XO coming to former Venus Lounge space in NoMa

15 K Street, NE

Interesting development at the former Venus Lounge space on K Street just off North Capitol – XO is coming. The liquor license placard posted out front says:

“A Tavern serving American cuisine with a seating capacity of 320 and total occupancy load of 320. Requesting an entertainment endorsement to include dancing and cover charge and summer garden with 60 seats.”

Another spot called XO Restaurant and Lounge was supposed to be coming next door to Post Pub on L Street, NW. Not sure if they’re related. Updates when they get closer to opening.

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  • Anonomnom

    This just looks like the sketchiest place ever.

    • Aglets

      agreed. I don’t know what Club Venus was, but judging by the exterior i figured it was a combination strip club and murder parlor.

      Looks like more of the same but without the hand made sign

      • It was a club/concert venue. I went to see a go-go band perform there once. That whole area is sketchy and I’m surprised with all the noise about Ibiza that the neighborhood would be amenable to another club venue.

  • Yes! NoMa office workers have been clamoring for years for yet another douche-trap. It can’t come soon enough!

  • ANC 6C will be discussing this at our November meeting. Venus never really caused any problems because it’s not adjacent to residential buildings and it’s also much smaller than the former Fur & Ibiza clubs. Hopefully XO will be a good neighbor as well.

    • I live across the street from this club. They have operated several events over the summer and they are loud and advertise and operate until dawn. One of the events ended around 5 am as an “all police car call.” I have been working hard to prevent this club from opening.

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