New Trivia at Purple Patch in Mount Pleasant Mondays

3155 Mt Pleasant St, NW

From an email:

“There’s a new trivia in town! It takes place at Purple Patch in Mount Pleasant Mondays at 8pm and all the questions are written by the hosts, Shaagnik and Marina. There are 6 rounds: one music, one picture, two other categories, and two miscellaneous. First place gets a bucket of prizes from Purple Patch, including $40 in gift cards, second place gets to choose a category for the next week, and best team name gets shots! There are drink and food specials during trivia as well.”

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  • This is just down the street from my house – and been meaning to try their Filipino food for months. Looks like I’ve found my new Monday night spot!

  • I haven’t played bar trivia in probably 15+ years. How does it still work? Don’t people just look up the answers on their phones?

    • For many, a deep sense of honor. For others, a deep seeded fear of phone eating hosts.

    • No phones allowed! Cheaters will be publicly shamed and disqualified. We’ll confiscate your phone and text your mother.

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