With all this Warm Weather – A December Garden Haul!!


From Columbia Heights:

“Spinach, Squash & Diakon radish. Chard & Arugula still going strong.”

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  • Send it to Senator Inhofe as proof that global warming is real….

  • I’ve got December tomatoes coming in, plus like ~100 habanero peppers. We’re halfway to January veggies now!

  • At this time of year, as the farmers market season winds up, I like to buy bulk root veggies (carrots, potatoes, turnips, etc.). I then bury them in peat moss, in insulated Rubbermaid tubs, that I keep on my balcony: it’s an above ground “root cellar,” and works super well. DC’s winter temps typically hover around 35-40 degrees, which is perfect.

    Except it’s so darn warm out that I can’t do it. If I bury them in these temps, they’ll spoil in no time. By the time we actually hit winter temps the farmers markets will be closed until spring.

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