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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rant: Suddenly feel like I’m suffocating under an avalanche of work at work and homework at home.
    Rant: Started a new preventative migraine medicine and now I’m not sleeping well.
    Rave: At least it’s sunny out? And school is done forever in 3 weeks. I just need to drag myself through until then.
    Rave: I can’t wait until I have more raves again.

    • That One Guy

      Learned of a weird migraine relief drink from sister this weekend: equal parts lemon juice and water with two tea spoons of pink Himalayan salt. I don’t know if there’s any merit to it but it’s supposedly a thing. You can google it for more info.

      • Huh… I’ve never heard of that one. Thanks!

      • I’m in favor of whatever works, but salt often exacerbates or triggers migraines. And two teaspoons is a LOT of salt.

        • This is a good point. Either way, for now, I’m just going to try to get some sleep again. Lack of sleep is a migraine trigger for me and waking up every 2 hours in the night isn’t my idea of well rested πŸ™

    • Congrats on being done with school in 3 weeks! that’s awesome! I’ve had two migraines recently and I was wondering if anyone else in Popville had migraine issues (I usually just take Exedrin for mine, but my last one was worse than usual – hopefully not the beginning of a trend…)

      • Thank you! πŸ˜€
        Regarding migraines, I’ve had progressively worse/more frequent migraines over the past couple of years, but this past month was a doozy (including the worst migraine of my life — I probably should have gone to the ER). My doctor said May has been a terrible month for ALL of her patients and she thinks its a combination of weather and allergies.

  • The road/ utility crew who’s had 14th Street in CH all torn up for weeks hit a water main on Saturday afternoon. It was impressive. The spray reached the second story on the nearby buildings and totally drenched them. I hope they weren’t damaged.
    AwesomeCon was awesome. My kids got to meet the author of their favorite comic book and got signed copies. I love how much passion people put into their cosplay, and how enthusiastic they are about sharing it, and how positive they are about everyone else’s. But I’m not sure it’ll be an annual never-miss event for us. Lots and lots of the same stuff, and tons of junky crap designed to make kids say “Pleeeeeaaaase can I have this $12 keychain made in China even though I don’t have/need keys? I LOOOVE Jigglypuff!” or whatever.

    • I live right across from that water main break. It was a sight to see, for sure. Water being off all evening was not so great.

    • This is exactly why we haven’t been back to Awesome Con in a couple years now. Good to go once, I guess. If we could afford/justify the VIP tickets I’d be more interested, to not have to wait in the insane lines at least.

    • palisades

      The water main break thing has happened more than once in my neighborhood on MacArthur Blvd. It’s a sight to see.

  • Rave: My commute was not a complete cluster this morning. Bodes well.
    Rant: One day sample size.
    Rant: Sore. How’d I let myself get this out of shape?

  • Rant- wife’s college boyfriend is crashing at our
    Place while I’m in Chicago for work :/

    Rave- the pizza in Chicago is amazing, love
    Coming here for work!

    • What? Not sure why you agreed to that at all.

      • Because he doesn’t have trust issues, and because moving from romantic to platonic friendship is a normal thing for people to do, especially when the romance was a youthful one. That’s my guess.

        • Accountering

          Yeah I don’t have trust issues in the least, but this would be a no-fly zone for me.

          • I just assumed it wouldn’t be a rant if it was something OP was okay with.

          • I guess I assume they’re older, and the romance is way behind her. I’m thinking back to guys I dated before I met my husband, and not one of them has the LEAST appeal to middle-aged me. A couple of them are still buddies though.

          • I think this largely depends on the type of relationship they had/have, if OP agreed to the visit or disagreed with it and his wife insisted on the stay…. lots of variables. Personally, it’s just not something I would go for.
            I’ve had a similar experience in the not-so distant past. The reasoning for the stay was valid, and I did trust my partner. I agreed to it, but I was not fully happy about the situation, and he was aware of that. It did not cause any issue at the time and does not now, it’s just one of those things that occurred.

          • +1 to Anonamom. An ex staying with one’s partner in one’s absence isn’t necessarily a problem — depends on whether there are existing trust issues, how long ago it was, whether there’s any remaining spark of attraction, etc., etc. — but if the partners disagree over it, then that’s a problem.

          • Agree with others re: “it depends”. While I trust my partner, I don’t think I would be comfortable with the situation and I’d let her know as much.

        • Or he knew he’d face fire and brimstone for saying no.

        • Has nothing to do with trust issues. There are boundaries. I knew the whole trust issue response was going to come out. That is a real BETA response. Having your wife/girlfriend/SO essentially having a sleep over with her ex in your home is not cool to me no matter how you try to justify. This is DC, their are loads of hotels he could stay at.

          This has nothing to do with trust but respect and boundaries.

          • What do you mean by “beta”?

          • Allison

            ….. I think “beta” is a derogatory term used by certain men who think men should always act “alpha,” particularly with respect to the women in their lives.

          • Allison — Yeah, that’s what I suspected. πŸ™

          • Yuck. A lot of us have evolved past the whole alpha male thing. It’s not cute. It makes me think of the immature boys I left behind, and their silly posturing when using reason and intelligence was too hard.

          • Beta in this sense is not gender specific but rather a reference to being non-confrontational, passive or docile about something you know doesn’t seem right in the vain of being agreeable. One should be able to stand up for themselves with out fear of how their opinion or differences will make them appear to others. This situation has nothing to do with trust but disrespect but someone will have you think otherwise. That is a passive stance to me.

    • your rant…wow.

    • I’m against this.

    • Only bad can come of this. Would never agree to such a thing.

      • Only bad can come of this? Really? Perhaps if James can’t trust his wife and won’t believe her that nothing untoward happened. But then the relationship has a pretty shaky foundation and something else would have caused an issue sometime down the road.

        • eh….he listed it as a rant. Clearly there is something about this that has him unnerved. I don’t think we should gang up on him because he is expressing something that has him unsettled. Sometimes, people have a reason not to trust, and perhaps this relationship between James’ wife and her college ex-bf is one of them.

          • May well be the case, but it seemed over the top to say “only bad can come of this. would never agree to such a thing.” as though this can never be an appropriate situation. Agreed that there appears to be something that has James unnerved, and I’d like to think his wife would have been willing to find an alternate option for her college ex if it makes him uncomfortable, but we have no information to judge whether this is mild discomfort (like Anonamom’s description above) or something larger. Either way, a blanket statement that this would never be ok is a bit much.

          • Why should he accept unnecessary discomfort simply because it’s mild? Unnecessary in the sense that it’s a major city with ample hotels and airbnb.
            The wife shouldn’t have to do a thing. Tell the ex no, and he can make his own travel arrangements.

          • mtpresident – agree that it’s a bit over the top to say only bad can come of it, and you’re right, for some people, it’s ok, but this is clearly not the case here. For reasons unbeknownst to us readers, James is concerned – with or without reason – about this ex crashing with his wife while he’s away on a trip. That distrust, whether it existed previously or not, may well in and of itself develop into a bad thing, even if nothing at all happens between wife and ex while James is away. Perhaps James can turn this into a positive by working with with his wife to explain why it makes him uneasy, he can hear her side of things, etc, they can work on whatever these issues are….

        • You’re thinking purely in sexual terms while overlooking that fact that he apparently agreed to or was forced into a situation where he feels uncomfortable. It’s his home too, so he as does have the right as she does to set ground rules as needed.
          Not wanting your wife’s old flame staying over while you’re out of town isn’t unreasonable.

        • It doesn’t have anything to do about trust towards his wife but neither of them control the actions the former lover may make. You can’t control emotions. Maybe he makes a pass at her, maybe he doesn’t, I just don’t know why any one would put themselves through that awkwardness.

          Lets be real here…there are just over 31,000 hotel rooms in the District alone and so what adult would ever even ask to, or agree to stay in a former lovers house when their current partner was gone? Adults stay in hotels, there is no “need” for him to stay at their house, only the desire to do so.

          And it is clearly a problem or else it wouldn’t have been a rant.

        • I’m not persuaded by the “if James can’t trust his wife” thing. First, even if she’s a saint, no good can come from it. Really, what’s the upside? Second, there are no saints. And third, tolerating this is way beyond the call of duty. If he feels bad about it, there shouldn’t be any hesitation on the girlfriend’s part in kicking the ex to the curb.

          • exactly, I’m not persuaded by it either. This is way beyond the call of duty to ask for from a spouse. Maybe he should say he’s going to visit his old college flame and see how that goes over with his wife.

          • +1 to “Really, what’s the upside?” I kind of get that some people can be friends with their exes (I’m not one of those people) but this is taking it wayyyy too far.

        • +100
          If you don’t trust someone with an ex from that long ago, how can you bring yourself to marry them? Clearly, by definition, this is a trust issue.

  • Rant: First day back at work. And of course the baby cried for the first time during daycare drop off.
    Rave: I managed not to cry.
    Rave: I made it to work with four minutes to spare. So far, the first day is going ok.
    Rant: This soupy weather. I hate DC summers so much.

    • Good for you! My daughter cried at drop off, particularly if I was the one dropping her off, for a long, long time. And she loves daycare. That isn’t meant to be discouraging–just letting you know it’s normal. It sucks and it’s hard, but I bet your baby was doing just fine within minutes of you leaving. You can always call to check in if that makes you feel better πŸ™‚

    • +1 on the soupy weather. Somehow, even though I know it’s coming, I’m always surprised every year at just how unpleasant it is.

    • Good luck today! I’m not sure if that’s what you say in this situation, but I hear it’s a tough transition and hope it goes well your first day/week back.

    • Thanks for the well wishes. More than half way through the work day. I think we just need to get through the first week or two, and it will get easier.

  • Not normally a huge fan of beauty pageants. But, congratulations to Miss DC winning Miss USA. She sounds like a great ambassador for the District.


    • I was very excited to see Miss DC win! Her answer during the Onstage Question portion absolutely slayed. She is a fine rep for the DC!

      • I was just reading the article. I’m not a fan of beauty pageants either, but Miss D.C./USA does indeed sound like a good rep for the District. And I like that she’s pursued careers in male-dominated (or traditionally male-dominated) fields.

    • Its a scholarship program (see Miss Congeniality)

  • binntp

    Rant: I pass by a lot of cars on 13th St that have their windows smashed. This morning, I saw that, instead of a smash and run, someone had spray painted a neon blue streak across the side of a maroon car. My heart went out to the owner.
    Rant: I want Slim’s Diner to be open pronto! I have lots of staycation days this summer and just thinking how nice it would be to pop over for pancakes and coffee on a weekday morning.

  • Rant: roadwork is done and the port-a-potty remains on my street. Emails to DCRA and my ANC rep go unanswered. Random people on the street are still using it, and it is starting to smell.

  • Andie302

    Rave: Great alumni weekend!
    Rant: Sore in weird places
    Rave: from playing Slip Cup
    Rant/Rave: The eagles have flown the nest. Now I will just wonder forever how they’re doing!

  • Rave: The free Wu Tang show was surprisingly awesome. I kind of assumed that they’d phone it in for this show, but I was very happily surprised by their effort. Wu Tang Clan, as they say, ain’t nothing to f*ck with.

    • Kukki Bakemono

      What?! There was a free Wu Tang show and I missed it? Now I feel like I’ve been protecting my neck in vain…

      • They closed out some athiest rally behind the Lincoln Memorial. Wu Tang was getting a later start than planned, so I had the pleasure of listening to some inane speech by some goober while waiting for the music. Guess it wasn’t entirely “free” as such, but Wu certainly didn’t disappoint.

        • That is absolutely my phrase of the day! Using inane and goober in the same sentence is awesome.

  • Rave: Great first day of racing. Girlfriend and a couple of friends came out to watch and — after a loss to some much younger boats in my first race — the Old Guys romped to a couple of wins in front of my miniature cheering section, taking home not only medals but the bottles of wine they give out to the victors at The Stonewall Regatta. Daughter was cursed with slow boats, but it was great seeing her on the water rowing stroke seat (a big deal in my circles) and coxing. Between her mad skillz and personality, she’s already a force on her squad; dad just beams. Also got some unsolicited extremely positive feedback from a couple of coach types regarding my performance this year so far. And the rain held off all day. A good day all around.

  • jim_ed

    Rant: Out on a walk yesterday we ran into a guy at 8th and Gallatin putting a tarp over his car’s back window where a bullet had shattered it on Saturday night. As I had suspected, the shooting involved the house on that block that everyone would guess it involved. I felt bad for the guy as he cleared glass out of his child’s car seat, the frustration was palpable about how the city seems to have very little interest in actually addressing the sources of violence in our neighborhoods.
    Rave: Celebrate Petworth was a lot of fun as usual.
    Rant: Meteorologists with a big swing and miss yesterday. Didn’t plan on anything outside due to warnings of doom, and never got so much as a drop of rain. I coulda been fishin!

    • Accountering

      Drives me nuts… I was at my AirBNB over the weekend, and saw a significant amount of yard signs for Brandon Todd. Bowser and Todd have been absolutely useless for Petworth, and people just line up to vote for them. Very frustrating.

  • Rave: Got to spend Sunday morning with my daughter, just the two of us.
    Rave: Then got to go to a softball game by myself and play the whole thing!
    Rant: Broken sleep.
    Rave: Both kids slept in this morning.
    Rant: Why can’t they do that on the weekend?
    Neither: The weekend was so busy it felt like a 3-day weekend. So now it feels like Tuesday and I’m super confused.

  • Rant: My company unfairly put me on probation without any prior notice all because of a vague rumor my client spread to the upper management. (I work in consulting, client’s feedback is taken like the words of god)
    Rant: I’ve been applying and interviewing for new jobs. The one job I really want has been on hold for the last 2 weeks and the manager emailed me to tell me to keep waiting and that they are still reviewing candidate profiles. Just give me an answer already! πŸ™
    Rave: Loving the summer weather and keeping my hopes up for a new job this summer.

    • I’m so sorry–the work situation sounds terrible. I hope you can switch jobs to something better soon!

      • Thank you so much for your kind words. πŸ™‚ I’m seeking ways to calm down my stress and continuing to do my job while looking for new opportunities.

  • Rant: Monday. I hate Mondays.
    Rave: Pleasant weekend with some good, much-needed sleep on Friday night and Saturday night.
    Rant: Last night, however, was a bust. I think I got about 4 hours or less, I couldn’t fall asleep until after 2 a.m. and kept waking up. I am dragging.
    Rant: Only letting myself drink one cup of coffee because I’ve been having lots of palpitations, and I don’t want to aggravate things.
    Rave: My parents are so excited to leave for Alaska tomorrow, and I’m really excited for them!

  • Where does one buy hanging shelves in DC? I’m a novice at this. Looked at Room and Board and West Elm but I want more selection. Thanks!

  • That One Guy

    Ate a lemon after lunch and dinner yesterday because I thought it was a great way of cleansing my palate. Now my teeth feel sensitive. Chalk one up to a foolish and idle mind.

  • topscallop

    Rant: terrible commute this morning. Despite leaving early, it took me twice as long as it usually does to get to work.
    Rave? Safe Track may be the impetus to get me to finally sign up for bike share, which in turn will help me get in better shape. Unless the DC summer heat causes me to wilt on the bike and give up.
    Rant: money issues at work – our donor agency is moving at a snail’s pace to fund my project and we are quickly spending what we currently have. I’m sure it’ll work out but I might have to take some sick days or vacation days if they don’t come through with our funding and there’s a gap.
    Rave: last night’s sunset

    • My commute was not any slower than usual, but the blue/orange/silver leg of my trip was so incredibly crowded. The operator mentioned something about single tracking. A trickle-down from the planned track work further down the line, or were there unexpected repairs on the Largo/New Carrollton side?
      Then I got off at L’Enfant and the station seemed eerily empty. There were definitely fewer people on the platforms than usual.
      Then I got on the yellow line which was nice and empty (as it normally is headed out to VA).

      • topscallop

        I work on the orange line in Arlington and we sat in the tunnel for a good 15 minutes between stations. I also had to let multiple trains go by before I could get on one, because they were all so crowded. I think I’ll try a combo of bikeshare and leaving much earlier in the morning for the next couple of weeks. I’m more concerned about getting to work on time but for my colleagues’ sake I would want to shower when I got it, which would mean leaving super early either way. I doubt I have the stamina to bike between DC and Arlington both ways on a given day, but it would be less stressful to use it to get home. I’m also not the most confident person on a bike, and always need to adjust the seat as low as possible to accommodate my short legs. I think I’ll start with a month-long trial and see how it goes…

    • The nice thing about bike share is sometimes you can make it work one-way. I am not a morning person. For a long stretch I did transit in the AM, but bike-shared in the PM. Its a nice transition at the end of the day, and the clothing changes are easier.

      • Yep, or you can just ride in the morning when it’s cooler. People have asked me why I don’t just get a bike since Bikeshare is kind of a pain (I have to dock it twice to avoid the overage fee) but I don’t have the energy to ride a bike both ways!

        • Also – the demand for bikeshare is going up and the supply hasn’t changed – get ready for lots of mornings with no bikes at you regular docks.

    • topscallop

      Additional rant: I read the statement of the father of the Stanford student who sexually assaulted a woman, and then I re-read her brave and powerful statement. I can’t believe the flimsy sentencing after being convicted of three counts of assault by a unanimous jury. I can’t believe the language that is being used by Brock and his father to make it seem like this is something that just happened – let alone something that happened *to him* that he now has to recover from. This makes me angrier than just about anything else I can think of.

      • +1. I’m in the midst of reading the victim’s complete statement.
        I guess his father’s crass dismissal of rape as “action” explains part of why Brock Turner grew up to become a rapist.

  • Rave: Our friends just gave birth and we are watching their 3-year-old overnight tonight. We are also planning to make some sort of dish for when the new parents come home. We were thinking a veggie pasta bake since they’re vegetarians, but does anyone else have any ideas?
    Rant: Instead of pregnancy glow, I got a huge, painful breakout on my chin and don’t know what’s safe to use on my face (have gotten mixed messages).
    Rant: Go for my NT scan on Thursday and I’m terrified. Everything has been fine at 9w and 10w, but apparently the trauma of going through a “silent” miscarriage just won’t go away. Thankful for my therapist and support network and recognize the worries will never go away, it’s how I cope and I hope to cope productively.

  • RANT: So damn quiet at work today, and on a day where I don’t have a lot to do. Why can’t it be this quiet when I’m busy and need to concentrate?

    RANT: Super tired because I can stay up late on the weekends, no problem — but I cannot sleep in! 6 am rolls around and i’m up and ready to go.

    RAVE: Passed my PMP test last week
    RANT: feeling a little lost with all my extra time.

    RANT: No change with the non-boyfriend boyfriend

    • Congratulations on passing the PMP! I’ve been studying for it off and on for the last few months, and it’s intimidating! How’d you go about preparing?

    • Congrats on passing the PMP! I’m about to take my CAPM in a couple of weeks. Hahaha, what’s a non-boyfriend boyfriend?

  • Rave: New roommate moved in just over a week ago and it’s going great so far.
    Rave: Paying half my mortgage over the summer with a temporary renter in my guest room.
    Rave: Getting to see the city through new eyes since my roommate is living in DC for the first time and interning with an agency.
    Rant: Cleaning the common areas more often so new roommate doesn’t find out what a secret slob I am!
    Rave: Feeling good about my decision to get a BBL for my condo last year, even though lots of people told me hardly anyone does it with roommate situations. I just feel better following the letter of the law.

    • I thought in the case of a roommate, it wasn’t entirely clear whether a BBL was necessary. (Or at least I recall disagreement when it came up on PoPville.)

      • Yes, that’s the conclusion I came away with as well: that the law isn’t clear whether renting to a roommate absolutely requires a BBL. However, I decided to err on the side of caution and get the license. That way, if god forbid anything goes wrong with my tenant, I’ll have the full array of recourse available to me. Plus, if a potential tenant asks, I thought it might give peace of mind. For the $240 or so that it costs once every two years, it was really worth it for me.

  • Rant: Friends on FB doing direct sales. It seems that I must know at least ten people hocking various things, not to mention people doing “online parties.” So annoying.
    Rant: This was apparently “throw shade at Anonamom weekend.” I got called fat by a random stranger, and then got the most laughable look from a ‘beauty consultant’ at Ulta when I declined his assistance, most likely because I looked like crap (hello, I’m out of makeup, that’s why I’m there!) and his face was absolutely on point and fierce, but still.
    Rave: I have gotten to the point in my life where no f*cks are given about these sorts of things. Still, people are assholes though.

  • I Dont Get It

    Rave: Lizzy has had two good nights in a row after a miserable Friday night!
    Rant: The boxwood shrub that I moved that is publicly pointing its dying branches at me in accusation.
    Rant: Team potluck tomorrow so I get to schlep something in along with my laptop and clothes for P/T. What am I a packhorse?

  • Bear

    Rave: Got the garden just about planted, only have one more section to plant. Gardening while pregnant is noticeably harder than usual.
    Rave: The astilbe I planted last year, that never came up, came up this year and as of Sunday morning was getting ready to bloom…
    Rant…until the yard guys cut it down. WTF? It was in a garden bed, separated from the lawn. I am beyond pissed.

  • Rant: Crappy long run yesterday. I just wasn’t feeling it.
    Rave: Today I’m feeling it! If I’m this sore, I guess the run wasn’t a total waste.
    Rave: Discovered an Italian place in SoHo with the best gluten-free menu I’ve ever seen. First time having mozz sticks and fried calamari in years.
    Rave: Fiance is visiting this weekend. Can’t wait until July 31st when we (hopefully) can be done with long-distance for good.

  • Rave: the lineup for the roots picnic in NYC. Had to miss the one in philly, but I’m definitely hitting up the nyc one.
    Rave: seeing one of my bffs this weekend.
    Rant: burbs and metro.

  • Rant: Still can’t find my hardcopy calendar/weekly planner (last seen circa May 18th) and have basically given up hope of finding it. Am going to start using another planner that I already had, but it’s much bigger and less convenient.
    Rant: Forgot about the Celebrate Petworth festival on Saturday and about book club on Sunday, probably in part because I didn’t have a hardcopy calendar to record them in.
    Rave: The weather was Just Right when I left the house this morning.

  • Rave: My hair looks amazing today. I woke up extra early to wash it, do a cold water rinse, and load it up with five different styling products. I hope it stays this way the rest of the week, and I can repeat this success the next time I have to wash my hair.

  • Rave: Excellent weekend in the mountains of WV for a bachelor party. As a pretty flamboyant gay man, I was unsure how it would go with a group of mostly unknown WV boys, but they were great and we had a lot of fun.
    Rave: No kids today! Yay teacher work day.
    Rave: No kids for summer in just a week and a half!
    Rant: Developing a slight headache.. Possible remnant from this weekend of little sleep and lots of alcohol.
    Rave: The weather is awesome!

  • Rave/Rant: I saw the gal in this picture on the metro platform on Thursday morning. She caught my eye. Apparently she caught Joe’s eye too. How funny.
    Rant: Pumping at work.
    Rave: sunshine.

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