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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rant: Baby Artie was up FIVE times last night. You are not a newborn, Baby Artie. Stay asleep. I am so tired I want to cry.
    Rant: Baby Artie is obviously not feeling well. Still sick? Teething? Growth spurt? If only he could talk.
    Rave: I have acupuncture scheduled today so at least I can sleep for 40 minutes in the middle of the day.
    Rave: Even though I woke up late, am running on fumes, and missed the ride on bus, I still managed to get us to school and work on time.
    Rave: Coffee. Dark, strong, life-giving coffee.

    • Clueless

      We are on the same coffee page. It’s freezing so I’m chugging it this AM!

    • Oh yuck. Those nights are the worst. If he’s been congested, he could have an ear infection (my kids’ colds sometimes turn into ear infections). I hope tonight is better!

      • Thanks, mtpresident. I’ll keep an eye out for other signs of an ear infection. He’s scheduled to go to the doctor later in the week anyway.

        • Perfect–I’d just wait until then unless he seems miserable. Have you had your EI appointment yet? Fingers crossed that the developmental stuff is going smoothly as well.

          • EI appointment is next week, with the follow up scheduled for the week after that. He’s definitely progressing along his own curve (i.e., he’s grabbing at toys, showing a lot more strength during tummy time pushups, and even sat up for a few seconds unassisted by himself this weekend). All that is very encouraging. We will just see if he needs a personal trainer (aka, physical or occupational therapist) to get him over this hump. I will report back on how it goes.

          • Progress definitely sounds like a good sign. Excellent! Please do report back; I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you : )

    • How old is baby Artie? Totally feeling you on the need for coffee today. Alas I had a dental appointment and didn’t want to eat or drink anything before!

      • Baby Artie is seventh months old, and he’s usually a good sleeper (will sleep 11-12 hours a night and usually only wakes once to nurse in the wee hours).

        I hope you got your coffee!

  • Rant: Scratchy throat and a little cough starting.
    Rave: Russell/Holmes novel, sunshine, vanilla black tea, and a train ride.
    Rave: Psyched to vote early tomorrow. And that capital bike share is giving out free one way rides so people can get to polling stations.
    Rant: Too much work and meetings (and commuting between NYC and DC) to get to the Washington International Horse Show. Everyone go enjoy the ponies in the city for me!
    Rant/Rave: Doc cleared me to increase activity as long as pain doesn’t increase. Last night my foot hurt a lot (like painful, not just achy) – might have been psychosomatic but who knows…

    • PSA on early voting in D.C.: It started Saturday at One Judiciary Square (which is open for voting 8:30 a.m. to 7 p.m. daily through Fri. 11/4), and starts on Fri. 10/28 in other locations.
      Voters from any ward can vote at Judiciary Square. I think the other locations are ward-specific.

      • the website says you can vote early at any early voting center, so I don’t think it’s limited to judiciary square.

        • Oops — looks like you’re correct.
          The non-Judiciary Square locations don’t open until Friday, though.

          • yep good point. and in case anyone is wondering, I got inspired by this thread and I work downtown so I decided to go at lunch. I just came from voting at Judiciary Square, and it was super easy and fast. Basically no wait.

      • Did it yesterday. It was great. In and out in five minutes. Love the “I voted early” sticker for some reason 🙂

        • skj84

          I always feel so proud wearing my stickers. I’m almost ashamed to admit this, but they ran out of stickers when I early voted in 2012. The volunteers gave the last one to a little kid, and I was actually pretty upset(I did’t say anything out-loud of course). Thankfully a very nice gentleman had an extra one and gave it to me when he saw they had run out.

          • Emmaleigh504

            I’m always a little sad no one sees me with my I voted sticker b/c it’s easier to vote after work.

    • All the info on early voting, absentee voting, etc.:

  • Quotia Zelda

    Rant: So much headache.
    Rave: Work stress has lessened.

  • Rave: My son wants to be a unicorn for Halloween. I told him fine, as long as he randomly throws glitter in the air at random intervals.
    Rant: Halloween is next week and I feel completely unprepared. I need to kick it in gear!
    Rant: So, so tired. So, so cold. It was 42 when I got in my car this morning. WTF? I am not ready for this.

    • I love your stories about your son. He seems like such a special kid.

      • +1. Your kids sound so awesome.

      • Ditto! They really do. Though ugh on the glitter–hopefully only outside? That stuff is the herpes of the craft world–you can never get rid of it. I wore a blue glittery dress to my cousin’s wedding a week and a half ago, and I still saw blue flecks in mtpbaby’s hair last night. Yikes!

        • Oh, it will ONLY be outside! However, I am prepared for the stray bits because I think this will be awesome. I am going to have him throw extra glitter at our Trump supporting neighbors.

          • That was intended as more tongue-in-cheek than it came across, but that sounds like an excellent plan all around. And I LOVE that this is your eldest and how supportive the older two are of the youngest. So super sweet. Awesome big brothers, indeed.

          • Thanks 🙂 They amaze me. I am very proud of them, though I can’t take too much credit for the oldest (my SO’s son). But all of the kids are very supportive of one another, everything from actually choosing to go to their various sports events to cheer them on, to things like this. Sometimes I have to provide a little guidance (no, it’s not ok to say “I’ll beat someone up if they make fun of you for liking drag queens” good intention, bad action), but all in all they are great. Now, they still annoy the hell out of each other from time to time so it’s not all sunshine and roses, but they are good kids and I’m incredibly proud of the little human beings they are all becoming.

      • lol, oh this is the oldest one, not the youngest one, who I fully expected to hear this from! To be perfectly honest, I believe this is stemming from some conversations we have had recently with the youngest. I think that the older boys are both making a very concerted effort to show the youngest that not only is it ok to like unicorns and glitter, and everything else he likes but is afraid of people knowing, but that it’s also fucking cool. They are awesome big brothers.

    • oh my god I hope you get pics of anonachild-as-a-unicorn-throwing-glitter! That will just make life better!

    • I want to hear more about this unicorn costume. sounds awesome.

      • So far, it consists of a unicorn head and that’s it. I have been googling ideas, and I’m not sure how unicorn he wants to go… I mean, do we just do the unicorn head and glitter? Add hooves? I must discuss with him.

    • I Dont Get It

      We all could use some glitter in our lives!

    • houseintherear

      oh god please just don’t let him take the glitter to school!

  • Rant: Going to work with 20 small, needy children when you’re sick is miserable.
    Rant: Taking a sick day is definitely more work than just going in.
    ?: Stayed home today for the good of the team
    Revel: Having a lazy day at home feels so so good. I doubt I’ll be saying this over the summer though.

    • Bah, feel better. There’s a few things going around and all of them seem to be pretty miserable, so take care of yourself!

  • Rave: Getting into the groove of my new job & my new commute is heavenly…. 10 minutes by bike… I’ll probably feel differently in January though
    Rave: Quiet day w/ few meetings means a lot of folks are working from home
    Minor Rant: Not cleared to work from home yet…

    Non-DC related Query: Anyone have good recommendations for a restaurant in Nashville that can accommodate a group? There will be about 10 of us and none of us know the area well. Yelp will only get you so far…

    • Accountering

      You will be fine in January. Just make sure you have a warm hat, peacoat, and good biking gloves. I have a 10 minute bike commute as well, and love it, all year round. The worst days are honestly the ones in August when it is already 85* when I leave for work.

      • Yes — I do need to invest in a better pair of gloves.. There is a small hill at the beginning of my route.. hopefully that is enough to get my blood pumping and keep me warm… and you’re right August will probably be the worst.. Thankfully there is a shower at work.

        • Love my bike commute, regardless of weather, it’s better for me than sitting in a car or on a bus/metro. Also – it’s important to get a hang of the right layers. I used to overdress in the winter and end up a sweaty mess – so think about ventilation (wear a scarf and hat or earmuffs and be ready to remove it)!

        • ditto – gloves are the most important thing when it’s cold! but otherwise, if your ride is only ten minutes, you probably won’t have a problem riding through the winter. also if you don’t have lights already, you will want to get front and rear lights for once the days get really short and your commute is in the dark.

    • maxwell smart

      Sigh… I wish my commute was 10 minutes.

    • binntp

      In Nashville, City Fire in the Gulch offers a wide range of American/Southern dishes and is pretty big; should be able to accommodate a group of 10.

    • Pinewood Social is a blast! Great food, they take res, and they have a bowling alley in the back! My favorite Nashville stop.

  • RAVE: New Front door was installed, It moves like a dream! No more throwing my shoulder into it or lifting up on the handle to make it move!

    —This homeowner stiff makes me realize I am an adult, and I don’t really know what to do about it.

  • Rant: So damn tired. Haven’t recovered enough from the waking-to-nurse days to get over other random sleep disturbances quickly. Or perhaps something is out of whack. Guess I’d better get my butt in gear on scheduling my annual check-up, now that mtpbaby is a year old….
    Rave: While mtpkiddo was initially dragging on getting out of bed, she *bounded* out of bed when she saw her little brother, and was pretty easy to usher through the morning routine thereafter.
    Rave: Since mtpkiddo slept in a bit, mtpbaby and I could snuggle and nurse without distraction when he got up.
    Rave: each day, mtpbaby is stringing together more and more steps. Go buddy go!
    Rant/Rave: my baby is growing up and won’t be a baby for much longer–but there are benefits to that as well.

  • maxwell smart

    RANT: Why bother having people direct traffic on Connecticut Ave in Woodley Park if you’re going to allow people making left turns to block on-coming traffic. At least 3 times this morning, I missed my green light because some entitled a-hole made a left when there was clearly no room for them.

  • Thanks to all for the good advice yesterday. The guy and I had the hard (so hard) conversation and while it didn’t go that great, we both know where we stand. We’re hiking this weekend and seeing what he decides.

    In the meantime, time to whip this new job into shape and take no prisoners. I’m done waiting for other people to get their act together.

    • An ultimatum discussion?

      • I don’t think it’s an ultimatum for me, but I don’t think I can be in a relationship with someone who doesn’t see himself having a future with me or anyone else and who’s ‘more certain than not’ that he’ll pretty much always feel that way.

        So at least I’ll get some nice hiking in…

        • Understood. Yeah just enjoy the hike and I guess just play it casual and cool. You have voiced your opinion on the matter

        • uuuggghhhhh! I’m sorry bizzinger. That sucks, but I guess it’s better to know sooner rather than later….

          • Exactly. It’s been 13 months and I don’t want to go another year just hoping for the best. And quite honestly, if someone doesn’t leap up when you offer your heart and future, it’s…it’s hard to finish that sentence.

          • This is really so hard. And I hope you appreciate how brave you are by being honest and asking for what you want.

  • Rant: GRE and grad school applications
    Rave: This weather is perfect, can it be like this all winter
    Question for the popville crowd: Thoughts on asking your boss for a grad school recommendation letter? We’re close, he loves me, he’s only a few years older than me, and went to school himself. But I’m still nervous as it’d be full-time and I’d have to quit.

    • I think this depends on how open you have been with your boss previously about going to grad school — I have friends that have done it and received wonderful recommendations, but their boss’ knew they’d be going to grad school from very early on… I wouldn’t do it if it’s the first conversation you’re having about it..

      • Andie302

        +1 – either that or you have a good conversation specifically about your future plans, couching it as looping him in and then if it’s well-received then ask for the recommendation as a follow-up

    • Do it. I think it is useful to have recommendation letters that reflect different stages and aspects of your life. So one letter from a college professor and one from your boss would give a well-rounded view of you as an applicant. Also, if he went to the school and puts that in the letter, that will draw more attention to your application.

      I wouldn’t worry about the having to quit (especially for a reason like grad school). Employees move on, and the best bosses don’t personalize it and help their employees land well (when said employee is good and leaves on good terms, obviously).

    • I did with my old boss, and she was sooo excited to do it – she loved me, I really like working for her, but yeah, we both knew that if I got accepted I would have to quit and move to NYC, which is what happened. If you feel close enough to your boss and you know that they want the best for you, I say go for it! Good luck!

    • If your boss truly loves you, he/she wants to support your professional development and growth in whatever form that takes. Yes it sucks to lose talented employees, but a good boss understands people leave for all sorts of reasons. I assume you are applying for next fall, which gives he/she much more notice than if you just found a new job (which you might do if your boss turns punitive about you applying for graduate school). Now whether grad school is all it is cracked up to be is a topic of another rant/revel –mine 🙂

  • skj84

    Rave:THe High Heel Drag race is tonight! I haven’t been in years, still slightly on the fence on attending. A lot of my friends will be there and it shouldn’t be too cold. If I’m out of my evening event in time I’ll trek over.

    Rave: Worked out my election day plans. My polling place is across from my Aunts so I’ll stay with her that night, then head to work after. My boss is ok with me either taking the next day of or remote.

  • Rave: Heard back from this thing I can’t talk about (yet) last friday – to say I’d be hearing the final decision this week. For something that started back in March, this could be huge. Please send out the good thoughts, cross your fingers/toes that the news is good!
    Rant: Not sleeping last night b/c the SO decided not to communicate well. Last text said “landing” (he was on a plane). With a quick text after to say “crashing”. He apparently meant he was crashing at a friend’s b/c the flight was delayed so much he didn’t want to disturb me by coming in after 2am. But I of course read the text as “the plane is landing and now we are crashing.” Even though it was far-fetched, when he didn’t pick up the phone or text back I started to worry and couldn’t fall back to sleep. Would it have been so bad to text “crashing at a friends”???? 3 more words?…Ugh.
    Rave: the sun is shining and I can open a window in my office so I feel a slight breeze every once in awhile.
    Rant: My head is feeling sluggish so I know there’s a potential migraine back there. Don’t typically do caffeine anymore, but w/ my lack of sleep and this migraine coming on I’m inclined to drink a coke and take a painkiller to try and ward this off.
    Rave: my run last night was awesome and meditation this morning allowed me to attempt to shake last night’s craziness and approach today with mindfulness.
    Rave: my coworker coming in around 10 so I get the office to myself for a few hours.
    Rave: being able to anonymously rant/rave on this blog. It’s like my own personal diary with periodic (and sometimes awesome) comments from the peanut gallery.
    Rave: love this weather.

    • love this whole thing! Glad your SO was indeed crashing at a friends (and yes, three little extra words would have been helpful there, I agree!), good luck on your potential big news!

    • Your 2nd rant is sooo something I would do. I would also be sure to “kill” him because he wasn’t dead and I thought he was lol

  • Rave: submitted a 311 request yesterday about a traffic sign placed/abandoned in the cycle track and it was already moved this morning!

    Rant: running more so I’m constantly hungry but I still have 10 pounds of fat to lose. Vicious circle.

  • Rant: Stood outside in cold at 1 a.m. last night because of yet another false alarm at my apartment building. I have neighbors who do not go outside anymore because it’s never a fire. If there ever is an actual fire, people are going to die because it’s the system that cried wolf. Couldn’t fall back asleep for over an hour because I kept thinking the alarm was going to go off again (which is usually does) and would jerk awake every time I felt myself falling asleep. Finally put my pillow over my head and managed to sleep for about 3 or so hours. Suffice to say I am draaaaggggging and need caffeine so badly.
    Rave: Just serves as confirmation that I’m making the right decision to move when our lease is up.
    ?: Is ESP real? I mean, I don’t think it is, but I distinctly recall thinking to myself yesterday evening that the fire alarms were going to go off….Pretty sure that wasn’t a dream, I really had that thought. Like, 5 hours before the alarms actually did go off… Weird.

    • Andie302

      So this may sound weird, but as a child I would have experiences fairly regularly where I knew what was going to happen because I had experienced it before (either in a dream, or just maybe in my subconscious). I would know what people were going to say and do next. These were only ever stints of 5-30 seconds, and I haven’t had them in a really long time. I associate them going away with all the other noise in my life. So for me, that’s not unheard of at all! I usually get something like this when I send out a meeting invite and know that the meeting isn’t actually going to take place at that time, or that a key person won’t end up attending. It’s not a useful instinct anymore!

      • These types of things would happen to me when I was little, too – I would “know” my brother, in a totally separate room, was going to wake up screaming with night terrors in a few minutes, or I would “know” that a car accident was going to happen. It’s not frequent, and it somehow never happens to be anything nice that I “know.” And I’m sure there’s some sort of logical explanation for all this, but I sure can’t figure out what it is.

        • Andie302

          Mine were always more bizarre than negative. Like an interaction with a random stranger near a fountain at a theme park, something related to what an animal was about to do (neutral, nothing scary), or how my brother was going to answer a question

      • This totally happened to me as a kid, and happens even more frequently now. I’ll have a dream about a meeting that makes no sense and then months later find myself in the meeting going, “oooh….that’s what that meant”.
        Thankfully it’s never been anything bad…though it’s hard to tell which dreams are “prophetic” and which are just dreams so it’s not like it would do me any good.

    • maxwell smart

      In high school I got a concussion (long story) and had a dream, that morning, of exactly how it all was going to play out, including how I felt after hitting my head. It was very weird.

    • I am a firm believer in a sixth sense. My best friend has an uncannying ability to “know” things before they happen.

    • My buiding has the same issue. We had an alarm last week, and I was amazed how many people stayed inside.

    • So I currently live in a building that used to have the same issue with the fire alarms going off constantly and slowly but surely most people opting out of the evacuation. I even started to catch myself lingering for a moment before I pulled on my shoes and hit the stairs since it happened so frequently, but I always evacuated b/c I was worried one day it would be real. And sure enough one day – there was a fire. It was on a Saturday and I could hear people laughing inside their units as I headed to the stairs. When I got outside, it was snowing and no one was outside, so I cursed at myself for always following the rules and walked up to the front entrance – where I saw roughly 10 or so people lingering in the lobby. There were fire trucks everywhere though. I asked one of the fire fighters if it was another false alarm and he said no. I mentioned that people weren’t evacuating b/c we’d had so many false alarms and he got pissed. Mentioned the building could be fined – not to mention loss of life if the fire was serious. It turned out to be an isolated incident at the loading dock. I emailed management to express my concerns, not only with the complacent attitude of my neighbors, but also what management planned to do regarding all the false alarms. I work in the construction world so I know they can do testing and should be able to determine trouble-some areas. Management came back and acknowledged that they needed to schedule testing and would do so…and eventually the false alarms stopped. But it was a really long winter until they resolved everything.

      • yeah, this has been an ongoing problem for the 2 years I’ve lived here….it’s a mixed-use building, and stupidly all our alarms systems are tied in one to the other, so yeah, it’s been f*($ing miserable.

  • maxwell smart

    RANT: Work. Specifically the one project I am working on. I literally get up every day and lay in bed for an hour debating how many sick days I can take in a week to avoid work. Ugh. I’ve worked on many awful projects, but this one takes the cake. I think it’s only another month. I hope.

    • that’s the worst feeling in the world…. hopefully you can slug through it… I always think of sick days as prolonging the inevitable. Good luck.

    • I’ve been there before on the project I’m on. I’ve started meditating in the morning to refocus my mind before starting the day. It sounds corny, but it actually is helping a lot. I downloaded an app on my phone and spend 10 minutes doing whatever it tells me to do before I start my day. I think the app is called “Calm”.

  • RAVE: Just submitted my application for 2 super awesome doctoral programs.
    RANT: Nervous about the outcome. I think I will get into both but you never know
    RANT: My love life
    RAVE: Hopefully starting school in the fall will make be forget men exist
    RANT: I waited way too long to go back to school. I’ve been out of grad school for almost 7 years. What was I doing?

  • I Dont Get It

    Rant: Yesterday’s discussion of Brunswick Stew, which I’ve never had, made me long for a big warm bowl of Burgoo. Based upon the ingredients (everything) it appears they may be culinary cousins. Doesn’t look like there are any local options to satiate my appetite!
    Rant: Work is really dragging me down, I’m not a Project Manager but somehow I’m managing a project that has local team members, West Coast teammates and resources in India. Finding agreeable meeting times is a challenge in itself, much less the fact that I have no idea what I am doing.
    Rave: Lovin’ this sleepin’ weather!

  • Rant: I feel like going back to sleep.
    Rant: Had physical therapy yesterday and realized that planks are killer for me.
    Rave: My back feels slightly better this morning. Less stiff when I moved after I woke up.
    Rave/Rant: I would like to get more experience with GIS software (ArcGIS, Tableau,etc). My job seems to be going in the direction of using local area data and mapping software seems to be the next logical step for us. I haven’t looked at ArcGIS in over a decade when I was in grad school. Signed up for a course on Coursera to get my feet wet in GIS but not sure if it’ll help. I’m 40 and therefore not a spring chicken anymore so I don’t know how fast I’ll be able to pick up the concepts in the course.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: sick. I stayed home yesterday and now I’m wishing I stayed home today. So tired and achy.
    Rant: my leave balance is precariously low. One dead president and I’m wiped out.
    Rave: giving myself permission to only do the bare minimum at work today.

  • Rant: Mt. Pleasant Auto Repair. I had them do a pre-purchase inspection on a used car, and based on what they told me, bought the car.
    Took the car to a very reputable brand-specific mechanic to address the few issues and learned about several major issues that Mt. Pleasant Auto completely overlooked. The mechanic’s pricing was totally fair, and I know they did a great job, but it still cost me more than $1000 over and above what Mt. Pleasant Auto estimated. And that was just the immediate stuff. There’s significant front-end work that will need to be done in the next year. I’m tempted to go and demand my money back from the lazy crooks at Mt. Pleasant Auto.
    Rave: Still love the car.

    • Oh no! So sorry to hear that! Glad to hear you still love the car, at least.

      • When I told the mechanic what I paid for the car, he said “Did you have a gun??” 🙂
        It’s all good. I’m just a planner. When I pay a supposed expert to help me avoid surprises, and get surprised anyway, it makes me cranky.

        • Ha! So glad it was still a (more than?) fair price. : ) But indeed, UGH on the surprises. That’s never fun, especially if the surprise part could have been averted.

  • Rave: My blood sugar levels have been so low, nothing above 100 now post meal for days. I had half a large-ish cookie this morning and feels like I may be playing with fire but it was soooo good. I miss simple carbs. I dream of cake.
    Rave: Parents came this weekend to help remove some furniture and boxes to store at their place as we reorganize the apartment. They gave us a beautiful woven rug that they were married on since they are redecorating and no longer needed it. It looks so lovely in our living room and it has so much meaning. It’s also funny seeing it in our living room since I grew up with it in my living room as a kid, and now it’s ours and our baby will grow up with it in the living room too.
    Rant: A colleague of mine got really terrible personal news yesterday and I felt so bad, he’s very young to be shouldering so much.

    • even with GD I was somehow able to have a brownie and very small scoop of ice cream every night for the last few weeks of pregnancy. I couldn’t take the diet anymore!!

      • I’m starting to test the waters a bit more. Can’t really eat anything simple sugar past 8pm, the one time I did that my fasting ended up high. But I find that I can include simple carbs sometimes as my morning snack or afternoon snack, especially since I don’t have to test after snacks. I have really cut back though and am eating very healthily–I do feel really good lately so that’s a great outcome! But yeah, I told my mom to bring me burgers/fries/milkshake/lasagna/cake/anything of that nature to the hospital as long as everything is good once I give birth…

        • I hear ya! My numbers were perfectly fine at my 6 week checkup and I randomly check every now and then and I am still okay. Thank g-d because I love carbs and sweets. Hang in there!

  • That One Guy

    Rant: Starting to carry Kleenex to blow my runny nose. I don’t want to become sick so hoping it’s just a colder weather related fluke.
    Rave: Hot tea.

    • I don’t hold with “natural medicine” (if it worked, we’d call it “medicine”).
      BUT I had three people sick with colds from three different places (so probably all different strains) in my house a few weeks ago, and with international travel coming up, I would have sacrificed a goat if that’s what it took to not get sick.
      I took zinc and fizzy vitamin things (like airborne) as soon as the visiting plague-bearers arrived and kept it up for 10 days or so, and I didn’t get sick. Might be luck, might be something to it. Might be worth your $5.

      • I’m pretty sure Zinc has been scientifically proven to help with colds however apparently the airborne things are useless.

        • shhhhh… Placebos don’t work as well if you don’t believe in them. Although, studies have shown they do still work if you tell people they’re getting a placebo. Just not at the same level.

  • topscallop

    Rave: My voter registration finally went through! I’ve been checking dcboe every day and called them last week, at which point they told me they had my registration and were swamped but that yes, I’d be registered in time to vote (last election I was living here but still registered in my home state). So relieved to be able to vote in this historic election, even though the District always goes overwhelmingly blue.
    Question: Any suggestions on websites where I can learn about local candidates on the ballot? I don’t even know who’s up for election in DC, for which positions.
    Rave: sparkly ring process has been initiated. Going the custom route with a designer I found online. So excited!
    Rant: My office mate is back after 3 weeks of travel. He’s nice, but I like having the whole room to myself! Also he just asked me if our org has any trainings in getting people to do what we want them to do. LOL wouldn’t that be nice. I thought about suggesting hypnotism, but English isn’t his first language and the joke might not get across.
    Rave: hearing BF interact with DOG in the mornings is the cutest thing ever. He has legit conversations with him.

  • Does anyone know if the Whole Foods coming to Shaw (around 9th and V?) is still in the works?

    • Yes – letters of intent have been signed and construction is slated to begin _______ . (Sorry, I forget the exact dates.)

  • Rant: Being a distinctly low priority to my family.
    Rave: Snuggles from kitty.

  • RAVE: Voting in the DC election by mail. Submitted my ballot two weeks ago. Ain’t no one got time to stand in line!
    RANT: I really liked the name New Columbia. State of Washington, DC is kinda lame. The new name conveyed a new beginning. Meh.

    • Do people actually experience lines when voting on election day? I’ve done it dozens of times at my polling place (Eastern Market), usually around 8am but I’ve also gone after work, and I’m in and out in 5 minutes. Doesn’t get much faster than that!

      • I have waited 2+ hours in B’dale. I learned my lesson: just went to Judiciary Square – no way am I standing in the freezing cold for hours on a Tuesday again . . .

      • People definitely do, although I have never had to wait more than five minutes at any voting location in my lifetime. I have always been curious what causes this – everyone trying to squeeze it in before/after work, I guess?

      • the only time I’ve ever experienced any type of line was the 2012 election. I waited for about 2 hours before work (well…I ended up getting into work about an hour late). my polling place back then was at the church on the corner of 16th and Oak NW. but I will echo what Bloomies said – just came from Judiciary Square this afternoon and it was super easy and fast! it was my first time voting early but probably won’t be my last.

      • I waited in line for over an hour in 2008 in Columbia Heights for EARLY voting. On a Saturday, but still. Not sure that will be the case this year, though.

    • Emmaleigh504

      I prefer New Columbia, too. We already have a state called Washington.

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