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You can talk about whatever is on your mind โ€“ quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct peopleโ€™s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • justinbc

    Rant: Holy crap that storm last night was insane, never heard so much hail here in DC. Wish I had a better view across the city as it was happening, bet there will be some great lightning shots today!
    Random: I’ve got half a dozen or so suits that it’s time to get rid of to make room for new stuff. Anyone know of a reputable organization / non-profit to donate used business suits to? There are so many via Google search, and I want to make sure they’re going directly to needy recipients, not being sold as I’ve heard some of them do.

    • That One Guy

      Strive DC Career Gear is an option. I believe the catch is that they want pressed clothing that are on hangers.

    • Bread for the City would love the suits for our Pre-Employment Program. You could drop them at either the NW or SE office. Promise we won’t sell them ๐Ÿ™‚

    • If they are high-end suits, I might be inclined to sell them myself, and then donate the money. If you can get 5 suits for disadvantaged job-seekers for each one of your suits, that’s a better way to make a difference. Maybe.

    • May be different for women’s suits, but I’ve found that the organizations that give them directly to job seekers want them to be purchased in the last few years. I get them not wanting suits that are terribly worn, but the focus on up-to-date designs seems pointless to me, when all of my clothing is classic in design and similar designs can be found in stores any time in the past few decades. So off to Goodwill instead … where I’m sure they women people looking for good, cheaply priced but not free, work clothing, as well as Goodwill’s programs.

      • justinbc

        Unless they ask for receipts I’m not sure how anyone would verify this. I take it to generally mean within the style that’s common of the period, which usually runs a rather long span. Just don’t go turning in bell-bottoms.

        • oh, the people who know women’s clothing, they know…
          am old enough that wore bell bottoms as a kid. Never liked them enough to even consider wearing them when they came back around awhile ago.

  • Question: happy hour next week? Tuesday or Wednesday would be best for me.
    Rant: I’ve been watching way too much RNC coverage. Chris Christians speech was really to me. Time to turn the TV off.
    Revel: excited to go out with friends today.I’ve been lacking in actual human interactions lately.

  • Sad rave: the packers are here. This is really happening. I’m sad to leave the space I love, elated to be moving away from the neighbors who have made my life here unlivable, excited/scared to be going overseas for awhile, and a little nervous about coming home to DC with nowhere to live. So much happening at once.

  • maxwell smart

    RAVE/RANT: Holy shit snacks that storm last night was intense! I unfortunately was on my bike trying to get home from the Nationals game and had to shelter in place at McPherson – got under cover moments before it started to hail dime, than quarter sized hail. This after making it through hurricane force winds and rain. Had to admit defeat (like the Nationals) and Metro the rest of the way. Roads were 3″ deep swift currents. Neighborhood looks like a hurricane went through. Intense!

    • Oh man, I was tucked into bed (nursing my woes after watching the game on masn) when it hit. Woke me up and I was convinced it was going to break the windows. I worried about anyone out there–glad you stayed safe.

  • Quotia Zelda

    Rave: Youngest Zelda got me listening to the Hamilton soundtrack.
    Rave: He’s fairly well obsessed with it. There are definitely worse enthusiasms for a 13-year-old boy.
    Rant: I’m feeling a little cranky with my dad’s family right now. I love them, and we have a great time when we get together, but we (E and our parents and I) are always the ones who have to make it happen, and it has to be super convenient for them.
    Rave: Eh, I’ll get over it, and I’m looking forward to seeing my aunt and cousin next week.
    Super Rave: Just a few days before we head out to visit my in-laws. Can. Not. Wait.

  • Rave?: Might have found a renter. Let’s see if he completes the app.
    Rant: Hot weekend ahead with plans to be outside.
    Rave: New hat came just in time.
    Rant: Work is especially boring these days, and my office mate isn’t helping.

  • One more Revel: the other day my 4 doors down neighbor was walking around my neighborhood collecting signatures for ANC rep. She asked me if I have kids and I told her no,that this is a group house. She then told me we’re the best example of a group house since she never hears from us.

  • Rave: Mtpbaby’s second tooth appears to have broken the surface!
    Rant: Still had a high fever last night and needed two additional fever-reducing doses overnight.
    Rant: Decided 2am was time to play and didn’t want to go back to sleep.
    Rant: The sassy 3-yo was especially attention-demanding this morning, when I had less time and energy to deal with it. Ugh.
    Rant: Parenting sucks a bit today.
    Rave: Mtpbaby at least seemed in better spirits last night and this morning & ate better. Take my wins where I can?

  • Rave/Rant? the crazy storms last night! I was soaking in the tub, getting all sleepy, and then WHAM! At first I though maybe it was my upstairs neighbor opening her (sliding track) closet door and pulling out something on wheels, but then it kept happening. When it started to hail, I thought my cats had gotten into mischief and were batting things around, so when I jumped out soaking wet to break up the fun, I was stunned, and a bit terrified, by the hail and the crazy hurricane-like winds. And then I felt really, really grateful to have a roof and walls to protect me, unlike many in this city.
    Rant: Couldn’t fall asleep until after midnight due to the noise from the storm. I am feeling a mite cranky today.

  • Rant: Did not sleep well at all last night. So tired and grumpy today.
    Rant: People who don’t use protection. I am eally trying not to slut shame but we are adults. Be responsible and wear a condom.
    Rave: I am slowly plodding through my to do list. And I have somehow managed to be productive at work this week.

    • I don’t think it’s slut shaming to say you’re tried of hearing about another (insert thing you get from being reckless). You can have fun and be safe.

      • I agree. I have no moral qualms with people who choose to be casual, sleep with many people, whatever — but the moral aspect and the common sense aspect are two different things, in my mind at least.

      • Yes, people should use condoms… but if I remember correctly, HPV and herpes occur in locations that aren’t covered by condoms.

        • Not sure on hpv but herpes can occur in out of condom areas and maybe 80% of ppl have the virus. And….You should still use condoms.

          • This. How is HPV and herpes occuring outside of the genital region a “…but” to wearing condoms? How about, “and a reminder, some STIs can occur outside of the genital region, so please consider dental dams as well.”
            Seriously. Screw who ever you want as long as it’s consensual and safe. It is not slut shaming to call people out for it either. It’s called trying desperately to make them wake up to their own irresponsibility. Would you feel bad telling a loved one that you wish they would quit smoking? Taking the keys away from a drunk person? No different.

          • +100 to Anon Spock, Friday Girl, and Anonamom. I think you are right that you can have strong opinions about using condoms without slut shaming. The key (for me) is just to get past my frustration before having that conversation so that it doesn’t come out as judgment or slut shaming.

          • Artemis, I have had this conversation with so many people. Friends, my brother, my partner’s teenage son. My standard convo with female friends is: I think it’s great that you are out there taking charge of your sexuality. But I am concerned about your safety; there’s more to worry about that HIV and pregnancy; antibiotic resistant STIs are on the rise and you do live in the city with one of the highest HIV rates in the country. Please be safe, please get tested. With the men in my life, I always throw something in about consent, and when I had the talk with the teenager, I paid attention to respecting his partners and not blabbing about sexual encounters just to seem ‘cool.’
            I have pretty strong opinions about matters of sex, and most people in my life already know this lol. SO I’m pretty sure that I don’t come off as either prudish or slut-shamey when I have these conversations. I know they are uncomfortable to have, but they are so vitally important, especially among peers.

          • Anonamom, it’s not a “but”… just a reminder that certain STIs aren’t necessarily a result of people being irresponsible. Yes, people SHOULD use condoms (even if there are some STIs they can still get).
            Anon Spock, latest stats show that 20% of people have HSV-2.

          • anon – of course things can still happen even if you’re careful, but at some point they’re pretty much guaranteed to happen if you’re not at all careful. I think we’re talking at cross purposes.

          • Anon-you can also get genital herpes from hsv-1, so it’s likely higher than 20%. Condoms break too, so you could absolutely get something while being responsible.
            Such a reminder seems off topic when it wasn’t coupled with further preventative measures.

          • Not off topic. Just making the distinction that “friend who doesn’t use condoms and gets chlamydia” is irresponsible, but “friend who uses condoms and gets HPV anyway” isn’t.
            I don’t think there are really “further preventative measures” you can take… other than maybe substituting a female condom (which covers some external area) for a male one.

          • My point was that you can “get something” without being reckless.

        • anon – I appreciate you clarifying your point, because it did not come across the way you meant it initially. You are absolutely correct that you can be careful and safe and still catch something (for the record, not just HPV or Herpes; any STI you can get in your genital region, can be found in the mouth or in the anus). And I would never assume that anyone got an STI because of reckless behavior; nor would I ever shame someone who had an STI. Shaming does no good, but education does. Based on your connection to Herpes and HPV, being spread elsewhere, I assumed you were discussing oral sex, which in the norm is unprotected, and why I mentioned dental dams. looking at it from the side of being safe an still catching something, this does happen. But, artemis was not discussing someone who already has something, she was worried about slut-shaming someone for actively practicing and bragging about unsafe sexual practices. Can you catch something while being safe? Yes. But you are far, far less likely. Really, we have two different conversations going on here.

          • I wasn’t responding to Artemis’s point (which I think is perfectly valid), but to Anon Spock’s about “thing you get from being reckless.”
            And by “other areas,” I was thinking not so much about oral sex, etc., as contact with skin in the genital area that wouldn’t be covered by a condom.

          • anon – I think you were picking at semantics, not any actual argument that was being made.

    • dcgator

      To the condom rant—not to get too personal, but what was the scenario that brought about this rant?

  • Rant: My basement flooded once again. Was up to 2am mopping the floors. It doesn’t appear to be as awful as the first time at least. But this is a problem. We have a sump pump installed and still had an inch of water
    Rant: I forgot to bring my work stuff home and have to take a vacation day to wait for the plumber.
    Rant: On top of dealing with the flood I had to block someone on Facebook for being a troll. They had been warned, they crossed a line, they got deleted.
    Rave: I guess I can just chill until the plumber gets here?

  • Rave: That storm was crazy! I was DEAD asleep and got woken up by a clap of thunder that was so startling. My dog, as usual, was completely unfazed and kept right on snoring (he even rolled over for belly rubs!). Streets in SW were cluttered with debris this morning.
    Rave: Work is finally slowing down for a spell.
    Rave: Stranger Things on Netflix. If nothing, the soundtrack is awesome (but it’s actually a great show).

  • Rave: We have been binging The Killing on Netflix and I am obsessed!! It’s so good.
    Rave/Rant: Going home this weekend for my college best friend’s baby shower, BUT it’s in Richmond so this weekend is going to involve a lot of travel. She also told me it’s supposed to be 100 and feel like 107 on Saturday! I don’t miss that.

    • Loved The Killing, great show.

    • Which version? Swedish or American?

      • American, but it’s actually based partly on the Danish series.

        • Danish! Right, sorry, got it confused! I watched the American version, was sucked in for a while but they sort of lost me after season 2….I have heard from others who have seen the Danish version that the Danish one is much better, but I haven’t been able to find it on Netflix or Hulu.

          • We’re on season 2 and I was just telling my wife it’s getting a bit convoluted and their detective work in season 1 was less than stellar. However, it’s just getting good (don’t want to spoil it for others, but it seems like they’ve finally made a big connection between Stan and his past!!). I wouldn’t be surprised if the Danish version is better.

          • I loved season 1 and really liked season 3. I thought that season 2 was the weakest.

      • My British friends looooved the original (Danish) version of “The Killing.” Anyone know if Netflix has it on DVD? (I’m not currently a Netflix member, but might subscribe for something like that.)

  • Rave: Beautiful night for a night at the barn with ponies last night.
    Rant: Driving in that storm. Worst thing I’ve ever seen. It kept me from heading home last night so crashed at a friend’s place.
    Rave: Tried to start the morning out positively despite not getting home last night – Super early bike ride to my house, showing of the apartment, then tea and scone and reading at Wydown. So nice, I decided to test out a new bike commute route to the office for a colleague.
    Rant: F’in dumb ass driving down the f’in median front ends me – I was so angry, I biked away (so didn’t get his license plate or talk to him). Front wheel f’ed. My knee is hurting.
    Rave: Bicycle Space opened their doors a little early for my to drop my bike off.
    Rant: Trying to be resilient but so many stressors and frustrations that I keep getting knocked down.

  • Rant – That hail last night was insane and completely freaked out my dog (and us). Poor dog jumped out of her bed and stood in the hallway shaking.
    Rave – The dog ended up jumping on our bed, nestled herself in between us, and passed out. And the power stayed on.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: need to be productive today, but really don’t feel like it.
    Rant: finally got my Rx in to be ordered and the estimated time of arrival is Monday. Why so slow?
    Rave: Have a coupon for Rx so should be free.

  • Rant/Rave: That incredible storm last night! Golf ball sized hail bouncing all over our patio on the Hill. I love a good storm, but that one was serious enough to inflict damage and I was so worried for people without shelter.
    Revel: I think I’m starting to feel movements! Baby F hates the doppler and always swims away and yesterday when they did it at the doctor’s office I felt a little kerthump. I thought those kerthumps I’ve been having were just gas… maybe not!

  • Rave: I got home just before the rain started.
    Rant: after my Uber driver totally ignored the GPS, blew past 3 turns that would have gotten me home, went on a stupid route to get back, then ended the trip at least 4 blocks after I got out. The fare was $5 higher than the estimate on a fairly short trip. I gave him 2 stars and explained what happened, we’ll see if Uber does anything.
    Rant/rave/speed: I had a cold brew instead of a latte this morning and I can feel the caffeine difference. I swear I can feel my brain dehydrating in my skull. Wow.
    Rave: Wait, Wait Don’t Tell Me tomorrow night!!!!

    • How did DOG do in the storms last night? I was thinking of him with all that crazy thunder!

      • So horrible. He leaned against me while I was using the bathroom, then I had to lean over him to brush my teeth. I put his bed in the bathroom after that he had just sat on it, terrified and dejected. He’s also wearing an inflatable collar (instead of a cone) so his elbow callus will finally heal, and I don’t think that’s helping him feel comfortable.

        • oh! poor sad puppy! But it’s so nice that he comes to you for comfort, that he sees you as his protector!

          • Yes, I definitely appreciate that thinks of me as someone who is going to take the lead and be protective in these situations.
            I wish he would snuggle, I think that would make him feel better, but I don’t want to add stress to an already stressful situation by trying to make him snuggle.

        • Emmaleigh504

          Poor guy.

    • maxwell smart

      I’ve had decent results emailing Uber and explaining that the driver ignored the GPS and the trip took longer than it was supposed to.

      • Uber no longer takes emails but they will respond to inquiries through the app — just go to the side pane and click on Trip History. Choose the trip about which you’d like to complain and click “Need Help?” You’ll be able to choose your complaint from there and Uber should respond to that submission.

      • I already had an email waiting in a different folder!
        I explained what happened. I don’t mind that he made his own decisions about taking a different route (why do you want to drive down U St to turn onto Georgia when you could have just stayed on FL?!?!?!) but I care that he then ignored the crucial instructions to ever turn north. And it seriously bothers me that he kept the trip going about 4 blocks at a 2x surge.

    • HaileUnlikely

      I recently had an Uber driver miss an exit that in my opinion would have been virtually impossible to safely reach (on 295 southbound, had to get across 3-4 lanes from an entrance ramp on the left to an exit on the right and traffic was too heavy to pull it off), drove a little extra, and explained to me how I could somehow communicate to Uber that the driver used an “inefficient route” (I don’t know if that’s his phrasing or if that is a term that Uber uses for such situations) and they could “correct” the fare to what it would have been if he had taken the route recommended by the Uber app (i.e., not missed the exit).
      I did not do that, because I honestly couldn’t blame the driver for missing the exit under those circumstances and I didn’t want Uber to treat it as a negative rating for the driver, and I don’t remember his specific instructions any more, but anyway, my point is that it sounds like Uber has an established mechanism for handling that sort of thing.

    • Did an Uber pool for the first time last week and got an email shortly after the ride letting me know I had a $2 credit for my next one because the ride was more than 5 minutes longer than the estimate. Would be nice if they could do that for UberX also!

    • Why didn’t you just tell him to take the turn you wanted him to take? Where my address is it always wants them to take a funky way and I say ‘no this way is faster just turn here.’ They’re not going to be mad..

      • He was weaving a bit and was in the right lane when the left turn first came up. I just kind of thought the need to get on GA Ave was obvious.
        He wasn’t the friendliest guy and had already decided to take his own route, so I figured he would make it happen, but I didn’t anticipate it being that roundabout.

  • That One Guy

    Question: are there any bars where you can buy a bottle of something, drink some and then have them store the rest for when you come back?

  • Rave: Pup refused to go outside in rain last night (before it got that bad) and so proud of her for holding it in for 12+ hours till this morning!
    Rant: That storm was CRAZY! Seriously reminded me of 2012 derecho!
    Rant: the weather this upcoming weekend. Guess Ill stay inside and clean my apartment and cook!

  • I Dont Get It

    Rant: Man buns.
    Rave: I guess I slept through the storm last night?
    Rant: Iโ€™ve been trying not to use my central air this summer (itโ€™s 15+ years old) and my house stays perfectly cool, at least the first and second floor, with a small window unit on the 2nd floor and fans distributed throughout. Looks like I may have to turn on the central air this weekend! Rats!
    Rant: Speaking of rats, yes. ๐Ÿ™

  • RAVE: Re: Rant from yesterday. The limited is having a Sale so I stocked up on some basics, maybe I can dress myself sometimes…..

    Dat Storm: Scared the BigWeiner, resulted in me getting all the cuddles all night Win?

  • Rave: I’m off today
    Rant: That means I’m working on Saturday
    Rave: I’m having lunch with a friend
    Rant: We are having lunch because she’s leaving DC for Denver
    Rant: Everyone in DC moves away eventually ๐Ÿ™ (Ok I know not everyone literally, but it seems a large amount of my friends who moved here between 2008-2012 have gone to other places now)

  • Rant: The storm! I have skylights and truly thought the hail was going to break em.
    Double rant: dude friend (whom I will call ‘rebounder’) hasn’t made huge attempts to hang out again — am guessing we are both unsure as to where to go from here. I’ve told him I like him, so I need to see more action on his side or else I will give up (the romance, not the friendship – though I worry the first will affect the latter??!). Adulting is hard! (This is for all of you requesting an update he he)

  • Does anyone have a recommendation for a one-time lawn care service (cut grass, weeding, cut back overgrown bushes), and a landscaper to redo our small front yard in Shaw? We are a 4 unit condo building, and one company we called said they only deal with private homes… We want to pull out what we have and plant easier to maintain and prettier plants and flowers.

    • Download the app thumbtack! I’d imagine you’ll get a lot of quotes for a project like that.

  • Does anyone have any tips on navigating a garage sale at REI? Going to one on Saturday and would love some tips.

    • That One Guy

      It’s not really worth it unless you get there really early.

      • Ugh — thanks. Out of curiosity, how early should one get there?

        • That One Guy

          The REI across the way from me (out in the boonies of VA) has a line of hard core people waiting for the store to open up for these type of events. If you’re looking for a specific product I would suggest you try to find a deal online rather than trying the garage sale method.

  • Rave: under contract for another home.
    Rant: there is a utility light pool smack dab where I would create parking.
    Rave: i google info and saw several popville submissions on this matter. Majority of comments were negative against the person who bought knowing the pool was there.
    Rave: i called the city to inquire and they were very helpful and are scheduled to come iut tomorrow and survey. If its on my property they will moce it. If not they will provide three contractors for me to get estimate to move it. Fingers and toes are corssed that its on my property and won’t have to pay for this.
    Rave: they were really pleasant on phone.

  • Rant: Went to get a slurpee (despite being over my lunchtime), waited for literally 5 minutes because these tourist parents and their kids couldn’t figure out what size they wanted or where the lids were, etc. and wouldn’t step to the side. And after all that, the cola wasn’t frozen. Walked away empty handed and ran over lunch by 15 minutes including walking. #fail #neveragain

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