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Barber Recommendations

“Fall is here, in spite of efforts to hide my increasingly scruffy mane under a hat, I realized I need a good barber (recent DC transplant). Anyone have recommendations for best places in DC?”

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  • Victors at 8th and T street in shaw is awesome

    • +1. Debated commenting because I like that it isn’t too difficult to get in here. But Victor (and Irma) deserve it.

      • They are the best. Have been going since they were in Adams Morgan and continued going to their newer location Shaw.

    • +1. Victor is great!

    • +1 as well. Logged in just to give Victor his props. Spent a long time trying to find the right barber, but after 7-8 places, finally found Victors. As a guy who doesn’t just want a buzz nor an overly stylized, “chic” haircut, it can be tough to find just a solid cut with scissors.

  • the dudes at upshur and 9th are fantastic.

  • Lesley “Lady Clipper” on 1513 7th st Nw [7th and O st] tel: 202-368-4803
    she cuts all hair types.. search her on Facebook

  • Can anyone recommend a good barber somewhere close to Farragut Square that doesn’t charge $50+ for a men’s haircut?

  • justinbc

    I’ve had great luck with several of the Aveda locations, particularly with Mineyah (now at the U Street location). Melissa at Trim in Adams Morgan is great. Loubna at Bravado (Capitol Hill) does a good job as well. I’m assuming you meant a good quality haircut and not the $15-20 chop-shop style like Diego’s does.

  • jack5

    I get a straight razor cut, trying to find barbers good at it in DC frustrated me for years… I once tried the upscale shop at 9th and Rhode Island and they wanted only did appointments for 50$ a pop… I landed at a shop in Ballston VA called Ballston Barber Shop and they do any cut for 16$, I usually tip 4$ because I used to pay 20$ for electric razor only cuts in DC. They do cuts for men there extremely well with a hot towel and scalp massage, for 16 dollars! There is nowhere better in my opinion now.

    • The place at 9th and RI is called the Barber of Hell’s Bottom. They do an excellent job, but yes, it isn’t cheap. One thing to note, though–the haircut is expensive ($65-75, depending on who cuts your hair), but you are entitled to a free “clean up” cut in between haircuts. If you like to keep your hair neat and get a cut every month or two, you’re basically getting two haircuts for $65-$75. Still expensive, but this place recently gave me the best cut I’ve had since moving to DC 16 years ago.

      • I used to go to Hair Cuttery because I didn’t way to pay more and didn’t really know what I wanted. Went to Barber of Hell’s Bottom for the first time in January and it’s worth every penny. Wes is the best.

        • Hell’s Bottom is great. I know most of the people so I guess I am biased, but they spend a good time on the consult to make sure they know what you want, how much time you are willing to spend, and how much on product you are willing to spend/use. They always have an apprentice that will do $20 cuts.

      • ledroittiger

        Trim on Ontario does this as well, and its only $40 a cut (for men). Melissa is great. Love that place, though used to love it more when they served you free beer…

    • If recommending Arlington shops as well, the Clarendon Barber shop just off Wilson Blvd is a good place, $17 for a men’s cut with neck shave/hot towel

  • Cut-n-Edge on Conn Ave by Van Ness Metro. $20. The BEST!

    • I second this. I am heading there on Saturday to get a cut.

    • Agree with Cut-N-Edge in Van Ness. Been going to Vinnie since I moved to DC 8 years ago and lived in NW. Consistent and friendly. Note that its cash only. Leo and Alex are also good too.

    • I have been going here for ten years. Great place.

    • I totally agree. They always give me a great looking cut, there’s hardly ever a long wait, and the prices are decent. It’s cash only, but there’s an ATM across the street.

    • Cut-n-Edge is very good. I haven’t had a bad haircut (from my perspective!) there and I’ve been going for the past several years. I use whomever is available and they’re all good.

  • Tufan at Charmed Salon on 19th St. $35

  • Washington Square Hair Salon (downstairs Conn. & L) does a good job and charges $25 or so. Ishmael has been cutting hair in DC since 1963 and has great stories. If you’re lucky, he’ll tell you about cutting Jimmy Carter’s hair.

  • I am a big fan of Camillo’s in Tenleytown, especially on Saturdays when David is there. $21 for haircut and tip.

    • ah

      Agree on Camillo’s, although Saturday is pretty busy.

    • +1. Camillo’s is great. Weekday mornings are an excellent time to go.

    • +1 on Camillo’s. I’ve been going there for years and never had a bad cut. I actually like going on Saturdays – if you get there right as they open, it’s not really busy. A good excuse to drag my hungover ass out of bed!

  • Black folk, Diamond District on Georgia Ave (Petworth). Get it.

  • This is on the pricier end, but I’ve been going to the Bang Salon in Navy Yard for the last year, and Angela and Jessica there are great. Men’s haircuts are ~$40.

  • Camden at Bang is the dopest. Spotts is supposed to be good. Victors if you can get Victor.

  • No idea if the location is convenient for you, but Jerod and all the barbers at His Grooming Lounge around the 1200 block of Penn SE are great. Near the old Fragers.

  • Mohammed’s on the 3300 block Georgia Avenue in Park View

  • Downtown, Mario’s in the National Press Building on F St (between 13th and 14th). $25.

  • Spott’s Barbership at 503 Florida Ave. NW is the best haircut I’ve found in DC. Mr. Lloyd will hook you up!

  • +1 for Jared and His Grooming Lounge. The best haircut I’ve ever had. 5 stars on Yelp with over forty reviews.

  • I’ve been going to Carl’s Barbershop on P St a few doors down from the CVS for years. They do a great job and their business seems to be growing. A men’s haircut is $22.

  • Morono/Todd @ the icutpro studio at rhode island row. Can’t beat the cut.

  • Diego’s, at 19th and P St, $20, cash only. Always packed.

  • northeazy

    Mario’s. Hidden inside the National Press Club downtown. $25. Three guys from Uruguay and Paraguay. Excel in the “business cut.”

  • Zhen at Spa Logic on Connecticut mid-block above R is fantastic. It’s now $28 and well worth it. Zhen is very kind and nice to visit. I’m Just don’t try to get my Saturday morning spot!

  • Wise Owl Club in AdMo is pretty awesome. Rosa is my go-to, but I see so many haircuts coming out of there and they all look amazing. It can be a tad pricey, but definitely worth the cost.

  • don’t listen to the hater above — Diego’s (19th and Q) is great for anyone in the northwestern part of downtown/dupont area. usually packed but call to make a reservation and you’ll be fine. $20 for men’s haircut, cash only. unless you want some bougie haircut i’d strongly recommend it

  • Alex’s Unisex in Mt Pleasant is really good – quick service and inexpensive

  • Wilfredo at Oasis in Columbia Heights is great. He does a proper three-part fade, fades your neck, and is super meticulous. All for the low low price of $14. The ladies who normally answer the phone don’t speak that much English, but a simple, “Wilfredo esta trabajando?” will get him on the line, and he speaks English.

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