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  • Ugh, I really want to go for a run, but the thought of navigating all those slushy intersections and ending up with cold, soaked socks is just soooo unappealing.

    • I went yesterday afternoon – and despite all the bitching about snow removal. The vast majority of sidewalks were shoveled/cleared.
      The leap from the corner into crosswalks resulted in wet shoes/socks but I survived a quick 4 miler.
      Now Saturday….that will be interesting – will see how clear it is for a longer run.

    • You just gotta finally embrace wet shoes/socks/feet. I run mostly trails these days and stream crossings come with the territory so there’s no way around soaked feet. The sooner you accept it, the better off you’ll be.
      With that said, I’ve had some ok runs around town, generally down by the Mall which isn’t completely cleared but it’s getting there.

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