“walking in the 700 block of Fairmont St. NW when he approached several males in the block. One of the males shot the victim.”

via Google maps

From MPD:

“At approximately 11:00pm on 5/30/16 the victim was walking in the 700 block of Fairmont St. NW when he approached several males in the block. One of the males shot the victim. The victim suffered from non-life threatening injuries. Third District Detectives are currently investigating.”

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  • So I head from Brianne Nadeau’s office on this. NBD, just some local kids playing walkie-shootie. No need to worry.
    We need to focus on the real issue: low income kids need is their own homes to play walkie-shootie!

  • Bowser and Nadeua continue to downplay the crime issues in DC. If I hear them call it a “national trend” one more time… The truth is, it’s not. Several big cities are seeing crime increases, but outside of Chicago, Baltimore and DC; it’s not happening.

  • is there anyway to get the guardian angels in these neighborhoods or organize the business community or neighborhood associations to contract a private security firms to fill in the gaps where public officials and police are falling short.

    • The business community in Pleasant Plains isn’t exactly well-heeled enough to be hiring private security firms for the neighborhood. And I don’t know what the Pleasant Plains Civic Association’s budget is like, but I doubt it has the resources to be doing that kind of thing either.

  • Who are these guardian angels. I live near here, and Lower Georgia avenue is mostly vacant. there are no large businesses. It is all mom and pop stores, and there aren’t that many. The community is not all that affluent, although it is becoming more so. And anyway what you are proposing is a bandaid not a cure. The problem is not lack of security, its poverty, lack of community services, lack of education, lack of city officials caring about anything except re-election and lining developers pockets.

    • Actually, the problem is kids with guns shooting and robbing other people.

      • How do you change the mindset of these kids with guns who shoot and rob people? The revolving door of the prison system does not seem to be effective. One criminal gets incarcerated, another takes his place. Rinse and repeat

    • Dude- it’s DC, the Mayor For Life made sure DC is right where it is now.

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