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  • There, fixed that for you.

  • The lead in the article includes the parenthetical “(or weren’t born in the 50 states)”; in addition to several people born in DC, it includes people born in the US Virgin Islands and the Panama Canal Zone.
    Someone could edit the article to not include DC (and amend the lead appropriately). While non-DC territories only apply citizenship by statute, DC is fully incorporated under the 14th Amendment and grants citizenship constitutionally. So yes, it shouldn’t be included. But you could see why someone might be confused if they didn’t know much about us.

  • Sure it is. It is not one of the 50 states. As a territory of the U.S., it is about as foreign as we generally consider other U.S. territories – and countries that were formerly U.S. territories. Another reason for statehood.

    • False. See above. DC is incorporated, meaning all provisions of the Constitution apply, including full jus soli citizenship. Other territories (except maybe Puerto Rico, which is a little uncertain because some court cases has implied it is incorporated; the Obama administration has generally not considered it so) are not, and only grant citizenship by birth within boundaries as a matter of federal statute.
      You can advocated for statehood without falsely diminishing our current status.

  • That Wikipedia page needs work. It lists Andrew Jackson and Benjamin Franklin as having been born in “British America,” which isn’t inaccurate… but is kind of beside the point, seeing as pretty much all Revolutionary-era poiiticians were born in “British America.”

  • this reminds me of instances where my dc id has been refused in other states cus “DC is not a state”

    • One of my friends got out of a speeding ticket in a deep Southern state because her DC license flummoxed the officer who pulled her over. He didn’t know what to put down for the state.

  • Yep, seems about right. A long time ago I changed some wikipedia articles as a long-con prank for when friends googles themselves. Those edits persisted for years and actually were cited elsewhere online as facts, referencing back to the wikipedia article…

  • I have defintly almost not had my DC license accepted because the ID checker thought I was from Colombia. She told me I would have to show her a passport. I reminded her that District of Columbia was the capital of the US, and she let me go. Didn’t seem embarrased about it though, which was odd to me.

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