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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Hallelujah. My heart is equal parts uplifted with hope and leaden with despair.
    Rave: My friend is in the crisis unit, under the care of professionals.
    Rant: It was ugly. It was necessary but it was ugly. And she hates us all. And while her parents finally called crisis, they refused to go to the hospital.
    Rave: My mom stepped in, my friend’s brother stepped in, and the hospital has the information they need to see the very real danger to herself.
    Rant: Exhausted and terrified.
    Rave: Relieved and hopeful.
    Thank you PoPville for your support throughout this. It’s not over. But she is in the hands of professionals who can stabilize her…for now.

    • So glad to hear this. I have been thinking of you.

    • So glad to hear that your friend is safe and getting help now, even if it was ugly all around. Please remember to take care of yourself so that you don’t end up exhausting your empathy, patience, and other reserves.

    • I am very sorry that your friend, you, and her loved ones are going through this. But I am so happy that she’s is in an in-treatment facility. Fingers crossed that she responds well to treatment.

    • Emmaleigh504

      It’s good to hear she’s getting help.

    • I’m glad she’s getting the care she needs. Of course she hates you all right now, but at least she’s alive and that’s all that matters right now.

      • I Dont Get It

        Yes I’ve been there and the resentment still lingers but I know I did the right thing. Your friend is lucky to have someone who cares enough to do the difficult thing .

    • Must be quite a relief to know your friend is safe and getting professional support. What you and your family/friends did is huge. I hope you’ll schedule something relaxing and rejuvenating for yourself!

    • Oh my goodness. That sounds intense. I’m so glad to hear that she’s under the care of professionals now, though. Sending continued love & hugs.

    • I’m so happy for you! What a relief.

    • So glad to hear this and sorry that it was such a mess for you. You are a good and supportive friend and she’s lucky to have you!

    • emvee

      So happy for you, but at the same time I’m also so sorry this is so tough. Hang in there!

    • Accountering

      This lady is horrible, and you did the right thing. The fact she hates you all speaks volumes about her, and nothing about any of you all. Thanks for doing the right thing, and taking a swing at the hornets nest. You very likely saved your friends life!

      • Accountering

        Whoops, I TOTALLY misread, and thought it was the mom who hated you all! Sorry about that. The fact she hates you all speaks to how much this disease is influencing her right now, and nothing further. You very much did the right thing!

    • You have been in my thoughts as I’ve been reading your posts on the situation with you friend. I hope treatment can help lift whatever problems she’s having.

  • YES! Dusty Baker! #FunFact, he was Matt Williams’ coach from 1993-1996. Another #FunFact, he is the second winningest coach of all time to never win a WS…

    • jim_ed

      #FunFact: He’s an anti stats truther who shreds young arms and can’t manage a bullpen. Another #FunFact, The Lerners, who are the richest owners in baseball, are miserly nickel counters who treat this franchise like some cut rate single A franchise in east palookaville.

      • palisades

        It is truly despicable what the Lerners did to Bud Black. There is a reason Dusty was relegated to making inane comments on TBS baseball pregame shows. I fear for Stras and Scherzer’s arms. He also doesn’t strike me as the kind of guy that would get along with the young players. Should be a wild ride next year.

      • Accountering

        This hiring was a joke. They could have had a great manager for a bit more, and instead, we got this bum. This is a joke, and will 100% be the reason this team continues to underachieve.

      • Accountering

        anti-stats is right.
        When the numbers say don’t sacrifice bunt, he sacrifice bunts. This hiring is a joke. We lost a great manager because the Lerners overrode baseball minds, and wanted to be able to hire someone new in 2 years.

    • I was so confused by that news this morning. Then I read in the paper about how the Lerners were nickel & diming their negotiations with Bud Black. Sometimes they really don’t impress me. Argh.

    • justinbc

      Congrats Nationals on continuing your streak of flaming out for another 2 to 3 years until he’s fired.

    • As a Mets fan, I’m delighted. (And it takes a lot to delight a Mets fan this week.)

  • callmeB

    Rave: Woman in SUV puts down car window and yells “I see you”, when I was stopped almost in her blind spot, indicating I should take the right of way as a biker this morning. Thanks for playing it safe and communicating with me, awesome driver.

  • Just making sure I’m not losing my mind… Did anyone else hear a series of gunshots near 8th and Decatur around 745/8 PM last night?

    • jim_ed

      I saw the emails about it, but didn’t hear it personally. The 4D commander said units investigated but didn’t find any shell casings.

  • Rant: Chill and bill. Normally not a rant, but when I’m still unpacking the time wasted being paid to do nothing really adds up. I’d take a half day but being able to stay home.
    Rant: Hang nail, I think. Finger is very unhappy.
    Rave: Getting last big item put together tonight then dog comes home from boarding.
    Rave: Living alone rocks.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: work fills me with dread. I def need to be serious about getting a new job.
    Rave: some therapy seems to be working.
    Hah! John Hamm on Numb3rs.

    • I don’t really get the Jon Hamm infatuation. He seems charming and funny and able to poke fun at himself, so that’s all good. But this lustful following and obsession about how handsome he his and grown women gushing about his physical perfection (complete with crotch shots) I don’t get. He’s got that weird double-chin thing, and is just sort of ordinary looking. Just me?

      • yes, just you. (actually probably not just you, but I’m in the “Hamm is beautiful” camp, myself)

      • palisades

        You’re a Mets fan, so I understand you’re probably a little delirious and in denial, but Jon Hamm is the second coming of God. Take your silly comments and shoo

      • Meh. Personal preference? I really don’t get the Ryan Gosling obsession. John Hamm in Mad Men is a beautiful thing to me.

      • Sorry, have to disagree. That man is gorgeous. And very funny, and some how seems to not have much of an ego, despite being gorgeous and very talented.

      • Emmaleigh504

        Not just you. I find his pre Mad Men acting kind of bad. It’s just fun to see big stars in small parts before they were famous. He was on Gilmore Girls too.

      • phl2dc

        Put me in the “meh” camp.

        • me too, don’t get the obsession and he kind of seems like an a$$hat. Plus my husband and I were watching a comedy documentary (wish for the life of me I could remember what) and he’s visiting his friend, casual conversation, and we swore you can hear him say the N word. I know I need to back this up with facts, working on it, either way haven’t been a fan.

          • You think Jon Hamm said the n-word in a documentary and no one said anything about it? Seems unlikely.

          • I know! Believe me, I know. It was the Conan documentary Can’t Stop. I’m going down an internet spiral to find this. Not saying I’m not wrong, just didn’t help me like the guy either.

    • Not able to comment firsthand on Hammlust but, judging from my wife’s response it’s not just his face and alleged other attributes, but the whole style — a guy in a good looking suit and tie, confident in his cufflinks and cocktails, crisply clad…and very attentive to the ladies.
      All gender politics aside, I think in world full of grungy hipsters and khaki-clad middle tech boys who treat women like one of the guys, a good looking “manly” throwback is going to have an appeal that transcends his jawline.

  • Rant: Woke up an hour before my alarm was supposed to go off, and couldn’t really fall back asleep
    Rave: At least it was a beautiful morning with plenty of sunshine!
    Rant: I need more coffee
    Neither? I get sad watching pigeons as I walk around this town or wait for the bus. They’re gross, and I don’t really want them near me, and I’m always leery that they’re going to sh!t on me when they take off suddenly, but at the same time, they can’t help that they’re pigeons. They have a hard life. So many of them are missing bits and pieces of feet or feathers or wings. They limp around and pick at garbage and fight for scraps and it all seems so sad and meaningless. But they also make some really gorgeous patterns when a whole flock of them takes off at once – flying as one, cutting left and right and making dizzying patterns in the sky, and it’s beautiful. I realize there’s something wrong with me, maybe I should see a shrink, but anyway, I just felt profoundly sad today watching some pigeons.

  • IDGI–I saw your congratulatory note last night–thanks! Kiddo #2 will be two weeks old tomorrow.
    Rave: So far, the baby is super chill. Giving it another week or two to be sure, though, since he might still be in the sleepy newborn stage.
    Rave: Kiddo #1 still adores her baby brother and is super sweet. She seems to be adjusting far better than I expected her to. A little sensitive about things, but mostly in good spirits.
    Rave: Lovely weather–hoping to get out & about a bit more this week. Yay for not having much planned and being able to relax at home!
    Query: Sometime soon, I’ll reach the end of my Gilmore Girls binge watching. Any suggestions for another show to start?

  • Rant: New baby kitty escaped the house twice yesterday… likely through the mail slot.
    Rave: The good news is, he hung around on the porch, and when we found him he was freaked out by his audacity and frantic for snuggles and reassurance. Masking tape has been deployed and the mailman can deal with it. And someone’s getting a collar and a microchip, pronto!

    • Through the mail slot? Oh my goodness, sounds like you’ve got a little Houdini on your hands!

    • Glad he’s back safely!
      Have you submitted photos to Afternoon Animal Fix? I’ve been enjoying your stories about him.
      How’s he doing on the claws front?

      • Just sent in a picture. Don’t know how long til it gets to the top of the queue, though.

        He’s doing better with his claws. He seems to have learned to sheath them, and now only scratches us when he’s really riled up, or when he doesn’t realize there’s skin under the trousers he’s trying to scale. Also some improvement in the last couple days on the biting, but still a ways to go there.

        But between rounds of Fearsome Predator, he’s so affectionate… he sits on my chest and licks my face while I sleep. (I realize this would be a rant for many people.)

  • Rave: Civic duty is done. It feels weird voting outside of DC.
    Rave: My living room smells like lilies.
    Rant: Feeling frustrated that my dentist charged my insurance for services that weren’t rendered (x-rays). And there’s no way I’m paying the $30 charge for another service that I didn’t receive (fluoride treatment) that wouldn’t be covered by the insurance. She doesn’t offer either of those things to pregnant patients.
    Rant: My back is so sore. I can’t wait for my new stretching dvd to arrive.

    • Have you tried cat/cow poses? I try to do them every night before bed, and it seems to help with the back pain (and all the random tightness in my abdomen from the growing belly).

      • +1 – the PT has me doing these. I’ve also discovered that if you do down dog and then lay your head on one side and then the other, it gives a good stretch. This might be tougher when pregnant 🙂

      • I’ve been doing them a couple of times a day and it seems to help for a few minutes but then the pain returns. I’m hoping a full-length stretching workout will set things right again.

        • try in the shower with hot water running on the sore area. that helped me.
          it took me a few days to realize, but the sciatic pain disappeared right after the baby was born. hope the same is true for you!

  • Rave: I slept relatively well last night!
    Rave: I made mini frittata this weekend, and they are just the best, quickest weekday breakfast.
    Rave: No rants this am! I’ll take it.

  • Rant: Two nights in a row of bad back pain and lack of sleep. Ugh
    Rant: Daylight savings
    Rant: Homepolish designer wanted to scrap some things that we just purchased…not going to happen.
    Rant: Terrible mood last night
    Rave? It’s a little better today
    Rave: A couple good books on the way

  • emvee

    Rant: A dear friend recently ended a relationship that has left them temporarily homeless and couch-surfing (my couch included). I’m more than happy to have them crash, but I’m also concerned that they aren’t proactively searching for housing because they’re hoping the relationship rekindles. A number of us have urged against that thought-process, but break ups suck and reason has kind of gone out the window for my friend. I hate seeing them so torn up, and I know they really just need people to talk to and support them right now, but holy moly I also want to see them move on because it’s put a giant “PAUSE” on their life and they can’t do a lot of things until they find a home.
    Rave: I’m killing morning runs thanks to Daylight savings screwing up my internal clock!
    Rant: I need new running shoes. I think my current ones are giving me hip issues. Best running store in DC where they’ll tell me what I should get?

    • binpetworth

      I had success with Fleet Feet on Columbia Rd. They recommended a shoe that I never thought to try but has fit fabulously on my runs.

      • I’ll second that. They have never steered me wrong in my many trips there.

      • I’ll third the recommendation for Fleet Feet – I’ve been going to them for years.
        Which reminds me that it’s time for new shoes….

      • emvee

        Thanks all! I’ll be swinging by this weekend then and getting myself some new kicks so I can do more then 7 miles without hip pain.

      • I wonder if I just got an indifferent salesperson at Fleet Feet? He kept shrugging and saying “Well, I guess you could try this one,” while grabbing something exactly like what I had just tried. I’ve had better sales assistance at DSW.

        • Yeah, you’re not going to get a great salesperson every time at any store, it’s a matter of percentages. I’ve had lousy service at just about every running store in the DC Metro area.

          • HaileUnlikely

            Agreed, and largely agreed with your percentages as well. My percentages of good service have been above the area average at Georgetown Running Company (Friendship Heights location, can’t speak for Georgetown location). I’ve actually had better shoe buying experiences at City Sports in Silver Spring and Bethesda (not others) than at most of the area running stores, though admittedly the range of salesperson enthusiasm and knowledge there is vast.

          • HaileUnlikely

            p.s. Unfortunately the Silver Spring Pacers closed a couple years ago, unless they have a new location that I’m not aware of (the one on Fenton closed)

          • Ah, didn’t know they closed their SS location. Haven’t been there in a couple years obviously.

      • I buy all my running shoes at Fleet Feet. Only once did I come away with a pair that didn’t work, and it was my fault for not paying attention to how they were rubbing.

    • Fleet feet is pretty good, though not infallible. I would steer clear of Pacers on 14th Street unless you know exactly what you want – they don’t seem to carry a lot of stuff and their staff has generally been the least knowledgeable about shoes IMO. On the other hand Pacers in Silver Spring or Clarendon seem to be fine in my experience.

      • Pacers in Silver Spring closed over a year ago (has been vacant ever since)!

        Give Road Runner Sports a try. Their process for finding you the right shoe involves running on a treadmill and videotaping how you run (to see how much support you need). They let you try out the shoes on the treadmill to see if you like them. You can also get custom inserts made right in the store. Love that place 🙂

  • Rave: Slept amazingly last night and woke up an hour before my alarm with zero prompting. Managed to get out the door on time, and just felt pleasantly positive. Sunlight is a beautiful thing!
    Rant: It was pitch black before I got home last night. I was exhausted and in bed before 9.

  • rant: had a friend back out of the solo, acoustic joshua radin concert tonight at the birchmere. anyone in PoPville want the extra ticket? show is at 7:30.

  • Rant: I finally bought the snoogle and thought I would sleep better. Between sweating (I tucked the snoogle under the covers) and using the bathroom it just seems not worth it. Pregnant ladies, do you sleep on top of the covers with the snoogle? Maybe this was my mistake. Giving it another shot tonight.

    • I slept with it under the covers, but I was never one of those pregnant ladies who was overly hot. Maybe that is because when I am not pregnant I am basically cold all of the time. It does take some getting used to in terms of having to reposition at night, especially when you get up to use the bathroom, but my aches and pains were so much better sleeping with the snoogle. I had bad round ligament pain, and the snoogle really helped. I was willing to trade off the repositioning with feeling better and more comfortable during the day. Maybe try sleeping with just a light blanket on? Also, how far along are you? It may become more of an asset to you as you get further along.

  • justinbc

    Not really a rant or rave, but apparently Subway has BOGO subs today. I went with the express purpose of trying this “chicken, bacon, ranch” combo thanks to PoPville. Will report back regarding how acceptable or revolting it turns out to be.

    • HaileUnlikely

      I find Subway bacon pretty gross (recall that I am one of the few ardent pro-Subway folks here, and I love bacon in general, but I can still admit that Subway’s bacon is gross). I get subs with grilled chicken, some veggies, and ranch routinely though and find it quite good.

      • I Dont Get It

        I always found the chicken at Subway to be kinda rubbery, sorry.

        • It’s been a very long time since I’ve eaten at Subway, but I recall their chicken being significantly *off* in terms of texture. Like those soy faux meat products are off. Like not really even chicken at all.

        • justinbc

          I think pretty much everything at Subway is pretty gross. But it made for the closest training ground for this flavor combination sent from God per some random Internet commenter. It was OK, I can see it possibly working with better quality ingredients, but not good enough that I would experiment by wasting a perfectly good piece of pizza on it.

          • Try that combo next time you’re near a Wawa – you will not regret it! I had a roommate in college that must’ve eaten hundreds of those when we lived together. Excellent combo!

  • Rave: My new Soma water pitcher. It makes me want to drink all the water.
    Rave: Peach iced tea, because sometimes even Soma water gets boring.
    Rant: It’s 9:15 AM here and I’m already ready for a nap. #twinpregnancy #pleasedelivercoffee

    • justinbc

      Check out the “Sonoma” line of wine grape skin based “teas” from Republic of Tea. They’re pretty tasty.

      • They sound yummy – thanks! Speaking of tea, I hope DC gets a David’s Tea soon. They have a huge selection of moderately priced teas and I think they’d do really well there. I got a box of their silk dragon jasmine on sale and it’s really helped me drag my big pregnant butt out of bed lately.

        • loved david’s tea!

        • I was intrigued by your praise, so I was looking at David’s website – they have a store in Pentagon City, apparently. I might have to check it out.

          • Oh, interesting! I thought the website showed the closest store was outside of Philly. I’m a bit surprised to hear they have a mall location, but probably shouldn’t be. They went public this year and have been expanding like crazy.

  • Rant: I have to sell my condo because I have a wanna-be DJ bellow me and some sort of band above me. But I’m afraid of spending money and finding myself in another noisy place. I don’t mind the normal noises of city life – I used to live below two toddlers and didn’t mind, but having sounds from your neighbors make it sound like you live in a night club is no longer working for me. Does anyone know if there is a way to do research on a building to see if it is loud, has good soundproofing, etc?

    • I’d recommend visiting at night to get the best feel for noise. Asking current residents can also help.

    • Not sure there’s much you can do beyond asking the neighbors (and maybe googling to see if there are Yelp reviews or something). Even so, unless the people you ask live in the unit in question, they might not know whether that particular unit has neighbors above/below/on the sides who are noisy. And if they live in the unit in question, then they’re going to be in the exact same position that you are if you sell (assuming that you’re looking to buy another condo unit, rather than rent an apartment or rent a condo) — if you ask about noise, they (via their real estate agent, presumably) can tell you the truth and risk losing the sale, or they can omit/fudge/lie/whatever.

    • Thanks, I suspected as much. I just didn’t know if there was some sort of “rate your building” website I just hadn’t heard of.

    • Maybe try looking at older buildings? Mine has concrete walls which is annoying for hanging things on the wall, but provides amazing soundproofing.

  • Quotia Zelda

    Rant: Why is it that the colleagues I enjoy working with are retiring, but the ones who really need to retire are hanging on like grim death.

  • MEGA RANT: A coworker of mine just received a text from her spouse which was – you guessed it – a photo of the poor unfortunate deceased suicide victim from this morning. So clearly those jags whipping out their phones and taking photos shared them with the world. WHAT IN THE ACTUAL [email protected] IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE?!?!

    • That is really… not okay. I don’t even have words for this stuff.
      Ugh. (I have to ask, was your coworker pissed? Or do they think similarly? If my spouse sent me that I would be like “OH NO YOU DIDN’T. WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?!”)

      • No. She was very upset, and was asking him why on earth he sent that to her and to please delete it from his phone, which was what she was going to do.

    • I’m so disgusted by this. I hope that whoever is sending a photo like this around is also disgusted by it and has a change of heart.

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