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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rant: WMATA’s snow routes! I wanted to take the 63 to the Petworth metro, but the guides on the WMATA site said that they bus might be going down 3rd instead of 5th and, if they were going down 3rd, you just needed to flag down a bus since there are no bus stops on 3rd. WTF?
    Rant: I’ve had two tumbles in the last day- one where my cart tipped over at Annie’s and scraped my leg and one slipping on ice this morning. My knees/legs are aching.

    • I tumbled twice last night… ugh the ice!

    • I’m not sure I understand your “WTF?” – would you expect DDOT to put up temporary bus stops in a matter of hours?

      • If WMATA’s snow plan includes shifting a bus route to a different street, they should also plan where the stops will be along the alternate street when the plan is activated. No one said anything about putting up temporary bus stops, and no rational person would have inferred that from the original comment.

        • I guess we disagree. The snow plan seems extremely reasonable to me – I can’t rational imagine folks having any trouble flagging down a bus without some predefined pickup points, much less complaining about it online. Do you really expect the bus driver to remember where to stop along an unmarked route they take maybe twice per year? Wouldn’t you rather they focus on safely navigating the unfamiliar roads?

          • * can’t imagine rational folks …

          • I’m very rational, thanks. The snow route is parallel to the regular route, so I would guess that they should just stop at the same alphabetical streets. I would think it would be more distracting for a bus driver to have to look out for people waving on the corner than to look at a street sign. Also, part of my complaint is that they don’t tell you for sure if it’s going to be running down the alternate route, so you need to guess if you should go to 5th or 3rd.

          • Equidistance – I used to use the 63 to commute, and IIRC from last year and the year before last, when it did detour down 3rd, it was only during the worst of the worst, and the buses still picked up on the normal, named/numbered streets. It’s goo practice to give a polite wave to the driver if you are waiting, but by no means are you running down the street flagging buses. They get back to 5th street as soon as it’s plowed, which is pretty quick.
            Also, shout out to the 63 drivers. I’ve always had the best experiences on that bus line, from waiting for me an my little ducky-line of kids to get on/off, being incredibly courteous, and especially the driver who once saw me running down the hill on Irving Street one particularly snowy day and waited for me.

  • Quotia Zelda

    Rant: It took Eldest Zelda a hour to drive her normal 15-minute route home from work last night. I was worried the whole time. She’s a good driver, but she has very little experience in the snow.
    Rave: She got home safe.
    Rave: The house is provisioned.
    Rant: Metro did a crappy (read: nonexistent) job of treating their parking lot and sidewalks at my station.

    • Glad the eldest got home safe. If there is still snow on the ground tonight, it may be a good time to take her out to the ‘burbs to a large parking lot that hasn’t been 100% cleared and just have her drive around on the slick roads for a while to get used to doing it. That way she gains experience without having to do it on the roads with a lot of other cars around. And if you’re both off tomorrow, I’d suggest going out with her for a bit right when it starts snowing for the same reason. Get home before it gets too bad, but get her some experience before she really needs it.

      • that’s a great idea (should you/she have time), I wish I had more confidence with snow driving. Start em young!

  • Rave: Missed most of the hell commute yesterday. I left work at 5, and spent the seeing a play by my house.

    Rant: I slipped and fell walking home. My shoulder hurts. At least I didn’t break anything.

    • Clueless

      Rant: projects at work are piling up and starting to get overwhelmed
      Rave: boss says I can leave the office once the first snowflake hits tomorrow
      Rant: rather just have boss deem tomorrow as a snow/tele-work day
      Rave: received a $10 CVS coupon – perfect time to stock up!

      • Clueless

        Rant: whoops – thought I started a new thread! So clueless.

        • I got a 25% off coupon at CVS this morning… half an hour after I bought batteries and a few other things. They’ve sent me coupons right after purchases before, too, so they must do it on purpose. Whyyyy. I hope you can actually use yours!

          • Clueless

            These coupons are like drugs – can’t stop using them. Maybe I’ll indulge in buying some Essie/OP nail polishes (so expensive…but now I have this coupon!).

  • Rant: had to stay past midnight for work!
    Rave: I got to expense and uber back home and I missed the brunt of the commuting hell
    Rant: Still had to come in early today too.
    Rave: Going to make million dollar chicken this weekend.

    • What is million dollar chicken? Sounds tempting…

      • It’s a recipe from the standard grill that was featured on barefoot contessa… it should be on foodnetwork or something, but the recipe is more of an approximation (as its a restaurant recipe not a home kitchen tested on). The idea is you take a 3lb whole chicken, season it the night before with S&P and stuff the cavity with 1 cut up lemon, thyme and garlic. The day of cooking, get some olive oil on an oven safe pan, put two thick slices of sourdough, oil that up too, then put the chicken on top of the bread and oil the chicken πŸ™‚ Roast at 450 to doneness and then glaze with a lemon juice/creme fraiche/aleppo pepper mix and finish. I found 450 was causing the chicken fat to smoke so I turned it down to around 400 and cooked it longer. Probably could get away with high temps in a restaurant kitchen, lol. The bread tastes so deliciously fatty and burnt tho.

  • goaldigger

    Rant-snow coming Fri afternoon, no snow day off from work (damn you, Mother Nature!)
    Rave-Giddy that we are FINALLY getting some snow and psyched for my sports filled Sun (Caps-Pens at 12:30, Pats-Donkeys at 3:05)

  • Rant: I was one of the lucky ones with a 3 hour drive from Forrestville to woodley. Not being able to get any traction and stalling several times on the Alabama Ave exit of Suitland Parkway was absolutely terrifying!
    Revel: went to a workshop sponsored by the teachers union. After the workshop, I was able to speak with a woman who told me if I were in any real trouble, I’d know by now.
    Rant: I’m a cryer. Always have been. I’m doing my best to get it under control through therapy and meds. I’m usually able to work through it. However, being yelled at to stop crying when I’m legitimately upset over something is not helpful and will not instantly make my tear ducts dry up.

    • That workshop sounds great, glad you were able to speak with some others who may have good insight into your job situation!

    • Yikes about that last rant…that’s not very considerate. Reminds me of the times I use to tell my gf (at the time) to relax during arguments hahah that never ever worked.

      • LOL – word to the wise, never tell a woman in the midst of an argument/breakdown to either: stop crying, calm down, relax, take a deep breath, stop taking things so seriously, and probably a few more I am forgetting! This is absolutely, 100% the best way to cause an argument to escalate to def com 10 within 0.2 seconds.

      • I’m sure you’ve heard this – but for me, forcing myself to stop crying only makes it worse. If I tell myself to let it go, I suddenly stop. Totally counterintutive, but it works for me.

    • I’m a crier too. Luckily, for some reason never at work, it’s like it affects a different part of my brain, but in arguments, in movies, reading a sad story, the tears just flow. Makes arguments with my dad especially horrible since he’s a yeller. He releases frustration by yelling and I do the same by crying. He ends up just yelling at the top of his lungs and I end up in a puddle of tears. I think the only advice I can give you is to exit a situation as quickly as you can and go somewhere where you can let it out. Then go back once you’re dry eyed.

  • Rave: I’m think I’m set for this snowstorm, I’ve got toilet paper, booze, milk, eggs, matzoh, and maple syrup, as well as coffee beans, tea and cocoa.
    Rant: I’m slightly terrified by the city’s apparent complete lack of preparedness for last night’s snow – I watch cars slip and slide and struggle to get traction just about everywhere, and decided maybe I wasn’t going to walk down to the pharmacy or yoga class because I didn’t feel like getting killed by a sliding car. Also a little worried about what happens if we lose power – this being the nation’s capital, surely things will be restored in a jiff, right? Right?
    Rant: Have a killer headache. I think from grinding my teeth all night last night because I’m super stressed about some job stuff. I thought things were smoothing out and now I’m totally on edge because of some unexpected “assignments” for a job I don’t even do, coming from the big boss. So anxious and overwhelmed.
    Rave? Supposed to meet up after work for a date with a new guy, cause I’m tired of waiting around for other guy to make the next move.
    Rant? If people decide they’re not rescheduling, I’m going to have to be a work at like, 6 am tomorrow. I am so not a morning person.

  • Rant: Was supposed to fly out today at 3pm to head to Florida for a wedding on Saturday and return early Sunday morning…

    Rave: American was preemptive with allowing the option to cancel/receive a refund for travel so we don’t have to deal with the chaos of the airport OR the family drama at said wedding that I was anticipating…

    Rant: Now I have to actually go to the grocery store because we literally have 4 eggs + a package of bacon in the freezer. And I will want milk because I intend to bake some cookies! But no bread because if I’m going to eat carbs, they’re going to be cookies…

    Rave: So excited for some Snowga and Netflix marathons and cocoa and naps! I hate the cold, but I do love a good snow storm…

  • RANT: The fact that the NPS *never* salts or shovels. Metro buses pick and drop off a ton of passengers at those downtown parks you oversee, NPS. Maybe laying down some salt every once in awhile would be a good idea?
    Rave: I made it to work without any falls. Being 7 months pregnant in snow/icy conditions means I look even more like a penguin as I waddle along. Deeply grateful that my snow boots still fit.
    Rave: Tea and cinnamon toast as second breakfast at the office.

  • Rant: People who make zero attempt to clear the top of their cars off, leading to snow, and often times a packed mixture of snow and ice, to fly off the roof and land in the windshield of the vehicle behind/beside them. Car drivers, please quit being so lazy. SUV drivers, please invest the extra $6 in a telescoping snow brush/scraper.
    Rant: Littlest Anonachild was noted to have “huge” tonsils at his well-child visit yesterday. There is no underlying infection, so the hope is that it is being caused by an as-yet unknown allergy. Allergy meds for a month, and then if they don’t go down, it’s surgery for him. Has anyone ever had any experience with Tonsilitis not being caused by an underlying infection?

    • I have always had “huge” tonsils. When I was younger the doctors frequently said “if you get sick again we will have to remove them.” I still have my tonsils and have never had a problem with them other than their still being “huge”. I’m not sure if this helps at all but I figured I’d share my experience!

      • Emmaleigh504

        I also have huge tonsils. Never any mention of getting them removed though.

        • I wonder if there is just a bigger tendency towards removal now? I had recurrent strep/tonsillitis starting when I was a pre-teen, but there was never any mention of removal. I have had three cases of strep last year and the doctor suggested I have them removed since I got it so frequently and since strep knocks me on my ass for days.

    • I had this problem – constant Tonsilitis when I was a kid and huge tonsils. I was actually scheduled to have them removed and then some other tests made my parents hold back. I went on a course of allergy meds (Allegra I think) and things significantly improved. When I am sick (which is rare), it’s generally a throat or sinus issue but it is no where near as frequent as it was years ago.

    • Not quite so much from the parental perspective, but as a kid, I also had huge tonsils that were essentially touching. Not allergy related, just consistently swollen tonsils. Never bothered me at all in the day-to-day, actually, although I may have been somewhat more prone to strep and had it a few more times than your average kid. Although even that – I was a strep carrier, and so it was impossible to tell if my sorer-throats were truly strep, since I generally tested positive regardless.

      For the most part it was a non-issue for a couple of years once my doc noticed, though I still had them (and the adenoids) removed when I was about 11. All went well, and I indulged in all the cold treats like kids do. It was around that time that I began testing negative for strep, so I no longer was classified as a carrier.

    • Thanks for the feedback everyone! I am hoping it is caused by some unknown allergy and the meds will help them decrease in size. It definitely makes me feel better to know that it’s not as uncommon as I thought.

    • My 9-year-old has such large tonsils that every single doctor or nurse that has seen her has commented, and they frequently give her unrequested strep tests. She does get strep a couple times a year, but we always know first; it never just shows up in an unrequested test. She goes to a great ENT who says the tonsils aren’t a concern and no tonsillectomies until they are getting at least 6 bouts of strep a year. In other words, don’t worry about it at this point.

  • I Dont Get It

    Rave: Florida?
    Rant: It was in the 40s last night so IDGI SR and his wife cranked up the heat. I had to open a window in my bedroom.
    Rant: First night of an all you can eat place. Actually I like Sweet Tomatoes salad bar and soups but their sad pastas and “pizza” are atrocious.
    Rave: Just changed my return flight from Sunday to Monday. Thanks Southwest!

  • Rave: Finally got all of my grades back and they are pretty good.
    Rant: Choosing a first dance song.
    Rave: In a good workout routine. Considering the Detroit marathon or at least half marathon in October. Has anyone done it? I’m intrigued by the whole running into Canada thing.
    Rave: Slept well for the first time in days though the bizarre nightmares have continued. Ugh.

    • I did the Detroit marathon in 2003. I would imagine it is very different now, but it was really neat to run over the bridge, although the tunnel back wasn’t that nice (who wants to run in a long tunnel?). The Canadian part of the course was so much prettier than the US parts of the course, which I found amusing. And it was great to run into the Lions’ stadium at the end and be on the jumbotron, although the descent on concrete was hard on my knees.

      • Thanks for the insight! I took a few months off from running and am just now getting back into it. I think I need a race to keep me motivated and this one seems fun.

  • Rant: later predicted snow start times. I want OPM to give me the day off!!!!
    Rave: Went for a run last night and it was like running in a snow globe. So pretty! Also, fairly surprised at the number of people running on the mall. It’s been so desolate that last few times I’ve been running.

  • andy

    may be frozen in all weekend BUT
    will be making Turkish food!

  • Rant: Just discovered my stash of salt from last year must have got damp and is now pretty much a solid block of salt. Guess I’m venturing out to Target. . .

  • Rant: Getting home last night. Unfuckingbelievable. 2.5 hours (and one aborted, scary Lyft trip that I’ve reported) for what should be a 20 minute trip.

    Rave: At least I made it home, safely. Thank God.

    Rant: No word yet on whether we should come to work tomorrow. If we’re expecting snow mid-day and everyone lets people leave at the same time, won’t it be exactly the mess we were in last night?

    Rave: Got all the supplies needed for my blizzard party.

  • Bonus rant: I have very little food in my house. I think I’ll be living off of whatever 7-11 has and ramen.
    Bonus revel: snow day

  • Rant: got snuckered into ordering a special deal from osteria morini on caviar last night. I placed my order in the afternoon, for delivery around 615, got my food 2 hours late at 815.
    Rant: I felt badly for the delivery driver being out in the snow, but if they had made the original delivery window, he wouldn’t have been in the snow (for my order, at least)
    Rave: Caviar comped the meal
    Rave: we had already eaten dinner by the time the food arrived, so now there’s leftovers (even if they are just meh)
    Rant/Hopeful Rave: Snow/Snow day

  • Rant: Bowser just alluded to us all being released early from DC gov’t and possibly federal government jobs tomorrow. I know the snow isn’t supposed to come until between 12pm-4pm but I think this is a terrible idea after last night. We’ve had no snow days so far, no delays. They should really just close.

    • She just announced school are closed Friday (we had a half day anyway), so it wouldn’t surprised me if DC Gov’t closes. Not sure about the Feds…

      • They just said on the local NBC news that DC Gov’t will close at noon tomorrow even though schools are already closed. Oi! We’ll see about the feds… my fingers are really crossed. Something tells me most people will stay home even if they don’t close tomorrow (unfortunately not all of us have that option).

      • Some schools in VA were closed today, but DC gov and fed operating normal hours. Not sure what OPM will say for tomorrow, but some agencies are already authorizing telesnooze, i mean, telework…

        • Lol. Telesnooze. I like that. I’m jealous of those people!

          • Lol, that is a term we use around the office frequently! Sad, but often true.

          • ha! My office just sent around an email asking everyone who is planning on teleworking to submit plans as to what exactly they will be working on and then be ready to show your results come Monday morning or be forced to take a day of leave. Good grief.

          • LOL – at least they are giving you the option! Those of us who were laptopless never had that option. Also, you can be certain that the request is largely due to Tina Turner in Drag, so don’t take it personal πŸ˜‰

          • Good Grief is right, LBP! It’s not like this happens often, you think they’d cut people a little bit of slack.

  • Rant: Got yelled at for picking up trash on my street & the yelling person punctuated his rant by throwing his food bag on the ground before walking away. Not the first time I’ve gotten this reaction while picking up trash. I guess cleaning up is another of the many evils perpetrated by gentrifiers?

    Rave: The street is clean (temporarily) and most of my neighbors are lovely.

    • Oh noooo…from someone that appreciates your efforts THANK YOU! and sorry that you got yelled at for doing something nice. Ugh

    • I get this a lot when I pick up trash. Oh man people can be the worst. And of course I usually find a trashcan within 6 feet of said trash.

      • I really don’t understand the reaction. Today’s yeller gave me another iteration of “F-ing white people. All cleaning up sh*t and sh*t”. Huh? Why is cleaning bad and why is it a racial issue?

    • Yikes. I used to do a lot of litter-picking-up on my street (before tendinitis forced me to scale down significantly), and although one smartass asked me why I was doing it, nobody ever YELLED at me. What do these jerks say??

      • Different iterations of the comment I wrote above or just yelling at me being dumb for cleaning. Some of the folks seemed a little off, so that may explain the yelling. Some don’t yell but still feel the need to insult me or make racially tinged comments as they pass. Really weird.

  • Rave: Dinner with my girls. Great food and conversation. Lots to drink as well.
    Rave: Living in a fluffy white snow globe yesterday. I’m fortunate I didn’t have to drive in it–but I loved the soft flakes.
    Rave: Looking forward to significant snow fall because I have no plans for the weekend and can work from home tomorrow. We have a relatively well stocked kitchen and liquor cabinet. The only thing we couldn’t get was more fire wood (slight rant). Plans include snuggling, hot toddies, playing board games, organizing/cleaning, cooking, and shoveling.

    Be safe everyone!

  • Rant: Last day at my rotation is now super weird because only one other person braved the weather to come in.
    Rant: I usually volunteer at a museum every other Friday. I didn’t come in at all during December because of holidays/travel and stuff, called in sick last time, and now I’m probably skipping tomorrow too. I feel bad. Maybe it will be closed anyway.
    Rave: Capital Weather Gang. I love the analysis and I can’t stop refreshing for updates every hour.

  • Rant: 20 pounds of oranges–that’s 30 oranges!
    Rave: when I called to say thank you (or maybe “thank you?”) for said oranges, I got my dad’s wife instead of my dad. I was actually able to explain to her that it was waaaaaaaaay too much perishable fruit to send to one person, and she agreed. We decided that for now, she’d just relay that I said “thanks for the fruit,” so that my dad’s feelings aren’t hurt, but that she would try to rein in future orders. We haven’t always had the best relationship, so it’s nice when she and I can be productive together.
    Rave–my coworkers seem to like the oranges I brought in

  • Rave: Stellar performance review yesterday
    Rant: Followed by needing to use a lot of that patience I was praised for on some people being real jerks for no reason.
    Rave: Most of the people I deal with day to day are super appreciative and great to work with.
    Rant: Friend who’s not lucky enough to be in the same boat. Sounds like she’s constantly being put between a rock and a hard place at work.
    Rave: If it gets to be too much, I would love to have her work in my office. She would be perfect!

    • Forgotten rants and associated raves!
      Rants: Burst pipe at my rental and previously mentioned heating issue in our basement.
      Raves: Pipe was fixed within 12 hours and won’t give us trouble again this winter. Heat was fixed this morning.
      Rave: Total outlay was less than $500 for both. Thank you reliable service people who show up and aren’t exorbitant.

      • HaileUnlikely

        Very impressed with the speed and price. Who do you use for those?

        • Matt Smith is the plumber. I’ve recommended him here a bunch, his number is 443-996-7686. For the heater I used D and A HVAC. I always call Chris (he came recommended from a trusted source) and his number is 443-864-3383. Company number is 240-294-4470.

          • HaileUnlikely

            Cool, thanks. So far I’m happy with the last plumber I hired (Aspen Hill Plumbing), but am looking for a better HVAC contractor.

  • Rave: I was able to get most everything I need for the blizzard. So many snacks!

    Rant: Need to find a therapist. The one I found through my EAP is not so great and I really need someone who gets the “my life looks great from the outside, but I’m miserable” aspect of my depression. Any therapist/psychologist recommendations? I know there was a thread in a previous RRR&R – maybe back in the fall? People offered specific recommendations near Dupont or Farragut but I can’t seem to find it. textdoc?

  • Rant: Nearly busted my butt at 7th and H NW cause there was nothing but ice on the road and sidewalk.
    Rave: Survived the grocery store last night and didn’t see not one fight over someone cutting line.
    Rave: I didn’t drive yesterday.
    Rant: I won’t be driving for a while with the blizzard.
    Rave: Had my low sodium chili last night. Hopefully it’ll last me during the storm.

  • Rave: My office never closes, and I live close, so no reason not to work.
    Rant: Main roads still untreated.
    Rave: Grocery store was easy to checkout and well stocked.
    Rave: Applying for all the jobs. If I’m going to be sequestered I might as well be useful this weekend.
    Rant: Missing out on poorly timed overtime. Aww well.
    Rave: Got a restaurant week reservation to a great place

  • Rave: The other Mrs. Rabbit’s boss told everyone to just work from home for the rest of the week.
    Rant: I really hate going to doctors without giving my body time to figure out what’s gong on but I’m starting to think I need to get checked out at an urgent care today. Abdominal pain during a blizzard sounds like a bad thing.
    Rave: My Amazon order of extra fuzzy socks should be here in a few hours.

  • Rave/Rant: Back in NYC, they’re filming Law and Order SVU outside my door (not sure if that’s a rant or rave) – happy to be here, bummed to miss the 25 inches you guys are getting!
    Rave: Had a great external event where I met key people in the space I work in and set up meetings. So good to get out of the office.
    Rave: Snow panic hasn’t hit NYC yet.
    Rant: No Capital Weather Gang in NYC.

  • Rant: I live on a hill so wasn’t surprised to hear a crashing noise last night outside my window. When I looked there was a car fishtailed in the middle of the road slipping and sliding everywhere. This morning I see a big dent in my neighbors car (parked behind mine). The driver definitely didn’t leave a note.. at least now I know not to park on that street when it snows!
    Rave: Working from home tomorrow!
    Rant: My bf works this weekend so no blizzard snuggling πŸ™
    Rave: My cat will definitely want to snuggle πŸ˜€

    • My bf lives on the other side of the country, so missing him extra hard this weekend when I’m in most need of a snuggle buddy.

  • Trying to come up with some food I can make if the power goes out. We have plenty of snacks, but I’d love to have something more substantial that doesn’t necessarily need to be chilled or heated. I’m thinking tabbouleh. Any other ideas?

    • I Dont Get It

      Where do you live that you’re worried that the power will be out?

    • I’m going the PB&J and canned fruit route if I lose power. But tabbouleh is a good idea. Also, maybe some kind of avocado “toast” if you have some crunchier bread (like a baguette). If you’re not looking to be healthy, deviled ham (near the Spam at the store) is pretty filling in a sandwich and doesn’t need refrigeration or cooking. I believe hard-boiled eggs should also be fine outside the fridge for at least half a day (after that is up to personal preference) if you want to make some while the power is on.

    • Do you have a cooler that you could fill with ice once the power goes out? You could do a make ahead pasta salad or stock up on cheeses and preserved meats lunchmeat/hotdogs/salami)… anything that can be stored on ice. And if you have access to a grill, you could make grilled cheese, bbq meats and veggies, etc… If not, there is always cans of beans and spaghetti-o’s!

    • A lot of people forget that if you have a gas stove you can still light it with a match/lighter when the power goes out (just keep the gas on LOW, light it immediately upon turning it on, and use a long piece of spaghetti or hold the match/lighter with pliers or something to keep it far away from your fingers). If you have an electric stove, I’m sorry this wasn’t helpful πŸ™

    • saf

      Chilling shouldn’t be difficult.

  • Rant: took DOG to the vet this morning because he’s been limping. It might be more than a hip problem, it might be a back problem πŸ™
    Rave: he’s okay enough to start with anti-inflammatories and rest.
    Rave: I am super prepared for this storm and I’m exited about getting snowed in with good company, lots of food, and activities at the ready (read: bottling some beer and baking).
    Rave: the Petworth Safeway seems to have avoided a lot of the issues other stores had last night. I went at 8:30, took my sweet time getting stuff and wandering all over the store to get stuff for my sister who’s on her own with two toddlers (she was on the phone and thinking of things as they came to her), and was home by 9:30. The lines were long, but the store wasn’t that crowded, everyone was relaxed and nice, and the only thing I saw that they were out of was bananas.

    • Oh! Sending happy thoughts DOG’s way, hopefully the anti-inflammatory meds and rest will do lots of good!

    • You just reminded me that we need to bottle a stout we’ve had sitting for a while, that would be a very good activity for the weekend!
      Lots of positive thoughts for the pup!!

      • I have a coffee stout ready to go!
        I feel like I learn a valuable lesson every time I brew….after I reach a point of no return. This one is: make coffee with the coffee you’re going to use for your coffee stout before adding it to the beer. If you don’t like the coffee, go get some you do. Ugh. Hopefully it’ll still be good.
        And I have another kit ready to go, so maybe I’ll bottle and brew depending on my motivation level/number of days we get off.

  • Revel: no line at the panda house. I got to see Bei Bei being cute without waiting. He even woke up for a bit!

  • Rant: My commute home last night – I ended up abandoning my cab and walking home.
    Rant: DCPS is already closed but my office is waiting for word from OPM, which makes sense – it’s our policy. But maybe given last night’s mess and the fact that some folks live as far out as Stafford, maybe just make the call that people can work from home with approval from their supervisor.
    Rant: Salt spreader in my neighborhood that is so noisy it rattles all the windows. It also spreads WAY too much salt – two winters ago, our building’s blacktop was white for two weeks because of the excess salt.

  • Rant: Nobody with whom to snuggle. Got rejected for a date *again* on Monday. I thought this time

  • Blast, I heard my boss coming, panicked, and hit “post comment.” Trying again…
    Rant: Nobody with whom to snuggle. Got rejected for a date *again* on Monday. I thought this time it would be different. I have asked Dan Savage what his stock advice is for somebody who’s almost 34, is not shy, and yet has never had a SIgnificant Other, due to ubiquitous rejection.

    Rave: I normally work on the weekends, but I will probably get two snow days! Huzzah!

    • Have you come close to a significant other or not getting passed the 2nd date? Have you tried all dating methods like speed dating to get yourself out there more? Is it possible you’re coming on too strong?

      • I usually can’t get a first date. Every few years, exceptions will occur. I have indeed tried speed dating, multiple times, and I’ve tried online dating off-and-on for years. I imagine that I’ve come on too strong in the past, and indeed I can understand lack of success in my past, but I’m in a much better place now, and yet things aren’t getting any better.

        • Are you dating preferences very specific? What about meeting people when you’re out or just going to fun events and seeing if anyone catches your eye? Being too focused on finding a partner could be giving off a bad vibe unintentionally.

          • I have tried to do this sort of thing also. I haven’t given up, but by the same token I never really learned how it’s done.

          • Dating coach maybe?

          • Can you make friends? Like, do you have real life in person friends? Because if you can make friends (which is admittedly not always easy to do for even the suavest of people), you’re half-way there, I would imagine. Because what I think Anon Spock is suggesting is pretty much get out there and make some friends, don’t be so focused on finding a “significant other” and just find some others you like to hang out with,. Come to one of the PoPville happy hours, that’s always a good place to start!

    • That sucks. One thing you could consider doing is putting your profile or sample communication (anonymize whoever you’re talking to) on Reddit (it’s the OKCupid subfolder or something). People may tear you to pieces, but I’ve seen people get really good feedback as well. It might help identify any common themes in what you’re doing/saying.

      • I am strongly tempted. If I do that, I will have to resist the urge to use Reddit for anything else. I have a life to live!

  • Question: I need to be somewhere I can’t park tonight. Do I just leave my car at work all weekend or come back and get it. Clearly I won’t be driving the weekend, but I wonder if it is better to have my car covering my parking space and let the snow melt off my car or let the snow pile up in my parking space and just not bring my car home until it is gone?

    Rant/Question: I need to move, but only want a 6 month lease. I haven’t rented in 10 years. Any ideas of where to look to find such a thing? Thanks!

    • Some landlords at this time of year might be willing to be flexible and offer you a 6-month lease because it can be hard to find tenants at this time of year, whereas 6 months from now it will be July/August when vacancies are easy to fill due to increased demand. I was just looking at the AVA Van Ness website and they offer lease terms as short as 2 months, but they charge higher monthly rates for the shorter lease terms.

    • Most (all?) of the big apartment buildings will do leases shorter than 12 months, you’ll just pay a premium for it. You could also try the temporary housing section on Craig’s List.
      As for the car, if it were me, I would probably leave the car where it is. I’d rather dig out an empty spot after the snow stops then have to dig out the car.

    • If you see a place you like that’s been sitting for a while, I’d inquire about the shorter lease. Ultimately is better to have someone quickly if you’re unable to find someone who desires a year lease in the winter.

  • Rave: I’ve been wanting snow all winter, and here it comes!

    Rant: Super worried about the blizzard. Worried about power going out. Worried about 24″+ of snow sitting on a flat roof with skylights. We have above-ground power lines, and the house is ALL ELECTRIC — electric heat, electric stove, no alternative sources of heat or power. I have enough non-perishables, but am concerned about keeping warm if the power really is out for several days. πŸ™ I picture myself huddled in a mass of spouse, dogs, and blankets, all of us eating crackers and cheese and praying for the power to come back.

  • RAVE: this article addressed to helpless DC area residents on “how to drive in the snow”. Dying.
    adequateman.deadspin. com/how-to-drive-in-the-snow-in-a-regular-ass-car-without-1681902425
    RAVE: managed to make it to work early and have an easy grocery trip this AM. May odds forever remain in my favor.
    RAVE: this boozehound is ready to get snowed in. Bring it.

  • had a gorgeous, very early, run along rock creek this morning. Fun making the first tracks in the snow:
    rave: didn’t fall on my run!
    rant: saw cars stranded from last nights craziness
    rant: then almost fell hard on my walk to work, of all things
    rave: caught myself!

    • Question w.r.t winter running: do you use special crampon or spikes on your running shoes? I can only imagine how hard I would bite it on the RCP trails 😑

      • I probably sound way more hardcore than I am, ha. I do run with trail shoes on mornings like today. And I’ll run on fresh snow and if there’s a little bit of sleet/ice. But once things start melting and refreezing and all the footprints become pure ice it’s ankle break city so I run indoors. But the treadmill kills me especially for double digit miles. I’ve thought about crampons but I’m not sure how they’d do on just the ice without the layer of snow underneath (which is what happens in DC), if I lived somewhere with more legit snow totals I’d get a pair for sure.

  • Rant – Work travel. I’ve been out of town for over a week.
    Rave – I made it back to DC this afternoon before the storm!! I am so relieved to be home.
    Rant – I went straight to the grocery store from the airport. Holy hell that was an experience. I came back home with the weirdest assortment of foods because I couldn’t think straight in all that chaos and I forgot what food I had at home.
    Rave – I have all the ingredients for chocolate chip cookies, and I have lots of wine.

  • Rant: I can’t find my cross-country ski wax!

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