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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • question: thinking about getting a nanny cam – but it’s just to see what the dogs are doing when we are not home, (and I suppose if we were burgled it would come in handy too, knocking on wood that doesn’t happen, and that’s not our primary reason for getting one). So – it doesn’t need to be expensive, or fancy, but hopefully not super conspicuous, and would be limited to one room in the house. any recommendations? it looks like amazon has a bunch in the $30 range, which seems reasonable to me.

    • We have a DropCam (now NestCam I think?) to spy on our dog. A bit pricey but it was easy to use and the app is great. You should know that you have to pay a subscription fee for Dropcam/Nest to save up to 10 days of video, otherwise you can’t go back and look at your video history. If you want to use it for security reasons it makes sense to pay the fee, but if you’re just using it to spy on the dog then it’s not necessary.

    • My sib uses skype (and an old laptop) to see what her kitties are doing when she’s away for longer than usual

    • Dropcam. We do dropcam monitoring, too. It’s been really great for us and the night vision is AMAZING and it moves, so lets say if you go out of town and want security, you can move it to look towards your main living area or something. It’s very clear and the monitoring is reliable.

  • Rant: Sick pooch – let’s hope it’s just a bug! I’m taking her to the vet shortly.
    Rave: Christmas tree is up 🙂
    Rant: Need.more.lights…that’ll have to wait until next year!
    Rave: Accountering being okay (despite reluctance) with moving furniture around JUST so the tree has it’s own corner.

  • Rave: I’d been pretty down the last few days and it’s amazing what a manicure and some Juan Luis Guerra have done for my mood.
    Rave: Big things happening that I’m afraid to put in writing lest folks from IRL have figured out who I am on here! More to come next week!
    Rant: This wind, when I’m not sure where my wool hat is.

  • Quotia Zelda

    Rant: For the 2nd time in a month, a retailer has sent me something other than the item I ordered. No, Land’s End, I don’t think my daughter would like a weird old lady yellow and blue tweed blazer instead of the black peacoat she picked.
    Rave: The nice young man at Sears took care of everything, and the peacoat has already been shipped.
    Rave: SUN

    • I HATE that Lands End doesn’t have free returns. I don’t want to schlep to Sears, so I end up ordering a lot more than I want, and mailing it back for the flat rate. It’s super ridiculous. But they do have great customer service….

  • hammers

    Rant: UPS. I hate that company so much. Was expecting a package yesterday, and within the span of 20 min between updating the status, they claimed they tried to deliver the package. Um no, no knock on the door, no slip at the front. Called customer service, after a 15 min hold, they told me the local branch would call me within the hour. Two hours later– obviously no call, and no package. So, I’m supposed to just take several days off work in a row to get a package?
    Rant: Evil coworker, starting my day with the evil eye. After I spent all day yesterday doing her job for her. She’s like a child.

    • Can you route it to a ups store? Could leave work a little early rather than taking a whole day off.

      • hammers

        UPS has not offered that as a free service in my experience; they will only send it to Landover. Fedex will, however. I’m not actually taking a day off of work for this but the underlying assumption is that I could– I was just ranting because I doubt I’ll ever get my expensive electronic device from them. I’ve had many things have to go back to sender because of UPS ineptitude.

        • Blithe

          I can relate to your rant. When UPS goes wrong, it often seems to go extremely and frustratingly wrong. And as someone who doesn’t drive, “you can just pick it up at Landover” isn’t a helpful solution.

          • And even if you do drive… Landover isn’t exactly nearby.

          • Depends on where you live in DC. For me Landover would be easier than going to Dupont or something. But I agree that they should have a location that’s more public transit accessible.

        • UPS is the Worst. I work from home and, especially during the holidays, they outright lie about attempting to deliver packages. Their customer service number/chat is useless.

          • HaileUnlikely

            Their service may leave something to be desired, but I promise you they are not the worst. LaserShip is much much worse.

          • hammers

            You are correct about outright lying. Today they delivered it (to my bf who works at home). No knock, no slip, no nothing, they just left it there. But they couldn’t do that last night because “no one was available”…? Sure…… Oh well! at least I finally got it. And I’ll agree that UPS is the worst because they are so ubiquitous.

    • hammers

      additional, forgotten rant. Had to take a work trip for my office and front the whole cost on my credit card. Being in a remote country, could not complete my timecard. So my pay is delayed until who knows how long, and my reimbursement will not come soon. My rent check will be taken out any day (of course who knows how long they will hold it), and I just do not have enough “digital money” to pay the minimum statement balance and my CC. So I am trying to do a cash deposit, and of course, my bank (USAA) claims on the phone there is nowhere to do cash deposits around here. Why does my new job, for which I get paid a decent amount, always make me feel so freaking broke?

      • That sounds super frustrating! I am also a USAA customer and I have made ATM deposits at the branch at Pentagon City. And the iPhone app lets you deposit checks and they’re available quickly–one idea is to give the cash to a friend in exchange for a personal check and then deposit the check.

        • Many CVS stores have USAA ATM machines as well.

        • Accountering

          This may be the move. A friend with a checkbook would work in this situation. I can also attest to many CVS stores having USAA machines.

        • Really great problem solving here, way to go. 🙂

        • hammers

          update- made the deposit at Pentagon city pretty easily. My CVS has a “USAA” ATM, but it doesn’t accept deposits. I say “USAA” because it looks like one of the star network ATMs with a USAA logo on it.

      • The ATMs at the USAA center in Pentagon City take cash deposits. It’s not exactly downtown but at least you can metro there.

        I so feel you on your rants. I am owed a thousand dollar reimbursement for company travel, had a bunch of other financial issues hit me all at once and I feel absolutely screwed. And of course, it’s holiday time and I’d like to be getting things for my family. No can do for now. It’s amazing that you can make a significant salary and get into such tight corners sometimes. That’s life I guess.

        • hammers

          thanks! the frustrating thing is I called the number for pentagon row to ask. Was transferred to a help center, who kept me on hold for 8 min, then told me they don’t take cash deposits!

        • hammers

          good luck getting everything sorted before the holidays hit :/

      • You’ll lose a few dollars, but you could buy a money order and deposit it. A pain in the butt for sure. Or give cash to a friend to write you a check for that amount.

        • Trading the cash to a friend for a check is probably the best/ quickest way.

          • hammers

            yeah I was worried about the time it would take for the check to post to the account. thanks for the advice. I’m going to try the cash deposit in Pentagon city. Not that it will help that much with paying the bills, but just so I don’t overdraw.

          • I was under the impression that new banking meant checks posted faster than cash deposited at an ATM, because the checks are scanned and processed by a computer, but the cash has to be counted by a human. But a quick google can probably confirm or deny that!

          • hammers

            I was under the assumption that cash is king! I guess that’s the old days.

          • When I deposit checks via mobile banking they show up right away as deposit (PNC, your bank may be different)
            You have my sympathy w/paying expenses upfront, needing to pay the credit card bill while waiting to be reimbursed 🙁 I’m in the same boat (but fortunately it’s not a huge amount)

          • Also, PSA to decision-makers/ bean-counters/ etc: Give your people travel advances! Yes, it’s one extra layer of reconciliation, but if you’re any good at your job, this is a less-big deal for you than the lack of an advance is for your staff. Jeez.

          • As someone who has been blessed to have made a number of cash and check deposits this year, I can say from my experience that cash is definitely king. For me, it would take about 1 business day for the check to be added to my funds. I deposited via ATM and mobile phone app. PNC was my bank. Yes, it shows up right away as a deposit BUT it isn’t a part of your available fudns right away.

      • We use Navy Federal and have similar issues. We tried to make it work up here with no Navy Fed or branch. Lately, even mobile deposits have been taking FOREVER to clear (like, 10 days). This was a big issue for us. So, we decided to just use another local bank for a majority of our needs but keep the navy fed account active for the future. This might be something to consider – get a local bank, and if you still want to use USAA, use the checks from the local bank where you deposit cash to put money in USAA.

        • I have NFCU too, and I agree, the lack of branches can be frustrating. You should call them and see about the mobile deposits. They are super responsive and might be able to sort it out for you. In my experience, mobile deposits clear in 1-2 days.

          • re: Navy Fed…..I can’t even easily call them because their touch tone hell doesn’t accept input from smart phones. So I have to WAIT until the system times out (no landline) for a customer service rep. I used to work in a building with a navy fed and never had to worry, it was great. So for us I think it’s best to have a local bank for every day banking so if we need a branch, we can go to one. And Navy Fed for other longer term accounts. Additionally, as much as I love Wawa, I don’t always have to find one when I need cash.

  • Rant/revel: taking my first sick day this year. I feel guilty even though I know I shouldn’t. I’m also dreading everything I’ll have to catch up on tomorrow.
    Revel: I don’t have the “my head feels like it’s going to explode headache” but I still generally feel crappy and I know being in the classroom would be nearly intolerable

    • Don’t beat yourself up! Self care is so important. And you’ll get better faster if you take time to rest.

    • Accountering

      Don’t feel bad in the least. If I was surrounded by a bunch of little monsters every day, I would need a mental health day at least a couple of times a week. You work harder than pretty much anyone on here! Feel better!

      • It really takes its toll on your body too. 7 and 8 year olds are sweet, but terrible at keeping their germs contained, and if you’re feeling even slightly crappy, any rowdiness can make you feel so much worse (see headache above)

  • Rant: I came into work this morning and our receptionist was shaking and in tears.

    She was riding the down escalator at L’Enfant, when a man, she’s guessing in his 40s, suddenly plunged over the side of the escalator (she isn’t sure how that happened, if he lost his balance or had a seizure or what), and hit the platform — twice (he bounced). Clearly, he did not make it.

    She was shattered, and immediately raced down to see if anyone was doing anything. Spoiler alert: nope.

    What were people doing instead? TAKING PICTURES AND VIDEOS. Of a man. Who just died. In a very horrific accident with blood all over the place. People who had been going up the escalator came back down to gawk and point and take more pictures and videos. She said it took a long time for metro security to get to them and that she and only 3 other people stayed with the man who died before they showed up. What is with people? What if that man was your father, your brother, your boyfriend, your child? Would you not call for help immediately, or would you want to know that instead, people took the time to photograph and video something awful happening? She is horrified and I honestly don’t know how she’ll be expected to work today after witnessing something so awful.

  • Rant: Probably have to get dcra involved with my apt. Any experience getting inspectors? Are they pretty quick to force repairs?
    Rave: Sleep. In bed by 1030 every night is doing wonders.
    Rave: Finally have some food in my fridge.
    Giant hasn’t had much in the way of chuck roast. Should I just bulk buy or is another grocery store reasonably priced?

    • Not quite the same, but we had them out to inspect our house so we could get our license to legally rent. It was pretty easy to get the inspector out there and he was on time. What issues are you having?

    • Is this the studio (?) you’re currently renting, the two-bedroom you used to be renting but are now subletting to someone else, or the condo you own?

      • Only 1 of those could possibly be the answer 😉
        No heat for a while and an owner who doesn’t seem to care.

        • Couldn’t/wouldn’t your subletters be complaining to you if they were having problems in their unit?
          No heat sounds crummy.

    • You have the most convoluted housing situation of anyone I’ve ever heard. At this point you’re juggling 4 different homes? I’ve lost count.

      • I actually have less housing than quite a few people here, but thank you for the insight.

        • Lol, Anon Spock, if anything I am slightly jealous of you. It’d be great to be in the situation to have the knowledge/foresight to juggle housing in this city.

  • Rave: I discovered slide-on collar tags. No more tag clinking against the bowl, or wiping stinky wet food off it when new baby kitten drags in through his dinner.
    It’s the little things, really.

  • phl2dc

    Rant: Woke up to see that cat puked out a piece of a toy he’d broken off and eaten.
    Rave: Cat is perfectly fine.
    Rave: It’s dry outside!

  • Rave: New Hair! I modeled for a friend yesterday and now have a fun festive hairdo! He gave me fuchsia bangs. Guys, my new color brings me so much joy. Though bangs are a commitment.

    Rave/Rant: I’m going to the Tree lighting today. A friend offered me a ticket last minute. The last time I went it was pouring rain and miserable. Glad the rain has passed. However I don’t think I dressed warmly enough. I thought it was supposed to be close to 60 today. It certainly doesn’t feel like its going to hit 60. I have a coat, fun fur vest, hat and gloves and I’m still concerned about being too cold. I should’ve worn jeans instead of leggings.

  • I Dont Get It

    Rave: Anticipation of watching “The Wiz” tonight. After that train wreck of a SOM and a kinda boring “Peter Pan” I’m hoping NBC gets it right this time!

    Rant: That damn Christmas tree lighting ceremony tonight and its annual impact on my shuttle bus route.

    • I have high hopes for The Wiz. Top notch cast and Kenny Leon directing. I will be watching with bottle of wine in hand.

  • Rave: The sun is back!
    Rant: So is my headache – not crippling bad, but enough to annoy me.
    Rave: The sun! Seriously so happy to see it!
    Rant: bills, money, the stupid parts of being a grown up.

  • There is a big need for cat and kitten fosters over the holidays since so many regular fosters are away. If you need something more lively than an “Elf on the Shelf” please contact Homeward Trails, or one of the other rescue groups. http://www.homewardtrails.org/foster-a-pet/pet-foster-forms/#.VmBft790co0

  • Blithe

    Rave: Glimpses of sun, the return of twittering birds, things are getting better. Fingers crossed for: Warm.
    Rant: Yesterday I got the details for the funeral of someone I’ve known all of my life. I also learned that a long-time family friend had died. The Greatest Generation is almost gone now.
    Rave: The coat that I ordered arrived, and really looks snazzy. And I might get an additional price adjustment. Magenta tweed! Just the thing to ward off the winter doldrums.
    Rave/Rant: Almost anything flung together can make a decent omelet. I know this because last night I decided it was too late to shop, and I used a forgotten box of cheddar pumpkin seed crackers to make a desperation version of matzo brei.
    Rave: I’ve finally found some extremely comfortable shoes that suit me better than trainers, which I refuse to wear. Crocs-that-don’t-look-like-Crocs for the win!

  • Rave: Lovely, sunny, brisk fall day.
    Rant: Feeling way less anxious and overwhelmed today. I think crossing some things off my to do list and making myself listen to a meditation podcast before bed last night helped.
    Rave: Dinner with my “adopted” mom this evening.

  • Hello. I am the author of this post.
    Rant: Took a nasty spill last week ice skating (OK, showing off for my daughter that took a wrong turn) and knee still hurts. Seems like just a bad bruise, but wondering if I should see a doctor. In all the spare time I have.

  • Rave: Went to the DC Scores Poetry Slam event yesterday, and was blown away by the young people. The messages they got across – hope for change in their city, their country, and the world – were amazing. However, it really highlighted to me how affected our kids are about the rhetoric that goes on around them. They are super aware of what what people like Donald Trump think about them as immigrant children (or first generation, or just brown) and it makes me so sad. It also made me sad to hear kids slamming about how their dream is to see crime decline in their neighborhoods and how they hope not to be victims of violence. It was powerful stuff.
    Rant: Having to have tough conversations with the oldest. Last week he asked me why people wanted to come to DC to kill us (in reference to the increased terrorism threat following the attacks in Paris), and last night he asked me why people kill people (in response to the mass shooting in CA). I hate that he’s not even ten and this is his reality. And to think, this is without ready access to saturation media on tv.

  • RAVE: Floor seats to the Lake Show last night
    RAVE: VIP booze and food
    RAVE: Kobe Bean Bryant
    RAVE: The memories that I, a 20 year fan will have for a lifetime
    RAVE: DC living
    RAVE: Im just happy today. On a serious Kobe-high
    Rant (kinda) only 2.5 hours of sleep. Sitting at my desk and my coffee isnt strong enough :-/

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: feeling stressed.
    Rave: feeling slightly less stressed than yesterday.

  • Rant: SO low energy. Yesterday I only go out of bed when absolutely necessary and spent most of the day sleeping.
    Rave: And watching America’s Test Kitchen. New favorite show.
    Rave: Today is starting out a bit better. I just made biscuits and am having the best breakfast of biscuits with apricot jam and honey. We’ll see of I can get around to working on nursery prep too.
    Question: Does anyone out there have experience in applying for disability pay? Any words of wisdom on how to do that?

    • Disability? As in short term/longterm? I had an injury last year and my company immediately emailed me all the docs and links to set it up. I was lucky for the fact that i didn’t go into work before i was seen by a dr or else that would’ve counted as an existing injury and i would’ve had to use my leave before short term would’ve kicked in.

      • Short term. I hope my company will be as helpful as yours was!

        • When I’ve done STD in the past (did it for all my maternity leave) the one key thing was making sure that I had the paperwork I needed the doc to fill out BEFORE I actually had the baby. It was SO much easier to to have the pre-fill the forms and just send then to me when I had the baby. Also, play middle man between the doctor’s office and the insurance and HR to avoid documents getting “lost” or “not being sent.” I did not have the benefit of a good/competent HR person, but by the third kid, I sure as shit knew how to avoid the pitfalls. With the first kid, I did not get my STD payment until after I had returned to work, so I learned the hard way!

        • Yeah. My company got me all the forms, i logged onto the insurance site and registered and it was smooth sailing. I was able to get short term for just under 3 months, but they will try to get you off shorterm and onto longterm. One thing i didn’t know was that disability income is pretaxed benefit, so i delayed filing my taxes up until the last minute to only find out I didn’t have to pay taxes on that income. Also my was the same as my regular take home pay(net not gross) so i didn’t really see a decrease in my income.

          • I did the same with my taxes with the first one!
            The amount/percentage will be based on employer, and it’s important to note for anyone who may need Short Term Disability (realizing I should have spelled that out in my previous post lol) needs to check that they have elected it as a benefit. Not a lot of employers offer it as an employer-paid benefit. I know of at least two people who thought they had it only to find out they didn’t later.

          • Disability income is taxable if premiums are paid for with pre-tax dollars. If premiums are paid using after-tax dollars, disability income is not taxable.

    • Sorry to hear about the low energy!
      Your breakfast of biscuits with apricot jam and honey sounds delicious.

  • Rant: For weeks my family has been concerned about me being in DC and now they have a shooting rampage 20 minutes from their house in Cali. My nephew and aunt both regularly go to the Inland Regional Center where the shooting happened.. they are all okay but it’s hard to hear such news when you’re so far away.
    Rave: Thanks goodness all of my family is now on FB so I was able to get in touch with everyone faster than phone.

  • palisades

    Rave: It’s movie season people!!! Just watched Spotlight and it was a haunting, but well done movie. Looking forward to seeing Brooklyn, Chi-Raq, and Legend.

  • Rant: Preparing for exams and feeling abnormally overwhelmed today. I don’t usually let this kind of thing stress me out but today is apparently the day for stress.
    Rave: Wise words from my favorite professor, “You will be brain dead by the time you take my exam. But you will all be brain dead. The curve is your friend!”
    Rave: Two weeks until I’m home for a long break.
    Rant: Fiance’s dad gets in to town the same day that I do. Looking forward to seeing him but wish I had some time to decompress with my fiance after my first semester without having to be “on” for company.

  • Rave: decided to make the move to a new credit card that will get me better travel redemption.
    Rant: the pain that is going into all of my accounts and switching them to my new credit card.
    Rant: I need to have a talk about my 2-3 and 5 year career plans with my boss soon. I’m somewhat embarrassed to say that I don’t have any. I like my job right now, that’s no small thing, and I don’t have some ladder climbing, over achiever plan. Honestly, in five years I’d like to stop being that person who leaves dishes in their sink for days on end, but I probably said that five years ago, so…..

    • What card are you getting?
      And I feel the same way you do about career planning. What’s so wrong with wanting to stay where you are and become an expert? I don’t think everyone wants or needs to climb the ladder.

    • I need like, a primer on credit cards, banking, basically personal finance 101. I feel like I have dyslexia when it comes to numbers, stuff just doesn’t make sense to me and I get so overwhelmed that I feel like my brain shuts down. Good for you for figuring all this stuff and doing the hard work it takes to move it the direction you want to move it – which I assume is more traveling 🙂

      • I took a personal finance class my senior year of college and it focused on credit cards, interest, loans, mortgages, budgeting, etc. It was SO helpful and I learned a lot. I suggest getting a book or two about personal finance.

        • I bet this can be found for free in a MOOC.
          Basically, my friend I was traveling with told me all of the benefits of the Chase Sapphire Preferred (there is a fee after the first year) and it just made more sense than my Amazon card. She also works with people who do credit card benefit stuff for a living and they swear by it, so I figured it was time to hop on board. And if I just charge my normal amount in the first 3 months I’ll get bonus miles worth about a $650 flight.

          • I was wondering if it was the Chase Sapphire Preferred. The Points Guy and other travel maximizers are always recommending it, but I don’t understand why. My Capitol One Venture card gives me 2x the points on everything, not just travel and restaurants, and the annual fee is $36 lower. Am I missing something? I can understand getting it for the sign-on bonus but otherwise it seems like there are better cards out there.

          • When you redeem the points for travel you do so at a 20% discount. So, if you redeemed the points for stuff you could get $1000 worth of stuff, or you could redeem the same amount of points for a $1200 flight.
            Right now there are 3x the points for booking travel through the end of the year.
            I’m not totally sure what the other “tricks” are yet, I need to read more Points Guy and whatnot.

          • Oh, I guess it’s worth having for travel purchases then.
            I also have a Discover card that gives you 3x points on everything for the first year. No annual fee so you don’t have to worry about cancelling it later. And you get $30 in-flight WiFi every year (I’ve never tried to buy WiFi on a flight so I have no idea how much that gets you, but it would be nice to have for an international flight). I think that one’s good to have in general.

          • hammers

            I got that card (Chase Sapphire Preferred) because my college credit card, while having low APR, gave me no benefits. The only thing I don’t like about it is there is no introductory period with no interest (hence my above freaking out). But I like it otherwise. 2x points on dining. I think it’s just about making a decision in the end, lots of cards will offer good perks.

          • Caroline- the interwebs lists capitol one as the better choice if you want more flexibility since you can book on any site which I like. Hmmm
            Decisions, decisions.

      • I’m the worst. I didn’t even get my first credit card until I was almost 30 (trying to get a mortgage with no credit history was fun). Trying to catch up now!

        • Oh I had a credit card – or three – and did some realllly stupid stuff with it, resulting in some serious damage to my credit and everything else. I’ve since worked to slowly rebuild my credit but have not actually had a credit card in years (I don’t trust myself, just like I wouldn’t trust an alcoholic to keep Grand Marnier in the cupboard “in case I need it for a recipe”). I just really don’t have a good understanding of what affects credit, what doesn’t, how long it takes to make it better, etc.

          • I like suze orman and others for finance 101 stuff.
            Affects: hard credit checks, delinquency, collection (the worst), length of history, debt to credit ratio
            Doesn’t: paying regular bills or rent that doesn’t ever hit the report
            Make it better: 7yr for something like bankruptcy less for other things but sometimes you have to ask for items to be removed with the credit bureau even if a debt is paid off.

          • Uggggghhhhhh. See, I need someone simpler than Suze Orman – I’ve tried to read a couple of things from her, but she still assumes a base level of knowledge/competency that I don’t seem to have. I am so. Fing. screwed. I know you get to ask for your credit score 1x a year for free, can you also get the whole report? Cause honestly I don’t even know what’s on it and what’s not at this point.

          • hammers

            LBP- happy to chat about what I’ve learned over drinks or something. You can get a credit report for free from each of the three bureaus (TransUnion, Equifax, Experian) 1x/year each (for 3 credit reports per year). Have you looked at Credit Karma? That is supposed to be a good site for information.

          • If you use Mint they will update your credit score for free, I think it’s every 6 months.

          • Yes. You can get one from each bureau, so really 3 times a year. I use credit karma. No cc needed to get info and they update you to changes. I’d start with the report to make sure it’s accurate.
            I know United planning organization does some financial literacy locally.

          • Thanks guys! Didn’t mean to hijack Jeslett’s thread, it just reminded me of my own rant today and how far I need to go! and Hammers, yes, let’s grab drinks sometime, you can fill me in on your trip and educate me on money! 🙂

      • Bankrate has a good run down of all the cards, in case that might help at all

    • I totally hear you on the career thing! My “goals” are to be productive and happy while hopefully making a difference. I don’t have goals of climbing a ladder, running a team, etc. and sometimes I feel guilty like I’m expected to want X, Y, Z.

      • I’m with you. I tried the ladder. I hated it. I jumped off, burned that shit, and ran in the other direction. The one thing about me though, is I still wonder if I would be happier in a more hands-on version of things… same field, different area.

        • You wanna scrub in?!

          • LOL – possibly! I’m realistic as to how far I could/couldn’t go at my age/life circumstances. It’s something I always go back and forth with, do I stay on the path I’m on, or switch it all up and go a different way?

      • hammers

        to add- Jeslett, I love your grownup goal. Mine is to be able to put my clothes away.

        • I know that my dog walker sees my kitchen every day, but even that isn’t incentivizing me enough.

          • Mine is to wake up with less than six alarms. Mornings are the worst.

          • Yeah, I’m with Hammers – I can’t go to sleep with dirty dishes in the sink / mess in the kitchen, but somehow leaving clothes strewn about my floor and chairs doesn’t faze me. I need to get better at that!

  • Rant: doctor who stitched me up post-delivery billed the stitching as “emergency accidental surgery”, leading to a separate copay.
    Rant: It took three phone calls to MFA & the insurer to figure that out.
    Rave: At least they’ll look into it–and hopefully it will get fixed so that it is covered under the global maternity benefit.
    Rave: 6-week checkup went great & I’m good to go on returning all normal activity
    Rant: Just got notified that I was included in the OPM data breach. Really? Now? How long did it take to figure that out? Argh.

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