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You can talk about whatever is on your mind โ€“ quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct peopleโ€™s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rant: BFs elderly dog has been declining since our move. A trip to the vet yesterday revealed cancer, Lyme’s and diabetes. BF is opting to treat the Lyme’s and Diabetes. We really differ on this, as I am concerned that twice daily shots will cause her undue stress, but he wants to try. Sad situation all around, as no one ever wants to make these sorts of decisions.
    Does anyone have any experience with having to do the twice daily insulin for dogs? We have to take her back every week to test her levels to see if we are getting the insulin dosage right. being too used to the way humans are treated for diabetes, this seems off to me… just not sure?

    • Eeesh. That’s a lot of stuff for an old dog to try to deal with. Diabetes on its own would seem treatable enough, but throw the cancer and the Lyme in there, and I don’t know, I’m with you in that I think this could cause a lot of undue stress and actually hasten his decline.

      • I agree… this is my thought process. I mean, it’s part of the natural aging process. He has at least said no to the cancer treatment (I mean, for real, chemo for an 11 year old dog?!), so there’s that.

    • My childhood dog (a labrador) developed diabetes when she was 8, and she lived to be just shy of 12 years old. She (and we) got used to the twice daily blood test followed by insulin shots, and she had fairly consistent blood levels once we got everything under control, which took about a month. It requires a lot of devotion and care, but it isn’t a death sentence. When it was her time to go, we were obviously extraordinarily sad, but she had a good life. That said, she didn’t have other complications–she loved food and she was very active. I’m not sure she would have had the same quality of life with diabetes if she had other health problems. I worked for our veterinarian when I was in high school and my first college summer; I saw a number of dogs with diabetes who didn’t have a great life with it, but that was generally because the owners were inconsistent with testing, dosage, and restricting other food.

      I’m sorry for you and your boyfriend. Dogs are such a wonderful part of life, and dealing with their aging and health problems is so sad. Good luck.

      • His dog is also a lab, and she is 11 years old. We are already very good with restricting her to dog vs table food, although he is perhaps an over-generous feeder lol. He is very committed to her care, and there’s no doubt in my mind he will be consistent and caring. I asked about testing the blood glucose levels before the shots, and the vet said it wasn’t necessary? This has me concerned. I know what getting incorrect dosages can do to a human.
        She is a very happy dog in general, and the vet says that the cancer (lymphoma) may not actually be causing her much in the way of trouble, and is most frequently left to run it’s course. The vet thinks that once the Lyme’s is treated, her gait issues will go away and she will be back to an older version of her old self. If she isn’t, then we would be safe assuming that the issues with her back legs are related to the cancer, at which point the real hard decisions have to be made.

    • Since they are not the same species, take this advice with a grain of salt. My cat has been diabetic for about 7 years. Now that he’s even older, he has some additional health issues that require daily medication–the difference in administering them is night and day. With the non-diabetes stuff, I give him liquid medicine in a syringe in his mouth, and he acts like I’m squirting battery acid down his throat. He doesn’t even notice the insulin injections. Given that dogs are generally more laid back than cats, I don’t think the shots will be too traumatic for the dog. Doing a blood glucose curve weekly seems off to me. When the cat was first diagnosed, I did have to bring him in frequently until we got his dose right, but now we only do the BG curve every few months. Again–there may be a difference in cats and dogs–but probably worth asking the vet if the weekly testing is going to continue forever. Good luck–I know how stressful it can be when dealing with an aging pet and trying to decide what’s best for them. I’ve been telling myself for the last year or so that I’m basically running a hospice for my cat, and that I need to be strong for the time that his many illnesses/chronic conditions mean that his quality of life is no longer there.

      • Thank you – I’m glad to hear your cat tolerates the shots well!! That makes me feel better

    • I used to work in a veterinary clinic where my mother was the veterinarian. While insulin isn’t a fun process, we had a number of patients who were routinely treated in this way. I agree that QOL should be taken into account. Try it out for awhile and see how much stress it puts on you both and the dog. It can be a very beneficial treatment though, that extends life expectancy with good quality of life for awhile. Just depends on the situation.

    • I think the diabetes on it’s own is quite manageable.
      However, combined with (1.) old age, (2.) cancer (likely incurable) and (3.) Lyme disease (quite painful for an animal that is highly reliant on joint movement) I question whether this dog should be forced to suffer a regimen of medications for a long period of time. I think it would be more humane to end the dog’s suffering rather than slowly waste away.

      • I agree with you. Personally, if it were my dog, I would have chosen to keep her comfortable, and then when it’s clear she’s suffering (it is not clear at this point that she is, she does not seem to be in pain, just losing weight and having issues walking and getting up, which are manageable), I would make the decision that is most humane. There is also the option of not treating the diabetes, which really is a disease of aging. But, his dog, his choice, and it’s hard to convince otherwise (I tried).

        • “The first thing to know when your dog tests positive for Lyme disease is that this test merely identifies dogs that have been exposed to the organism that can cause Lyme disease, not the illness itself. Some time since, or just prior to, the last test, your dog was bitten by a tick that harbored the Lyme bacteria, Borrelia burgdorferi. According to a study at Cornell University, 94% of dogs that have been exposed will never develop disease symptoms. This means a positive test is not the end of the world.”


          • Victoria – could you please elaborate on your comment? I’m not really getting what you are getting at. She is having disease symptoms, it’s just that the symptoms could also be cancer, hence treating the Lyme’s to see if it gets better.

  • RANT: I get it I live in a city and there is noise. But why do contractors have to start with the ::tap::Tap::TAP on the 2nd floor at 7a? Yup they have a job to do, yup it is their right by law, but can’t you start in the basement and work your way up? And no these row houses do not have basement apartments so no one is snoozing down there either.

    RAVE: The contractors are starting at 7a which motivates me to get up when my alarm goes off

    RANT: How long will this last>!?!?!??!


  • Rave: Finals start today – which means the year is almost over!
    Rant: Finals start today – which means the children are going to be little hooligans all week.
    Rave: Booked my flight for summer trip to London/Paris/Turkey (basically anywhere in Europe I have friends and a place to stay). I’ll be there for about 2 weeks total – any advice on what to see/do is welcome!

    • If you have time in Turkey, go to Capadoccia: live in a cave, hot air balloon ride at sunrise. In Istanbul definitely do the Bosphorus cruise- not the tourist cruise, but the commuter boat. It is also incredible

    • Have you been before? (Just wondering if you’ve already seen the major sights and are looking for lesser-known ones.)

      • This will be my first time to all these places, but I’m down for less well-known attractions.

    • janie4

      If you go to Turkey, buy a rug, especially if you can find a local weaving cooperative. It will amaze you how cheap they are compared to the U.S. and you’ll never find more variety again.

    • Check out the walking tours in London. I loved the Tower of London – typical touristy thing to do but I really enjoyed it.

    • I really enjoyed all the street food markets in London. Good variety, and there’s ones going on every day. Borough Market was pretty awesome, and I really enjoyed Camden Market- the people make look weird, but they are friendly and the food is good.

  • Revel: Workshop day! Feels like a vacation ๐Ÿ™‚
    Revel: One of my roommates will also be in the 5k Friday but she’s going to walk so I can meet her at the finish line and not just be there by myself.
    Question for runners: I managed the 2.5 miles on Monday but that was after taking a 4 day break. I’m wondering if I should go out today or let myself rest until Friday (when I only took 2 day breaks in the past, I had to take a couple walk breaks during the run). Advice?

    • I would do a short, easy run today. Don’t push yourself and just do what feels comfortable – even if that’s just a mile. Maybe focus on your breathing and take your time stretching out afterwards. Good luck!

      • Andie302

        +1 – to the point where it feels almost ridiculously short, but you get out there. Like make 15-20 minutes at your slowest pace. I did this before my first 5K and in hindsight it felt like it really helped loosen me up.

    • KSB

      Run today. Only because it’s an absolutely perfect day – conditions are awesome, and your confidence will SKYROCKET.

    • Clueless

      Agree with everyone’s suggestions. Know this is unwarranted, but I also recommend NOT doing the ol’ carb overload the night before (personally I feel sluggish the next morning/race day). The last few days leading up to your race should be about keeping it light – for physical activity and diet.

      • +1 about the carbo-loading. For recreational runners there is really no need for carbo-loading, and especially not for short distances. And a gut full of pasta is not really what you want on race day.

        • Wasn’t planning to! I’ll be running at night so it’ll just be a normal day of eating with a lighter and earlier than usual dinner.

        • “And a gut full of pasta is not really what you want on race day.”
          Ugh, I learned this the hard way during the Cherry Blossom 10 miler. I ran the last 8 miles with the feeling that I had to take a massive poop. Not good.
          If you want a bit of extra carbs, do it two days before the race (on Thursday night, if a Saturday morning race).

      • Semi-relatedly, does anyone have good pre-race breakfast ideas for sensitive running stomachs? I have a really hard time eating within two hours of running and even then can feel sick a couple miles in. I usually run in the mornings on an empty stomach but I know I can’t sustain that much longer through marathon training.

        • HaileUnlikely

          I don’t have specific pre-race meal recommendations, but would recommend using a few of your “medium” training runs to experiment with meal options. By “medium,” I mean basically any run that is not trivially easy but also would not be catastrophic to your overall training if it doesn’t go well. Personally, my typical pre-race meal is either a couple of instant waffles or buttermilk pancakes (plain, no fruit, not whole grain, this is the one time when I don’t want extra fiber!) I also typically drink most of a 32-ounce gatorade or powerade slowly over the course of ~3 hours before a long race. Just find what works for you, though. The winner of the 2012 Boston Marathon was known for always eating a 6-inch tuna sub from Quizno as his pre-race meal.

        • I’m not sure if this will help you, as I don’t think I have a sensitive stomach but I had to try so many things to get me fueled up for races but not feeling overloaded (or using the porta john six miles in). I eat plain, dry white rice (plus or minus a half cup, depending on the run length) and it is the only thing that has worked well for me. However, I’m only a 10-15 mile runner and haven’t yet done a marathon.

        • I eat half a bagel with peanut butter and a banana. I still get some sensitivity but less than with other foods. I loathe eating that early and have to force myself to eat it, but I gas out at 5 miles without food in my system.

        • binntp

          I find that string cheese and pretzels work well for me. I can’t do any sports drinks, gels/Gu, etc.

        • I’ve only done a half marathon but definitely can have a touchy stomach–more at the end of the run than the beginning or during though. My go-to breakfast is usually an english muffin or toast with some peanut butter and a banana which seems to do okay. I also find that straight up gatorade tears my stomach apart when I run–vomit burps are no fun, so sometimes I carry my own power drink cut with water to still get the electrolytes but not introduce too much too quickly to my increasingly acidic stomach. And I only do gatorade if I’m running 8-10 miles+.

        • I used to struggle with this too but I now have a system that works. On race days or long run days I have an english muffin (or toast) with almond butter and a cup of coffee. I drink some but not a lot of water – at this point it’s too late for massive re-hydration.
          That’ll get me about 5-7 miles into my run before I start feeling hungry again, at which point I eat a half of a power bar (Clif bars work for me too). Then I’ll have another half of a bar every 5-7 miles depending on how hungry I feel and how far I’m going. Sometimes I switch over to gels after 15-20 miles since I tend to lose my appetite at that point. (I drink only water when I’m running – no gatorade or power/energy drinks, they often make me feel sick.)
          Also I long ago stopped worrying about having a special meal the night before a race or long run. Being concerned about having the right meal actually made me more anxious about the run. So now I just eat something I would normally eat.
          Also without being too graphic, my number one key to having a good long run is a thorough, um, evacuation in the morning. I can run if it doesn’t happen but it sure makes a big difference.

          • “Also without being too graphic, my number one key to having a good long run is a thorough, um, evacuation in the morning. I can run if it doesnโ€™t happen but it sure makes a big difference.”
            THIS x 1000. Clean out the pipes before a long run or you will be in agony.

          • HaileUnlikely

            Definitely agreed with the last paragraph. In my first marathon, I had to stop twice. The first time was at a porta-potty placed there by the race organizers. The second time was not. (It was at a Dunkin Donuts – the clerk initially told me I couldn’t use the bathroom unless I bought something, but relented after I assured him, in a moment of near maximal desperation, that I was going to poop on the premises whether he allowed me to use the bathroom or not)

          • “that I was going to poop on the premises whether he allowed me to use the bathroom or not”
            Haha. Sounds like you confused DD with Nick’s Riverside Grill.

          • HaileUnlikely

            No confusion. If it was Nicks I wouldn’t have even asked, I would have just went. I mean, that’s what people do there, right?

        • Thank you all so much for these great suggestions. I will definitely start incorporating these options into my “medium” runs, as suggested by Haile. I have had issues with peanut butter in the past (throwing up at mile 7 during my first half was not pleasant!). I think pretzels, white rice, and eating a bar as I go as Anonymous at 11:21 suggested, might great options for me. I appreciate it!

    • +1 agree with the others. Your training is done at this point, so you don’t need to run for training. But you should go for an easy short run to loosen up and relax – and to enjoy the weather, it’s really nice outside.

    • I’d do a easy run outdoors today then rest up for Friday. Good luck on your run!! I felt unprepared for my first 5k but I had a great time. The energy of the crowd really helped me power through. Even though the weather was awful (it was cold and pouring rain!) I still felt awesome.

  • Has anyone else experienced an uptick in road ragey drivers with the heavier traffic this week? I walk from Dupont to Foggy Bottom for work and with 21st in total gridlock AM and PM, I’ve felt more menaced than usual by pissed-off motorists blowing across intersections when the light’s so red people have started crossing the other way, ripping turns through gaps in traffic without checking for pedestrians in the crosswalk, stacking up into the “box” of the intersection forcing peds to shimmy between bumpers or risk being smushed by the blocked opposing traffic trying to squeeze past. Where is MPD traffic enforcement? They could be getting rich off tickets at 21st & K or Pennsylvania.

    • Sounds like normal rush hour traffic

    • Yes. I’ve heard several drivers yelling out their window at other drivers/bicyclists/pedestrians. Some have yelled back to escalate into quite a good show of rage. It’s only day 3.

    • Or Connecticut and M. There was so much bad driver behavior around there at quitting time yesterday. Way, way more than usual.

    • That One Guy

      Yesterday felt worse than normal, at least in the afternoon, due to the street closures near the White House backing up traffic. L Street looked like a parking lot when I walked out of the office.

    • I work in Foggy Bottom and have definitely noticed a big uptick heading towards VA in the evenings, causing a lot of backup, and probably resulting in everyone’s road-ragey behavior — aside from the assumption that a lot of these people aren’t used to driving in the city. (I’m sure a camera at most of the intersections heading south on 19th Street would also be issuing tickets like mad… I’ve been waiting extra after I get the Walk signal because cars keep going through the red WAY after it has turned.)

    • It’s been awful the past two days. The cross streets (Eye, L, K, M Streets) have been parking lots with tons of people blocking the box, yelling, cutting people off, rapid acceleration, etc.
      Also, it didn’t help that some clown on his bike decided to ride his bike at rush hour under the Dupont tunnel this morning, causing a big back-up of cars to follow him blaring their horns. He wasn’t even trying to remotely keep up with the speed limit.

  • Rave: Slept with the windows open last night, it was glorious! THIS is my kind of weather.
    Rant: My neighborhood was a sh*tshow yesterday evening. Walked home from work and when I got up to the Petworth Metro station, there were dozens of cops and tons of police vehicles – labeled variously as “crime scene” “k-9”, etc. Anyone know what the hell was going on? Not just that, but then there was the extremely angry / nasty man screaming obscenities at every single passer-by as I was going in to yoga class, and a passed-out woman in a g-string in the alley (luckily someone called 911 and an ambulance arrived for her). Ugh. Sometimes it’s just a little too gritty.

    • hammers

      I might have seen that man yesterday; he was riding the bus and screaming at the school kids. I think he said “I kill kids, I like to kill kids” but he was fairly incoherent in his yelling. He got off at my block.

  • Rave: Really into strength training lately. Way more fun than running for me these days.
    Rave: Seeing major progress. My triceps are finally catching up to my biceps (apparently after sixteen years of ballet, my arms don’t like to fully straighten so tricep work is tough).
    Rave: Dinner with my dad tonight. So glad he travels to NYC for work often.
    Rave: Meeting with the frontrunner wedding photographer on Friday. I hope we all click in person because his work is stunning. It would also be nice to check off another wedding planning box…

    • Additional rant: I am extraordinarily bad at living with other people who are not my fiance. My roommates for the summer are very nice but I just feel really uncomfortable sharing my space. At least there’s an end date.

      • I can so relate to your additional rant! I’m incredibly bad at living with people (other than my SO, but even then there was a big adjustment period) and having to share my space! It’s so so stressful to me.

        • I’m glad someone can relate! I get so stressed over the stupidest things. Last night I sent an email letting them know when my fiance would be visiting, which they were totally fine with, but I was very stressed over it. I need to calm myself.

      • I am with you on this! I decided a while back that I wouldn’t live with anyone unless I am sleeping with him. So, I am in a tiny studio apartment, but with none of the craziness I develop with housemates around. So worth it for me.

  • Andie302

    Rave: Beat the bus (by 30 seconds, but still) on bike share this morning
    Rant: Weird dream (not quite nightmare, but almost) about my last boss – who I haven’t seen or really thought much about in over a year
    Rave: We have chairs in the backyard
    Rant: Our back yard is a little prison-cell-esque right now.
    Rave: Plants will help

    • RAVE: I like your first rave! I walk the 1.25 miles to the metro and try to beat the bus every day. What can I say, competition drives me.

      RANT: That, which drives me, competition is non-existent at work (government contractor….)

      RANT: Everything is so expensive. And my gross pay has gone down (for a number of reasons) while everything in the world seems to go up in price.

      RAVEish: I’ve been commenting under “L” or “S” but I need a good popville handle because I feel like I’ve become a more regular commentor.

  • dcgator

    Rave: Today is my Friday!
    Rave: The weather was cool this morning! Hurray
    Rant: I feel like I am always thirsty. Does this happen to anyone else? I drink so much water (like, almost 5 entire Nalgenes during the day), and can’t really tell if that’s normal or not.
    Rave: Our show is this weekend—if you’re into South Asian performing arts, you should check it out (www.universe.com/forces)

    • 5 nalgenes seems super excessive. have you checked in with a doctor? I know extreme thirst can be an indicator of other stuff going on (but im not a doctor so shouldn’t opine in this regard)

      It could also mean that you really really like water! ๐Ÿ™‚

      • dcgator

        Haha, thanks friend. Now currently wondering if I have diabetes, or diabetes insipidus, or HIV! Ya, I probably need to get it checked out…at least some bloodwork.

        • I Dont Get It

          I drink water all day and have done it before it was a thing. You might want to mention if during your next checkup but otherwise enjoy your healthy habit!

        • It’s not a bad idea to get checked. When I hear “excessive thirst” diabetes is always my first thought. Blood work is easy, and will get you on the right path.

      • I drink maybe 3 27oz nalgenes during the day, and then water after I get home, and I am apparently healthy. I’d ask a doctor if you’re concerned but I think everyone is different (depending on exercise, diet, etc.)

      • I drink coffee, water, tea, water, wine all day long. It’s not really a thirst thing, I just always have to have a drink at hand, and I drink it quickly and unconsciously (well, except for the wine, which I try not to drink unconsciously because if I did it would lead to unconsciousness…)

    • Bear

      Thirst can be an indication of a thyroid issue as well – wouldn’t hurt to have that checked.

  • Rave: Primary results! And the fact the primaries are pretty much over. It was thrilling watching history being made. Weirdly enough I’m not super concerned about the election. I think Hillary will beat Trump.

    Rave: Roommates situation resolved. After living alone for a month I finally have two committed roommates.

    Rant: I really enjoyed having the house to myself. Its going to be a bit of an adjustment to having other people around.

  • Rant: Most postpartum clothing companies make maternity wear that doubles as breastfeeding friendly clothing. I don’t need to accomdate the bump – just need clothes that I can easily wear for feeding and pumping. I live in dresses in the summer, but think this will be the season of skirts and separate tops.
    Rave: That’s a major first world problem.
    Rave: Cooler weather today.
    Rave: Half way to the weekend!

    • When I was nursing, I usually did the tank tops with a shirt over, or just as a tank top if it was hot. Also, try European clothing companies. Since women in Europe nurse longer, they make clothes meant for further along post-partum. H&M used to sell them online.

    • Gap and a few others have nursing t-shirts and dresses. Milk has some nice stuff, but is a little pricier.

    • Btw–for pumping, I just use my normal shirts because I’m hanging out in my office. I avoid dresses, but I can pull up any shirt to accommodate pumping.

      • I have been doing the same thing. I just ned to buy more skirts for the summer heat since most of my seasonal wardrobe is comprised of dresses.

    • Thanks for the suggestions, Anonamom and Mt.Prez!

  • Query for JustinBC, WDC, and anyone else with creeping phlox knowledge/skillz:
    My creeping phlox are looking kind of dead in the centers (and also had some dead growth further out, too). Is this normal? Am I supposed to cut them back?
    I am tempted to cut them back completely and let them regrow from (almost) scratch… but perhaps that would be overkill?

    • I’ve never done anything to creeping phlox. That’s its appeal! My first thought is that the soil is too compacted. It likes a loose, well-drained, rich soil, as it doesn’t like to be wet around the roots. Also, it does best in partial sun, not full sun. But I’ve grown it well in full sun before, so I’d be surprised if that’s the issue…
      I wouldn’t cut it back, at least not now, because this is its active growing season and it needs its leaves to nourish itself. You could certainly pinch off anything dead. Sorry I can’t be of more help; it’s always been trouble-free for me.

      • I’ve tried to cut off the outer dead growth… but it’s tricky, because some strands are dead closer to the base but green further out.

  • Rant – Something went down on the north side of 13th and U NW last night. Woke me up. Today there were car parts all over the sidewalk and what looked to be tire marks on the sidewalk. Anyone know what happened?

  • Rave: The other Mrs. Rabbit came home last night with a copy of Zootopia in 3D. I’m actually kind of excited to see it.
    Rant: I really dislike super vivid dreams that result in me waking up in an anxious panic. Even more so when I wake at 4am and can’t fall back asleep.
    Rave: Primary season is almost over.

  • Rave: After avoiding taking any medications for the past three months other than vitamins, I took claritin yesterday for my allergies and it was SO AMAZING. Almost like when you don’t drink for a while and then just a little alcohol can get you buzzed. I slept through the night with hardly any sneezing and itching.
    Rave: Good sleep means good mood!

  • Rave: Feeling powerful. Time to get what I want.
    Rant: Not going to let anything stop me. Anonymous internet messaging forum, hear my roar.

  • Rave: the beautiful weather, which I will enjoy at the Orioles’ game tonight.
    Rant: I can never remember how to spell oriole.
    Rant: aggressive dog class can’t come soon enough. DOG has lost all patience for large dogs. I’m losing patience with DOG.
    Rave: he is still nice and playful with little dogs.
    Rant: I know maintaining weight gets harder as you get older, but it’s really frustrating watching my older sister who has two toddlers still wear clothing from 10 years ago. And she almost never works out. I’ve gained 20 pounds in 3 years with no marked decline in my diet and I work out 3-4 times a week. I feel like I’m getting fatter every day.
    Rant: she also didn’t have wisdom teeth. Wtf genetics???

    • That One Guy

      Maybe your love of beer is a contributing factor?

      • Ugh, the beer is killing me now that I’ve hit my mid 30s. So many empty calories.
        I still love it but my body doesn’t burn those calories like it previously did. Dialing back the alcohol and bread consumption makes a noticeable difference.

      • It is true that I love beer and brew beer, but my consumption is actually pretty low. That’s why there’s upwards of 120 bottles hiding all over my house.
        But even low consumption is consumption.

      • La la la la la la la I can’t hear you la la la la la.
        This is my big problem.

    • Ha! It’s because of the two toddlers! They give you a work out!

    • Did you sign up DOG for reactive dog class? Where are you taking it? I hope it helps you guys. I’ve learned from my own experiences that dog training takes so. much. patience. But it does make a difference.

      • My dog walker, Wagamuffin, is doing a 2 day workshop at the end of June. I just got off the wait list at Your Dog’s Friend, but I’d have to miss 2 classes if I take that one due to vacation ๐Ÿ™

  • Rave: Hillary’s solid victory in Cali. Pretty sure that settles the issue of whether she won “fair and square” and should signal Bernie (if not his more deranged supporters) that it’s time to negotiate a graceful exit.
    Rant: Didn’t like Hillary’s video or her speech.
    Rave: Big win for many of the women I grew up in politics with. Not a bad moment for the rest of us, either. And continued proof that, for all the window dressing the GOP throws up every four years, the Dems really are the party of progress and diversity.

    • Did you read yesterday’s Politico piece on the “Last Days of the Sanders Campaign”? While results yesterday *should* signal that it’s time to hang it up, the mindset described in the article does not make that seem likely.

  • Rant: So much family drama. Pregnant sister desperately afraid of our father who I haven’t spoken with in 10 years. Mother wants help from me in helping sister to cut off contact. The advice-giving is just making me re-experience all of my own fear.
    Rant: The anxiety I feel from Rant #1 is bleeding over into all the other parts of my life. It’s especially difficult to concentrate at work.
    Rave: I have friends who are supportive.

  • Question: What’s the best option for dogsitting (just for a weekend)? Is is better to board, have someone come to your house, or have the dogs at someone else’s house? Is Rover.com the way to go for the latter two?

    • That One Guy

      From my experience: someone come over to your house > someone else’s house > boarding.

    • I’ve had great experiences with Rover. I will mention I prefer no crate which isn’t a search option. If you’re in the same boat, you’ll have to check each ad individually.

    • depends on the dog. we have one super sedentary, old, “big-boned,” English bull dog that sleeps all day and just needs to be let outside 3x a day and fed 2x a day. we usually have someone stay at our house or give her to a friend when we go away. we also have a 2 year old pit bull puppy that needs HOURS of exercise every day and LOVES going to daycare to play with other dogs. we usually board her because she is a lot of work but she also loves daycare/being boarded. we like k-9 divine, which is a farm in southern Maryland that does pick up and drop off. we also just started taking her to doozy dogs on 14th and Belmont for daycare.

      • anonymouse_dianne

        I go past doozy dogs all the time – what is it? Daycare? What else makes it a “club”?

        • we have just used it for daycare so far, but I think they have boarding, grooming services etc. plus they have an app where you can log in and watch the pups from your phone! we used to use wagtime but this place is slightly cheaper and slightly closer to home.

    • I just went away for a week a month after adopting a feisty rescue! We did rover.com and opted to have our girl stay at the dog sitters house (As i didnt want a stranger in my house and also its more expensive if they stay at your place.)
      Be sure to ask if the sitter is watching other dogs at the same time. Turns out our guy was cheaper than the rest, but it was because he was watching a few other dogs simultaneously. It ended up being GREAT for our pup, because she LOVES playing with other dogs (its all she wants to do, kinda hates us lol), but it may not be right for you! Our sitter also said on his page that the dog needed to be crate trained, but he said after communicating with him that it wasnt that big of a deal if she wasnt (shes not!) .

  • Rant – Finding it hard to maintain friendships as people move away, get married, have kids etc. I recently reached out to some friends that I haven’t talked to in a while and heard nothing back. I need more local friends.
    Rave – I ran 3.2 miles yesterday and killed it. I felt absolutely wonderful.

    • Yay on your rave! Those are the BEST days! Totally make up for all of the awful runs.

    • Related Rant: I joined Bumble BFF to find some new friends, and everyone there is exactly the same! They all list their interests as: yoga, brunch, Soul Cycle, wine, and The Bachelor (sometimes just “reality TV”). Doesn’t anyone have even slightly unique hobbies?

      • It makes me happy that none of those things are “interests” for me. Maybe yoga, but still not something I’d list in my top 5 interests. What is it about the freaking Bachelor?! I find so many hetero women are obsessed with it and I just find it repulsive.

        • You can count me as one hetero woman who also finds The Bachelor utterly repulsive!

        • I have to say that while I normally hate the Bachelor(ette), I’ve watched this season and I rather like the people. They’re not quite as… slimy… as I remember in the past.

        • I’ve started to write off potential friends before based on them seeming pretty basic**, but if I’d done so I would’ve missed out on some amazing women. A dear, dear friend of mine loves going to spin or yoga class, going to a wine HH and meeting for brunch. But she also is a defender of women’s rights, is always trying out new classes for activities around town which she encourages me to do, she’s one of the funniest people I know, and is always just the best at seamlessly integrating into any social situation. Sometimes you have to get to know someone to find out what makes them unique! That’s half the fun of friend dating!

          **Many, but not all, women don’t seem to have much in their lives beyond brunch, Bachelor and spin, I’ll give you that.

          • Thank you emvee! People like what they like and they can’t help what they like. I’m sick of women being judged (by men or women) for what they like rather than what they care about, their personalities, or any other number of things. I love HH, spin class, brunch, and a host of other “basic” things, let me should my North Face collection, but those things are a lot easier to list and to connect with people on a dating/friend app than your complicated feelings on social justice, feminism, politics, etc.
            That’s what you talk about after spin class and brunch :winky face:

          • +1 to emvee and jeslett.

          • Not saying to write them off. Same for dating–it never hurts to give someone a chance (unless there’s a major deal breaker listed right in their bio). It just gets hard to wade through everyone when everyone lists the same thing.

          • Seconding Jeslett on this! Just get out and meet people and do things, even if they are “basic” and you may soon find lots of people you really click with.

          • hammers

            agreed. besides, in many ways I think basic can be a baseline- I mean who doesn’t like wine, yoga, and brunch? What else outside of those things do you like?

          • I think there’s a difference between judging someone by what they like, and just not having the same interests. I have friends who like all sorts of things but almost all of us are united by some common interests. Meeting new people outside of college/work makes it a lot harder when all you have to go on is that someone likes running, laughing and happy hour, for example. Not many people these days say they like live music, or jigsaw puzzles, or other things that are more up my alley. At least that I’ve seen.

          • The basic interests are so prevalent that it starts to seem cultish and creepy! And what’s with all the Sara(h)s on there? I usually swipe right (just in case Basic Sara(h) neglected to mention her Swedish classes and women’s rights activism) but I never match up with those people anyway.

          • I imagine the Sara(h) prevalence is a result of the name’s popularity and the user base’s demographics as far as age.

      • I’m on Bumble BFF too and have a similar complaint! I found like two people who seem fun, but don’t actually seem interested in getting together… which is pretty much the case for these things like 90% of the time, so it’s not surprising that I’m 0 for 2. I love the idea though… why not use the same stuff that works for dating for friends.

      • I’ve never heard of Bumble BFF, is like a dating app, but for friendship? Sounds promising, although I do really hate the Bachelor(ette).

        • It’s Bumble, which is a dating app, but you can change the settings such that it looks for friends or “BFFs” (only of your own gender, though) instead of dates.

      • hammers

        That’s how I feel about women I see in DC in general. Everyone feels so preppy. Some people I’ve met on here excluded, but man I have a really hard time finding friends.

        • I’ve very preppy but none of my close friends are preppy! I’ve always been the token overly girly/preppy one amongst my friends but never clicked with other people “like me” in that way. Kinda interesting how that works.

          • hammers

            “Preppy” isnt really the right word- that’s just what we called our popular clique in high school. I have no issues with traditionally preppy style. I guess I just mean many women in DC seem to fit a mold, that I do not. FWIW AliceInDC I think you’re awesome

          • I know exactly what you mean. I agree with you, I think a lot of DC women do fit a mold but people I’ve met through this site are generally more diverse. Living in NYC this summer has been eye opening, everyone is so different. I think you’re awesome too! ๐Ÿ™‚

        • +1. Popville non-preppy friend meetup group? :p

        • I ran out of locals to match up with, so I expanded the search radius to include the close suburbs. Suddenly there was so much diversity, not just in race but in interests. It was really eye-opening and made me wonder if living in the city encourages conformity.

          • I feel like DC definitely just attracts a certain type of person. Other cities haven’t felt so… one-note to me

        • We need to start the unofficial PoPville happy hours back up!

        • hammers

          I actually had a very long talk in therapy about this last week- not feeling like I connect with people here. It’s nice to see that I’m not the only one that feels like it is hard to make friends in this city. And AliceInDC is right, I think other cities seem less molded; although realize it’s a cop out to claim DC is the problem.

  • RANT: Every SINGLE time I park in Penn Quarter, Gallery Place, or Downtown, and use ParkMobile, I get a ticket for failure to pay multi-ticket meter. The app is functioning correctly for me, and I don’t have problems in VA or any other part of DC. Lazy parking attendants maybe? But its really annoying when I have to take the extra step of contesting the ticket. After number 3, I just started paying the meter directly. Anyone else have this problem?

    • That’s only happened to me on H Street NE, but to be honest I avoid having to ever park in Penn Quarter, Gallery Place, or Downtown!

    • Andie302

      Check to make sure your tag number is correct in the ap. I had that happen to me, and then realized my tag was short a digit. womp womp

  • I love to sleep with windows open, but ever since the Columbia Heights groper/ stabber struck on my block, I haven’t felt comfortable. And then, last night, I realized that my windows have a safety stop. Meant to keep kids from opening the window enough to fall out of it. But also works for anyone who might try to get in by opening the window from the outside.
    What a glorious night it was. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • I love having window bars for that reason. Years ago I did have someone break in by bending them, but it takes a lot of work and some kind of special tool so I don’t think most criminals would bother.

      • I have bars on the first floor windows, and it would have to be a pretty committed criminal to get in via a bedroom window, but fear isn’t always rational.

      • HaileUnlikely

        I hope they are mounted with screws or bolts that require a tool that is not widely available to remove. The ones that were on my house when I bought it were mounted with regular philips-head screws – anybody with a screwdriver could have simply removed the screws and taken them off in 30 seconds without making any noise. I’ve also seen lots of window bars mounted with standard hex bolts that you can take off with a wrench of the correct size. I recommend one-way screws, but short of that, at least use a screw that requires an atypical bit to remove.

        • Mine are welded to posts that are built into the masonry. I think you would have to tear down the wall. Or use a hack saw. When we had all the windows replaced, we had to have a metal work expert come and hack them off, then weld them back on. Really drove home how our first floor windows are NOT exits.

          • HaileUnlikely

            Good, I guess, as long as it’s not needed as an exit. Mine are screwed through the siding into the wood framing of the wall. Somebody extraordinarily strong could pull them off, or more plausibly tie them to a vehicle and remove them by driving away, but now that they’re secured with something less widely available than a regular philips screwdriver, I think they will be a sufficient deterrent for anybody who is looking for an easy opportunity as opposed to trying to target me personally. It was almost comical how easily they came off with the philips screwdriver, though, and I have seen lots of security doors and window bars mounted with philips-head screws.

          • I was noticing after you mentioned this that one of my security doors appears to be mounted with Philips-head screws on the outside. Gahh! I guess I need to replace them with wacky star-head screws or something.

          • HaileUnlikely

            I would. Use either slightly longer or slightly larger-diameter screws, otherwise you’ll likely just be able to pull the new ones straight out.

    • “the Columbia Heights groper/ stabber struck on my block”
      Wait, did I miss something? What’s going on with this?! Yikes.

      • It was quite a while ago– like a year, or maybe two. A guy had been serially groping women around the neighborhood, and escalated to stabbing one who fought back.

    • I thought there was a post from last year about a break-in that occurred (I think in Mount Pleasant?) when a window was open with the “safety stops” in place.
      I wouldn’t count on the safety stops to prevent a burglar from getting in.

  • Rant: Is it me or did they take a lot of the double-buses off the S line, particularly the S1? I used to end up on the double-buses all the time and the past two weeks it’s been single bus, standing room only at ~7:10am every day. This has never happened before ๐Ÿ™

    • maxwell smart

      RAVE? Personally, I HATE the double bus, mostly because I think the ride is so much rougher. I’m not one to get car sick, but by the time I make it to work on the double bus I am ready to lose my breakfast. I also feel like the double bus gets stuck in traffic situations the regular bus can avoid. To each their own.

      • Oh, really?! Huh. I’ve never heard of that before. Thanks for sharing! I just liked when it was slightly less crowded. I’m only the third stop on the way home (around 4:30) and the bus has been almost full by the time I get on (including the standing space) every day since we came back from Memorial Day, for some reason. I wonder what happened.

  • I Dont Get It

    Rave: The ONLY rave allowed today should be about the weather!
    Rant: Raves not about the weather!

  • Rave: dual-adoption hearing is completed. The judge was super sweet, just very happy to make everything as legal and secure as possible for our family. He also asked for a copy of the photo we took afterwards. It was really just a perfunctory thing to protect everyone if something completely unexpected happened, but his attitude and warmth turned it into a really lovely experience.
    Rave: Tested out running from work to day care for picking the kids up yesterday! Took longer & was harder than expected with the backpack, but was glad to do it. Hoping to make it a twice-weekly habit while I get used to it.
    Rave: Will be even easier once I’m done pumping.
    Rant: That’s still 4+ months away.
    Rave: mtpbaby is super sweet and I’m not otherwise looking to rush through the rest of his babyhood.

  • Rant: Dog keeps waking me up at 5:30a, a good 45 minutes before my alarm is supposed to go off. SO walks him around midnight most nights, and once we do get outside, he just sniffs trees. I love him, but my god is it infuriating. I hypothesize it’s because he knows he gets kibble after the morning walk, so right now he’ll get his morning walk, but no kibble until I leave for work. I feel so manipulated by something so cute and furry.
    Rave: My dearest friend that I met while studying abroad almost a decade ago, who lives in SF, is coming in July! We try to see each other once a year, but it’s been about a year and a half since we last were reunited. I am beyond excited.
    Rant: Wedding stuff for my sister is getting so expensive and stressful, and then I feel badly not being more supportive of it. I’m supportive of the marriage and the partnership! Just not the madness of the wedding industry! The more SO and I talk about marriage, the more this wedding makes me want to elope.

  • Rant: The McDonald’s near my office needs to decide whether they’re serving people from one line or from multiple lines, ENFORCE IT, and make it clear to customers. When I mentioned this to the woman at the cash register, she said offhandedly, “Oh, we tell them there’s only one line, but they don’t listen.” OK, so maybe then use some of those fabric rope things to make it clear that there are multiple lines? Ridiculous.

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