Upstate Tavern, “serving cocktails, soup, craft beers, braised pork”, coming to 16th Street Heights

4610-4612 14th Street, NW

Could be interesting – I freaking love the name – a liquor license application for Upstate Tavern says:

“Full-service tavern serving cocktails, soup, craft beers, braised pork.
Sidewalk Café Seating 36 patrons. Total Occupancy Load of 85, with seating for 78. Entertainment Endorsement.”

Updates as they get closer to opening.

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  • Upper 14th St betweem Spring Rd (Airedale Gastropub) up to the Bus Barn is on the verge of taking off. A few established names and some great neighborhood joints (several forthcoming!) combined with all the new condo development is a recipe for success! Upstate Tavern sounds cool! Welcome!

  • I’ll miss that deli! Does anyone know if Addi is moving?

  • Yesss! This looks amazing!

  • Woooohoooo!

  • Those two buildings look like the perfect setting for a “double wide” establishment (i.e., not just the one storefront). I think this will do great!

  • Not to be a downer but I think this is bittersweet news. It seems like two businesses that probably cater to the Ethiopian and African-American communities are being displaced by yet another restaurant for people with extra money in their pockets. So two cheers for what looks like a great Tavern, but let’s not forget what we’re loosing in the process.

    • If this was U St or lower 14th St or some other über gentrified corridor, you might have a point. This stretch of 14th St (and corresponding parts of Georgia) BADLY needs some nicer sit down food and drink spots. There is no shortage of barber shops or Ethiopian places in this neck of the woods. This is a great thing.

      Combined with Swampoodle’s imminent opening, it looks like upper 14th st is set to emerge.

    • to be fair, all businesses cater to people with extra money in their pockets. but yeah, the clientele at the new spot won’t be getting their hair cut.

    • You must not be familiar with these stores or the area. There are several other Ethiopian markets easily within walking distance and the barber shop is only open one or two days a week, if that. “We” aren’t losing anything here.

      • I’ve been getting my hair cut at Darrell’s for several years. The shop is open Tuesday-Saturday. There is a wonderful sense of community that has been established here among the women, men and children who frequent this neighborhood spot. I’m making peace with the inevitable change within the city. But could you please be less flippant about the erasure of community spaces that many people care about? I’m aware that there are other barber shops in DC. But Darrell’s is my barber shop and I will be quite saddened if it’s doors are closed.

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