“You can actually see the car move several feet in the video as he drags it.”


“Dear PoPville,

2 a.m. this past Saturday I woke up to a sound that at first thought was a fight or ruckus outside (I live in Trinidad) – I looked out and saw a CVS tractor trailer going down my street. It was stuck, obviously because a truck that size shouldn’t be trying to go down the street – for any reason. Since it was 2 a.m. and I was in a wedding the next day, I went back to sleep. When I got ready to leave, I looked at my car which, well – you can see the damage. No note, no nothing. I looked on our video camera feed and saw the truck jack-knifed onto our street, the guy get out to look, then try and get unstuck, dragging my car along with it. You can actually see the car move several feet in the video as he drags it. And if I could hear it, he definitely could as well.”


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  • Call the cops. And for the love of pete, post the video for us!

  • While I know this type of thing happens from time to time when living in the city, I am so thrilled that you got this on camera and that the company name is printed on the side of the trailer!

    My first reaction was “OMG, what a f***ing douchebag to get out, look, and do nothing. I hope he rots in hell for eternity just for being a jerk!

    Yeah, post the video!!

  • Considering the age of your car, insurance may consider it totaled.

    • Even if it’s a total, you can take the money and get the car fixed. I did that nine years ago and my car’s still going strong. Especially if your car is old, you’d still be paying a lot out of pocket to replace it, unless you buy another old car.

      • And even then, you can never really replace the awareness you have of the particular hang-ups and replaced parts that you have with your own old POS.

      • +1 to “Even if it’s a total, you can take the money and get the car fixed.” Or even just keep the money and not fix the damage, if the damage is solely cosmetic.

        • Yeah I would definitely just replace the tire and pocket the rest.

        • True but he’s not getting the amount of the damage from his insurance company. They’ll only pay out max what the car is worth. It looks like it’s several thousand dollars of damage but the car is worth less than the damage most likely. You could still keep the car and use whatever money you get to fix it but most likely it won’t cover the damage

    • And the settlement she gets from CVS should afford her a new one.

      • Not necessarily. Unless by “new” you mean a new one of the same value (which probably won’t be that new). When my seven-year old car was deemed a total I was at first excited that I could get a new car. But I quickly realized that the $4500 the other driver’s insurance was offering me (which was the KBB value) wouldn’t get me anywhere near what I considered to be an acceptable new-to-me car. So I took a slightly lower amount, kept my car, and repaired it.

        • Unless she’s going to sue for emotional distress, which is prob a stretch.

        • The payment should include the KBB value plus the tax (which is substantial). When my car was stolen, the insurance company paid the value plus the DC tax. Even though it was less than three years old, not enough to buy a new car, but I didn’t have to add that much more.

  • What are the odds this is fake news and that Rite Aid actually sponsored this video?
    But seriously – if you want immediate action, tag the CVS Twitter tag and shame them into acting. This looks like horrible PR for them, and hopefully they’ll catch on fairly quickly.

  • You are lucky it’s on camera. Recently a UPS truck backed into my Audi TT destroying the front grill – but I have no video proof. I live on the Hill near Barracks Row. Am thinking of getting a camera for just such a future occurrence.

  • OP here: I called the cops and got a police report. Bonus that my video camera is registered with MPD. Just waiting to hear from CVS…and yes, my car is totaled – regardless of the age/price, this is absurd. And I’ll send over the video to be posted ASAP.

  • I hope you’re going to get a new car and some bills paid off when you take CVS to court – but don’t worry; you won’t make to court. You’ll get a nice settlement for your troubles. Go get ’em! They can afford it many times over.

    • Just curious, how much do you think the OP should recover for this? There were no injuries, and the damages were a new tire, bumper and fender on an old Chevy. I don’t even think the OP will recover five figures, much less enough for a new car.

      • I don’t want a new car – I want responsibility taken for a hit and run that left me without a car (or forcing me to pay out of pocket for another one) – that I need to get to work. Soooo – whatever that comes out to monetarily.

        • OP, good point. Besides costs to repair the car (or its value), you should get rental costs for the time that you’re without a car.

          • That is a totally reasonable position. I imagine CVS will do that readily, especially if you apply a little social media pressure.

          • This is what I got when Peapod hit my car – their insurance fixed my car (at a place picked by me and my insurance) and paid for a rental while it was in the shop. I thought it was fair (although I would have also liked for them to comp the groceries they were delivering).

      • +1. OP will get the cost of repairs or the value of the car (if it’s a total). It’s my understanding that it’s very rare to get punitives from car damages in DC.

      • Whatever the hard costs of the damage are – the cost of repairing or replacing (whichever is less) that particular car, any documented out of pocket expenses caused by the loss of the car. I wouldn’t expect any soft damages like the emotional impact of coming out to see your car has been hit, or penal damages for the person not leaving a note.

    • The only court case here is the one deriving from the summonses MPD should issue to the driver for leaving the scene of an accident and the (probably) reckless driving that caused the accident in the first place.
      The guy was driving a CVS truck. CVS is clearly responsible. The damage is clearly measurable – car repair or replacement (whichever is cheaper) plus out of pocket expenses actually incurred by the car’s owner as a result of the accident. There’s no pain and suffering or emotional damages for waking up to a car that has been sideswiped.
      This will all be done through the insurance companies. Maybe as a gesture of goodwill CVS will reach out to the OP and offer a little something extra for his troubles. But they aren’t bound to do so.

  • Even if he did leave a note it would probably be 7 feet long and filled with unusable coupons.

  • The driver was texting. (I bet).

  • Have you contacted CVS? Because they for sure should know who this joker is and get you in contact with him.

    • I wouldn’t want to get in contact with the actual driver. I’d want to be in contact with CVS to get paid for my car and out of pockets, and I’d want MPD to be in touch with CVS to put them in contact with the driver.

  • As if it’s not bad enough that your car is a Prizm…(I had one exactly like it) That’s got to be 17 years old!

    • I didn’t recognize that this was a Prizm, but now I am having a nostalgic reverie about the guy I liked in high school who drove a Geo Prizm hatchback.

  • Post the video please and also let us know the hashtag you use tweet this at CVS. Doing so is the surest way to get CVS corporate’s attention.

    • Gonna post the video tonight. @carlinguhler is my twitter handle. #milelongreceipts #cvshitandrun

    • If CVS responds to a less-publicized contact, what is the point of drumming up public attention? CVS is ultimately responsible for its drivers, but if they respond without you needing to make this into a big issue, hashtags and the like don’t really seem necessary. I doubt their corporate policy is to encourage hit and runs. Of course, if they don’t respond, that’s another story, but feels like you should give them a chance at responding first.

      Not trying to judge your course of action, just seems like we (myself included) can jump really quickly to outrage these days.

      • Agree with T, start to finish. And I’m never EVER on the side of the giant corporation. Some people would probably argue that you’ll get a bigger payday if you go strong out of the gate. And since I always want to stick it to the suits, that might be a compelling argument. But it would be decent of you to give them a chance to be decent, first.

  • OP – what type of security camera do you use? Looking for recommendations.

  • Is there an update on this? Did CVS pay up? I thought I saw this on the news the other day, too.