“I guess city possums don’t mind loud 90’s hip-hop at 7am?”


“Dear PoPville,

We live in Shaw and take care of an indoor/outdoor cat. We found this plump old possum occupying the cathouse when I went to wake up my cat this morning. He looked pretty comfortable and didn’t give up the warm new digs very easily. Animal Control suggested we scare him off with loud music. It just seemed lull him back to sleep though. I guess city possums don’t mind loud 90’s hip-hop at 7am?

hahaha awesome. Of note: I didn’t know cathouses were a real thing. Two, these thing terrify me. I’m heading to the Tiki Bar stat!!

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  • I’m no possumologist, but that little guy doesn’t look old to me at all. Let him hang out. If your cat deserves the house, he’ll win it back.

    • If you go this route, buy pet insurance. Possums are mean and I don’t know how battle-ready your cat is.

      • Possums, the kind that live in NZ and Australia, are mean. Opossums are not at all mean, they just look terrifying.

        • I don’t know, the one that lives in my parents’ Florida backyard is quite a jerk. I hear him fighting with the outside feral cats all the time.

        • They’ve got sharp claws and can be aggressive. Growing up I had a cat that had a few run-ins with the neighborhood possum, though in retrospect the cat could have been the true jerk in that situation. You’re right, though, they’re not universally mean. They’re not swans.

          • Yeah, I’m sure they can be mean when they really really need to be, and I’m sure there are a few opossums that are born assholes, but I think for the most part they just look scary and don’t exactly go around picking fights with other creatures!

          • My law school’s mascot was the Fighting Swan — Go Swans!

    • Also, set up a web cam.

    • no possumologist here, either; but i’m from a rural area and pretty familiar with them. i agree that this little one looks young. i’d let him stay there with the chilly weather today and tonight and then run him off. or let your cat do it for you.
      possums aren’t that pretty and can be mean, but they are FASCINATING!!

  • samanda_bynes

    what a babe

  • How about your neighbors did they mind?

  • Surprised you didn’t link to the Terrifying Possum post from a few months ago.

  • Usually I think of possums as gross and half bald but this one is kind of cute!

  • I think a city possum would be used to loud 90’s hip hop at 7am!

  • Urban rodents! The old 9:30 Club had entire generations of rats who were raised right on top of the speaker system. They would sit on the pipes during concerts and watch the crowd. You could reach up and grab their tail if you wanted to.

  • Is he ok? Looks like he could be sick. (any people familiar with possums, feel free to chime in)

    • He was fine. He was just warm and cozy and scared (I think they do played dead when scared). I scooped him out with our snow shovel and he waddled off down the alley across the street. I felt badly for kicking him out. He was kind of cute when he wasn’t snarling and hissing.

    • Yeah he looks kind of pale and flushed, though he could be huddled up to the wall in an attempt to block the wind.

  • but did the op just get new glasses? maybe its been a possum all along?
    just sayin’

  • Opossums are not pretty, but some of my best friends aren’t exactly pretty either. They (opossums, not the friends) are fascinating animals. They’re marsupials – the only ones in North America. They have prehensile tails. Learn more about them and you’ll come to admire them.

  • So many questions! What is a cat bed? Is it just a winter thing? Why do you need to wake up your cat? And…where was your cat this morning? (I have only had indoor cats).

  • I Dont Get It

    My Possum only listens to baby boomer music since that era had the best music.

  • Gross. Everytime I see one of these things in my alley they’re always sickly looking- unless that’s just how they are. Heck I used to think raccoons were cute in teddy bear form until I saw one in real life.

  • Boy, is that ever a “no coffee, no workee” face.

  • I think it looks kind of young and is cute. I used to dislike opossums because my dog thinks all little animals and birds are her personal toys and go after them and the opossums would usually fight her back or quickly play dead and skidaddle after the coast was clear. I now like them a lot more after learning that they eat mice and rats.

  • I’d leave the little guy alone 🙂 He isn’t hurting anything, and he’ll wander away when it gets dark (but they’re nocturnal, so ntohing you do will make him move if it’s daylight out). I had one for several months last year that slept during the day in my recycling bin, but he always left at night. I didn’t mind him, so I left it alone, but some of the neighbors mentioned that when presumably the same little guy previously took up daytime residence in their recycle bins, they just started turning them upside down when he left at night for a few nights, and he eventually picked a new home.

  • Opossums, like Marco Rubio, like EDM. You should try that to coax him out of his slumber.

    I have a pair that like to hang out on top of my fence at night. Even though they are there a lot, they never fail to scare the shit out of me. They are pretty cute though.

  • “Wake n Bake” probably wasn’t the best choice in this situation.

  • If you could get the cat to make friends with the possum, you could monetize the hell out of that. Interspecies snuggle shots, videos of them playing together in the snow, then t-shirts, lunchboxes, a meme empire…
    “This possum just wanted to get out of the cold. You won’t believe what happened next!”

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