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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rant: Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad morning – inclusive of night full of panic, anxious ridden wake-ups and sleepwalking, smashing my foot with my bike, having to double back to my house to pick up forgotten shit, and slamming my head into a light fixture at the office.
    Rave: Finally tracked down my friend. She’s alive.
    Rant: She’s living in middle of f’in nowhere on a friend’s couch who is suicidal herself (and just lost her fiance – he hung himself). What the f do I do with that?!
    Rant: Would really like to spend the morning with ponies or puppies in the sunshine. Any chance I can arrange that? Instead, it’s meetings out the wazoo.

    • That One Guy

      That sounds like either a really good support network or the worst idea, no middle ground.

      • And with no local hospital and no local therapists/psychiatrists/etc. I think the balance slips towards worst idea ever.

    • Try to reconcile yourself to the fact that — as frustrating as it may be — you’ve done pretty much everything in your power to try to ensure this friend’s well-being, and if she continues to make bad decisions, there’s very little you can do about it.
      It would probably be good to get the emergency numbers for the town where she’s now living, in case you become aware of something she plans to do… but there’s not much you can do about someone who’s hell-bent on making bad decisions, unless/until she’s actually at the point where she’s a danger to herself or others.

      • I think that this is very good advice.

      • I need to find the numbers – thanks for the suggestion. I can’t even get an address cause they only have a PO Box.
        My husband reminds me, pretty frequently, that I need to come to terms with what will, probably, inevitably, be a terrible end to this whole ordeal. But I can’t leave it be as hard as I try. And I can’t be ok with that outcome. I’m trying to draw those boundaries but I’m having such a tough time.

    • UDPie , You’ve been through a lot with your friend and for that I salute you. But do not let her problems interfere with your piece of mind. Sometimes, there may be only so much you can do to help.

    • No puppies to offer, but I am picking up a new litter of foster kittens today if you want a little kittie therapy!

    • No wisdom to offer, UDPie — just sending you a big hug.

  • smrtcar

    Getting my first tattoo today at Cirque du Rouge. Kinda nervous. Getting an octopus on my left foot/ankle/calf. I’m a big scuba enthusiastic. I’m confident in my artists, Liaa Walters (http://liaawalter.com/home.html)

  • RAVE: The Roosevelts concert at the Hamilton last night!
    RANT: Weeknight concerts make me feel old

  • Rave: I’m back, y’all!!! Totally disconnected from Popville on my vacation, so you’ll have to fill me in if I missed anything particularly juicy/crazy/wonderful/sad….
    Rant: Jetlag.
    Rant: Hoping to abate the jetlag, I made sure to make a nice big cup of coffee so I could sip it at my leisure at work. But somehow the creamer I added to my coffee before I left the house this morning curdled by the time I got to the office -gag! It was a brand-new carton of half-and-half, what the hell?!
    Rave: Had way fewer emails in my inbox than I was anticipating, so hurray for that!
    Rant: Still not ready to be back at work.
    Rave: My nephew is coming for a visit this weekend! I can’t wait to see him!!!! (and my brother and s-i-l, too!)

  • Rant: Totally missed the part on renewing vehicle registration where you have to get it reinspected. Last week, we got 4! “failed to report for inspection” at $50 each (we were out of town and took it in at first opportunity on Saturday). Seems super unfair to just keep ticketing day after day, but I know there’s no way to fight it (yes, I know it’s my fault, but it just seems like a d*** move). There’s also a $120 late inspection fee, to boot. Ugh, DC! Why must you make your revenue off parking tickets??

    • Wait, what? I don’t remember that at all from renewing vehicle registration. Is that new?

      • The inspection thing (which I think is now just an emissions testing, not an actual vehicle inspection) is every other year, whereas the registration renewal is every year.
        Equidistance, did you miss the reinspection date by several weeks/months? The one time I was late getting an inspection (I hadn’t anticipated that the inspection station would be closed on a SATURDAY for a holiday occurring on a MONDAY), I got it the next possible day and had a $20 fine.

        • I was driving to the inspection station on the morning of September 11, and after I passed through the Dupont Circle tunnel saw the smoke over the Pentagon (although on the radio they said it was also the State Department) and the crowds swarming the streets. I turned around and headed home. I didn’t try again for a few days, and was a day late. I was charged a late fee (can’t remember the amount), even though they waived late fees for other things that didn’t get done on time. Admittedly, I did get the inspection a day late.

    • I recently took my car in for inspection and learned that we had forgotten to get it inspected 2 years ago. (I’m still not sure this is true.) They hit us with a $15/month fine for 2 years: $360. Why, if the inspection is required, do they let you renew at all without doing it? No $120 late fee though.

  • Quotia Zelda

    Rant: I am cranky cranky cranky.
    Rant: My father’s birthday is on Friday, and I have no idea what to get him.

  • maxwell smart

    That photo perfectly captures my feeling about life right now.

  • Rant: Mississippi. We already knew you sucked, no need to belabor the point.
    Rant: Wisconsin (Democrat edition). Stop feeding the delusion that Bernie Sanders can get elected president.
    Rant: Wisconsin (GOP edition). OK, you don’t suck as bad as you could, but Cruz? Really?
    Rant: Girls on the Run at 7:30 in the morning when it’s 28 flippin’ degrees out. That combination of factors makes for some really, really pleasant third graders.
    Rant: Eye infection. Ouch.
    Rant: No raves yet.

    • I wouldn’t say that Bernie can’t get elected — it really depends on the people and the people are still speaking 🙂

      • Sorry, no. The portion of the Democratic party that either doesn’t know or doesn’t care about electability in a general election, or electoral math, is giving voice to their inner child. Frankly, it’s the same phenomenon as is going on over in the GOP with Trump – people who are angry and want something different, regardless of whether it’s viable or not; candidates promoting agendas that range from implausible to outright flights of fantasy; budget proposals that have no basis in reality. Granted, Sanders isn’t an odious misanthrope, but if you remove personality from the issue, the parallels are amazing. And not in a good way.

        • “The portion of the Democratic party that either doesn’t know or doesn’t care about electability in a general election, or electoral math, is giving voice to their inner child.”
          I’m not going to get into a political debate here — but whenever people pull out the “electability” card, they’re denying the fact that Sanders HAS been elected to both the House (from 1991 to 2007) and the Senate. Thus, he has actually been elected by the people (rather than appointed) over a much longer period than Clinton.
          I DO however recognize that many people believe Hilary is the more well-rounded candidate with electoral math on her side (although the superdelegate controversy is a whole other issue…) and I would be happy to vote for her if she becomes the nominee.

          • Bernie’s been elected in Vermont, not exactly a state one thinks of as a good analog for the country as a whole. The highest vote total he’s received in his entire career in a general election has been 207,848 people. Making a convincing case that those numbers will translate in a general election, and in particular, swing states such as Pennsylvania, Florida, Virginia, Ohio, is . . . an uphill battle, if not an outright impossibility.
            What’s the superdelegate controversy – that they exist? It’s completely undemocratic, of course – but if they didn’t exist, the DNC would be in the same state as the GOP. I bet Reince Priebus wishes the GOP had superdelegates right about now.

          • The superdelegate controversy is dumb. Clinton is winning on pledged delegates. Sanders claims superdelegates should honor the election outcomes in the states that that he won, which would slightly decrease his delegate deficit but ultimately change nothing. If every single superdelegate went with Sanders over Clinton, he’d be leading right now, which has also fueled some memes purporting that Sanders deserves to win.
            Which basically means the only bar Clinton has yet to clear (and may still yet!) is winning with pledged delegate EVEN IF all superdelegates defect to Sanders. Why should she be held to such a high bar? Why should superdelegates, who are operating as party operatives ultimately, pick an independent who’s basically hijacking the Democratic primary over someone who’s been a certified clubmember forever?
            People (on both sides, really; see people who would be upset about Trump having the nomination stolen from him at the convention) need to realize the political parties aren’t government entities. Maybe they should be, but they aren’t. So democracy basically doesn’t directly apply to the nomination process.

        • Hrmmmm, how is Hillary more electable? Her support craters among Independents and is a 10 point loser to Kasich in a hypothetical head-to-head. Meanwhile, Bernie has the largest lead (mostly double digits) against the entire GOP field. These trends have been consistent in national polls the past few months.
          Hillary has absurd baggage and there’s an entire swath of the country that hates her, mostly for sexist reasons. There’s a lot of people who will actively come out of the woodwork to vote against her; that’s scary.
          She’s certainly the best prepared, most knowledgeable, experienced, and “Presidential” candidate in the field. But that doesn’t make her electable.

          • One word: Socialist. The RNC will paint Bernie as the second coming of Stalin, here to steal your property and impoverish you. Then, we may end up with President Trump, or worse, President Cruz. The general election poll numbers are meaningless because most non-Democrats just aren’t paying attention yet.
            To be clear, I personally have nothing against socialism. But, anyone who thinks that’s not an enormous dead weight in the general election is just kidding themselves.

          • If that was such a millstone, it would reflect in the polling over the last few months. The general election polling samples registered voters, which are pretty much as casual and low-information as you get. Only Bloomberg asks “likely voters,” and among them Sanders is beating GOP candidates by nearly 20 points.
            People choosing Sanders today in General Election polls know that he is a “socialist.” Even FOX News polling – which often has a degree of conservative bias – has Sanders spanking the GOP candidates. The “socialist” boogey-man isn’t as effective as it was 10 years ago. Especially among broke-ass people in the Rust Belt who have more pressing issues to worry about.
            If 2016 has shown us anything, it’s that we need to chuck all our old assumptions about parties, labels, and ideologies out the window.

          • KenyonDweller is right, of course. The majority of voters in this country hear socialism and think USSR< and that isn't going to change (this year – it is changing as the years go by). And that doesn't even take into account the effect that a concentrated series of negative ads with clips of some of his positions will have. It's start with "I'm going to raise all your taxes" and go from there.
            I do agree that HRC has a ton of baggage, and isn't a great candidate – but she should fare fine against either of the GOP frontrunners. Those frontrunners are gifts to the democrats, and we seen intent on refusing them. Aargh.
            Finally, I remain fascinated that people point to national polls when discussing electability. It's like there's a national case of amnesia regarding the electoral college. And pointing out that Hillary would lose to someone who hasn't the faintest chance of getting the election isn't particularly compelling. But, to proceed with the Kasich example: looking at the 2012 electoral map, can you honestly say that Sanders beats Kasich? No, you cannot.

          • When it comes to general election polling during the primaries, Cokie Roberts recently said it best: “I’d like to introduce you to President Dukakis” who was leading the general election polls at this point in 1988.

          • Trump won’t make it past December they said.
            Trump won’t win any primary states, let alone major swing states they said.
            Hillary will have the nomination sewn up by Super Tuesday they said.
            Surely a Socialist can’t win outside the liberal Northeast they said.
            Sorry dcd, but 2007 called and wants its assumptions about American politics back. This whole election is about economic anxiety and the future role of the middle class in American society, even though pretty much each of the “mainstream” candidates have gone out of their way to avoid that issue. It’s exactly why Trump and Sanders have resonated and thrived in the face of overwhelming opposite consensus by the experts (many of whom probably read PoPville and depend on the two parties for their paycheck).
            I admit the polls are not perfect, but I think the general election polls tell a compelling story that you are too quick to discount.

          • “Hillary has absurd baggage and there’s an entire swath of the country that hates her, mostly for sexist reasons.” That’s true, but we’ve also managed to elect a black guy. Twice. I think we’ll be OK.

          • Once again – general election polls are useless during a primary, and nationwide polls are useless when it comes to general election polls. And I know I’m not going to convince anyone. It is just astonishing to me that so many democrats decry the phenomenon of Trump, but avidly support a candidate whose proposals rest on the same nonexistent foundation. (Again, minus the noxious personality.)

          • We heard you loud and clear, dcd — but people are allowed to have different views and believe that their candidate can win. If we didn’t, this wouldn’t be a democracy and everyone would just shrug and say “Well I guess that person’s ok.” Which is not the idea our country is founded on, because we generally recognize that everyone has different experiences and priorities and values [surprise!].
            And whether I liked Sanders or not, I really don’t think that Trump and Sanders are comparable on many levels (including experience in government, and how many of their proposed policies actually break numerous domestic laws and/or amount to international law violations), minus the fact that the ‘establishment’, essentially, has deemed them the ‘angry’ candidates.

          • I know most Sanders supporters are uncomfortable with the Trump comparison, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have merit. The fiscal underpinnings of their signature proposals are equally nonsensical (Mexico will pay for the wall v. who the heck knows will pay for universal healthcare). They both have mobilized the disaffected branch of their respective parties. They promise things that are not remotely within the realm of possibility in the current political situation (yes, I know, all politicians promise things on which they don’t deliver).

            As for the rest – of course you can believe what you want to believe. But belief based on faith v. belief based on facts are two very different things. And sure, many Sanders supporters want him to keep going to make a point. After all, there aren’t any examples of that going horribly wrong in recent electoral history.

          • I’m with ya, dcd. In today’s polls he might seem to do well in the general, but Bernie has received zero attention from the GOP so far. If he is the nominee they will destroy him. HRC has withstood their attacks for 20 years and she’s still standing.

        • So you’re a Hillary supporter. Why?

          • Accountering

            Because this election is so important. HRC and Sanders will accomplish the same things, basically nothing with an obstructionist congress. I support Hillary because I believe she has a much better chance in a general election.
            The GOP has run zero attack ads against Sanders, but an attack ad with him saying “I will raise taxes on the middle class” and then the prototypical mom and dad at the kitchen table with a pile of bills will be VERY VERY effective in Ohio. They will unload on him, using his own words, out of context but still, and he will lose.

          • + 1 to all of what Accountering said. Plus, he’s a foreign policy mess, and that’s still an important part of the job. And it bears repeating that spouting “plans” that can never come to fruition, and even if they could can’t be paid for, isn’t useful.

          • “The GOP has run zero attack ads against Sanders, but an attack ad with him saying “I will raise taxes on the middle class” and then the prototypical mom and dad at the kitchen table with a pile of bills will be VERY VERY effective in Ohio.”
            And Florida, and Pennsylvania, and Virginia, and . . . oops, there’s the election, 286-252 for the GOP.

  • Rant: WEATHER! Whyyy!!!! Got my bf tix for the Nats game saturday and it looks miserable.
    Rave: Lots of fun things coming up in the next 6 weeks! Wine tasting in VA, Crawfish Boil, mom coming to town!
    RANT: Ok this may be controversial, but is anyone else turned off by some of the dog adoptions agencies in DC? I totally want to #adoptdontshop but some of these places make it verrrry difficult. I completely understand wanting to weed out irresponsible dog owners, but some of these hypothetical questions they throw at you are ridiculous. And then one agency actually says on their application. “If you dont hear from us in 2 weeks, assume we have decided not to move forward with your application?” WHATTT?? Is it that hard to just send an email? Let someone know WHY you think they are unworthy? #Rude

    • What are the hypothetical questions they throw at you?
      Have you tried WHS?

      • Have briefly looked at WHS, and gonna follow up, looks like people have had good experiences!
        As for the questions, just hypotheticals that are impossible to answer, IMO. For example, how much would you be willing to pay for an emergency procedure? So then you give an arbitrary number, and the next question is, what would you do if the procedure cost more than your number? I mean, legit I dont even know the dog yet! Once i fall in love, the answer would probably be $10,000!!! I understand the reasoning behind these types of questions, but I also think that people with bad intentions will just lie!!!

        • Did you have to put a number?
          My answer to this question has always been “As much as it costs.” And since I know I don’t have an amazing cushion, I am not planning to get a dog anytime soon. I think that’s a completely reasonable question.

          • Thats a great response!

          • Another thing you might include is if you plan on getting pet insurance. I pay $50 a month for two dogs and it covers any emergency illnesses or injuries. So if my dog needed $10K surgery, I would only be out about $2K (you can choose different deductibles/coverage levels). I think it’s definitely worth the peace of mind!

          • anon – what company do you use for pet insurance? We are getting a second dog in July and are looking into insurance options.

          • I use VPI (part of Nationwide). So far so good. They’ve reimbursed a good amount of new puppy care visits, including a cardiologist visit to check out his (thankfully a non-issue) heart murmur.

        • Hmm… I’d say those questions are ones that it’s worth thinking about, even though obviously your feelings might change when it’s your actual pet and not an abstract.

          • Yes, i completely agree that those questions are important to think about when deciding to take care of another little being for the rest of his/her life. Theres just something about the wording of the questions that rubs me the wrong way, and as HaileUnlikely explains below, hypotheticals requiring an exact number are ridiculous in this context, IMO.

          • HaileUnlikely

            I wonder whether WHS/WARL has a set policy regarding the amount of money that *they* will invest in medical expenses to treat an animal that is presently in their care. Does anybody know about this? (If so, then solely because of my contempt for their asking this question, not because it is my actual answer, I would reply with something in the vicinity of $500-$1000 more than they would spend. I’m not sure how they regard any number lower than their own number as an inadequate response.

          • I am fairly sure WHS does not ask this question. I’ve fostered many dogs and usher adopters through the process, and adopted a foster myself. Might happen with certain adopters at a certain stage in the normal process I wasn’t privy to, but I don’t think they do it.
            I always advise adopters to get pet insurance, though. One of my dogs is highly motivated to poison herself and gets sick pretty often, and the other has needed a multiple tooth extraction (which cost over a thousand dollars before insurance), so I think I’m barely in the negative on insurance premiums vs. reimbursement. Probably far net positive on the sicklier dog.

          • WHS doesn’t ask that question, on the form there is a question that asks you how much you think you’re going to spend on the dog per year. I think it’s more of a barometer to see if you’re being anything near realistic. It didn’t come up in my interview, probably because I put a generous number.

        • HaileUnlikely

          I agree that it is reasonable for WHS to want to know the answer to that question, however, it is not something that they can assess in any meaningful way by asking people, because people don’t and really can’t know. Even forgetting about the issue of people lying just to facilitate the adoption process, there is a large body of psychological research demonstrating that humans are very very bad at answering hypotheticals, yet most people (both the askers and the answerers) do not understand this, and are willing to ask and provide answers to hypotheticals, which they really sincerely believe at the time, but are highly likely to be wildly wrong about in the event that the situation that is presently a hypothetical actually arises in the future. In summary, the actual answer is important, but the question is basically worthless, because the actual answer is basically unknowable, and there is no reason to believe that the stated answer closely resembles the actual answer.

      • I had similar issues. One agency told me that you couldn’t adopt if you’re single because you won’t be home (even though I had a steady 9-5 job and a mid-day dog walker). Another said that somebody has to be home all day – either a SAH parent or work from home. Both of these were for ANY dog, not just those with separation anxiety.

        I ended up going with WHS. They were great. Helped me pick a dog that fit my lifestyle. They did do an in-home interview, but that was mainly to make sure I lived where I said I lived and wasn’t getting a dog in a no-pets apartment.

        • Basically the same experience I had. I ended up going through a rescue FAR away from DC (referred by a friend), and they had zero problems with the fact that I was single and had a job and social life, so long as the dog got walked at least every 8-9 hours. Their fee was also so much less that the cost of my travel to go retrieve my little man plus their fee was less than just the basic fee of many rescues in the area.
          WHS is probably not insane, but after watching their page for ages, no dogs I could adopt came up and stayed up long enough for me to get over there (a day to a few days) – I have bad allergies and had to have a low-allergy breed, and at the time lived in a building with a 40 pound weight limit.

    • Yes! I’m not sure which agency you’re referring to, but I have had lots of issues with Lucky Dog rescue, both in trying to adopt and volunteering. And I’ve heard from lots of other people with bad experiences. We ultimately adopted from WHS, which I think is now partnering with WARL. You might want to check them out.

      • Yes, the two are merging.
        I short term fostered with Lucky Dog and found them to be disorganized. They lead my friend on for weeks about adopting form them, but then completely screwed her over. I ended up adopting from WHS and she from her local shelter and we’re both very happy.

      • On the other hand, I had a great experience with Lucky Dog. The process was straightforward – application, interview, approved, adoption. The woman I worked with was very supportive, and I have my sweet pup as a result.

    • Yes, I adopted out of VA, and it required a 6-page application, phone interview, and house inspection. Then, before picking up your new pet, you have to listen to some lecture on how to be a good pet-owner. The person doing the presentation for me ranted for a solid 5 minutes about putting cushions in your dogs crate, arguing that they are not necessary. Anyways. My attitude going in was that it would be worth it to suffer through the organization’s (and some of their people’s) holier than thou-ness once I got my puppy, and it totally was. Stick with it, your new furbaby will also be worth it!

      • Honestly, I think some of these volunteers have legit mental illnesses and serious boundary & emotional dependency issues. I’m all about weeding out abusive potential owners, but they do the dog no favors by shuttling them from foster home to foster home. Meanwhile, a perfectly acceptable forever home exists but perhaps they don’t meet the arbitrary thresholds set by the fanatical volunteers attempt to impose on would-be owners. It’s almost as if they are weeding out any owners below an upper-middle class income level. God forbid you’re lower-middle class and just want to get your kid a dog. It’s absurd.

        • I’ve heard people complain that if you’re single you’re less of a priority than a family.

          • Oh, they definitely discriminate against the single. Their contempt is vaguely concealed when they start asking who will take care of the dog when you go to happy hour, how you can’t rely on anyone else when you’re single, will you bring strangers into the home, etc.
            So many ass-backward and frankly offensive assumptions.

          • Not that it makes it okay, but so glad I’m not the only one that’s experienced this! Honestly, the reason I wanted a pet is partially because I am single, not dating, had a lot of friends move away recently, and wanted a companion to love and take care of. The discrimination is ridiculous.

          • What the heck? I adopted from both WHS and Homeward Trails (based in VA) when I was 25 and single. They BARELY questioned me and handed the dog(s) over with little to no fuss. Of course, that was eight years ago, so maybe things have changed since then. I also wonder if it depends on the type of dog- both of mine are “less adoptable” breeds so maybe that has something to do with it too.

          • My guess is they’ve gotten a massive uptick in young, transient students/entry level professionals adopting pets and the pets ending up back in the shelter a year or two later when they realize they travel too much or can’t take the pet with them when they move.

      • Wait, is it the volunteers or the shelter who set the policy? Honestly asking because I don’t know how this works. I feel like there would be some pretty clear guidelines behind-the-scenes.

    • Totally feel you on the second rant (but in regards to cat adoption). I had one woman grill me about how I was going to take care of a cat all by myself (? the same way everyone else does? The same way I’ve taken care of all of the cats I’ve ever had?), refuse to let me fill out an application for one of the cats I was interested in, and then take on a completely different demeanor when a couple walked in and expressed interest in the same cat. I have loads of other unfortunate adoption agency tales, sadly.
      So thankful that my little guy wandered off the street, onto my front step and into my heart 🙂

    • Go to a kill shelter in Virginia or Maryland. No hassles, you’re actually saving a dog, and they usually charge less for an adopter from outside the city limits.

      • If you are able, and don’t mind a drive, I suggest Tri-County Animal Shelter in Hughesville, MD. It is the kill shelter for Charles, St. Mary’s and Calvert counties.

      • They’re all kill shelters (or selective choosers). You’re mostly only saving a dog if you adopt a large pit mix with health issues. But given how many people still buy from breeders, I don’t think it’s helpful to shame people who adopt especially adoptable rescues.

    • I adopted my dog from WHS and the process was surprisingly easy. I’m a renter and all I needed was the ok from my landlord, that was only hard thing about the process. I’m not sure if their adoption procedures will change now that they’ve merged with WARL, but definitely check them out!

    • I volunteer for an organization out of VA and we also have an application, phone interview, reference check and home inspection. I know some of the process seems invasive or lengthy but these dogs have been through a lot and we want to do everything we can to get them placed in the right place. Yeah, the question about how much you would be willing to spend may seem odd, but it’s something a lot of people don’t think about and aren’t willing to do. We get a ton of dogs turned in via shelters or as returns when a health condition presents and the owner is unable or unwilling to pay for medical costs. Dogs are a big commitment, both of your time and of your money, and a lot of people fail to realize that no matter how many times you go over it. I’ve seen dogs returned for ridiculous reasons like an 8 week old puppy returned within 24 hours for not being house trained, or that they didn’t realize how much dog food costs. We get dogs who have had rough lives and may have been abused or mistreated and we try to do everything we can to ensure that they are never in that situation again. Getting a dog shouldn’t be like picking up something at Target. It’s an addition of a family member and it’s a lifelong commitment. These volunteers or organizations may be a bit zealous, but I think it’s because they’ve seen some of the truly horrible things that can happen to dogs and they are extra careful about placing them in a safe, loving, home that is really prepared to have them.

      • +1.
        Imo, adopting a pet is like adopting a child.

      • Yes i agree with all of that. A few bad apples ruin it for the rest of us. I guess its just hard for me to grasp because I grew up in a house that treated dogs like legit family members, no expense was spared for their comfort and care (including, but not limited to, dog acupuncture and dog water physical therapy, supplemented by my mom swimming 3 times a week with the dog at home), so that’s my expectation, I understand everyone isnt like that.

      • It’s certainly true that there are many poorly informed to malicious people out there, and certain policies and procedures should be in place to minimize the potential for animals to end up in the same bad situation they came from. However, look at the statements above, which were my experiences, too (and I was over 30 and a homeowner when I went to adopt, so not an irresponsible, transient kid): no single people. Someone has to be home *all the time* (does SAH parent never leave the house? Did they ask them who would be watching the dog when they took schnowflawke to story time?). Snarky comments about partying and inability to care for anything/rely on anyone if you’re not married and breeding. You don’t think that attitudes like that keep pets out of what would be good, loving homes, while other abandoned animals die in shelters?
        Fortunately, in my case, it didn’t mean that. It just meant I drove 500 miles to deal with someone with a lick of common sense. Who did ask me how I would evaluate a needed medical procedure, and was happy with a response of “chance of success and quality of life afterwards, balanced somewhat with cost, like a very expensive procedure that would only slightly prolong life.”

  • Rave: I have Diamond Club tickets to Nats home opener tomorrow afternoon! I hear the club was remodeled in the off season – cannot wait to check it out.
    Rant: The iffy weather for tomorrow’s game.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: people making things more complicated than they need to be.
    Rave: family friend gave new son the middle name Raygun.

  • That One Guy

    Rant: Aunt in NJ thought it was a good idea to try and set me up with some church friend’s daughter. Now I have a phone interview at 9:30 tonight with the PARENTS. Um…what???

    • What????

    • Is this the same woman she was trying to set you up with before? Or a different one?

    • That’s absurd. So absurd it is a fantastic opportunity to play a joke on your aunt. (I almost said “teach her a lesson,” but that’s a little strong.) You have the entire day to create and perfect an alternative persona for your interview. Since they are church friends, my first thought is to tell them you’re studying in your spare time to be a mohel. Go with whatever you like – but have fun with it!

    • What in the world?

    • binntp

      Wait, how old is this girl/woman? Is her last name Duggar? Why the hell would her parents be involved in screening potential dates?

      • “Why the hell would her parents be involved in screening potential dates?” That One Guy — Correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m assuming this is because your elderly aunt comes from a culture where (I think?) there’s more parental involvement in possible matchmaking for an adult child.
        Or is this over the top even by those standards?

        • I had the same impression as textdoc. Actually, I still have acquaintances whose parents very much want to do the matchmaking… one has just refused to date.

        • binntp

          Ah, OK. Then he should send them a copy of “Meet the Patels” 🙂

        • That One Guy

          Not having a strong cultural understanding myself, I do think it’s an underlying part of the societal construct of Asian families where elders feel entitled to meddle in the affairs of their children with way more freedom than western culture would approve of.

          • Yes, signed, a single, Asian woman in her mid 30’s

          • Oh my, thank god my wife’s grandparents aren’t like this. For awhile, I was a “friend” so they still asked if she had a boyfriend, but never tried to set her up on a date. That would have been…awkward.

    • Seems like you can 1) say “no, thanks” now and set the precedent, 2) say “no more, thanks” later and have everyone feel awkward that it went on for so long, or 3) just keep doing it however many times to humor everyone but yourself.

  • Rant: so tired.
    Rant: so much to do and so little time.
    Rave: just need to get to my super fun weekend.
    Rant: will need to come back from super fun weekend.
    Rave: booked a horse ride through part of Glacier National Park for this summer.
    Rant: I’m thinking I need a change, like a good size one.

  • Bear

    Rant: I mean, this goes without saying, but WTF is up with the weather? I had to pull my heavy coat out of storage, my lilac bushes are just about to bloom and they looked really sad this morning. The frost better not kill them!
    Double rant: My building thinks it’s spring and has the A/C on. I’m sitting in my office bundled up in my heavy coat, not getting anything done because my brain is frozen.

  • Has anyone visited Arches National Park / stayed in Moab, Utah? Looking to visit in September or early October but know very little about the area.

    • Andie302

      I went somewhat unwillingly on a family trip with my ex’s whole family (in May probably 4-5 years ago) and it was an amazing trip! We stayed in Moab and the town was completely friendly to tourists and catered to people visiting the parks. There was as much or as little hiking as you wanted and I found the parks to be really well set-up for tourists (many different small parking lots, frequent restrooms, clear signage, friendly rangers, etc.) We rented a house for the week and a car, and that was hugely helpful. We flew into SLC and drove out and back. Horseback riding was awesome, and so was the boat trip on the Colorado! Let me know if you have any specific questions. One of the craziest things we did was to loop back to town through the mountains one day after horseback riding. We were all in relatively lightweight clothes and an hour later we were on a snow-covered mountain with some gorgeous birch trees (and treacherous turns). It was a little touch and go with the driving, but having gotten safely out the other side I’m glad I got to experience it! I’m not sure if there will be any snow up there that early into the fall.

    • I stayed at the Gonzo Inn in Moab for a few days on vacation in May, great little hotel right in town and a short drive to Arches. I’d also recommend visiting Canyonlands, which is also nearby. It was my favorite out of all the Utah parks.

    • Hello! My husband and I stayed in Moab for our mini-moon in 2012 and it was so beautiful there! We went in mid-Sept., and the weather was great. We stayed at the Sorrel River Ranch, which was gorgeous and lovely, but about a 25-30 min. drive along the Colorado River from “downtown” Moab. (I think it is a great place to stay if you’re celebrating something; probably not worth the $ if you’re not, especially since you will be spending most of your time away from the hotel at the wonderful national parks, anyway.) We hadn’t done much research ahead of time (too busy with work & wedding planning!), but managed to easily fill a week with hikes at the national parks and some local spots that were recommended by the hotel. Have fun!

    • Arches is beautiful and right next to the town of Moab. It’s a cute, touristy town. More expensive than you’d think because it’s the only place to stay that’s anywhere near Arches. Make sure you have water with you at all times – it’s extremely dry out there!

  • Rant: money problems at the howard theatre again – the renovation and re-opening of the Howard has done so much to revitalize our community in shaw/ledroit, that I really hope management can get its act together (see wash post article on this topic “money problems and no-name acts…”
    Rave: super duper busy week at work, and finally got more than 5 hours of sleep last night. the world seems so much happier today.

  • Andie302

    Rant: Damn smart ads – Stop stalking me with all the things I might like to buy myself and others
    Rant: It’s the book club that will never happen!
    Rave: I’m really hoping we hire a candidate we met yesterday – a smart, motivated guy that would be an amazing edition to our staff.
    Rave: It’s nice to be able to tell PMF candidates that we support them in my organization!
    Rant: HR is a hot mess.
    Rave: I’m feeling more invested in my work than I have in a long time – which is a good thing because it’ll get busy for the rest of our fiscal year starting soon.
    Rant: Get warmer stupid weather

    • A browser like AdBlock may help your first rant.

    • Related raves: The postponement of the book club meeting means I can actually attend, and lo and behold, my library hold for the book (which I placed several weeks ago — supposedly I was #1 in the queue the whole time) has FINALLY come through.

    • That One Guy

      Clear your browser history and cookies upon exiting your web surfing. That should help with the smart ads.

    • Emmaleigh504

      I have the same problem with the traveling ads. Yes, I want those cute sandals! But I don’t need any sandals.

  • Rave: Went to the WONDER exhibit at the Renwick yesterday.
    Rave: Early HH at Black Squirrel, then to Millie & Al’s to give them a sendoff with some good friends
    Rant: Had to complain about a condo member at a condo board meeting tonight (complaints were officially filed weeks ago) about horribly inappropriate behaviour at a condo event. It was awkard, but…
    Rave: He wasn’t there to interrupt and be the obnoxious asshole per usual
    Rant: He did not resign, though.
    Rant: My crown that I just got last week popped off.
    Rave: They fit me in right away this morning and I should be good to go.
    Rave: Seeing one of my very favorite people who is in town while his gf is here for a conference — have not seen him in a few years, and never met the gf so I’m taking them to SEI for dinner.
    Rave: Boston tomorrow for a long weekend of helping at a music festival, seeing great friends, and meeting new people.
    Rant: My dad is going downhill dramatically. It’s scary.
    Rant: My stupid, stupid family for so many reasons.
    Question: Is it wrong to not want to continue having any sort of relationship with family members after this is all over? It’s not like they were super part of my life at any given time before…can I just stop making an effort after this?

    • Ooooooh, what was the inappropriate behavior?!?
      Living in a condo sounds simultaneously hellacious yet also immensely entertaining.

      • It’s like Poor Life Decision Theatre at my condo.

        He attended a recent condo event that I hosted (I’m the special events director) and the one rule management had (that was posted in big letters on signs at every door in that area) was that no alcohol could leave the room. So of course, he left the room with a giant cup filled to the top with red wine (that then sloshed all over his shirt).
        But that was after he made racially tinged comments and acted very um, touchy, with one female guest (she filed a complaint after leaving due to feeling uncomfortable) and then was yelling drunkenly at another board member and handling her food (taking it off her plate and then throwing it back down onto her plate).

    • Emmaleigh504

      I’m so sorry to hear about your dad.

    • I’m really sorry to hear about your dad and that your family is being difficult. To answer your question, no its not wrong. After a similar situation, I stopped communicating with all of my extended family except for one uncle and it has honestly made life much more peaceful. Its been a decade and no regrets. Take care of you!

  • Rant: Common office space woes. I am actually laughing at myself for ever thinking that having to listen to gospel music every day was worse that: the hourly cracking of knuckles/back/neck, loud gum chewing, constant corny jokes, constant “are you ok?” every time someone so much as coughs or sneezes (it’s allergy season!!), eaves dropping on conversations and then bring up information from said conversations at incredibly weird times, constant chatter from a VERY LOUD office mate, humming and whistling of Christmas Carols…. I just can’t anymore.
    Rave: Moving offices. I will soon have relief.

    • OMG I used to have a coworker that asked all the interns/younger people “Are you ok?” routinely in the morning. For NO REASON. And I think we were all just screaming (in our heads, not at the coworker) “I AM TIRED STOP ASKING ME.” Ugh.
      Also, Christmas carols? Hahahahahaha.

      • Yep. After I explained “Yes, New Guy, I’m just fine, I have allergies” about 5 times a days for three days, I finally just said please stop asking how I am, I AM FINE. He still asks me once a day and follows it now with “I get to ask once a day!”

    • Emmaleigh504

      ugh my officemate is cracking her knuckles right now.

      • I really want to make some snarky-ass comment about how he’s going to give himself arthritis. I swear, this is exactly how crochety old biddies are made.

  • Rant: I am ridiculously tired. More tired than I can ever remember being when I wasn’t working all hours of the day. No clue what’s wrong with me. I think I may need a vacation asap, but it’s so hard to take one. I need to feel more rested to be effective, but honestly think that if I don’t show up my work will go nowhere. We’re at a point in the year where every week counts. I care about my work, but need to not feel awful… can’t believe I’ve gotten this far along without having any clue how to balance this stuff and/or get over myself.

  • Rave: Appeared in a tribute video for my old boss, former Commerce Secretary and DNC Chair Ron Brown — along with Barack Obama and Bill Clinton. There were definitely people watching it who said “who the hell id THAT guy.”
    Rant: twenty years to the day yesterday since Ron’s crash, and the death of fifteen colleagues and a very close friend — Adam would have been a proud Popvillian, he was living on 11th Place in the early 90s. We lost a lot of bright, committed young people that day, as well as senior people who represented the best in career government service.
    Rant: Planned dinner collapsing under the weight of schedules and religion.
    Rave: Made dinner reservations at Tour d’Argent in Paris (though, not for the same night as the planned dinner).

  • Rant: So very tired. The little monster had the worst gas and was up (and screaming!) for a good portion of the evening.
    Rant: This weather is not conducive to daily walks. At least it is a bit warmer today. I need to get out of the house or I am going to go stir-crazy.
    Raves: Supportive partner and friends, coffee, afternoon naps, baby snuggles, and Netflix.

  • Rave: On our way to the RE monitoring appointment this morning, I changed the radio to the XM 90’s station. They were playing Ace of Base’s “All That She Wants.” I busted out laughing over that. The Other Mrs. Rabbit wasn’t quite as amused.
    Rave: Dinner with the bestie tonight followed by vacation tomorrow. Today is pretty awesome.

  • Rant: Is the moon in a weird phase? Is it the weather? Everyone around me is so irritable (including myself). Yesterday was so frustrating in the office as people dug in over the most ridiculous things. It was embarrassing and juvenile. I was annoyed with many and with myself.
    Rave: Working remotely today to recover. Glad I have the flexibility!
    Rave: Acupuncture this morning. Got to take a 45-minute nap.

  • Rant: I hate my job. I hate my job. I hate my job.
    Rave: Last day of commuting for the week!
    Rave: I’m overachieving on my fitness challenge! 8,900/10,000 kettlebell swings down, 1,100 to go by 4/15. Might see if I can go for 15,000!
    Rant: This weather is some bullshit.
    Rave: Going to see DURAN DURAN on Friday with my sisters and high school bestie and I am high-school-junior levels of excited!

  • Rant: 40 weeks today and no sign of baby! URGH.
    Rave: it’s sunny! (in seattle). It’s warm! I get to have the wine that we brought back from Spanish vacation soon and it will be the best!!!
    Rave: still working and making dollar signs. I told myself any day I work past my due date is funny money and we get to blow it any way we want to. 🙂

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