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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Quotia Zelda

    Rave: Today’s mood is much better than yesterday’s.
    Rave: The Salt n Pepa earworm might have something to do with that.
    Rant: I’m pretty sure I declared tights season over WEEKS ago. Why, Mother Nature, am I still wearing tights?

    • Love Salt n Pepa!

    • +10000 to your rant. I refuse to wear tights or boots in May, but holy heck my ghostly pale legs were chilly on my walk to work this am.

      • I buckled. I’m wearing tights and the new boots I purchased on the cheap. I got the boots two weeks ago with the intention to wear them next season. I’ve worn them twice already.

      • I split the difference – boots without tights.

    • Once I declare tights season over, which I did a few weeks ago, there’s no going back. So I’ve been uncharacteristically wearing a lot of pants lately. Fortunately I don’t have a moratorium on sweaters.

    • At my first job in 1969, women were required to wear pantyhose or stockings every day, even on the hottest summer days, and of someone showed up to work with bare legs, they were sent home and docked for the day (or until they came back with appropriate legwear). It definitely was brutal, even with miniskirts, during some New York City heatwaves.

      • I read a book recently about Sylvia Plath interning in NYC one summer. One image that really stuck with me were all the stockings hanging up to dry in the girls’ dorms.

      • When I worked at Washington Hospital Center, they had *just* changed the policy about women needing to wear tights year-round. I started there in 2011.

  • maxwell smart

    Did I sleep through Summer? Why is it SO cold? Wool socks in May? It’s so dark in the morning, I just want to hibernate.

  • Rant: this week’s weather!

    Rant: digging up the street in front of my house in Truxton since January. They dig up then patch up. They also put up no parking signs the day AFTER they take effect. I know you need to give 72 hours notice, but thinking of the headache of contesting one of these tickets (how would I even prove the signs weren’t there?) makes me just move my car.

    Rave: 7 day vacation next week! California here we come! Cannot wait

  • Hive! I am in need of some new undies. It has been awhile. I am looking for good quality, comfort, and a little je ne sais quoi. I am a curvy girl and so something with stretch is always better than not.

    • Check out the brand Eberjey. They have frilly, lacy stuff that’s super cute, but they also do “plain” cotton better than anyone else I know. I haven’t comparison shopped for them in a while, but know you can find discounts of at least 10% online if you look, and probably more.

  • Rant: It’s WASHINGTON DC, Not SEATTLE WASHINGTON. Get your sh!t together, weather.
    Rant: Didn’t make it to the gym this morning, Was all suited up and then my water bottle crashed to the floor. Cleaned it up and crawled back into bed.
    Rant: Stress central until I give my presentation on Monday
    Rave: I Love my job
    Rave: Weekend full of plans with friends

    • I set my alarm early on Tuesday to get a run in, woke up and stubbed my toe, and went back to bed. You’re in good company.

    • Ugh, I feel you. I was leaving work last night to get to an appointment with not time to spare and when I pulled my water bottle out from the water cooler tap, I dropped the whole, full thing on the floor.

  • Rant: One of my neighbors somewhere in the building has a hound dog of some sort that has been crying every day around 6:45 a.m. It’s just the saddest (and sort of annoying) sound and it makes me feel so sorry for it. I’m guessing it’s crying when its owner leaves for work. Luckily it doesn’t howl for too long (maybe 5 minutes) but still, ugh. Poor thing.
    Rave: Almost the weekend. All I want to do is sleep.
    Rant: Still no sign of my federal refund. The “where’s my refund” tracker on the IRS website is completely unhelpful, still saying “Received” – it has not moved to “processed” or “sent” in almost three weeks. WHY?!
    Rave: Nutella and peanut butter on an English muffin for breakfast. I really needed a sugar boost this morning!

    • Refunds are deposited on Fridays!

      • But shouldn’t it be telling me that it’s been “processed” at least, if not “sent”? I hope to all the gods you are right!

        • Mine was being “processed” for ever – and then I just got a form letter from them telling me they need more information from me, but not telling me what information they need (huh – how am I supposed to respond to that??).

    • Do you live in my building? There’s someone in my building who *also* adopted a hound dog, and its barks/howls outside sound almost painful, but I think that’s just how this dog barks. it is SO LOUD outside–I couldn’t imagine sharing a wall with that neighbor.

    • Dog cries break my heart. If you know which apartment unit, you could leave a note. The dog’s human maybe doesn’t even know about the howling, and there could be an easy fix (maybe, maybe not). I work out in the mornings, and a few years ago when I had a beagle, one of my neighbor’s left me a note saying that my little hound was not happy when I left in the am. I had no clue! I was able to set her up with some fancy treats and that alleviate the issue.

      • Thanks for the suggestion – it’s only recently started (within the last week, maybe) so I haven’t had a chance to pinpoint where the cries are coming from, it may be down the hall or it may be on the floor above, I can’t tell. If I do pin it down, though, I may try to talk to the owner or leave a note. What sorts of fancy treat set-up did you use for your pup, so that I could possibly suggest that?

        • A Kong is good for this, smear in a little peanut butter (it is fattening) and a portion of the dog’s usual dry food.

          • I used to use the regular Kong, but mine finishes is really quickly. I got the Kong wobble feeder and it entertains him a lot longer. I measure out his breakfast, put a handful of his food in the wobble feeder, feed him the rest, give him the wobble feeder when I leave.

      • I second this – we just adopted a second dog in January and had NO clue that she was yipping and barking while we were away for work (which then made our other dog start barking with her) until we got a call from our front desk after our upstairs neighbor complained. They were just reacting to the noises they could hear outside (we’re on the ground floor) and we were able to start putting them in the bedroom when we’re away with the fan on and some white noise going, and give them treats when we leave that take them awhile to chew. We left a note for our neighbor thanking her for alerting us and giving her our direct number to let us know if it happens again. We really appreciated knowing.

  • Rant: My workplace’s propensity to let manager’s hire their friends and not adhere to ethical hiring practices
    Rave: Moving to a much better neighborhood next week

  • That One Guy

    Rant: Too optimistic about the weather…shouldn’t have worn suede shoes with leather soles.
    Rant: Did I forget to lock the car doors?
    Rave: Seasoned some lamb chops last night and will cook that for dinner. Should be tasty!

    • That One Guy

      Anyone have recommendations for hot pot or Shabu Shabu around the area? It feels like weather appropriate food.

  • Rant: House broken into yesterday while we were at work. They got my engagement ring and laptop, but not too much else. I’m totally jittery/crabby from it all and annoyed that partner is not.
    Rant: This weather isn’t helping things much on that front.

    • I’m so sorry to hear that happened to you. It’s beyond unnerving. I hope they didn’t tear the place apart too badly looking for more valuables. And I hope you are able to install some additional security measures that will restore your sense of peace.

    • oh my goodness, that’s terrible! I can completely understand being jittery / crabby! Just know that someone violated what is supposed to be your personal space, much less having them take your personal property, would be awful. I hope you’re able to get things sorted, replaced, and feeling more secure. Hugs!

      • Thanks! On a related note, does anyone have recommendations on laptop brands? It needs to be a PC.

        • You might check Craigslist for both the laptop and the ring. Or pawn shops for the ring.

        • Have you checked out a Microsoft Surface? I got one to replace a laptop and I love it. It’s got all of the work related stuff you need but can be used as a tablet for playing too.

    • HaileUnlikely

      F*. I’m sorry. That really really blows, especially that they got your engagement ring and laptop. If you don’t mind my asking, do you know how they managed to get in?

      • It’s unclear. The back door was unlocked when we got home, but I’m pretty sure it was locked when we left. Maybe under the front porch, but it didn’t look a mess enough (although a few things were askew, which is why I think it might have been there, although it didn’t look askew enough, compared to the rest of the house).

  • RAVE: Leaving the country for 10 days in Greece with just a carry on! HORAY VACATION

    • Traveling light is the best! I recently did 6 1/2 weeks traveling around Southeast Asia with just carry-on. It’s the only way to go!

      • tell me your ways! how do you talk yourself down from the what-if scenarios and the need to feel prepared for everything?

        • My partner and I traveled to Thailand with only a carry-on each. It was a shorter trip, but if you wash clothes along the way I can’t imagine needing more for 6 1/2 weeks. Since it’s a warm place and not super-conservative you can get away with not needing a lot of clothing, and you can pop into stores to replenish toiletries whenever you’re in a city. If your sandal breaks you can get a replacement cheaply at a Bata store. What else to you need?

        • Pretty much everything goes with everything else. And many things serve multiple purposes; for example, a sarong serves as a beach blanket, scarf, shawl, cover-up, etc. A sari-wrap skirt can be casual and somewhat dressy (though I find I rarely need to dress up). Most clothes are quick-dry so I can wash/dry them overnight. Shoes are the hardest thing; for this trip I took a pair of sandals, a pair of cheap flip-flops, and 2 pairs of Tom’s, all of which take up very little room and provided a range of options. I’m pretty low maintenance, so very few personal care products, like conditioner or special skin care, etc.

        • Pack things you can mix and match, things you can re-wear, and when in doubt 95% of places people travel have basics, so if you forget it, say like toothpaste or sunblock, you can pick it up at your destination

        • We’ve been converts to traveling light for the past year or so. It was surprising how freeing it is to not have to lug a heavy bag around. Google “one bag, one world” for tips. And, with some exceptions, you really can buy what you need wherever you go. We each have nicer-looking soft-sided carry-ons, instead of roller bags. (They can also convert to backpack mode if we’re huffing a long distance.) We generally pack for about 5 days max, no matter how long the trip is, using packing cubes to keep it all organized. And, because you have to carry your bag, you are less likely to overstuff it with those “what-if” items. Most of our clothes are quicker drying materials. Sometimes we’ll bring a clothes line and a little bottle of Dr. Bronners for in-room laundry. Also check out the Scrubba – kind of pricey, but makes in-room laundry so much easier and faster than washing in the sink. If needed, you can also send out stuff like jeans to a local or hotel laundry.

        • thank you all for the info! i’m determined to be a more efficient packer and traveler. these tips will be very helpful πŸ™‚

          • All of the above, plus you might find really affordable laundry services. I recently paid around $4.00 in Phuket Thailand to have a huge bag of laundry washed, dried & folded.

    • Rant: Got a new washer and dryer (stacked in a laundry closet in a high rise condo building), and the dryer shows “severely restricted” air flow and doesn’t dry the clothes well. Installers are coming back to check it out, but nothing has been easy about this project. Sigh.
      Rave: If this is the worst problem I have, I guess I shouldn’t complain. πŸ™‚

  • Rant: Can’t do online postage for packages other than priority, which is expensive.
    Rant: Local PO closes at 5, so I can’t go after work.
    Rant: Work politics
    Rave: Hot coffee and oatmeal for this wintry day

    • Can you go before work? I just discovered the post office near my office opens at 7:30, so I was able to drop off my mother’s day present this morning.

  • Rave: On Week 4 of Couch to 5k and I’m not miserable on my runs.
    Rant: The mockingbird dive bombs have begun!

  • Rant: the Weather feels like October rather than May. What gives?
    Rant: Coworker who “freaks out” on a regular basis. Loud as hell whenever things go even a little bit wrong or she doesn’t want to do what she’s assigned to do. She’s getting on my last nerve. She also laughs so loud you can hear her down the hall. Makes no sense. Had to send an email to management a few weeks ago who sent an overall email to staff about the noise but things haven’t really changed.
    Rave: telework tomorrow.

    • Emmaleigh504

      That sounds like my office mate. She flips out over the smallest thing and is loud loud loud all the time. ugh

  • Rave: Having a boss who is flexible with time and understands work-life balance. SO refreshing.
    Rant: starting week two of not feeling well. Can’t tell if its allergies or a cold, but I am exhausted and my head is so cloudy/congested.
    Rant: money stuff, and how I have none.
    Rant: bridesmaid etiquette over email and more money issues.
    Rave: C’MON WEEKEND, c’mere!

    • What’s going on with the bridesmaid stuff, if you don’t mind me asking? I feel like a lot of us have been in those shoes lately and may be able to provide some advice!

      • Eh, I think its pretty run-of-the-mill stuff, but I’m still rubbed the wrong way by it, and the main bridesmaid running the show on the bridal shower is being bratty over email. The group booked a venue for the bridal shower the one weekend in June I can’t attend (they knew I couldn’t attend before they booked), but I’m still expected to shell out for the event planning, etc. I have to pay it, and I know that bring a bridesmaid in today’s day means making it rain all over the place, but that doesn’t mean I have to be happy about it.

        • “I know that bring a bridesmaid in today’s day means making it rain all over the place…”

          I agree and I don’t understand when or how it became this way. It really irked me how much I spent being in friends weddings, so I made sure our bachelorette was low key. We also didn’t have a bridal shower because I didn’t see the point. Seemed like another party for presents, which we didn’t need or want.

          • I am totally right there with you. When did it become about everyone spending hundreds of dollars on things before even getting to the wedding. My bridesmaids are buying a dress and staying in a hotel the night of our wedding…I would feel terrible to ask them to pay for anything more than that.

          • Yep — the bridal-industrial complex keeps spreading its tentacles ever further. I guess anywhere there’s a buck to be made, there’s a trend to be encouraged?
            And it seems from comments here and from Carolyn Hax that many of these events and accoutrements are prime fodder for conflict and drama.

          • Also agreed: We skipped the engagement party, and my bridesmaids thankfully merged the bridal shower with the bachelorette party to cut down on travel/$$. However, this bride’s family is from the Northeast, and apparently weddings are more traditional when you’re from there. I suggested combining the bridal shower and bachelorette party and was immediately shot down. Cha-ching.

        • Tbh, if they knew you couldn’t attend that weekend before they booked, you should NOT be expected to pay for it. At least that’s my opinion and the opinion of 2 different friends who have been in similar situations.

          • Agreed.

          • See, and I’ve asked three different friends of mine and only one thinks I shouldn’t have to pay. The other two suggest avoiding the drama surrounding the issue and just pay. I agree with you, FridayGirl and textdoc, but I also don’t want to create drama/tension between now and September…

  • Rant: Flooded herb plants. I had them in a raised box that didn’t drain quickly enough. I made a hole to drain out the standing water but the soil is still pretty waterlogged. Should I pull the plants out and repot with dry soil, or just let it dry out on its own (I could move it inside)? I just planted the seedlings last week so the root systems aren’t very developed yet.

    • Oh and another garden question: I have an overgrown sage plant that I want get out of my garden, but I’d like to keep it because it’s pretty and occasionally I use sage in things. Could I transplant it to a big pot or is it unlikely to survive the move?

      • My sage plant overwintered through big snows & cold, so I think it’s pretty hardy.

      • It is worth a try, and if it doesn’t work, you can pick up a small sage plant to start in a container fairly inexpensively at any of the local nurseries, Home Depot or some supermarkets that sell annuals and herbs. American Plant on River Road always had a good selection. I grow sage and other herbs in containers, and most of them usually survive the winter. The one that I most frequently need to replace is rosemary.

  • Rant: like everybody else, the weather. I don’t even remember what the sun looks like, much less feels like
    Rant: so busy and so stressed at work. Just gotta keep my head down and survive the next few weeks
    Rant: realized last night that I have only been socializing with dogs and co-workers, and haven’t seen an actual friend in weeks. I’ve been working and dog-sitting too much
    Rave: despite all the stress and the gloomy weather, I’m in a very pleasant mood today. So far.

  • Rant: Ive come to realize my uptick in anxiety and anger correlates with the election season ramping up. I’m so over this shit. I mean there other factors contributing to my anxiety issues, but the election stuff isn’t helping. I haven’t been this continuously on the edge in a while.

    Rave: EAP found a therapist for me. I hope she follows up to my email soon. I want to get this ball rolling ASAP.

    Rant: People who feel the need post/tag you in negative shit on Facebook. I have a friend who doesn’t agree with my choice for the primaries. He posted an article on my wall slamming my candidate of choice a few weeks ago, and today tagged me in a rant against them. This is some petty middle school mess right here. And bad etiquette.

    • yay on your Rave, I look forward to hearing how that develops! and boo on your rants, especially your last rant. If you have a “friend” petty enough to pull that kind of middle-school sh!t, get rid of him! unfriend him, block him, etc. Certainly, we want to allow for other people to have differing opinions, and you can respectfully, even passionately disagree with someone about their political choices and still maintain friendships. But this just sounds like nonsense. Drop him and forget him – prune the negativity from your life how and where you can!

    • Does your job require you to be involved with “election stuff”? If not, then why not eliminate from your life something that you know is causing you anxiety? I rarely read articles about “election stuff”, I don’t post anything political on social media (so no one knows my “choice”), and I limit my political conversations to my closest circle of family and friends. That’s not to say that I’m not informed, I think I am, and I always vote when election time comes around. But the last thing I need is a year and a half of “election stuff” anxiety every four years, so I removed it from my life.

      • While my job doesn’t, I’m pretty heavily involved on social media. Which is probably a big part of the problem. I could cut back on my social media usage.

        • Yeah probably (and I don’t say this to be critical, I say it from personal experience). I find that the more I use social media, the more I fall into the trap of thinking that what I see there is important. And if your social media is anything like my social media, the truth is that it isn’t. While social media is entertaining and interesting much of the time, it is (at best) tangential to the things that I actually want to accomplish on a daily basis, and in the bigger picture; and it can cause me to waste a crapload of time and energy on things that are really not useful to me. So I’ll glance at it a couple times every day but actually “using” it happens pretty rarely.

        • Is there a way to cut back on “election stuff” without cutting social media? For example, my Facebook life improved dramatically when I mass-unfollowed everyone who wanted to stir up election debates.

          • I wish there was an election ad blocker! Its funny cause normally I do block the pot stirrers, but this year, it seems randoms are popping up. People I wouldn’t even expect that kind of behavior from. Social Media is such a messed up megaphone. I love that i’m able to connect with friends and family of all walks of life and backgrounds. And I love that people, especially marginalized people can use it to make their voices known. But you take the good with the bad.

    • I recently got into it with some rather narrow-minded folks on a friend’s post about the Bathroom issue. Two of them decided that they would start tagging me in posts. I have never met these people and thought “oh, hey, let’s engage in a reasonable exchange of ideas” until it quickly turned into a “I don’t like you ‘facts’ and ‘statistics’ regarding the incidence of sexual assaults from RAINN.” I found it petty and the equivalent of a middle school argument. If a friend was doing that to me, I would very quickly unfriend them.

    • HaileUnlikely

      I don’t like being tagged in anything on facebook. Last time I was traveling with my wife, we ran into friends of hers on the same flight, so they could not resist taking a selfie with us and tagging us in the picture. We do not like to advertise the fact that we are not home.

      • I do not believe in tagging people without their consent. I generally ask first before I tag, especially with friends who’s jobs place them under scrutiny. Double for vacay pics.

        • HaileUnlikely

          Your situation with people tagging you in such a way as to provoke an argument is a totally different thing, but in cases with photos, I get the idea that some people just can’t help themselves and can’t even imagine a universe in which somebody might not want to be tagged in a photo eating Lucky Charms or boarding an airplane or whatever.

      • “We do not like to advertise the fact that we are not home.” I have a friend who keeps all vacation talk strictly off Facebook until she’s back in town, for the same reason.
        But I don’t completely understand — unless your profile is public, why would this be a problem? Or is the concern more the information might pass from your own Facebook friends to sketchy-ish friends of theirs?

        • HaileUnlikely

          I have a vague general distrust that facebook “private” means meaningfully private. No actual knowledge to the contrary, just a suspicion.

    • just chiming in re: the unwanted tags. it might be a nuisance for things you *do* want to be tagged in, but you can set your profile to require your review and approval before allowing the tag to show up on your all or in others’ feeds.

      • I’ve thought about that. I’m pretty open about being tagged in posts and pics. Other than this particular incident, I’ve never been tagged in something I don’t agree with.

  • Has anyone ever been at Meridian Hill park when they turn the water on? Apparently it goes back on next week. I think it’d be nice to sit out and have lunch for a few hours and watch it slowly fill up. I know it’d probably take a lot longer then lunch, but it’d still be nice to see. Do they announce the time?

  • Rant: Several days with a very fussy baby left me with frayed nerves earlier this week.
    Rave: Baby seems to be feeling better.
    Rant: Entire family is coming to visit on Mothers Day. Not really how I wanted to spend the holiday.
    Rave: it is only one day. I will muddle through.

  • Rant: Had a horrible sleepwalking episode last night that resulted in a busted leg and a hurt back, and the husband got hit on the elbow. Not sure what started it. It’s the second in two weeks – looks like I might need to head back to the sleep doctor. Nothing they’ve ever suggested even remotely works but I cannot continue endangering myself or my loved ones in my sleep!
    Rave: Nervous about a meeting that ended up with great attendance, engagement, and interest. Can breath easier.
    Rave: Biked up to North Dakota Ave last night and loved seeing the neighborhoods change, the beautiful circles, and the greenery! Onto the Os of State Avenues.
    Rave: Pony time tonight.

  • Staging was done on Tuesday for my condo, the whole day I was nervous. I cleaned the heck out of the place and it wasn’t you know…dirty to begin with but I decluttered a lot (amazing how much crap I have after 5 years living there). Condo was all set to go up either today or tomorrow, but it turns out that there are two units that are now on the market. Both are at extreme prices (one is 275, the other is 340) and mine would probably fall in between. So now I’m gunshy, I’d like to put it on the market, but the two units are competition…not sure if I should wait it out or go for it now.
    Couldn’t sleep much last night, neighbor’s dog was howling and crying most of the night. I actually talked to concierge about it because I wasn’t sure what to do. Future wifey said I should have knocked because something could have happened to the owner but it was 1 AM and I wasn’t going to knock on someone’s door that late. Left the house this morning and saw a note on their door and they just rescued a dog, are training him, and sleeps in a crate but apparently doesn’t like that.
    Rave: Captain America: Civil War tomorrow night! Can’t wait.

    • If the dog is howling all night, crate training may not be what that dog needs. Regardless I wouldn’t be able to put up with that for more than maybe another night. I wouldn’t worry about knocking on the door that late, because they’re obviously not asleep either.

  • Rant – It took all the energy in the world to get out of bed this morning, even though I had a decent night’s sleep.
    Rave – I had a really great dog training class with my high maintenance dog last night. She is a total sweetheart around people but is very anxious around other dogs and it can be very frustrating walking her around a busy city. These classes seem to help her and the instructors are amazing. It’s become like a weekly therapy session for me.

  • Rave: Side gigs and using the extra income for savings
    Rant: Having to verify my id for Airbnb! Rented one in DC for the first time and host required it; had to scan a copy of an id and felt like it was very intrusive; never had to do it before for hosts in other cities; felt like Airbnb “ran” my license number because then I was prompted to answer multiple choice questions like ‘what county have you live in”?
    *due to needing a place next week and financial restraints of my traveling partner my options were limited and had to go with the place requiring the verification;
    Any one else experience this with Airbnb?

    • If I may ask, what do you do for side gigs? I’m looking to bring in some extra cash for savings as well.

      • @skj84 I use the Craigslist gigs section sometimes, also on Indeed.com I search using “temporary” or “contractor” also, search for ‘proctor’ since sometimes colleges are looking for proctors to oversee final exams this time of year

    • If you stayed in a hotel, they’d ask for id; why do you feel it’s unreasonable for airbnb?

      • Huh? I can’t remember ever staying in a hotel that asked me to show my ID.

        • Anywhere overseas (at least the Asian, African, and European places I’ve traveled to) would require you not only show your ID but that it be a passport. Here I think the ID is only required if the reservation/credit card is in your name.

        • …………every hotel I stayed in during my 3 years of extensive traveling (work) asked for ID.

          • +1 Unless you stay at the same hotel so much that they know you personally, I can’t imagine never being asked to verify you’re the person on the reservation.

          • They ask to see the credit card I used to make the reservation but not ID to verify I am the person named on the credit card.

    • houseintherear

      I host through AirBnb for the very reason that they do ID verification. I do not accept guests who don’t get fully verified. I think it’s an awesome idea and makes a lot of sense, especially for hosts. But other sites like VRBO do not require the ID, so luckily there are other options for those who would rather not share their ID.

      • Until it was recently bought by Expedia, VRBO was a listing service for owner rentals, so it was up to the individual owner to set their own policies. Also, now VRBO & Homeaway.com have started copying ABB’s practice of charging 9% booking fee, but you can usually find a way to communicate/book directly with the owner and save this charge. That is much harder to do on ABB

  • Bear

    Rave: 10 week check up went well! Saw the little peanut moving around in there, so cool. Makes the fatigue, poor sleep, and stress worth it. Just have one more round of screenings before we know we’re more or less in the clear…
    Rave: Went off the NSAIDs earlier than needed to see how the arthritis in my spine does without them (they’re ok with caution in 1st and 2nd trimester but an absolute no in third). I can feel a difference but it’s not nearly as bad as I was expecting. Hoping it doesn’t get too bad once I’m all big.
    Rant: Large cyst is still there too…hoping that goes away. It hurts every now and then and I’m worried it’s going to rupture.

  • Revel: Principal is taking us bowling after school today. Should be fun
    ? I feel like I’ve run out of things to talk about work my therapist
    Question: do you think it would be insulting to ask my unemployed grad student friend if he would be interested in helping me grade papers for a couple hours? I’d pay a little more than he’s making temping but in cash.

    • No, that sounds like a fair deal to me. If he’s insulted about making extra money, then he has issues.

  • Rant: Along with everyone else, WEATHER.
    Rant: Woke up with a start at 1:38 AM, was dreaming that I was being chased by a bear and it almost got me but I managed to unlock the door and get inside just before it swiped. Was super hot when I woke up, which may have accounted for the actual waking up part, but that dream was something else!
    Rant: Waiting to see if my b/f gets the job (or any job) he applied for, which might mean moving. We’re both from the Midwest and had been talking about settling down there eventually…but now the thought of leaving DC is terrifying me. A bit part of this is that I cannot drive, and I refuse to be someplace that would leave me dependent on someone to get around.
    Rant:……….no raves at the moment………………

    • Why not just learn to drive while you wait? If my scaredy cat mom can do it, anybody can do it.
      Also good for emergencies.

  • smrtcar

    Mail theft last Thursday. Perp stole a Polar V800 Sportswatch from my mail area. No insurance nor signature required were available at time of purchase/shipping.

    After an “investigation” at Polar, they came through and shipped another watch. This time, signature required.

  • Eagle was just feeding the eaglets – ripping off chunks of a still LIVE fish!

    • In Pennsylvania, the eagles fed a cat to their babies. They turned the camera off for the actual shredding.

      • The Park Service turned the camera off, not the eagles.

      • I wish they hadn’t. Natural nature for one thing (why is eating a cat worse than eating a fish?) Also, to maybe slam upside the head the stupid people who let their cats roam outside.

        And there was a great story out of Australia about an eagle snatching up a baby kangaroo. (Which was rescued.)

    • Whoa, are those the eaglets in the nest right now? They’ve grown up so much since I last looked at the cam!

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: where is the sun?!
    Rave: good therapy session today. Anxiety be gone!

  • Rave: The students are finally jumping on the Teacher Appreciation Week bandwagon. Got some snacks and a few cards today, as well as nice big breakfast from school. This is the best week!
    Rant: I owed on my taxes this year, so I decided to increase my withholding, which turned out to be quite a hassle. I think we finally got it figured out, but not before getting a snarky email from one member of the accounting department saying I should ask a tax specialist… what?
    Rave: Getting really excited for the Embassy Open Houses Saturday. I’ve never been and think it will be a lot of fun! I even moved my afternoon therapy appointment to next week so I could have all day at the Embassies!

    • Does your acct dept require something other than filling out a new w4? Seems like such an easy fix.

  • Reminder/PSA (meant to post this morning): This Sunday is Mother’s Day. If you have any attractive potted plants sitting in front of your house, hanging from the porch, etc., now might be a good time to bring them indoors or put them temporarily someplace less accessible.

    • that is a very depressing PSA! πŸ™

      • Yeah. I returned some lilies to Home Depot rather than planting them, once I realized that they were going to be in bloom around this time every year. πŸ™
        Mother’s Day is pretty early this year, so they _might_ have finished blooming in time in future years… but I didn’t want to take the risk.

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