It is Time for The Definitive List of DC Business Names with an & in their name

Photo by PoPville flickr user nevermindtheend

News and comments about Yard & Toast coming to Shaw has necessitated a definitive list for District businesses with an & in their name. Who are we missing?

Ivy & Coney
Buffalo & Bergen
Elephant & Castle
Jug & Table
Fire & Sage
Salt & Pepper
Fig & Olive
Stanton & Greene
Meats & Foods
The Pub & The People
Crane & Turtle
Cotton & Reed Distillery
Mason & Rook
Salt & Sundry

Bread & Salt
Horace & Dickie’s
Lost & Found
Dram & Grain
Cloak & Dagger
Star & Shamrock
Kramerbooks & Afterwords
Tap & Parlour
Politics & Prose
Bakers & Baristas

Busboys and Poets

And way ahead of their time… Mille & Als. RIP

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