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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rave:ish: My condo value has gone up a good chunk on all the real estate sites (yay for making a smart investment)

    Q for the masses: How accurate are the assessments between Trulia, Redfin and Zillow in DC’s market?

    • Andie302

      Bad news: not that accurate. Your best comparison for a condo is the per SF cost of something else that sold recently in your building. I THINK Redfin is a touch more accurate, but for two places I’m familiar with it’s off by 6+ figures from recent appraisals.

      • I’m curious – was Redfin above or below appraisal? Or was it all over the place?

        • Andie302

          Low in both instances

        • HaileUnlikely

          My impression, based only on my observations regarding homes that I’m familiar with and no special knowledge of how it works, is that Redfin gives more weight than others to the asking price when sensible comps are not available, and the estimates for these are likely too high (e.g., a flip with a large addition such that it is the only newly-renovated home of its size in a neighborhood); and gives more weight than others to previous sales of the same property when the house is not flipped, and these are likely too low. E.g., my house was a thoroughly-trashed foreclosure when I bought it in 2012. I renovated it myself to the degree that it is now comparable in condition and presumably value to the rest of the similar houses on the block. Not better than those, but definitely not worse, either. Zillow’s estimate of my value is identical to within 1% to all others on my block, and in my opinion likely overvalues every house on the block by about 5-6%. In contrast, Redfin estimates my value as about 25% lower than the rest of the houses on my block, but I believe they have the values for the rest of the houses on my block about right (about 5-6% lower than Zillow).

        • I think that Redfin’s are also wildly high. I have comps based on sales in my building of very similar units within the past six months. Redfin’s estimate is 10% above the highest one of those.

    • Yes, you gotta check recent sales in your neighborhood, if there aren’t some in your building, for best estimate of value. Ignore all valuations online – they can be high or (in many cases I’ve seen) far too low.

    • Yeah, I’d say they’re pretty far off for the most part. We refinanced in July 2015 and right now all the website assessments are anywhere from 8-25k less than what it was assessed at more than a year ago.

    • Bear

      Our appraisal came in right at Redfin’s estimate. But, I think the appraiser undervalued our house a bit (not ignificantly) by including comps that are in worse shape than our house. The challenge with Redfin and other sites is they pull in recent sales without any data on the condition of the house – in my neighborhood it varies greatly, so comps are all over the place.

    • Not very accurate. I just sold my place about 3 months ago, the appraisal came in about 10 grand lower than what the online estimates said but we didn’t price it based on what it said online, rather the closest comp that we could find. And that’s really what the buyer’s are going to look at, and they will nit pick (“this unit has a parking spot attached, yours does not” etc). My recommendation is if you’re planning on selling, get an appraisal done now, b/c more than likely the buyer will get one done.

      • A parking spot has real value in neighbors with tight street parking – see what garage spots sell for – like 35K – that’s hardly nitpicking.

    • Also if you live in a condo building, forget about comps on the same block or 1-2 miles away. They’re gonna focus strictly on what has sold within your building in the last 3-6 months.

      • Not if you live in a small condo with no recent sales – then the neighborhood comes into play. In a large building, you usually have some recent comps, but not in small ones.

        • +1. Obviously comps in your own building are better if they’re available, but if they aren’t available, a realtor will look at units in the same block, same neighborhood, etc.

  • I like following politics, but this stuff is just getting out of control. It’s really a miracle Anderson Cooper’s (who shockingly seems to be one of the few sane ‘journalists’ left) head hasn’t exploded with some of the morons spouting stuff on CNN.

  • Rave: After battling with the insurance company for weeks, I can finally declare myself the victor. They will be covering the very expensive medication I will need for the majority of my pregnancy (well, after my monthly copay of $50). I wasn’t entirely sure how we would pay for it if it wasn’t covered.
    Rave: We found out Baby Bunny’s sex a couple of weeks early (and almost by accident during a routine scan)!
    Rant: I keep feeling pressured to make some great declaration about what the sex is but I really just don’t care. I’m a very private person so it feels weird to talk about things like that publically. And everyone will find out soon enough.

    • Gender reveal parties/videos/etc really boggle my mind. I don’t get it. I’ve seen some of the most staged videos on FB.

    • Congrats on the insurance win! That’s impressive – definitely celebrate that. I’m foreseeing a similar argument in the future as I’d have to take bloodthinners every day if I were to get pregnant – those shots are expensive! Hope you’re power rubs off on me :-).

    • I assure you that few people outside of your immediate family give much of a f*** about the baby’s gender. Don’t overthink it. 😉

    • “I keep feeling pressured to make some great declaration about what the sex is”
      Ignore it. If people ask tell them it’s either a boy or a girl. And then continue to look at them with an expressionless face until they realize what a dumb question that was. 🙂

      • That’s rude. Why do you want to make someone feel bad for expressing an interest?
        Rabbit, if you haven’t already told everyone that you know the sex, just answer “we decided to keep it a surprise”. No need to say who it’ll be a surprise for (them, not you).

        • Yea, I feel most folks are simply making small talk. Surely [you] understand that the sex of your baby won’t make the slightest difference to them, right?

          • I think the whole “gender reveal” thing is overblown, but acquaintances/co-workers/et al. are asking the pregnant woman, it’s basically the same question they once would’ve asked after the birth — it’s just the sequence that’s different now.

        • Ha! That last bit was tongue-in-cheek. Obviously don’t be rude to people, but you also don’t need to engage in their desired small talk. I’ve made the same small talk myself and been shot down, and then happily moved on to other subjects.

    • I’ve known the sex for two months, we’ve for now been saying we don’t know. I am also super private. To the point that I haven’t told many people I’m even pregnant, although some have probably guessed by now. I also have some weird thoughts about gender in our society and I hate that it’s all formed when I say boy or girl.

    • What irritates me about gender reveal parties is not necessarily how staged they are–I feel like so many life events are cultivated for mass consumption that it’s now the norm. It’s more the way that children are forced into preferences before they’re even born. Like I get that’s what being a child means, is that other people make decisions for you. But why does every baby item require a blue football or a pink crown? Does a child experience developmental challenges if he or she is ambiguously gendered during infancy, at least to the extent of what’s practical? Strapping flowers to my infants’ feet and taping bows her skull to ensure no one accidentally refers to her as a boy feels like doing A LOT. I don’t have kids, but I saw a line of onesies that were these gorgeous jewel tones and otherwise pretty gender neutral, and those seemed so fun.

    • We are not finding out the sex. Sometimes when people ask me if I know the gender, I tell them my baby hasn’t chosen one yet… I am also slightly weirded out by big gender reveals or grand declarations–you do what feels right, who cares what others think! My top two questions people ask are 1) what are you having boy or girl? and 2) have you chosen names? I also feel like names is super personal and something my partner and I will be keeping to ourselves.

  • Quotia Zelda

    Rant: Way too much to do today and tomorrow. I’m not sure how I’m going to get it all done.
    Rave: New Orleans on Thursday!

    • I love New Orleans you are going to have such a great time. It is truly a unique and wonderful city. The people are very friendly there ( I once got invited by a stranger and his family to an outdoor crawfish picnic, they treated me and my friends as though we were family and fed us whatever we wanted – I’ve never forgotten those people to this day). The food is great and I can’t wait to go back.

  • Rant: took a bad fall and broke my foot last night. Ow ow ow
    Rave: focusing on the good. I didn’t hit my head, work has been very accommodating, and my friends, family and boyfriend have all stepped up. It sucks, but I’ll get through it. Now I just need a better fitting cast that doesn’t make my heel burn in agony.

  • Rave: Got a good night’s rest last night and got up at 6 this morning for the 1st time in forever.
    Rant: Back is still achy. I think its some medication I’m taking.
    Rave: Thank God my doctor’s appointment is this week so that I can talk about back pain with my doctor.
    Rave: Drove into work this morning and got into the office 20 minutes early.
    Rant: I’ll have to do drive everyday once Safe track hits the middle of the eastern part of the Redline in October.

  • Rave: Beautiful weather. Lunch and reading outside. Bike rides. Yoga.
    Rant: Can’t sleep with windows fully open for fear of sleepwalking out of them… (I wish I was kidding)
    Rave: Heard from my friend (the one with major mental health issues) with such a normal, balanced e-mail that I keep rereading it. She asks me how I’m doing! She has coherent sentences! She Isn’t referring to all the supposedly terrible things we forced her to do! Mostly, she just sounds like her. Trying to soak up the moment.
    Rant: I’m waiting for the other shoe to drop. And part of me feels terrible about that and part of me knows I’ve got to protect myself. She’s not in treatment, her illness gets worse the longer it stays untreated, and all this rationality keeps me looking for the irrational or the holes.
    Rave: She sounds ok. And that is a relief.

  • Rave: I just wanted to thank the PoP community for being there to “listen” to me when I’m overwhelmed, for serving as a neutral sounding board, and for all the many great suggestions I’ve gotten here. I am feeling so much more optimistic this morning, even though not a ton has changed. But I have some steps to take, I have kind and supportive friends (and strangers) around me, and I know I can just press on and get sh*t taken care of. Thanks again, all!
    Rant: Pretty much every metro station I frequent smells like ass.
    Rave/Rant: Got my flu shot yesterday, but man do I feel yucky.
    Rant: Millions of meetings. Gotta go for now!

    • Yay for your first rave 🙂

    • Yay for your first rave, I hope things keep getting better!

    • Hi LittleBluePenguin – to comment on your rave, I hope you know you are not alone. Life (especially in DC), can be overwhelming and I hope that you know that there are people in the world and here who still do care about you – even if there’s a lot of crazy things going on the city right now – people do care. Hope you feel better and continue to believe in the PoP community here, and share your feelings, and most of all take care of yourself.

  • Rant: Airbnb’s talk of moving everything to instant booking to address hosts that discriminate. As a live-in host and survivor of sexual assault, losing the ability to decide who stays in my home would be a deal-breaker. I don’t accept requests from people without several reviews that I can use to try to vet the guest. I’ve gotten too many strange/scary requests (i.e. guy whose every review said he trashed the place or stole something; woman from my same neighborhood who wanted to move in with a ton of kids despite the 2 person limit/who seemed to have been evicted for nonpayment; guy who had no review, picture or verified ID) to ever let anyone book instantly.

    • Andie302

      I cannot imagine that they would be able to compel live-in hosts to allow for people that they aren’t comfortable with in the name of avoiding discrimination. Maybe they’re discussing that for “entire place” rentals? I’d also be annoyed. We like to make sure guests don’t have negative ratings, and we also try to maximize reservations by declining ones that leave a gap of one day. The technology isn’t sophisticated enough to set it up to avoid those things, so we do that manually. I’m interested to see how this unfolds! Maybe they’re going to offer incentives for adding instant-book? I’m not in a hurry to add that feature!

      • I hope you’re right! The latest statements from Airbnb (especially after the media coverage this week) implied instant booking for everyone, with the possibility that cancelling an instant booking means those dates are blocked off permanently on your calendar. The twitter campaign seems to be heavily pushing this as a “solution”.

        • HaileUnlikely

          I agree with you. The proportion of the population that can identify with a potential guest is much much larger than the proportion of the population that can identify with a potential host, and the proportion of the population that can identify with a live-in host is even smaller. Simple solutions such as this have a great deal of appeal in that they might help “them” (when they are trying to book), and they just can’t imagine the situation from the perspective of a live-in host.

          • Exactly! Plus instant booking doesn’t even address the problem – as a host you can select to allow instant booking only for guests with “great reviews” from other hosts. If you are being discriminated against you won’t have reviews because you aren’t getting the accommodations (or you’ll get bad reviews from prejudiced host), so however you look at it, this is not a real solution.

    • The policy seems like a copout, so they don’t have to really address the issue. It should be easy enough to ban ppl who discriminate rather than imposing on people. Second why aren’t they banning problem renters like the thief?
      Maybe you could switch to home away

      • Agreed. As for problem renters, I think Airbnb tries to ban folks, though I’ve heard horror stories from other hosts about the amount of time and effort they had to invest to get Airbnb to respond at all. I’ve been lucky for the most part with renters, but the 1 time I had a nonpayment issue (multi-month renter who changed or deleted the credit card after the first month payment) the message from Airbnb was pretty much “you’re on your own & we don’t guarantee payment”.

        Hence the need to let hosts vet people and decide who can book.

      • “The policy seems like a copout, so they don’t have to really address the issue.”
        Personally, I think they should get rid of photos. No one needs to see what the other person looks like and that takes care of the discrimination issue (age, ethnicity, gender). The reviews should tell the whole story. I’m in the process of buying a vacation home and there’s no way in hell I will be on AirBnB if they require Instant Booking. Will only do Home Away/VRBO and a private website.
        It seems like AirBnB is using this issue to grab power from Hosts.

        • I agree. It seems to me that the only purpose of photos could be to discriminate – on race or other things – perceived class due to dress, hair, tats, etc, age, fatness, disability, etc. – all the things we discriminate on.

          • Agree totally. The first time I tried to book with Airbnb I hadn’t put a photo up and was declined because “it wasn’t available.” (I didn’t know enough at the time to go back to look if those dates were then blocked off.) After I uploaded a photo (white female, straight-laced looking) I’ve had no problems getting places.

        • I think they could even hide names when originally booking — which would eliminate a lot of bias… but the reviews should be prominent, and hosts and guests should be able to selective when it comes to choosing where to stay/who to have stay in their property.

          • That’s a great idea. Hiding names and not using photos would be able to eliminate 99% of the discrimination.

          • But does that really help situation beyond getting the booking? I don’t put a picture or name, get the booking, and then when I show up with my partner I’m stuck in a house with some host who doesn’t want me there?

            Seems like the actual solution would be for Airbnb to look at booking patterns and complaints to ID hosts that discriminate and ban them from the platform. They won’t do that because $$$.

          • Hiding names would also help eliminate “unconscious bias” — there have been studies showing that resumes with stereotypically African-American names get fewer callbacks than identical resumes with stereotypically white names.

    • Abb, as well as Homeaway.com/VRBO.com are all pushing instant booking right now. Speculation abounds as to why. Best guess is that monkeys are in charge.

  • topscallop

    Rant: half hour GERD attack last night at 2am had me in a lot of pain and disrupted my sleep as well as BFs
    Rave: he was so sweet, rubbing my back and just being there with me as I waited for the meds to kick in
    Rant: too tired to go to the gym this morning, making it a full week since I’ve worked out. I’ll try to go after work instead, I really don’t want to get out of the habit
    Rant: writing annual reports this week at work is the least fun
    Rave: fall weather
    Rant: anti-vax debate on FB makes me wonder if there’s any point to sharing facts, evidence, and trying to change people’s minds. It seems like everyone’s entrenched in their own opinions and cannot be convinced by any means.

    • oh man. The whole anti-vaxxers on FB thing drives me nuts. And I fully recognize that I am entrenched in my viewpoint and there’s basically nothing you can do to change it. (Just as the opposite side is equally entrenched and no amount of science seems able to change it.) Sometimes it feels as though, when it comes to people, there are some chasms you just can’t reach across. So why bother?

      • topscallop

        Yep. Luckily in this instance the one anti-vaxxer (who came out of the woodwork to comment on someone else’s linked article) is getting piled on. She may not change her mind but maybe she’ll take away from this that her opinion is unpopular, it makes her friends think less of her, and she should probably keep it to herself in the future.

        • Until she’s eventually proved right decades from now – though no one will care or remember that she was an early thinker. Don’t laugh – it could happen – stranger things have with health issues.

          • “Early thinkers” thought the earth was flat, that Malaria was caused by “bad air” and that the rain followed the plow (causing the Dust Bowl) Millions of people are alive and healthy today because of vaccinations – would you rather children have smallpox and polio? I’m not laughing – because your ignorance is dangerous and inexcusable.

            This is not a debate over the health benefits of kombucha.

    • I Dont Get It

      Has anyone ever changed their mind about a serious issue due to a Facebook debate?

      • +1. I think it’s pointless to even get into Facebook debates, but I REALLY think it’s pointless to expect people to instantly and publicly change their minds as a result of one.

      • skj84

        I haven’t. I feel conflicted about debating on Facebook. On the one hand, 99% of the time no one is going to change their mind. My rule of thumb is not to challenge people on their own walls. I may bot agree, but its their space to vent. However if someone comes on to my wall, I have the right to debate and defend my opinion. If someone chooses to unfriend, well thats on them. I’ve only unfriended one person due to political discourse, and that was mostly because they continuously posted hateful comments on my posts, despite me asking them not to. So I guess that was more about being disrespected than their opinion. I’ve mostly been in an unfollow spree this season.

        • topscallop

          I agree, I wouldn’t challenge someone on their own wall. I will jump into the fray from time to time if I feel strongly about something, but especially when I know the person is never going to change their mind/just being antagonistic, I try to state my side rationally and civilly, and then let it go.

      • This is exactly why people don’t use Facebook anymore.. So glad to get rid of this mess and just leave it to the old folks who still think it’s hip to use it.

        • Meh. I don’t need it to be hip. I just like maintaining an easy way for keeping up with more distant friends and family. Then again, I mostly ignore the political discussions and arguments.

        • No one thinks FB is “hip.” (No one, except the tragically wanna be “hip” ever even think about anything being “hip.”) FB is a wonderful and useful tool to keep in touch with distant friends. I’m not going to email or call the 50 or so friends from my many past relationships to catch up on things, but I love to check in on FB and see photos of the kids on a camping trip etc.

      • Not a debate, but I have pointed out issues to my nieces and nephews regarding their FB postings – calling something “gay” as a pejorative, posting “hootchi cootchie” or partying photos (because they don’t realize those will follow them everywhere forever to be seen by employers and anyone in the world.) If they embrace an idea (family is pretty right-wing republican) or link to a site I find offensive, I gently suggest they explore other viewpoints. I know this has at least broadened their horizons a little bit.

    • If we aren’t allowed to send peanut butter to school, we shouldn’t be allowed to send preventable disease.

  • Rant: Relationship near death experience over the weekend. Partially my fault (though I claim to be more sinned against than sinning), but she’s going through a very tense time and I inadvertently pushed the button very hard.
    Rant: Back/leg still screwed up, fall rowing season definitely gone, and I worry that the walk from the metro (or wherever) to my seat at the ballpark tonight will be a sort of Bataan Death March — I haven’t walked more than a couple of blocks at a time in two weeks.
    Rave: Finally have a diagnosis, scheduling physical therapy, have a cortisone shot fallback if needed, the ortho seems to think it’s a minor condition (though unfortunately located) and I may be good to go in 3-4 weeks.
    Rant: My favorite time of year dominated by relationship stress and physical discomfort.

    • dcgator

      Hang in there, buddy

    • Tough situation when partner/lover/mate is simply in a bad place that you can do nothing about. I went through it last weekend and we’re both confused and adrift. Step back, acknowledge the tangle, allow yourselves time and space. Or, just drink and cry and explode together with a bottle of vodka

  • Rant: Been having trouble falling asleep recently staying up to late and feeling groggy in the morning
    Rave: Going through some changes, all positive but its definitely stressful while things are in transition
    Rant: Insecurities? Imposter syndrome? Ugh.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: I have a moth infestation in my apartment and don’t know what to do about it.
    Rave: Donna loves hunting the moths, though she sucks at killing them.

    • Moth traps! Safer or Dr. Killigans (from Amazon). If they are pantry moths, check all your pasta/rice/etc for larvae.

      • Emmaleigh504

        They are the clothes kind. I think they are living and eating my wool blend rug. I will check out the moth traps. thanks!

        • It takes aggressive action (been there) and even then, you may be fighting remnants of them for years, even after moving twice, and not knowing if you still had some descendants of the original infestation, or if you acquired new moth infestations in new homes.
          You need to take that rug to the cleaners – the kind who clean persian rugs. Ask them if they can clean it and moth proof it. Unless it is cheap, as such cleaning is expensive. In which case, you’ll eventually toss it. (I’ve tossed 4 rugs that were eaten while in storage rolled up in my closet. I’ll never store a rug again. If it is on the floor, with regular vacuuming, it is less likely to get infested.
          Clothing needs to be either dry cleaned, or washed and dried in a hot dryer, or if not that, then you can place things in the freezer in plastic bags for a few days, which will kill the moths, and then hand wash. It is a major pain. They won’t go away unless you treat ALL your clothes, even those with no sign of infestation, and the cracks it the closets. It gets expensive.

        • “I’ll never store a rug again. If it is on the floor, with regular vacuuming, it is less likely to get infested.”
          Yikes! I have a wool rug that’s currently rolled up (haven’t quite decided where to put it) and I was thinking it was safer that way. Sounds like I’d better unroll it and vacuum it, pronto!

      • Oh man, I brought home a bag of rice that had moth larvae in them once. The damned things ended up all over my apartment and I still had some there when I moved out. Now I always freeze any newly purchased bags of rice for a couple days before putting it in the pantry.

    • anonymouse_dianne

      I think I got pantry moths from bringing home World’s Best Cat Litter (its made of corn).

  • Rant: Managed to run down my car’s battery TWICE in one weekend (need new battery!)
    Rave: AAA response first time was ten minutes, second time was twenty
    Rave: Channeling her inner Border Collie, pup tried to herd two turtles this weekend. Pup didn’t understand the turtles just weren’t interested in being herded!
    Rave: Spotted a tiny little tree frog on my bean cage, nine black swallowtail caterpillars on my fennel, came home yesterday with three flats of tomatoes plus banana melons, mouse melons, hot peppers
    Rave: NYT Spanish gazpacho recipe – partial answer to the question “what am I going to do with all these tomatoes?”

  • Rant: The mysterious indoor air quality issues in my apartment that I posted about a couple weeks ago remain unresolved. Some days it seems better, other days not as much. Still not sure what to do about the situation. Moving is undesired because my location is fantastic and my rent is super low.
    Rant: Work. Everything about it. Hate what I do, the pay is mediocre and the employers don’t care about your usefulness beyond the current project. I’ve spent way too long working in a position that offers little to nothing in the way of career advancement, so while I want to look to change tracks, the resume is awfully sparse (and while I’m preoccupied with rant #1, this has taken a back seat).
    Rant: Through no fault of her own, Mom ended up in a difficult situation and now has substantial problems that she’s not handling especially well. I’m the most consequential outside party that she turns to for help, but there’s only so much that I can do and she’s sometimes unable or unwilling to help herself.
    Rant: Trying to organize a happy hour with some folks. They all seemed to think it was a good idea when we talked about putting it together, but now it feels like they’re not as interested and will show up just to do me a favor. I would have been a lot happier if they had just said they weren’t that interested in the first place…

  • Rave: Day off tomorrow, get to visit a historic site with family who have never experienced this before. Need to remember how grateful I am to share an experience like this and enjoy life.
    Rant: Still having to sort out the feelings I am experiencing of falling out with people you used to care for. Hard to not feel abandoned by someone who you used to care for, and wonder why that person chose to live a life without you in it anymore. You really think you know people sometimes, only to discover you never knew them at all.

    • A hurtful situation, and unfortunately no wisdom/answers to offer, except that even though you feel abandoned, it is rarely the case that people actually have abandoned you. Life gets busy etc. But you feel shut out. – Email your friends and tell them that. Host a gathering at your place, or a HH at a bar, take some initiative to overcome the ordinary torpor of every day life.

  • I Dont Get It

    Rant: Me. I DVR’d Dr Phil yesterday to watch Burke Ramsey doing his creepy fancy pageant smilin’.
    Rant: Two more episodes to go! Why am I doing this?
    Rave: I saw Bimbibap Boy over the weekend but couldn’t time it right for him to be my cashier. Evidently the one I had wasn’t too impressed and charged me full price for all items in my cart, boo!

    • Emmaleigh504

      I totally think Burke killed JonBenet, not on purpose, but accidentally.

    • anonymouse_dianne

      I did, too. Still have the OJ series to watch as well. JonBenet is this season’s OJ.

    • Can someone please explain why “society” seems to care so much about JonBenet? I mean, it’s a sad, brutal murder – sure. Is it just because she was white and pretty? (Which – WTF?!? She was a child.)

      • jim_ed

        Mainly because its a stone cold mystery. People like mysteries. But furthermore, because it has all the great elements of tabloidy gossip – the facade of the perfect family full of intrigue and accusations – that come out when you unravel the seemingly blessed suburban life.

  • That One Guy

    Rant: Don’t know if taking Benadryl at night is worth the morning super-groggy-fuzzy-head.

  • Rant: After being off my bicycle for 1.5 years due to injury, I return and find DC cyclists riding bwhavbior is atrocious! cyclists must follow the same ytraffic patterns and regulations as vehicles. Particulalrly, Cyclists MUST stop at stop signs and red lights!!! I have almost been hot by several cyclists at 11th and T in the AM who are blowing through the stop sign.

    ALSO- motorists are sometimes paying attention to the road. If you blow through a stop or a light, there is a chance a distracted driver is doing the same. You will probably die if you get hit by a car going 25 MPH without a helmet. Also, stop using your damn phones on your bikes! You need two hands to operate a bike and need to pay attention to the road.
    When I saw a cyclist on his mobile phone run a red light on 15th and T yesterday I wanted to pull him over and shake some sense into him. PLease be safe!!!!

    • I’ve biked in the past, so I don’t really mind if bikes don’t stop where they don’t need to. But I was annoyed yesterday by one who didn’t stop at the sign where I was surprised (too close) and had to break not to hit him. That’s just stupid biking behavior. If someone has to break to avoid hitting you, you should stop at the stop sign! (And I wasn’t going fast, I was starting up after stopping myself at my stop sign.)

    • Yes, one one hand I completely agree with you about safety.. but on the other hand – this is a major city, with young(er) riders, it’s gonna happen. Over time and with age you begin to think more about being careful and safe and less about having fun and being a bit reckless riding around with your friends sometimes. They’ll learn eventually. And if you think bicyclists here are appalling, I’d love to hear what you think about some of my SF riding buddies – especially my fixed gear ones. No, we don’t follow regulations all the time. Hell, most of our bikes aren’t even street legal.

  • Rave: this weather
    Rant: I still feeling crappy. I need to kick this illness.
    Rave: Taco Tuesday for dinner tonight.

  • Rant: all this talk about property values made me check my two appraisals (buying and refi) and I found that my condo has two pretty different square footage listings from one to the other. Seemingly my condo shrunk 15% while increasing in value almost 5%. I’m just gonna go with the bigger number.
    Rave: I got a coupon for a house cleaning, so even with the doggie daycare I’ll need to get DOG out of the way, it’s not ridiculous.
    Rave-ish: I read All the Single Ladies by Rebecca Traister and there’s a lot to unpack, but it did make me feel more legitimized in my ‘doing everything as a single person’ fatigue. So much of life is set up to have two people splitting the work and a lot of our expectations of what life should look like are stuck in the 1 wage earner, 1 stay at home house worker, but when you live independently well into adulthood you have to use money to have done what used to be one partner’s (wife’s of course) responsibility. I still feel like a bit of a failure for not keeping up with cleaning and having to pay someone, though.

  • Rant: so many work frustrations today.
    Rave: interview at new place tomorrow. fingers crossed.

  • Rant: BBL (Basic Business License.) Everyone knows it is really just a sneaky tax. I’m actually not opposed to that. I accept that DC Govt. – and most city governments have long entrenched systems of “get whatever you can” corruption. It is $268.00 a year – for no reason except job creation in DCRA- but I’m actually not that bothered with sinecure govt. job creation – it’s a fact of life probably since cave-man days.

    I can deal with that. But when they don’t send you a renewal notice, (Yes, I acknowledge I should be monitoring 24/7) then charge a $500.00 late fee – it just sucks.

    DC government – you just stole $500.00 from me.

    Seriously – Bowser – DC govt. – does anyone actually ever think about how to make this city work?

    Revel: I bought a box of wine for my niece & friends to cat-sit this weekend, but I’m totally tapping that sucker right now!

    • Also, I have to take another day to drive to SE to present a “RAD Registraion Claim of Exemption Form” even though DCRA and anyone in any housing department can easily see that as a 2 unit building, I am ALREADY – CLEARLY not subject to rent control!!!!

      I asked the clerk at DCRA today repeatedly about this. She had no clue. No one has any clue. I’ve lived in DC for 40+ years. I vacillate between abject despair over incomprehensible incompetence and cautious hope that some smart young things can somehow eventually take over.

      The real question is why do we settle for such an astonishingly bad local government??????

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