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  • No – the name of the place has been Cookie’s Corner for ages (I believe one of the original owners was named Cookie). They’ve been closed over the summer with the old management/tenants getting the boot and are reopening soon.

  • Well this was called Cookies Corner previously. I don’t know if it was really a cookie store then.

  • This place was a small, sparse corner store called “Cookies Corner” before it shut down earlier this year, so I’d assume it will again be a corner store, not any sort of cookies store/bakery.

  • The original Cookie’s corner opened in late spring/early summer of 2010. They may have sold cookies there, but it was primarily a take out joint.

    I was hoping to see a “new” establishment take the space, but it looks like it will be about the same as it was before.

  • I’m sure there are some thorny and/or expensive zoning issues to address, but I’ve always thought that walled courtyard is crying out to be used. Coffee shop patio, beer garden, takeout seating, whatever. More people encouraged to mill around is also a pretty good crime deterrent.

  • Maybe the new management could be persuaded to carry other/additional items by a number of in-person requests to him/her? Or even a request to set up a “wish list” in the store or online?

  • Hopefully this time the owner isn’t a drug dealer.

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