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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • maxwell smart

    3rd day in a row without bus service, despite WMATA claiming that service had been restored. I now have the customer complaint number on speed dial and getting used to my morning routine of standing around for 30 minutes waiting for a ghost bus, calling WMATA and yelling at customer service, and then trekking a mile down icy sidewalks to take a much slower bus. I really hate this city.

    • What bus/where are you trying to catch it?

      • maxwell smart

        E4 East @ McKinley and 32nd Street. Usually take E across the park to S on 16th to get downtown.

        • That bus has been on snow detour. http://www.wmata.com/getting_around/snow_maps_2014/maps/E4_Snow_Detour.pdf

          It should have been running on its regular route today, though.

          • maxwell smart

            Yes. On Wednesday it was on detour. I waited at the detour stop for an hour and it never showed up. On Thursday, WMATA said there _might_ be a detour for all buses on light snow, but then did not specify that E was on detour – other routes were indicated they were, but not E. Today should be no detour. And no bus. I have called WMATA 3 days in a row to complain. Frankly there is no reason to be on detour – we were one of the first neighborhoods to get plowed. The street has been clear for days.

          • maxwell smart

            It’s bad enough that they stopped running the E2 sometime last year. There are few options to get across the park.

        • I will say that the past 3 days I have seen the E buses running both directions on Kennedy Street (my daughter goes to a daycare there and loves to wave at the buses). However, that isn’t saying that they are running normal routes and are up on McKinley; that I can’t be sure of. They are running though.

          • maxwell smart

            I’m guessing they decided to run the detour but not actually post this information on their website, which is typical for WMATA.

    • maxwell smart

      To follow-up: Looking for recommendations for winter cycling gear. I swore of metro rail 3 years ago and after this week dealing with the buses, it’s become clear WMATA is no longer a viable means of transit in this city. I usually wait until March/April to start biking, but this is too much – when I take public transit I get to work in a foul mood. WMATA is making me a horrible person.

  • binntp

    Rant: Yellow line still not going past Mt Vernon during rush hour. What’s the problem, WMATA?
    ?: Fellow runners: looking to do a long run this weekend, and wondering if anyone has intel on whether certain places are clear: Beach Drive? Hains Point? Paths along the Mall & RCP? Don’t have Yaktrax and am too cautious to run on a lot of slush.

  • Pablo Raw

    Rave: I’m not a fan of cars or even want to have one, but I went to the car show and it was interesting. My favorite were the 2 people mini cars, very futuristic looking.
    Rave: I’ve had time to evaluate some aspects of my life that have not been functioning well, now I’m trying again to find success on those areas.

  • Aglets

    Ok, folks. This ownership of your parking space has to stop. Yesterday at work (I work in ward 5, park on an unzoned street) a woman came in and demanded I move, so because i’m a nice person, I did. When I went to my car, she was idling in a space ACROSS THE STREET from the spot she wanted me to move from. Ridiculous. The amount of walking she had to do to find be because she didn’t want to talk across a street was ridiculous.

    • You are much nicer than I am. I would have told her to shove it. Also, how did she know it was your car? People with too much entitlement.

      • Aglets

        she came in asking if anyone drove a ford focus and i said i do and my stomach lurched because there’ve been a lot of hit & runs on the street lately (even before the snow)
        I don’t feel like being a cunt and i knew there would be other spots so i moved it.
        it was the fact she was *idling across the street* that did make me wish death upon her tho

  • Hivemind: Is there anywhere that I can buy fresh cheese curds in the metro DC area (the kind that squeak when you eat them)? I’ve been challenged to make homemade poutine, and while I know there are recipes to make homemade curds, I just don’t have the time to make that happen.

    Rave: it is Friday!
    Working tomorrow for a while, then I have an afternoon date. Fun!
    Finally got in for a badly needed cut/color next month. Prices went up but I like my colorist and stylist, so I’m not ready to quit going to them yet.

    • Do you have (access to) a car? They would probably have them at the PA Dutch Farmers’ Markets in the burbs–there are ones in Gaithersburg and Annapolis, and I also want to say Laurel and Upper Marlboro. Plus some in the Baltimore area–depending on which one you choose, you could make a fun day of the trip.

      • That sounds fun. I’ll see if I can go on a road trip to the Amish market in PA — I have heard great things about it!

    • I’ve seen curds for sale at Smucker Farms on 14th north of U and at Cork Wine market further south on U. That said, it will take far less time and effort to just make them….lemon juice + milk + strainer = curds!

      • I will look there, too. I saw a recipe that looked way more intimidating than that.

        • You’ll see a lot of recipes that use rennet and cultures to make curds, but all you need is lemon juice (i.e. acid) to curdle the milk and separate the curds from the whey. Then you use a fine strainer or cheese cloth to gather up the curds and drain out the excess liquid. Google “lemon juice cheese curds”…it’s a 10 minute operation and tastes delicious in poutine.
          Also, if you’re in really concerned about making it yourself and can’t find pre-made curds…an easy way to make psuedo-poutine and also piss off Wisconsinites is to substitute Indian paneer. Most people won’t know the difference.

          • Well, I’m from Wisconsin so I can’t do pseudo-paneer. I will hate myself.

            I put in an inquiry to Smuckers to see if they have them, and in the meantime, I’ll try the lemon juice cheese curd method. The other recipes all did ask for rennet and cultures.

          • Smucker’s has cheese curds! Thank you!!!

    • Further rave: Last week Wednesday, I had a really scary, road to nowhere ride on Lyft (when the streets were an ice rink). I complained to Lyft about it, and they just responded, and said that although it is against their policy to issue refunds, based on what happened, I’m getting $40 back! Yay!

    • try sona creamery near eastern market. not sure how squeaky they are though πŸ™‚

  • ?: 7th snow day in a row. This is getting ridiculous
    Revel: spent day 6 at the crappy rink in downtown Silver Spring. I don’t love the rink but it was flattering to see the 8 year old boys impressed with my backwards skating. That definitely wouldn’t have been the case at any large ice arena.
    ?: our field trip for Monday will go on as scheduled but the permission slips went out on the last day we had school so I haven’t gotten any back. Today I have to call all the parents.
    Revel: I’ll get to practice my Spanish!

  • Quotia Zelda

    Rave: Friday!
    Rave: Doing research for my trip to Sweden with Emily.
    Rant: A week will not be enough!

  • Rave: Bus finally running again!
    Rave: Meaning that I could bus directly to my desired Metro line rather than having to transfer at Gallery Place (also known as the 10th Circle of Hell)
    Bonus Rave: forgot how pleasant it is to have the driver say “Good morning” and “Have a nice day”!

    • “Gallery Place (also known as the 10th Circle of Hell)” I absolutely agree. I will do anything to avoid transferring there.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rave: Back in the office!
    Rant: not enough work to go around.
    Rave: don’t much care! πŸ™‚

  • Query for Dunkin’ Donuts patrons: Does Dunkin’ Donuts have a product similar to the Starbucks frappuccino or McDonald’s frappΓ©? If so, how does it compare?
    Rant: My Metro train was unusually crowded, given the late hour (still within rush hour fare-wise, but usually not very crowded). I wonder whether they’re not running at regular rush hour headways yet.

    • anonymouse_dianne

      I have seen ads in the metro for frappe and macchiato I have had D&D ice coffee and it was quite good..

    • Boyfriend really likes the hot Dunkachino… I assume the frozen ones would be equivalently good.

      • I drank so many dunkachinos in high school! They’re were like my gateway drug to Starbucks. I’ve found that the frozen ones have more of a slushy/icy consistency, while Starbucks frappuccinos are creamier.

      • I Dont Get It

        Seriously, Dunkachinos? I miss out on so much not drinking coffee!

      • Thanks for the feedback! I will be trying a cold Dunkachino in the near future. πŸ™‚

    • Belated rant: I forget to mention that Visiting Family Member is supposedly returning to my house on Monday.
      Supposedly for only one day. *fingers crossed*

  • Rave: Friday, Friday, everybody’s looking forward to the weekend, weekend
    Rant: My response to a long period of stress at work is the now entrenched bad habit of pouring a drink as soon as I get home. I need to find a healthier habit to unwind.

    • That One Guy

      Take time to decompress between getting off work and arriving at home. Maybe take the long way home which requires you to walk a little more.

      • This always helps me. If I can add a ten minute walk onto any end of my commute and just listen to a favorite podcast, it helps me deal with stress and anxiety a little more. Less wine, more podcasts!

    • saf

      I pour a seltzer when I get home. No drinks until after that.

  • Rant: The cold that I’ve been fighting all week seems to be winning. I am now a voiceless wonder.
    Rave: I’m totally loving my new single pearl necklace. It has the elegance of pearls without the weight.
    Rant: Dealing with anxiety today. Gah.
    Rave: So far it looks like the other Mrs. Rabbit will not have to work this weekend! It’s been quite some time since we’ve had a weekend where she didn’t have a scheduled maintenance window or a work emergency pop up. Crossing my fingers that we get a quiet weekend together.

  • Rave: First day in a while where I can decompress. This week has flown by!

    Rave/Rant I am in a unique situation in regards to voting registration. My MD ID expires in April and I will switch over to a DC ID. Or license. I may suck it up and learn how to drive. Anyway, obviously I will have to register to vote. Normally I register as an independant, but this year I’m actually considering registering Democrat so i can vote in the primaries. I’ve never liked the idea of affiliating with either major party, and I’m not sure how far my vote will go in DC. On the one hand I will vote for whoever gets the nomination. But I’m really leaning towards Hilary and want to do my part.

  • Rant: I’ve had to come into work every day this week, which is annoying. I do admin in a hospital, so while my office is essential, my particular job is NOT. I probably could’ve done more work at home all week! Also had to watch my government-employed boyfriend sleep in every day!

    Rave: Had an after-work outing with some coworkers last night at Buffalo Billiards, and it was a lot of fun (even though EVERYONE is at least twenty years older)! Don’t like my job but work w/awesome peeps.

    Rant: Speaking of coworkers…another one posted something on my Facebook wall that was relatively offensive, not just to me but was putting down our entire department. Literally told me to “deal with it”. Boss found out (I couldn’t keep my mouth shut and he walked in while I was venting) and now wants to report it to HR. Stupid social media.

    • Your coworker is an idiot. 1. For posting stupid shit on your facebook, and 2. For trashing your company on social media. Cause most major businesses do monitor thier staffs social media. Even if your boss didn’t hear you venting they could’ve found out by looking at your page. Many businesses have strict policy in regards to what is discussed about the company on social media.

    • That is not your fault, that is your coworker’s fault entirely.

    • IMO, it’s better not to be Facebook friends with your coworkers until you or they have left for another job.

  • Rave: a normal-ish day! Not that I relish getting up at 6:45, but the this snowstorm has been a bit disorienting for this routine-appreciating person.
    Rave? Furnace turned on & seemed to operate fine when repair folks came by to check it out. Not sure why the blower motor suddenly started working again when it sounded like it was dying and then stopped working. Perhaps we can indeed put off replacing it until Carrier institutes the rebate?
    Rant: Just noticed that the heel of one of my ballet flats is broken. Perhaps it can be repaired?

  • Any ambitious sewers out there? (I know there were a few go-rounds for a sewing club.) I’m doing a New Years & trip planning closet purge and decided it’s time for my vintage wool (camel hair? Cashmere) long coat to go on to a new life. There are some tiny holes near the shoulder, but there is plenty of beautiful fabric to be re-made into a coat or jacket.

    Also, I have an 1880’s silk/satin wedding dress to give away. Totally beyond restoration, but would be excellent for historical pattern-making, and some bits could be re-used. (Little silk rosettes.)

  • Rave: Yesterday my Capital Bikeshare station in my neighborhood was closed – despite the snow being shoveled away. A quick photo and email and a few hours later- station reopened.
    Rave: Back to biking to metro in the morning and saving 20 minutes from sitting on a crowded bus stuck in traffic.

  • Rave: Enjoying this semester’s classes so much more than last semester’s course load.
    Rave: House sitting has been so nice. They have a dream kitchen and I’ve been able to sample a lot of the Williams Sonoma stuff on our wedding registry.
    Rave: Caught up on Popville late last night and enjoyed reading the perspectives on moving in together after 6 months. I broke all the “rules” (we moved in together after 9 months of dating– all long distance– when I was 22) but 3 years later we are happily engaged. Couldn’t agree more with discussing a contingency planning, finding a new place together, coming up with a finance plan, and splitting chores. But I do think you have to take a chance in relationships sometimes and overthinking isn’t always a good thing. Good luck!

    • Thanks! I had a good talk with SO (one of many over the next few months before the move) and it put me at ease. He’s been thinking of a lot of the same topics and is making big efforts to make me feel comfortable with it all. Hurrah for taking risks!

    • Question: Can I register to vote/get a new license in VA while I don’t physically live there the majority of the time? My permanent mailing address is in VA (I’m there on breaks) and my current ID is from DC but I plan to be in NY after graduation. Do I have to register in MI or will VA work? I appreciate any insight.

      • I just updated my voter registration online earlier this morning in VA (https://elections.virginia.gov/citizen-portal/) and I think I remember an option on there for not currently living in VA but your primary address being VA. Go log in and check it out!

      • binntp

        I don’t know about the license, but you can definitely keep the voter registration active in VA using the mailing address. I did so when in grad school in another state and when living overseas, because I valued being able to vote in a swing state!

  • Rant: my boss is not pleased with the choice I made in preparation for a meeting. We use a web meeting tool and there are tradeoffs involved. I think it would have gone badly had we done it the other way and I don’t think it was that bad the way we did it. You can lead conference call attendees to the mute button, but you can’t make them push it.
    Rave: Peanut butter, banana, oatmeal smoothies. God I live PB.
    Rave: ski weekend with friends. I only worked 1.5 days this week, but I feel like crap about how yesterday went down (migraine, couldn’t come in to set up my and run my meeting, coworker apparently had an emergency, didn’t tell anyone, it all got dumped on my boss), so it’ll be a nice way to unwind.
    Question: my dog sitter is staying over at my house, does anyone have any tips on how to prepare/make it a good stay for her?

    • That smoothie sounds amazing. I keep meaning to try making smoothies, but have yet to do so. Should be a simple thing to make, right?

      • Yeah, it’s pretty easy. I use a single serving blender and because you turn it upside down to blend, the trick is to put the milk and yogurt in first, then banana and oats, then the stick PB last. If you put the PB in first it’ll never blend.

    • I’m currently pet/house sitting at someone’s house. I was grateful to arrive to a typed up list of contact numbers, instructions, random information about the house PLUS a bottle of wine. πŸ™‚

      Wrapped hotel soap in the bathroom on top of a pile of clean towels was also a nice touch.

  • Rave: Much needed date night out for drinks and to see The Glass Menagerie.
    Rave: Quick weekend trip to see friends and family and do a winter beer fest.
    ?: Asked my GP for a referral to a therapist and she referred me to someone who specializes in gender identity and gender transition therapy. Thought about it for a while figured out that and my insurance incorrectly lists me as a male and I had asked for someone who focuses on women’s issues/hormone imbalance. I’m glad I figure it out before the first appointment or else we would have both been very confused! Glad they have a network/support system in place for those who do need it!

    • That One Guy

      That you have made for a very funny/awkward first therapy session.

    • Haha glad you figured it out! My husband’s license incorrectly listed him as “F” for a while before he finally noticed and had it changed.

      • I’ve been trying to get it changed for months now! Every time I call they say they’ll take care of it but then no one ever changes it (which is going to be a problem when my annual ob/gyn visit rolls around…). I guess it doesn’t help that no one can tell I’m a woman just by looking at my name.

  • Question: Does anyone know how much getting a walk-in closet designed and installed usually costs? I was quoted ~$2300, but have no idea whether this is high, low, or average. Should I keep shopping around?

    Rave: After a short week, I have another two days off next week. I’m looking forward to all the cheesy day time TV I normally miss out on.

    • Do you mean with shelves and rods? Container Store is still having a mega Elfa sale.

      • Shelves, rods, and drawers. I haven’t checked out the Container Store yet, mainly because I don’t want wire.

        • They have wood shelves and mesh drawers, which is like super small mesh and looks much more updated. I put one together for my utility closet and I love it.
          I installed it myself in a few hours. A walk in closet would take longer, but it’s doable. I suggest at least checking it out. There are lots of accessories too, I love the valet rod.

        • anonymouse_dianne

          Container Store reimagined my reach in closed with white birch shelves and mesh baskets. I loved it and am sure it helped sell the unit when I put it on the market.

          • Thanks for the suggestion! I’ll check them out. I really did just think they were all wire and mesh, but, seems like they might have other options. Do they come out and design, or would I have to take the measurements myself? My closet is a very odd shape.

    • I had my reach-in (that is, not walk-in) closet done last summer and it cost $1200 for the whole thing (design, materials, installation), so $2300 sounds about right. I used Capitol Closet design and they process was very easy.

      • That’s very good to know. I thought it sounded like a good price, but, that’s probably because, in my head it was going to cost $5000. I had no sense of what it should actually cost.

  • Rant: Ortho thinks I might have arthritis in my back. Huh?
    Rave: If the prescription that he gave me helps, then arthritis it is. Side effects are the same as taking advil daily – so I guess it could be a lot worse.
    Rant: but I’m sort of hoping it doesn’t work because I don’t want arthritis. That’s pretty non-sensical, huh? It’s almost as if I don’t want the title, but if the treatment helps then I’ll gladly take it.
    Rant: Very off today and can’t tell whether it’s this diagnosis or something else. I want to punch all the faces. The dude in the elevator that was eating pork rinds almost got a talking to – and I never do that to ANYONE.

    • Bear

      How did the ortho diagnose it? X-rays? What did he prescribe? I developed arthritis in my lower back/spine in my late 20s and have been on diclofenac for it ever since. It’s kept it in check, and I’m even taking less of it now than I did right after I was diagnosed. I get where you’re coming from though – I was pretty pissed to learn at 27 that I had arthritis. But the meds really do help!

      • i swear by diclofenac for my weird back “flare ups” (not really sure exactly what they are, technically).

      • He diagnosed it after reviewing my xrays and symptoms. The prescription is for meloxicam, which sounds similar to diclofenac after a quick search. Glad to know that a simple pill is really helping! I’m certainly going to give it a shot! Thanks

  • Rave: It’s Friday! I’m planning on sleeping a lot this weekend.
    Rave: Have some friends from out of state coming into town for an event, so I should get some time to catch up with them, that’ll be fun!
    Rant: These stories of rampaging youth at the Metro reminded me of an encounter I witnessed on Tuesday evening, where two teens had been stopped by two cops – for what, i don’t know – and the older youth was screaming obscenities at the cop as he walked away, talking about “Remember my name! Look me up! I’m wanted for attempted murder!” This type of nonsense is what is going to make me lose my mind. I hate the youth – all the youth everywhere. They suck. I realize that is a broad statement and I sound like I’m 80 years old but honestly I’m not feeling a lot of empathy right now. I’m in a foul mood and I loathe the youth of this town.
    Neither: I’m going to do some work this weekend to come to a better place emotionally/mentally etc so that I don’t walk around hating everyone.

  • Sprung wrist is getting both better and worse. The weakness/ numbness is better, but now my whole damn arm, all the way up to my shoulder/neck, is sore. I’m such a pansy.

    • WDC, have you been to a doctor/urgent care yet about the wrist?

      • Nope. I feel like this is just part of being old and clumsy. Have you see the Louis CK bit “Incurable Shitty Ankle”? I think that’s where I am. πŸ™

        • Just do it. If anything for presence of mind. I’m pretty clumsy myself and would see a doctor if I was still feeling symptoms the next day.

        • Please go to the doctor/urgent care, wdc!
          Even if the injury itself is “just part of being old and clumsy,” that doesn’t mean you have to suffer through maximum pain while it’s healing. And if it’s sprained/broken, doesn’t it need to be professionally wrapped to heal properly?

          • Probably tomorrow. The urgent care model is hard for days like today, when I have things to do and places to be, and can’t risk being tied up for 2+ hours.
            (But seriously, watch the shitty ankle bit. It rings so true…)

  • Rave: Finally booked a weekend getaway after lots of waffling. We’ll be going to Charleston, SC from Feb 20-23. Anyone been before and have any suggestions of what to see/eat?
    Rant: Plane tickets on American. Classic it’s listed as a cheaper price but when you go to select seats there’s none available except seats you must pay extra for. Since we didn’t want to risk booking without seats we shelled out the extra $20. But arg, it’s the principle!
    Rave: I love the muscle soreness that comes with a good workout! I know, it’s weird.

    • Ugh, this happened to me on Jetblue recently. So annoying! Hope you have a wonderful trip! I’ve never been to Charleston but I’ve heard great things.

    • Quotia Zelda

      Husk! Best cornbread I’ve ever put in my mouth. (and I’m southern, so I’ve eaten a lot of cornbread in my life)

    • Charleston has a pretty thriving high end restaurant scene, but we didn’t make to it any of those. I would recommend Glazed for donuts and Martha Lou’s for casual fried chicken. If you go to Martha Lou’s, the lima beans are amazing. I don’t even like lima beans, but these were delicious.
      I would also recommend renting bikes and riding around if you’re able. It’s very doable and it’s a great way to see the city. Fort Sumter was interesting if you’re into that sort of thing.

    • I grew up in SC and love charleston, was just there after Christmas.
      Hominy Grill (shrimp and grits), Bertha’s kitchen (fried chicken–our server at Hominy grill said it’s “slap yo mamma good” ),Bowen’s Island, Callie’s hot little biscuit, xiao bao biscuit

    • (If you’re still checking this) The Post’s Tom Sietsema did a lengthy pice on Charleston as part of his “best food cities in America” series. I don’t love him, but it’s probably a good place to start. http://www.washingtonpost.com/sf/style/2015/04/07/the-search-for-americas-best-food-cities-charleston-s-c/

    • I Dont Get It

      Look for the Post’s Tom Sietsema’s series on top food cities. He has all sorts of info on the Charleston food scene.

  • Bear

    Rant: Why is it only 11:20?
    Rave: Fun things planned for this weekend…going to see about maybe adopting a pup!

  • Rant: Former co-worker’s sloppiness has caused me to waste days of work in my new position reviewing and looking for his errors. Every time I politely asked him to correct one error he’d create a new one in the process. He gave me serious attitude when I asked him for the umpteenth time and blatantly didn’t correct the most recent one and still doesn’t realize how he caused it. I tried to be nice throughout the whole thing because of the awkwardness of being a former co-worker, but I’m at my wit’s end and trying to not to go off on him.
    Rant: That I’m ranting on here.

  • Rant/Rave – Trying to figure out if a gym membership is worth the money. I’ve never been a member of any gym before and it seems like a such a big, expensive commitment.
    Rant – I’m sad the snowing is melting.
    Rave – Relatively normal, drama-free commute this morning.

    • Sometimes they are not as expensive as you think–especially in January when they often waive enrollment fees and have deals for new years resolution folks. Sure, if you want a fancy gym full of amenities they will be pricey. That’s never been me though. While not inexpensive, at the YMCA before it closed I paid $64/mth and now I’m at Balance and pay $74 but only because I wanted access to multiple locations. FWIW, Washington Sports Club was cheaper when I looked into them, they were just less convenient for me. Oftentimes you can get a discount depending on your health insurance plan too. If you use it like 3 times a week, I think it’s a worthwhile expense. I belong to a gym because I like taking classes–I work out harder when I’m with a group of peers. If I was just into running, I wouldn’t join a gym. You should see if you can do one of those free week long trial memberships they usually allow before signing up.

    • It probably depends on how much you plan on using the membership. Do you intend to go a few times a week? Then I think its totally worth it.

    • I figure that if there’s something worth spending money on, it’s my health. And it might even save me some money down the road in medical bills (though of course that’s impossible to quantify and doesn’t help with fitting the expense into your monthly budget today).

    • if you’re unsure on a gym membership, try to find a place that doesn’t have a contract / minimum commitment. that way, if you decide to stop or unable to continue going, you’re not shelling out 50-100$/month or paying a large fee to break the contract/commitment. i believe washington sports club is one that does not require a contract (though the monthly cost may be a little higher as a result).

      • The gym most convenient to me is $100/month with no month to month options, sadly. I know there are cheaper options out there, but they are too far and I know I won’t go as often. It doesn’t help that this gym is running a January sale which ends this weekend… so the pressure is on to join.

  • That One Guy

    Is it time to carry a bat or other personal protection device while riding the metro? I ask only half jokingly.
    Where does one go for yakitori or okinomiyaki in DC?
    Have a case of butter fingers. Burnt a knuckle this morning and now scolded myself with hot water. Argh.

    • Oh man. I don’t have an answer for you (really wish I did because I would be there right now) but now I have a SERIOUS craving for okonimiyaki! I know Manekineko in Falls Church serves them but I’ve never been so I don’t know how good they are. A friend who I grew up with in Japan loves them though so I’m assuming they’re pretty authentic.

  • I Dont Get It

    Rave: I was a little nervous about a meeting today where I was I was to present a list of issues on this *surprise* project. I was expecting a major β€œShoot the Messenger” reaction but everyone was very supportive for once!
    Rant: I forgot to put out my bags and bags of trash last night and then heard trash being picked up at its usual time around 8:00 am ish this morning. Drats! And Rats!

  • Rave: Love working from home, snow days rock!
    Rave: Saw my first plow since moving back to the District. Also saw truckloads of snow being hauled away at the end of the week. Clean up is now underway.
    Rant: Shoveling, harder than I remembered. Lot of aches & pains.
    Revel: It’s the weekend (spins around and around with glee)

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