Protestors Climb Cranes at 15th and L at Old Washington Post Site

Photo by Lane Horter

Update: 9am Lane writes:

“Protesters climbing a crane in downtown #DC. Guy in vest appears to be chained to crane above blue jacket who is blocking ladder.”

Photo by Jonathan L-D

“Interesting morning at the former @washingtonpost HQ construction site with protesters on the crane at 15th and L.”

Photo by Alex

Photo by Stephen

“One has a small RESIST sign”

Thanks to all who sent emails an tweets starting at 8:30am

“Protesters apparently shackled themselves to the crane in the construction site where the Post used to be. 15th is closed between L and M. Fire tucks and police on scene.”

Photo by Jen

Videos after the jump.

Video by Megan Gamble

Video by Alison Williams

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  • But… what are they protesting?

  • Nice going, protestors! Nothing gets me on your side faster than wasting thousands of dollars of city taxpayer money through your misdirected outrage! Unless you really are just upset at how quickly that building is being constructed…

    • Forgive me, what’s misdirected please? Any protest costs the city money, including the March for Life this Friday. Do you consider that misdirected as well? Should no one protest because it costs money?

  • So tired of protestors..

  • Wings-of-Pastrami

    What a let down. Was hoping it was the Bungee Bandits performing their debut 2017 “Boing-boing Bonanza”
    Nope just protesters. Yawn.

  • Normally I agree with you all–drawing out my commute does not make me sympathetic to any cause. BUT with the news from the White House today, I am actually okay with it. Shut the city down. Turn off all the lights. Everyone crouch behind the couch, and maybe the Donald will JUST GO HOME.

  • I’m really trying to figure this one out…

  • Watching them now. Looks like they’re unfurling a long banner.

  • I agree with the commenters above! All protests should take place during non-business hours, in designated free speech zones in the exurbs, far away from downtown, where they won’t bother anyone! The second your protest mildly inconveniences me or causes cops who were already on duty to have something to do, I no longer care about your cause! Enough of these selfish protesters who only care about their cause and have no regard for the enormous strain they’re putting on traffic and the city budget!

    • Is it really a protest if it doesn’t inconvenient or bother people?

    • Well most of these protestors don’t have jobs so they like to inconvenience everyone else.

      • That’s right! That is always true of protestors! I live near 15th and L and I went over to the crane to talk to them, and they said they are just losers who don’t have jobs, that’s why they do this! They don’t even know what “RESIST” means! They also said they like to claim unemployment benefits TWICE, so they can waste more of your tax dollars! Off with their heads, that’s how I feel!

      • I have no idea where this idea came from but it’s ofeten repeated as if it’s somehow a fact. People have jobs and can stay out late on weeknights, party, drink, run marathons, operate side businesses, travel the world, play in a rock band and participate in activism etc….

      • P.S. They totally have jobs. “Greenpeace said the seven climbers are part of their non-government environmental organization that aims to expose global environmental problems.”

      • You are saying a lot of silly things today. Don’t you embarrass yourself?

  • anonymouse_dianne

    It’s Green Peace. They are usually pretty cool.

  • The problem with these kinds of protests is that the only people who actually notice them are the people who are inconvenienced. You think Donald Trump or members of Congress care that some hippies hung a banner on a crane? They won’t even notice and won’t care.

    The people who do notice are the commuters who are late for work, the firefigthers who now have to climb the crane and risk their lives to unchain these protestors, and most all, the construction workers who can’t work today. Notice in those pictures you don’t see any orange vests or people at work — this protest literally takes money from all of those worker’s pockets. Do you think that’s going to make them want to agree with you or vote the way you want?

    • Actually…looking more closely I do see a few construction vests. Nonetheless, this undoubtedly interferes with the ability of those workers to work and earn a living today, all for a pointless protest

    • Exactly! Why couldn’t they build a crane on the lawn of the White House, and then go hang their banner from THAT?!?! This is just selfish posturing on their part!

      • @Bobby McBob. You may think your sarcasm is clever, but it’s not. All these protestors are doing is giving the President fodder for his twitter feed and red meat to throw his followers. Hanging a big “resist” banner does not equate to actual resistance — that requires thankless hard work that comes without glory. This protest is only about glorifying the protestors.


        • Did/Do you feel the same way about last weekends Woman’s march?

          • +1. And how do you know they aren’t doing other hard work every day? Do you know them personally?

          • @Woman’s March. There were way too many people and factions at the Woman’s March to generalize about everyone’s motives. I’m sure many were sincere, some were there to strike a pose and look cool, others were there to provoke. Whatever. I’m not a march/protest person myself, but to each his or her own. I have little tolerance for people who block people from getting to work, though.

          • So the hundreds of thousands of people who may have blocked service workers from getting to work easily last Saturday were ok? The world doesn’t revolve around your 9-5, anon. Sorry to burst your bubble.

          • @FridayGirl. There’s a difference between a planned, legal protest and an unplanned act of trespass and/or vandalism. There’s also a difference between a weekend protest and a rush hour one. The world does not revolve around my 9-5, but the world does not revolve around your cause either. I can choose to share in it or not, but that should be my choice. In this particular instance, I might actually share some of the protestors’ sentiments, but that’s besides the point.

          • @Anon, Actually the world DOES revolve around their cause technically

        • @anon. You may think you’re super-duper #woke and no one else really gets what protesting and fighting the status quo are all about, but you don’t. Hope this helps.

    • That used to be the case. DJT is going to get pissed off at the sign, will probably tweet about it, and if we’re lucky, get distracted from his destructive agenda!

  • send in the hawks….

  • Did they vote?!?! It seems a little late now. Where was all this enthusiasm before the election?

    • Um, there was plenty of enthusiasm before the election, but unfortunately our country doesn’t elect leaders based on popular vote. If anyone needed more enthusiasm it was independents and moderates in middle America to not vote for He Whose Name Shall Not Be Mentioned, not protesters who live in a liberal city.

      • HaileUnlikely

        I hate to say it but I’m not sure this is completely accurate. In states that Obama won in 2012 but Trump won in 2016, Trump got somewhere between very slightly fewer and very slightly more votes than Romney did, but Clinton got waaay less votes than Obama did, including in many cities that still voted heavily for Clinton but not nearly as heavily as they had voted for Obama before. I’m pretty sure I saw data showing that if Clinton had gotten as many votes in Detroit alone as Obama did in the previous election, she would have won Michigan (if not Detroit and Michigan, then other city/state but same thing).

        • I’m totally with you! If only Green Peace hung a few more signs just prior to the election, then things would be far different.

    • This is utterly moronic. Have you been living under a rock? There was a lot of “enthusiasm” before the election.

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