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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • At about 1:15 AM I was awakened by someone hammering on the door. In my extremely groggy state I wasn’t sure if it was us or one of the adjacent townhouses. But the sound continued. Just when I was beginning to panic, there was suddenly the sound of someone throwing their entire body into the door—WHAM!—the entire house rattled.

    My fiance opened the upstairs window to check and apparently saw the person at the door. “Uh, sir?” he said.
    “Who the hell are you?!” the man hollered back. “Open the damn door! I know you’re in here!”
    “He doesn’t live here anymore. You have the wrong house.”
    “What? What? Who are you? Who the HELL are you? I’m looking for my cousin!”
    “He doesn’t live here anymore. Please leave or I’ll call the cops.” (Maybe that wasn’t the best thing to say but in fairness it was after 1 AM and we were pretty freaked out.)
    At this point he got even more angry and belligerent, swearing and threatening to f-ck him up, go after his cousin, etc. We called the police. It took them an eternity to show up and by that time the man was gone. It’s not like there’s anything the cops could do, but we were worried. The man seemed borderline incoherent. I really hope he understood that the man he’s looking for is no longer living there and won’t come back. I eventually fell asleep but had awful nightmares the rest of the night.

    In conclusion, I’m glad we immediately changed the locks when we moved…and that we have a security door.

    • holy crap that sounds terrifying! I’m glad you’re ok, and hopefully this guy will have learned his lesson.

    • Oh dear. Sounds so scary. Hopefully the guy won’t come back. Glad you’re OK.

    • That is terrifying. Where the heck do you live??

      • We’re in the H St corridor, so while there’s still ample crime, on weekends your biggest fear is getting hit by a double-wide stroller. I know the area really varies block-by-block safety-wise, but my block hasn’t had anything except a broken car window in about 5 months. It wouldn’t have bothered me so much except for the guy was genuinely angry and threatening violence, not to mention throwing himself at our (very old) house. I shudder to think what could’ve happened if we hadn’t had a security door.

        I wish there was something more we could do but as it is I guess we just need to invest in visible indicators that, hey, the previous owners are gone.

    • This happened at my old group house that was, apparently, some sort of half-way house for teenagers back in the late 90s-early 00s at 17th/U Street. Random folks would show up and start pounding on the door in the middle of the night. People would try to walk in the front door without even knocking (one of our idiot roommates kept leaving the door unlocked – fortunately vestibule door was locked). People would show up in the backyard through the alley. All of them were looking for a cousin, an old friend, or had lived at the house themselves at some point in their youth a decade prior. I personally confronted 5 or 6 people while living there for two years. Who knows how many showed up during the day. It was truly bizarre and sad.

  • Smilla

    Rant: the Giant Orange Man-baby is in town for the official opening of his hotel.
    Rave: heading there to join the protests!

  • Rave: Nutella waffles at St. Arnold’s, and good friends who make you laugh.
    Rave: Liking my new job. Different than I expected, but I like the people and it’s not overwhelming. So I’m good.
    Rant: Heartbreak.

    • re: heartbreak :'( hang in there.

    • dcgator

      Sorry to hear this…

    • Hugs! you’re in my thoughts as you work through your heartbreak. as for your first rave, Nutella waffles sound amazing!

      • I really recommend the waffles! They came with powdered sugar and a big bowl of nutella. Yum.

        As for the heartbreak, I’m heartbroken now and hoping (stupidly) I think that he’ll man up when we meet this weekend to hike and talk further. But if he’s not enthusiastic about the idea of spending his life with me, that’s his own damn loss. I’m too awesome to be something you settle for.

    • I’m sorry for your rant. I’ve been thinking of your situation, and yesterday’s Hax had a golden nugget of advice regarding relationships where people have divergent wants/needs; essentially, she says that a relationship where you have drastically different wants/needs will cause a lifetime of pain, doubt and questioning, where as a break up with only cause immediate pain that will heal over time. The column was about a sexless relationship, but I think the advice translates well into other situations too. I know it hurts right now, it hurts like hell. But it will get better.
      Hang in there, bazzinger.

      • i think this is something great to keep in mind for everyone. thanks for sharing!

      • +1 for this advice. I love Carolyn Hax. Bizzinger, you are making so many changes to proactively take charge of your life, and stepping into the unknown takes so much courage. In my experience and those of my friends, it seems like once you make a big life change (ie, get a new job, etc) it can cause a domino effect into other areas of your life. For me, ending a long-term relationship about seven years ago was the catalyst that finally got me motivated to make big changes in other aspects of my life (getting a new and better job, taking better care of myself in terms of diet and working out consistently, meeting the person who would later become my partner). Ending that relationship was so hard and so painful, but I knew it was the right thing to do. And slowly, the pain lessened and space opened up in my life for new things. Grieve and do what you have to do to mourn the loss, but hold on to hope that there are endless possibilities of what your life can look like down the road. It gets easier with time, I promise.

      • Another +1 from me.

      • +1 from me too! And excellent points from artemis as well!

    • I’m with you on the heartbreak. I keep telling myself the world will not end. So I guess we will be ok.

  • Rave: Uninterrupted sleep last night for about 8 hours. It was glorious!
    Rant: Seriously though, it’s like someone flipped a switch and my skin has turned into that of a 70-year old! Cold weather usually makes my skin really dry and flaky, but this is a whole new level of dry, it’s horrifying!
    Rave: Love it when my sister in law sends pics of my nephew going about his daily routine – so cute!
    Question for all you beauty-product-junkies: Can anyone recommend a good facial moisturizer that is safe for sensitive skin and stop me looking like an alligator?
    Along these lines, anyone up for a product swap again? Some PoPvillites did this last year and I’ve been accumulating things I can’t use or don’t want and would be happy to organize a swap if others are interested…

    • Clueless

      I recommend the Eucerin Daily Protection Face Lotion (with SPF 30). It’s thick/creamy, which is great for dry skin, but it applies very nicely on the face.

    • I use argan oil then CeraVe moisturizer. Massively helps my dry patchy winter skin.

      • +1 for CeraVe (the one in the tub, not the lotion). I also find that cutting back on foaming face washes helps with dryness as well. I use a non-foaming makeup remover instead.

        • I’ve been using CeraVe all over my body, I just didn’t know if it was safe to use on your face / wouldn’t make your make-up bead-up or smudge around like some creams do…I’ll have to give this a try though, since I already have it!

        • +1 on looking at your face wash/make up remover…. I used Pond’s cold cream & a warm washcloth to remove my make-up, its gentle and not drying at all and then follow up with an incredibly gentle face wash… Glycerin soap has been recommended to me yet but I haven’t made that purchase…

          • I already use a super-gentle, non-foaming face wash, and a micellar water to remove makeup. You’ll have to tell me if you have success with glycerin soap, to me it seems so…squeaky and foamy, but who knows!

          • I use the micellar in the morning instead of face wash… but have found the pond’s more moisturizing in the winter for make up removal!

      • Clueless

        +1 on the argan oil mention. Face oils, used in the evenings before bed, really do help!

        • I use one from Jurlique that I love, and one from Korres….Still somehow not enough moisture, though!

    • Quotia Zelda

      I love the Mizon All in One Snail Repair cream. There’s a lot of mythology around Korean skin care products, most of which is probably BS, but this one makes my skin very soft and doesn’t aggravate my rosacea (in fact, it’s quite soothing).

    • Clinique makes a moisture surge line that I find really helpful in the winter. It’s super pricey for most of the line but the “overnight moisture mask” works as a moisturizer since you don’t need to wash it off. I use that nightly in the winter and my regular clinique moisturizer in the morning to keep my skin happy.

    • skj84

      I’d be down for a product swap.

    • I use Benefit’s moisturizer (I think it’s called Total Moisture). It has never made me break out or anything. But it’s quite creamy which isn’t always great.
      Along similar lines, have you looked into moisturizers from Korean brands? Some of the lower-cost products (for example, the Chia line from the Face Shop) are actually pretty good and I’m thinking of switching when I run out of the Benefit stuff.

    • That One Guy

      I’m secretly keeping an eye on mosturizer recommendations because Aveno may be clogging my pores.

      • I am actually allergic to many Aveeno products, the feverfew they use isn’t processed in a way that stops me being allergic to it – I’m also allergic to many First Aid Beauty for the same reason. And these were things designed for sensitive skin, for cripes’ sakes!

    • topscallop

      I’d be up for another product swap. I finally canceled my birchbox and Sephora subscription boxes and I still have a lot of adorably-sized samples I won’t use, cluttering up my dresser.

      • ha! Yeah, I’m pondering cancelling my Sephora box subscription because I feel like the samples I’ve gotten over the last few months have been pretty meh.

  • skj84

    Rave: Made it to the High Heel race last night! Great crowd and energy, despite not being able to find my friends. I hung out on the patio at Dukes Grocery.

    Rave: Stopped by the friends and family opening of the new Nordstrom Rack. Its huge, they made great use of the old Barnes and Noble space. Lots of check out stands. Massive shoe selection. The Nordstrom Rack by my office is more convenient, but I may have to pop over to Metro Center when I’m looking for more selection.

    Rant: Goodness it was brisk this morning. Time to get my winter coat dry cleaned, its about to be put in use.

  • Rant: Cubs
    Rave: Getting to see the Cubs play in a World Series game last night

  • Quotia Zelda

    Rant: The success of a work project depends on a task completed by someone else over which I have zero control, and it hasn’t been done yet, and I’m silently freaking out about it.
    Rant: I’m a little put out about the way Mr. Zelda wants to micromanage my car. He doesn’t like the way the brakes feel/work, but I say they’re fine AND the mechanic says they’re fine, so he needs to stuff it and micromanage his own prima donna car.
    Rave: Came home from work yesterday to find that Eldest Zelda had baked cookies. This is why I had children.

  • Rant: Strep. Again. Considering a tonsillectomy.
    Rave: Cleveland Park clinic that opens at 8 am.
    Rant: Had to be at work earlier than normal to meet a caterer that ran late.
    Rave: Managed to get some snuggles from my daughter before I left for work. Warm, sleepy, pajama’d daughter is the best.

  • Rave: foliage changing making my walk from Woodley to Dupont absolutely beautiful…
    Rant: even if I was too cold to enjoy it this morning.
    Question- where do people post ads to find tenants/roommates? We’ve listed our empty room on craigslist, spare room and roomster as well as in a few fb groups. I’ve never had trouble finding someone off CL before but I think we just aren’t getting interest because the rent is too high. (And we can’t lower the rent- the landlord is stuck on the utterly unreasonable number) Am I missing an obvious site?

    • Fb groups for housing may be worth a look including any schools near you. Hotpads may also work…I think you can do shares there as well.
      High rent going into winter is going to be a struggle.

    • Do you have a local Next Door site? That might reach a few neighborhoods without getting the junk (ads, etc) that’s on CL.

  • Rave: Baby Artie decided to be merciful and only woke up twice last night. It is amazing how a decent night of sleep changes one’s outlook.
    Rant: I got zero things accomplished yesterday at work, and my to do list just keeps growing and growing.
    Rant: Having to cattleprod other people to get work done so I can get my work done.
    Rave: Half way through the week!
    Rave: I made a delicious pork roast with gravy for dinner last night, and I have leftovers for lunch.

    • It is good that one night is regenerative for you! My almost 3 year old still doesn’t sleep on a regular basis, and I feel like one night of good sleep isn’t enough for me. I think I need a solid two weeks of uninterrupted sleep in order to finally feel normal again.

      • Oh, I wouldn’t say that I’m fully restored. I am pretty sure that I’m at least 35% dumber than I was before I had the spawn and look like I have aged by half a decade (because of chronic sleep shortage and fatigue). But I don’t feel like death and want to kill everyone this morning, so I will take that as a win. Parenting requires lowered expectations. 😉

    • How funny that at some point in parenting, “only” two wake-ups constitutes a good night’s sleep. I totally get what you’re saying–and I’ve been there more than once–but it’s a bit ridiculous nonetheless.
      amandal–Ugh on the almost 3yo. That’s so hard. I’m lucky that mtpkiddo does sleep well for the most part, but I’m not yet caught up from mtpbaby’s regular nightwakings, so each set-back is so damn brutal. Dare I ask what the issues are with your 3yo? Or is it just stuff that needs to be (hopefully) outgrown? You have my many sympathies!!

      • It’s a combination of things really. Mostly just stuff that needs to be outgrown, but she also has some chronic lung issues that flare up and linger for weeks whenever she gets a cold. I think she has also started having nightmares in the past few months, so that hasn’t helped. Luckily the really bad nights are getting far less frequent, and we are generally down to one wake up per night. I appreciate the sympathies, especially as we head into cold & flu season!

        • Oh yuck, that’s so hard all around. Nightmares are the worst! Lullabies and a twilight turtle have helped mtpkiddo settle back to sleep in the middle of the night in case you’re looking for additional strategies. I hope that the chronic lung issues improve as she gets bigger. That sounds so hard on everyone. Just in case this is useful–a friend told us about vicks vapopads back when mtpkiddo was little–they diffuse the menthol stuff to help with breathing and are alright to use at all ages. We’re a big fan of using those when the kids are sick.

          • Thanks for the tip! We make fairly frequent use of the nebulizer, but the Vicks thing will definitely help when it is congestion-related rather than bronchial (which unfortunately it normally is).

          • Boo on the bronchial issues. That sounds scary in addition to sleep-interrupting. I’m sorry 🙁

  • Rave: Less than 24 hours until we leave for two weeks in Hawaii!! We’re splitting our time between Oahu, Kauai and the Big Island – does anyone have recommendations for can’t-miss things to see/do?
    Rant: TMJ acting up like whoa. Have a feeling the chiropractor just made things worse…

    • I was in Hawaii a couple months ago, you’re going to have a wonderful time! We did not go to Oahu, but did go to Kauai and the Big Island. On Kauai, we stayed at the Grand Hyatt, which was beautiful and on a lovely (sunny) side of the island. We took multiple trips to the north side. Definitely spend some time in Hanalei town, and if you’re able, hike the Napali coast. We did the first portion of the Kalalau trail from Keʻe Beach to Hanakapiai beach (2 miles) and then another 2 miles inland to the Hanakapiai falls, 8 miles roundtrip (could be 4 if you cut out the falls). It was a tough hike but the most beautiful I’ve ever done. We also did a boat tour along the Napali coast through Blue Dolphin tours (I think). It was touristy, so pricey, but an amazing experience – we saw SO many animals! As for the Big Island, we stayed at the Fairmont Orchid but spent most of our time on the west side of the island. Hilo is a cool town, and loved the little town of Waimea. Definitely make a visit into the Waipio valley. You can either hike down (one mile) or take a 4×4. It is the largest black sand beach, and so lovely. On your way out of town, in Honokaa, stop at Tex’s drive in for some malasadas. You will not be sorry. We also visited Volcanos National Park, and were able to walk out onto the lava while it was flowing into the ocean. We did a helicopter tour as well. Thank you for letting me re-live my honeymoon in this post, and have an amazing trip!

      • Thanks!! This is a (very belated) honeymoon for us and we couldn’t be more excited! We were planning on just going by the Waipio Valley lookout, but now we’ll definitely be adding the hike down to the beach 🙂

    • On the Big Island, I really like the area north of Kona – there are a couple of state parks that were never crowded – just peaceful quiet beaches. Also, is the volcano still erupting? If so, and they’re still allowing people to go near it, do that. The sight of lava flowing into the ocean was awesome.

    • Mootje1

      Oahu – Try to visit the Dole Pineapple Plantation for a Dole Whip (pineapple softserve) and the little train tour. Definitely go to the Polynesian Cultural Center during the day and see if you can go to the dinner/show in the evening. Also, if you like to cook, there’s a farm stand on the way there (coming from Honolulu) where you can pick up macadamia nut oil (delicious with steamed fish!).

      Pearl Harbor is nice, and I would recommend doing it as a tour with the Punchbowl and other sites, if you can. (I prefer to see that kind of stuff all in one day.) We went to the Chief’s Luau at Sea Life Park, which was really great It’s also where they filmed 50 First Dates. If you like sushi, there’s a place on Waikiki called Furusato. It’s a bit pricey although probably comparable to DC, but we really loved it when we went. Several times, in fact. They started to remember our order by the end of the week (go for the Omega roll!). 🙂 We also enjoyed breakfast at a place next to our hotel called LuLu’s, which is also right on Waikiki. It was quite an impressive view for the morning, and since it’s kind of bar-ish, they had plenty of tv’s with the various sports games on. It was kind of weird to watch the Patriots play at 8 in the morning with the beach across the street!

      As for the Big Island, I would have recommended horseback riding at the Parker Ranch, but the website just told me they went out of business. That said, if you can horseback ride there from the other companies listed, it would probably be equally as amazing! Have a blast – we’ll be there again for our honeymoon in March!

  • dcgator

    Rave: High Heel Race was fun! I’m pretty sure I ended up amongst the first 15-20 finishers. Once that adrenaline kicked in, I was zoomin
    Rant: All the hair that now has to grow back in…I’m not excited about that at all.
    Rave: The weather and body heat from all the observers really doused any concerns of being too cold.

    • So… are you a dude, but a dude who waxed for the High Heel Race?

      • So… are you a chick, but a chick who waxed for the _______ ?

      • dcgator

        I am a dude, yes. I don’t think non-dudes run in the race?? And no waxing, but strategic shaving. So I basically look (even more) ridiculous (than usual) with my shirt off.

    • I Dont Get It

      “The weather and body heat from all the observers really doused any concerns of being too cold.”

      So no shrinkage, huh? 😉

    • I was at the finish line and took a video of the whole thing. Can send it to you, if PoP gives you my email.
      Good job! What was your outfit? I’ll take a look and see if you’re on my video. Is the race as painful as it looks? I imagine someone must break an ankle every year….

      • dcgator

        I’d love to see the video! I went as your classic woman, wearing a sparkly silver number. Black heels, of course. I honestly don’t know if it was painful, as much as just tough, balance and stamina-wise. I am not a runner, but in good enough shape, but the cold+having a cough/sore throat+in heels made it a tough final few blocks.

  • Rant: I enjoy methodical projects with clear-cut roles and deadlines, and my current job is the exact opposite of that. My boss doesn’t like to micromanage and I’m starting to realize that I’m pretty bad at self-motivation. I don’t know if I’m in the wrong profession or if I’m just a terrible employee.
    Rave: Despite this, I love my coworkers. It makes coming into the office a lot easier.

  • Rant: Strep. Again.
    Rave: The Cleveland Park clinic down the street from me that opens at 8 am.
    Rant: Had to be at work early this morning for a caterer that was late.
    Rave: Got to snuggle my daughter before I left. Nothing like a warm, sleepy, pajama’d kiddo first thing.

  • Basement rental question: I have a basement I’d like to rent out. The ceiling height is 7.5ft, save for a single 4inch-wide beam that runs down the middle that’s only 7ft tall. I understand that 7.5ft is sufficiently tall to get a CoO, but would that single lowered beam make the rest of the ceiling height moot?

  • Rave: Woke up to less back pain than I’ve experienced in months. So glad that exercises at physical therapy and at home are finally paying off.
    Rant: Now I’ve got pain in my big toe and heel. If it ain’t one thing it’s another….
    Rave: Supervisor gave me the green light to go on vacation for the holidays.
    Rave: Meeting yesterday that would’ve required I schlep across town in traffic got turned into a conference call.
    Rant:My job/industry seems to be moving towards using geographic software to look at crime data. I’m doing a Coursera course on GIS to get my feet wet in GIS since I haven’t seen ArcGIS since grad school 11 years ago. I’m 40 and I don’t know if I’ll be able to understand/retain information like I used to.

    • This is GIS, not rocket science. As long as you can read a map (and understand the stats being mapped) you’ll be fine.

      • Oh come on, no need to be patronizing.
        Chinatown–I have faith in you. Can you re-watch the lectures, etc on coursera? Worse comes to worse, you have to re-watch lectures and take more time making notes, etc. You have the benefit of a direct application for work, though–I’ve found that with that type of thing if you have a direct application to start practicing right off the bat, it’s much easier to retain the information. Also–I suspect there are guidebooks that you can get for references. Sometimes the most important thing with these software packages is knowing what they are capable of, so you know to look something up rather than remembering how to do everything off the top of your head. Good luck!

        • Sorry if my post came off as such – certainly wasn’t intended. I’m positive this won’t be difficult for the OP, that’s all I really tried to impart. 🙂

        • That didn’t sound patronizing to me. I read it as encouragement, as in “it’s not going to be as difficult as you fear it will be.”

    • If you’re just looking to present data on a map it’s not too difficult, so I’m sure you’ll be fine. I’ve mostly used MapInfo instead of ArcGIS, but my understanding is that they work fairly similarly. There’s a learning curve at first, but once you get the hang of it, it’s pretty easy. Take notes, and when in doubt Google can be extremely helpful.
      That said, I know both of these softwares are far more powerful than what we use it for, if you’re going further into GIS I can’t really speak to it much.

  • Rave: The bacon roasted green beans were a success last night! I now know one item that will feature on our Thanksgiving menu this year.
    Rant: I wish I could wake up and it would magically be Nov. 9.
    Rave: I really want to cover everything in Justin’s Vanilla Almond Butter.
    Rant: Between Amazon’s Add-on restrictions and Pantry requirements, I’m getting frustrated trying to order random staple items these days.

    • I would like the bacon roasted green beans recipe, please!

      • It was super easy. Wash and trim a pound of fresh green beans (make sure they’re super dry though). Fry up 4 slices of bacon. Take the bacon drippings and toss with the green beans and a bit of salt and pepper. Roast on a baking sheet for about 20 minutes in a 425 degree oven. Chop up the bacon and toss with the roasted green beans before serving.
        We actually finished off the entire pound of green beans between the two of us. It was just so good.

  • Rant: mtpbaby has hand foot & mouth. Poor little guy was so uncomfortable yesterday between the four shots he got and the sores. (Didn’t notice the sores until yesterday evening) Barely ate anything all day. Was up in the middle of the night and didn’t want his pacifier, presumably because of the sore on his tongue. At least I could nurse to provide comfort.
    Rant: Nervous about reintroducing middle-of-the-night nursing, but we’ll deal with that later if we have to.
    Rave: He seems to be feeling better this morning. And actually ate some breakfast. Apparently puffs are good since they dissolve–good thing we still have some on hand!
    Rave: I have more sick leave than annual leave, so staying home today isn’t as problematic as it could be.
    Rant: something is up with mtpkiddo–she was up and hanging out in her windowsill when I went to get her up, but it was a huge fight to get her ready to go, and she was upset over bizarre things, such as being convinced someone was taking our car. Weird. Though in fairness, there was at least one car–if not more–that looked like ours on the street in front of our house this morning, one of which had someone in it. Waiting for the other shoe to drop if she is sick too….
    Rave: Not as tired as I expected to be this morning, so I’ll go ahead and get some work done instead of napping.

  • I Dont Get It

    Rave: David S Pumpkins!
    Rant: Some squeaky noises in my kitchen last night that weren’t coming from an appliance or a dog toy. 

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: way behind at work and no motivation to fix it.
    Rave: mom liked her birthday present and it was only a week late.

  • Rant: An article in the Post today about undecided voters had this quote from one of them:
    “The self-described moderate added that she does not think Clinton has empathy. “She’s too well prepared, she’s too well spoken,” said Burak. “She looks too good behind the podium. … I don’t envision her as motherly or grandmotherly. I can’t see her relating in difficult situations. Only when she has time to prepare does she look good.”
    The amount of latent, unrecognized sexism in that comment is just stunning. Jeebus.

    • Blatant sexism aside, I really don’t think that Hillary appears nearly as empathetic as the past three US presidents.

      • (I think that’s was a not insignificant reason why Romney struck out with the voters as well.)

      • The way she speaks of women’s issues is dripping with empathy, imo, particularly women being made to feel less than, and women/families making reproductive decisions. But, empathy is a very thin line for women candidates. Have too little, be labelled unsympathetic/uptight/etc, but show too much and be labelled too emotional.

    • Really? Can you elaborate? I can see making a case for the “motherly or grandmotherly” reference being sexist (though I’m struggling to do so, considering that she is in fact a woman, a mother, and a grandmother). But other than that, I think everything else could and would be said of a male candidate too.

      • I think there is a greater expectation that women be likable, empathetic, and ‘soft’ versus men. I do think that given the commenter’s further clarification that she is not ‘motherly’ or ‘grandmotherly’ shows that this is exactly what they mean. Men who are similarly seen as lacking empathy are often excused for it, but women? Never. We are labeled ‘nasty’, bitches, told we have sticks up or asses, called too manly, etc, etc, etc. Donald Trump is equally known for his lack of empathy (his lack is WAY worse than Clinton’s IMO), but Clinton is singled out for it because she’s a woman.

      • I’ve personally never heard of anyone discussing if a male candidate looks good behind a podium…But it frankly sounds like this person is questioning Hillary because she is intelligent, thinks before she speaks, and is prepared; these are all qualities I value in a presidential candidate. I suppose a male candidate has been criticized for possessing those qualities, yet I can’t think of one right now. Perhaps Gore.

      • “She’s too well prepared, she’s too well spoken” – I have never once heard a male candidate criticized for being too well prepared. Separate and apart from the sexism, this nitwit is seriously suggesting that rigorous preparation is a flaw in a potential president of the United States. Comments like this make me question universal suffrage. Instead of a poll tax, perhaps a poll test?
        “She looks too good behind the podium” – Yeah, I often heard this about JFK – he looked too good at the debates. If only he’d looked a little more unkempt and bedraggled, he’d really have trounced Nixon.
        “I don’t envision her as motherly or grandmotherly.” – self-evident. I would prefer that my President be a hard worker who is stunningly competent – she doesn’t need to remind me of Thanksgiving dinner.
        ” I can’t see her relating in difficult situations. Only when she has time to prepare does she look good.”” – not even sure what this means. It doesn’t appear to be the old “relate to the plight of the common man” trope.

  • Question for dog owners: got married recently, wife has had her chihuahua for 11 years. I consider him my dog as well. I think he’s had trouble adapting ever since we got settled into our home. When he lived my wife at her mom’s house, she had her room and he had his bed next to her bed. Everything was fine. Now that we’re living together and seeing each other, the little guy won’t go to sleep. He cries/whines wanting to get on our bed but he has his bed right there. So far we’ve avoided the temptation to bring him on the bed b/c we feel as soon as we do that, it’s over. We haven’t gotten much sleep so basically I’ve had to resort to sleeping on the couch downstairs with him b/c that seems to be the only way we all get sleep.

    The crazy part is that my wife works from home and she’s told me when she’s on the bed, he’s in his bed. So clearly there’s a disconnect somewhere where he automatically thinks dad is here = I get to be on the big bed. Mind you, that was allowed when I lived in my condo, we would all sleep on the same bed so maybe he thinks its a similar set up.

    Any advice? We’re going to pick up his old bed from her mom’s house and see if that offers some solution. But it’s been a rough few nights.

    • Kinda buried the lead there, didn’t you? This entire comment could be reframed as, “My dog used to be able to sleep in the bed with us, but now we don’t want him to. He doesn’t understand this, and cries and whines all night because he wants to sleep with us. What do we do?”
      That said, I don’t have any answers. Time, I guess.

      • Thanks for the tip!

      • Heh, good summary!
        Domrep, so your now-wife brought frequently brought her dog with her to your condo before you moved in together, and there he was allowed to sleep in the bed with the two of you, but when she was at her own place, he wasn’t allowed to sleep in the bed?

        • Right, she stayed with her mom, she had her own room, her own bed but he never slept on her bed. He always had his own bed that he would go to willingly. Now he’s putting up a fight, maybe it’s the new bed we got him, maybe it’s the fact that since its us two, he thinks the set up is similar to when I had my condo. We’re gonna get his old bed tonight and see if that helps.

          • “maybe it’s the fact that since its us two, he thinks the set up is similar to when I had my condo.”
            Not to try to read a dog’s mind, but isn’t he right about this? When she’s alone, he sleeps in the doggie bed. When it’s the two of you, he sleeps in the bed with you. Seems reasonable to my human brain.

      • Yeah this is exactly what I was thinking. Is there a reason you don’t want him in the bed with you guys now? If it was ok a while ago? Full disclosure: our dogs have always been allowed to sleep in our bed so I’m sure I’m biased.

    • I had similar issues with my 7 year old dachshund. At my house, she slept in my bed or with one of the kids. In the new place with the SO who is very anti-dogs-in-bed, this was a no go. She adjusted after a week or two, and now happily snuggles in her shared bed with the Elderly Lady Lab. It helped to put a blanket on the dog bed for a while too (she likes to borough into it, it had our scent on it). I’m not sure if chihuahuas have that same boroughing instinct, but maybe that would help too.

    • Using his old bed may help him feel better about sleeping there. You can also teach a settle command like “go to your bed” and reward with treats, the good stuff like hot dogs or cheese. Break them up into tiny pieces and use a lot of them. When he lays down on his bed you should give him so many treats it’s like he just won the treat lottery. All those treats and all he had to do was lay on his bed! You can also become a treat fairy and randomly leave treats in his bed. So when he goes in the bedroom – he finds surprise treats in his bed. The point is to make it super rewarding for him to be in his bed that he’ll naturally want to start going there.

    • houseintherear

      So I have an 11 year old dog and a few months ago he started whining at night to get into the bed (which he’s allowed to do, and has stairs to do by himself, but sometimes forgets he has stairs), and I did the whole refusing to help him thing for a few nights. Ended up at the vet for another reason and they found a piece of stick in his paw pad. They got it out, and suddenly he wasn’t whining at night anymore… might be worth getting him checked out just in case. I rationalized my situation as: he knows I’m in one place and able to “listen” at night when I’m in bed, so he tried to tell me something at nighttime hours. But it all could have been a coincidence, of course.

      otherwise… maybe a benedryl a couple hours before bedtime to take the anxiety edge off, even if just for a week while you keep at it with not letting him on the bed? Sorry you’re dealing with this- dogs are such creatures of habit, especially at an older age.

  • Late Question for the PoPulace: Does anyone here use Project Fi? How is it? Does it work well in DC? Have you had any issues with it while traveling?

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