ Ave and/or City Center outskirts while walking to work from boyfriend’s place ALL the time. I don’t even tell people about it because I feel like they won’t believe me.

    • Damn, you’re getting both “white b*tch” and an “Asian wh*re”? You’d hope that folks get their race cards right before slinging out racial slurs.

  • Rave: It’s dead in my office today so I’m hoping to knock out the last of my post-vacation stuff.
    Rant: Ditto on the workload paralysis SKT mentioned. That’s such a good term for it! I don’t really know where to start. I thrive on the energy from a busy workplace and having such an empty office has made for a lot of “I just don’t wanna” but there is so much to be done!
    Rave: Can’t wait to spend some time at the batting cages with friends tonight and then see family this weekend.
    Rave/Rant: My nephew is turning 18 on Sunday! I’m too young to have an ADULT nephew! My sister is 12 years older so it makes sense but still…geez. That flew by.

    • Me too! When things finally slow down, I feel like everything takes 10 times as long. I definitely feed off of the energy.

      And on your last rave/rant, my cousin’s daughter is about to have a baby. My cousin had her when he was 18 and he’s six years older than me, but still. She’s 20, so it isn’t insanely young. I thought it was hilarious that my mom’s nephew was going to be a grandparent before she would be. She wasn’t amused 🙂

      • Funny how families work out like that! I just realized due to age differences on my mom’s side, her nephew is now a grandpa too (his daughter is one year older than me and has a 2-year-old). Wait.

  • Birthday party at Joe’s Stone Crab……how dressy is it on weekends? Can I wear jeans? I know it’s a business-y place during the week.
    Also is the stone crab that good?

    • you can wear jeans! skip the stone crab, its not that great and really expensive.

    • I think you’re OK as long as you’re not in a t-shirt. I’ve never had the stone crab but I like their seafood salad!

    • Accountering

      You can wear jeans to basically any place in the city, probably even the fancy steakhouses downtown. You would need to wear nice shoes, and a sport coat, but I feel comfortable wearing jeans to everything that doesn’t require a suit.

    • I love stone crab. It’s so much better than the over-hyped Maryland crab (seriously, it shouldn’t take this much work for tiny morsel of meat drowning in Old Bay, but that’s another story), but I think back when it opened, the WaPo review basically said everything is great, EXCEPT for the stone crab.

      • Get a local to give you a tutorial and ask for light spice or no spice. Easy fixes, but more crab for me is good too. LOL

      • “over-hyped Maryland crab”
        This Maryland-raised man could not agree more.
        “Hey do you guys want to spend a lot of time and effort eating and then still be hungry and smell bad afterward? Great! Let’s have crabs….” It’s not for me.

        • HaileUnlikely

          Or for the less-skilled crab eaters among us, want to eat something that will make you smell bad, and bleed, and still be hungry after you’re done eating? Great! Have a few Maryland crabs!

  • Query: Need simple, cheap cookie cutters for a party tomorrow. Anywhere in NE that you can think of?

  • Rave: Looking forward to hosting Easter on Sunday. Instead of normal, stuffy, Easter dinner, we’re having a barbecue.
    Rave: Planning on spending tomorrow planting some flowers in the backyard. The puppy has given me a head start by digging in the defunct bed – hopefully her digging will end once there is something in the space other than dirt.
    Question for the gardening populace: The bed has full sun, is about 4 feet by 3 feet. My current plan is to plant lavender at the back and phlox in the front as a boarder. Thoughts on something for in between? or should I just do lavender and phlox?

    • Consider adding an evergreen like Daphne Eternal Fragrance (three season bloom) or Sweetbox (forgot variety I have) plus sun-loving herbs (basil) and a few easy annual flowers (cosmos, zinnias, etc) in the middle.

  • Rant: Forgot bottle caps today…
    Rave: Some kind soul left a large box of extra freezer bags in the wellness room
    Rant: The low-income student I mentor got an incredibly shitty financial aid package from a college that started off with the words “congratulations on receiving financial aid” and ended with over $26K in loans…
    Rave: She got a four-year full-ride including living expenses to another college so she should be okay and have more affordable options.
    Rave: She’s just great and I’ve loved mentoring her.

  • rant: mom, who is still struggling with the fallout from living above a meth lab, fell down yesterday and broke her shoulder

    WTF: I walk into Cosi this morning and there’s a guy there trying to buy a lemon. Yes, they may use them to garnish a drink, but there’s no reason to expect a restaurant to sell you its raw ingredients…

    • I’m really sorry about your mom. I’ll keep her in my thoughts.

    • Of course there is “no reason to expect” but sometimes people don’t mind helping others out. I once needed a couple of ripe avocados last minute and all the ones at Harris Teeter were hard. I asked the sushi counter if they could sell me a couple of theirs and they were totally fine with it. Seriously – it isn’t all that hard to be nice.

      • I guess what I didn’t appropriately convey was the level of entitlement that this guy seemed to have… he wasn’t just politely asking if they could, he was approaching the situation with some expectations that they would and being a little pushy asserting that they should…

  • Rave: Huge shout-out to everyone here for your kindness and help in finding a dentist – I had an appointment yesterday with Dr. Minovi and holy crap, I love her! She is awesome and super helpful and funny and not scary at all! Got xrays, a thorough consult, exam, scaling (“Wow, that feels so weird, what my tongue is touching!” “That’s your teeth, sweetie!”), cleaning, and they made the molds for a night guard!
    Rant: So my avoidance now means that I have 5 little cavities I have to deal with now, as well as some minor bone/gum disease in the far back of my mouth, where my apparently too-large-for-my-tiny-mouth regular toothbrushes can’t get to. So I’ve ordered an electric toothbrush with a small round head at the doctor’s recommendation, and hopefully that can help keep cavities away, even if it can’t fix what’s currently wrong
    Rave: I have dental insurance and I have money saved in my HSA, so this means I can just suck it up and get stuff fixed now. Hoping to keep it as painless as possible both physically and financially as I go about this process.
    Rave: Grateful for this group for helping me in so many ways 🙂

  • Rave: came into work on a Friday for the first time in a few years to co-lead a discussion and it was actually really awesome.
    Rave: I decided to take my casual Friday style inspiration from Samantha Bee. Rocking the Nike Sky High Dunks, jeans, and blazer.
    Neutral: I already knew the Craft Brewer’s Conference was in town this week, but I was reminded of it again and again as I swiped through numerous bearded, vaguely kempt men from places like the PNW.
    Rant: I really want to blow off work this afternoon to start stand-up paddle board season today, but I have too much to do.

  • Rave: Teleworking today.
    Rant: Connection with office network has been off and on this morning.
    Rave: Getting my hair done tomorrow.
    Rave: Finally got a full night’s rest last night after weeks of going to sleep after midnight due to ruminating thoughts and staring at my phone.
    Question: Does anybody know about the Tax March that is supposedly going on this weekend? I heard about it briefly online but I haven’t heard anymore about it.

    • Google “Tax March” and you will find everything you need to know about it. Or just go to taxmarch dot org . (I would post links but I don’t know if PoP is actively moderating right now.)

  • Rave: Quiet day at the office, so hoping to get out early and enjoy the weather.
    Rave: Wrapping up some projects at the house, and the roof deck landscaping is really coming together. Next step is landscape lighting and an irrigation system.
    Rave: Half our street was finally paved after years of construction
    Rant: Despite no parking signs up for weeks, someone left their car out all day, so rather than tow, the construction crew just paved around it, leaving a nice big empty spot.

  • Rave: It’s Friday, I’m taking the afternoon off, and I think my parents sent me an Easter basket.
    Rant: Now to not eat all the candy between now and actual Easter.

    • skj84

      I’m 32 years old and still love getting my Easter Basket. And Christmas stocking while we’re at it. My building has a Easter display in the lobby, and I’ve already stopped by twice to grab candy. I’m not even making any attempt to resist the candy.

      • I really hope the Easter baskets never stop! Easter is well-timed with my final exams aka when I need all the candy!

      • I will refer my mother in law to you. She drives over to our house very early on Easter morning to leave baskets on our front stoop. We are atheists in our mid-40s. We do enjoy the candy, but find the whole “surprise, the Easter bunny was here” ritual a bit odd. she will pretend at Easter dinner that the bunny did it, not her.

  • Rave: Federalist Pig – Holy S@#$ that place is good!
    Rant: None! Still on a brisket and pork high.

  • Rant/query: Came back from vacation to a $50 parking ticket – emergency parking signs for road work were put up after we left town, and the restrictions went into effect the day we got back. (We got the ticket at 7am, and we have documentation showing that our plane landed at DCA at 9:30 pm.) Has anyone ever had any luck contesting a ticket in a situation like this? I’m leaning towards just eating the cost of the ticket and being grateful that our car didn’t get towed…
    Rave: Had an amazing week in Mexico! Wish we had stayed in Tulum instead of Cancun for our last few days, but it was still a great trip.

    • Accountering

      You are going to be out of luck on this one. Being out of town is not an acceptable reason (from DC’s perspective) to not move your car. Glad you had a nice vacation, and agree, at least you didn’t get the $100 tow!

    • Yeah – I’d just be grateful for the $50.00 ticket and not the tow. But you can contest tickets in writing, and since DC is so capricious about enforcing anything, you might get lucky. Of course, you could also get your ticket lost in the system while awaiting appeal and have it double – so I’d go with just pay it and enjoy your vacation memories.

    • On the bright side, the ticket was still probably cheaper than parking at the airport? Hahaha….

    • DC has an online system where you can protest tickets and include documents. I’ve done it several times and been successful on more than one occasion. Worth a shot.

  • Quotia Zelda

    Rant: We had the “here’s what happens if the agency is eliminated” presentation from HR. Yeah, that was fun.
    Rave: I was able to move a big meeting – originally scheduled for May 1 – forward. At least now this part of my job won’t be completely screwed up if we have a shutdown. I’m hoping that moving the meeting will have a snowblower/snowstorm effect. So, if Congress does avert a shutdown at the end of the month, YOU’RE WELCOME.
    Rave: Yesterday’s cute cat stories. When I was in New Orleans last week, I encountered one of my parents’ neighbors walking her dogs…along with her 2 cats who consider themselves part of the pack. It was so adorable – 3 dogs on leashed, with the cats trailing behind.

    • Gosh, I am so sorry about your first rant QZ. I’ve been thinking about you and others on here that work at places with that fear… and I can’t imagine. (I mean, my agency isn’t doing great — we’re still under the hiring freeze even though it was “lifted,” but at least we won’t disappear completely.)

    • Quotia Zelda

      Bonus Rave: Just got word that the insurance company will cover Eldest Zelda’s expensive, out-of-network therapist!!

  • janie4

    Rant: took the siding off my enclosed porch on the back of my house to find that the structure needs to be rebuilt. It will be another $17,000, and I’m budgeting $25,000 to be safe. I can’t get that kind of cash, so I’m going to have to get an equity loan.

    Rant: I already tied up most of my cash flow into a fifteen year mortgage, so the extra amount will require some major lifestyle changes – cutting back on my soda consumption (yes, I’m that much of an addict, the store downstairs will miss me a lot), getting rid of my landline and locking in a cable rate again (I was hoping to cut the cord when the current tenants leave), etc.

    Semi-revel: I have Navy Federal, so at least the interest rate is lower than other places?

    Semi-revel: At least I bought my bike before I knew about this? Hopefully riding places on my bike will save some money on gas, but I generally buy less than a tank a month anyway, and my car’s paid off. And my stident loans will be paid off in a year, and that will improve my cashflow a bit.

  • Rant: Taxes are due and I have not received anything from my tax preparer to review. Getting anxious about what I may have to cobble together if I owe.
    Rave: I guess I am behind the curve this year but just realized the filing deadline is Tuesday, not Monday. Some breathing room. Phew.
    Rave: Friday–enough said.

    • If you don’t get something over the weekend, you could prepare to make an estimated payment (pay more than you think you owe) and file an extension. The extension paperwork is easy…not sure how easy it would be to estimate how much you owe.

  • Not so quiet day at the office today.
    Manager is working remotely from suburban office, which generally means she is texting us all day, with a lot of minor tasks… which have to be completed NOW NOW NOW.
    Including, oddly enough, a weekly status report that she usually creates and submits to her manager. She told the three of us on my team that we will be doing this each week rom now on… which is odd
    since it doesn’t fit with her typical micro-managing style.
    But it is Friday, mid-day so… it will be over soon