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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • skj84

    Rant: We went from compromise on Thanksgiving to the family deciding that maybe going to my cousins house is the better option. I am so beyond upset. I do not want to go to her house. I do not want my family going to her house. I want to stick to the original plan. I will not be attending if they stick to this plan. I’m sick to my stomach and so angry. I feel like they’d rather kowtow to a bully than consider my feelings. I have spent so much time and money already getting this dinner ready. I’m a bundle of nerves and anxiety right now.

    • I have a family that very much gives the message all the time to “not rock the boat” and to just go along. And it sucks so much, especially when it means compromising very important boundaries just to keep the peace with abusive family members. I’m really sorry that you’re in this position. It sucks.

    • binntp

      I’m sorry, skj. That really sucks. I’ve been in the situation before where someone hijacks plans and it is frustrating. Take care of yourself and decide what is best for you & your sanity.

    • Emmaleigh504

      That really sucks, I’m sorry.

    • Oh, wow. I am really sorry. It sounds like there have been issues from the start with this meal. I really hope that you are able to figure out a solution that works for you regardless of what everyone else does.

    • Sorry to hear this, skj84.
      Could you host Thanksgiving for your immediate family at your own place — would they agree to that, or would they feel obliged to go to your cousin’s? Or maybe you could attend at your cousin’s but not bring anything, and host a Thanksgiving for friends (with the food you’ve already bought) at your own place on another day?

      • From my understanding, skj’s immediate family had agreed to come to her place and perhaps that’s not the case now…. Yikes. I’m sorry, skj. You shouldn’t have to be caught up in this.

      • skj84

        I’ve suggested splitting the event. They start at my place around 2pm, then head to her place at 4pm. That way they get to see everyone.

  • Rave: That photo! Such a great competition and fun way to collect food for food banks.
    Rant: White supremacists celebrating victory in DC; Trump’s conflicts of interests. I’m getting more and more frightened by the coming administration.
    Rave: Sweet Baby Artie was very awake and snuggly this morning.
    Rave: One more day of work and then a long weekend of food, family, and (hopefully) sleep.

  • binntp

    Rave?: New name for my new ‘hood. NTP = North Takoma Park. Was debating between than or NoTakPa. Or No TP.
    Rant: Unpacking. How the hell do I manage to acquire so much stuff in a few short years, when I am seemingly a minimalist, at least in terms of furniture?
    Rave: Short week, quiet office.
    Rant: No office candy or leftovers to pig out on and quell the boredom.

    • That One Guy

      The kid in me vote for No TP. Definitely, No TP.

    • I like “NTP.”
      “NoTakPa” is too much like the hated “AdMo,” “CoHi,” etc.

      • I never understood why people hated AdMo or CoHi. I like it – short & to the point & everyone still knows what you are talking about! But, I’ve always been a big fan of abbrevs.

        • Prince Of Petworth

          When typing and especially tweeting they are particularly useful!!

          • I’ve referred to the area realtors call “conveniently close to the U Street and Columbia Heights metros” as SoCHaUst for a few years. (south of Columbia heights, above U Street) Feel free to bring that into circulation!
            @binntp: no time like unpacking to purge things that aren’t sparking joy!

  • Rant: Trump increasingly scares me (if that was possible). The lack of respect/awareness/care of how a president should actually act. You know, talking to the press on the record and not conflating your business with your administration.
    Rant/ Rave: Pushing forward with dating. It’s a numbers game, right?
    Rave: Nice impromptu dinner with friends, the kind where people come over and you throw everything into one big pot to see what happens. So lovely.

    • +1 to your first rant.

      • Seconding your first rant – it is stupefying to me that a president-elect can behave in such a childish, churlish manner and no one around him is trying to grab his phone out of his tiny little hands and turn that noise off.

        • Right? At what point is there an adult around him that he’ll listen to?

          • I don’t think he’s ever been told what to do, and if someone did try he would never listen. It really makes me wonder what kind of relationship he has with Melania.

          • That One Guy

            I feel this is said often:
            Go to you room, I don’t want to hear it, you’re grounded. Go to your room, now!

  • Rant: Comet Ping Pong being targeted and threatened by right-wing conspiracy crazies – WT actual F??
    Rave: That picture!

  • Rants for today:
    – Migraine.
    – Leaking dishwasher.
    – This alt-right BS.
    Raves for today:
    – Co-workers who are like best friends.
    – Two more days until a day off, and maybe tomorrow will be a half-day?
    – I’m actually looking forward to sitting home, drinking cranberry champagne and watching the parade on Thursday.

  • Rave: Awesome picture!
    Rant: My office neighbor will not stop clearing his throat. I try to be a passionate person but I swear I’m gonna snap! I only started in the position a few weeks ago, and I though at first he was getting over a cold… but no, it is something else. 2-5 times per minute. Headphones help but are not always practical. Can’t really move offices without explaining, even if possible… Bound in by decorum on all sides! Any ideas?
    Rave: Glad to have the job even if it’s only short term!

  • Hey Popville: I want to give my senior citizen parents an anniversary weekend trip; need personal recommendations for classy hotels in New Orleans, Charleston, or Chicago; would love something with historic charm, great architecture and an old school bar if possible

    • Quotia Zelda

      My favorite hotels in New Orleans are the Monteleone (in the French Quarter) and the Windsor Court (not in the French Quarter by nearby, modern building but so luxe). Also, the Hotel St. Pierre, which is in a quieter part of the Quarter and sooo charming. The Roosevelt is also nice.

      In Charleston, I stayed at the Barksdale House Inn. It’s in a 19th century house, right off King Street. Lovely room and delicious breakfast.

      Can’t help with Chicago – I’ve only stayed in big, modern downtown hotels.

      • Quotia Zelda

        Oh, I forgot to mention – no elevator at the Barksdale House Inn, in case that’s important to your parents.

    • I stayed at the Andrew Pinckney Inn in Charleston and highly recommend it. The rooms are small, but cozy and the location is great!

    • New Orleans – hotel monteleone – its awesome!

    • Charleston – Charleston Place or Market Pavilion Hotel
      Chicago – The Drake

    • We had great service at the Palomar in Chicago. I’ve also stayed at the Palmer House Hilton. Also great. I love Chicago.

    • anonymouse_dianne

      Don’t send them to Chicago in the Winter. I was there at Christmas one year and almost got blown away. That is where I learned why people like fur coats.

    • pixelcat

      In New Orleans, I stayed at Holiday Inn Chateau LeMoyne, near Bourbon St but not ON Bourbon St and I loved it! It’s on a quieter one-way street and is beautiful!


      In Charleston I’ve only stayed (twice) at the King Charles Inn on Market Street. Good location, bonus for us was the free parking.


  • in case anyone was curious, I did end up going to my friend’s birthday party at the Trump Hotel over the weekend. I didn’t spend any money – I had 2 waters over like 90 min and then left. I’m glad that I went because I think my friend genuinely appreciated that I was uncomfortable going there and was literally only doing it to be a good friend to him. a funny thing: we asked them to put on the Penn State game, which they agreed to do, only to find out that they don’t have Big Ten Network. interesting that the MOST LUXURIOUS BAR in DC wouldn’t have a very good cable package.

    • I’m glad it worked out!

    • Was the place crowded?

      • It was. Just about every seat at the bar was filled. They also had table service that looked to be mostly full. The restaurant is situated on the next level up from the bar – you can see the entrance from down below but nothing else – so I couldn’t tell how busy it was. The TVs were all showing college football, except for one that had on Fox News.

  • Rave: Great trip to London! Half conference, half tourist, made some good connections, saw lots of stuff, ate a spectacular Sunday roast, took some fun pictures, toured some neat stuff- Globe, Tate Modern Radical Eye exhibit. When I arrived at Heathrow and was figuring out express train tickets a woman came up to me and gave me her extra one that she didn’t end up using. That was so nice of her.
    Rave: coming home to my happy dog, a clean house, and left over flowers! Thanks Topscallop!
    Rant: jet lag. I am like a toddler when it comes to jet lag and being tired- pouty and pathetic.
    Rave-ish: I really only understand how to use Tinder when I’m traveling. It’s so easy to give your constraints and goals when you’re in a different place. I got to meet a super stereotypical British guy and had a good time.
    Rave: thank merciful gods, my family is coming here for Thanksgiving and I don’t have to do squat.

  • I Dont Get It

    Rave: Not feeling very ravey but figure I can fake it ‘til I make it.
    Question: My dish washer and clothes drier apparently, unbeknownst to me, entered a labor agreement and are on strike. Does anyone know if there are appliance repairmen who work on both saving you money on the house call? I know I could call but it’s so much easier to type here.

  • Quotia Zelda

    Rave: Love my new keeping-my-hands-warm-in-the-office gloves.
    Rant: But there is no need to gender them. Small and large (rather than women’s and men’s) would have been just fine as size labels and would avoid reminding me, yet again, that I have great big man hands.
    Rave: Which means that I can carry off a very large diamond, indeed.
    Rant: That I do not own.

  • Rant: Had one of those random ex dreams last night. Couldn’t my subconcious have at least picked a less douchier guy to feature in my dream?
    Revel: Oldest had an awesome first day at his new school. I am SO relieved. He has already made friends, and said that the kids at this school are much nicer than his previous school.
    Revel: My actual oldest is also making friends! To the point where he arranged his own playdate… without telling us… and we had no clue until a kid and his nanny showed up on our door step. Yay for independence?

  • Rant: There really are times I just kind of realize that Trump was elected and I still can’t believe it.
    Rant: The news. All the normalization of nazi sympathizers. I just can’t.
    Rant: No idea how to teach middle America that this shit is serious. Fund trips for high schools to visit concentration camps? Donate to the Shoah foundation? WTF? How can people be so fucking ignorant to the past? It really is the first time I’d felt weird in my own skin as a Jewish American.
    Rant: Makes me worry about the security of a Jewish early education for my kid. there are frequently guards at the door anyway, so I know law enforcement is in communication with them about any threats made…but still. It’s ridiculous.

  • Yesterday was my first day back at the office after more than a week of sick leave. Feeling mostly OK, though there are things to deal with, and dr appts to go to ….

    Rave: Happy to have a job to come to, and the ability to get leave advanced to me, so I don’t need Leave w/o Pay

    Rant: Second day back means, things are back to be ‘normal’. I dealt with all the emails and easy stuff yesterday, now it’s time for the rest of it.

    Rave: THREE HOUR early dismissal tomorrow!

  • Pablo Raw

    Not Rant, Not Revel: I’m wondering if someone is organizing a PoPville orphan thanksgiving gathering this year? We’ve done that before and I’ve been away from PoPville so forgive me if I’m asking something obvious

    • anonymouse_dianne

      I’m a Thanksgiving orphan this year for the first time in millions of years. Any suggestions? I was thinking of trying Ardeo-Bardeo or maybe just making one of my Sun Basket dinners at home.

    • That One Guy

      If all else fails there’s always Kabob Palace (in Crystal City). I know it’s not in keeping with a traditional food experience but I’ve never really been a fan of turkey.

    • We are hosting a kid who mostly speaks Spanish – anyone want to come to our house? Send me a message at stubsdc at gmail if interested. We do have a dog that will bark her head off when you first arrive but as soon as you give her a couple of treats will decide you are pretty cool.

  • Rant: I’ve been trying the “Fake it ’til you feel it” method for the past week, and it’s been mostly helpful, but every time I peek my head out of the sand and read some news, I vacillate between wanting to crawl back under a rock and wanting to scream my head off. This neo-nazi shit is insane. Insane!
    Rave: Last day of work for the week!
    Rant: So much to do, not sure how to get it all done – I was here 2 hours later than normal yesterday, and I may need to stay late again today….
    Rave: Almost Thanksgiving! I just keep having to remind myself of the many things I am thankful for, rather than the things that make me want to scream.

  • Thanks to all for the hotel recommendations!

  • Andie302

    Rantish (very small one): This place wasn’t available when I bought my place in Cambridge, but it if was I would’ve been very interested. They keep trying to auction it off, and right now the bid is at $33k. The street is nicer than the one I am on, but the place I got is a bit bigger. I figured I would share since the price is so ridiculously low! http://www.hubzu.com/property/00071036602-308-Belvedere-Ave-Cambridge-MD-21613
    Rave: Only have to make salad and cheesecake for Thanksgiving – salad will be easy and I love trying out new dessert recipes so hopefully pumpkin cheesecake with maple walnut glaze will be a hit!
    Rave: So many great things happening for friends and family
    Rant: Sorry to hear about several folks in this forum that are struggling in one way or another. Thinking of you all!

    • I can afford quite a few beach-front rentals for $33k. Can’t imagine I’d have much need for something like this, but it’s weirdly tempting?

      • Andie302

        Right? I’m hoping my place will pay for itself in weekend rentals when I’m not using it. There’s an Ironman and an Eagleman in Cambridge each year and because the costs there are so low, those two weekends should cover about 4 months of expenses. And if the rentals don’t cover it, the carrying costs are bearable. They have a great brewery (RAR), a few cute restaurants, Blackwater state park for biking. I figured, meh – why not? I have two friends that already have places there, so it made the decision to pull the trigger easier.

  • Rant: got a letter from a collection agency stating that DC OTR says we owe $8,000 – $5,000 in back taxes plus 3 grand in fees and interest. Could not find any evidence of a filed return from 2013! Gah!!!! Quickly doing the math shows DC actually owning US money back. So now have to figure all that out within 30 days given to collection agency.

    Rave-ish: lots of advice on how to deal with DC OTR on Popville.

    Rant: Comet Ping-pong article, white supremacists, Hamilton hate, Trump. So depressed about life.

  • I’m filling out my CFC form and want to donate to places that combat all the hate that been going around. The main refugee organization I hear about like UNHCR and the International Refugee Assistance Project aren’t in the CFC. Does anyone have any other ideas about places to donate specifically for refugees? I have a bunch of other areas covered. Thanks!

    • anonymouse_dianne

      Doctors without Borders – # 11112 boots on the ground all over. They don’t take sides and help everyone.
      Southern Poverty Law center #10352 hunts down hate groups

    • The IRC– International Refugee Committee. They do assistance and advocacy for refugees in the places where refugees are, as well as resettlement here in the US.

    • Quotia Zelda

      A few people have recommended the International Rescue Committee to me, but I haven’t yet done my research on them, so I don’t know much about them.

      • They rock. I’ve volunteered for them, and a good friend worked for them for a couple years assisting mainly Iraqi and Somali refugees in southern California.

    • Thanks all! I’ll check these out.

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