7th Sign of Spring: If You See a Bee Swarm Don’t Panic, It’s a Good Thing – Call the DC Beekeepers


Our annual reminder from the DC Beekeepers:

“Spring is here and honeybees sometimes go searching for new homes. They (and we) could really use your help. If you see a swarm of bees, please call or text (202) 255-4318 or email [email protected] and and a team of DC beekeepers will spring into action to give house-searching honeybees the home they are looking for! Insecticides will not take care of your situation, but we can.”


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  • Or, if it’s on your own private property, you can leave them there 🙂 I had a colony one year in my backyard, and my flowers have never looked better! They staked out one little spot and I left them alone there.

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