The Best Endorsement – Council Member Nadeau Doesn’t Like PoPville “discredits blog as not factual”

reader submitted photo after a shooting homicide in Ward 1 back in September

Thanks to a reader for recording and passing on:

Attached is an audio recording of the Safety Meeting held by Brianne Nadeau this past Tuesday. At the 57:16 mark, she discredits your blog as not factual and promotes Borderstan. I feel that both blogs represent the community well. What the majority of people took away from this meeting is “it is what it is and you should get used to it” and “I’m working on it”.

Update: thanks to a friend of mine for uploading to youtube – it’s a bit hard to hear so put the volume up as high as it goes.

Unfortunately I haven’t figured out a way to upload the audio here but I’ve listened to it and the claim is indeed on the recording. It is now my phone’s ringtone. So allow me to respond. I and the blog have been fortunate enough to be on the receiving end of many accolades – most recently voted Washington Blade’s best local blog for 2015 last week. But let me say this accusation from Council Member Nadeau is by far the best endorsement the site has ever received.

So what is PoPville?

I’ve said time and time again that I am not Edward R. Murrow and have no desire to become some crackerjack crime reporter, personally on the scene with a pencil behind my ear. PoPville is many things. One of the things is a platform that provides the people a voice and a place to ask questions. Now nevermind the fact that approximately 3/4 of my crime posts come directly from MPD crime reports. Nevermind the fact that nearly all of the reader reported shots fired/shootings etc. are later confirmed by MPD. The important thing is that apparently the Council Member doesn’t want you to know what is really happening in your neighborhoods.

Let me tell you a quick story – on more than one occasion – I have emailed with MPD about reader reported shots fired. Please note that shots fired (vs a shooting when someone is hit) aren’t disseminated in MPD crime alerts (with the exception that I’ve occasionally seen them when there is property damage reported). On a few occasions they have replied to my emails that they have no confirmation of shots fired – then the readers email me photos of actual bullet holes and then MPD confirms. On more than one occasion this has happened. I’m not necessarily saying it happens because of malicious intent, I’m sure there are a variety of reasons. But it has happened to me, so take that for what it is.

The fact of the matter is that crime reported on PoPville is not some masochistic fantasy. I dare say I and most readers wish they would never see another crime post again. However, I am not going to ignore what is happening in our neighborhoods. I am not going to ignore the emails and tweets I receive after every shooting/shots fired or major crime that happens in Council Member Nadeau’s Ward. People want answers. They want leadership that listens to them. And of course people want the truth. It’s clear where people don’t get that but that’s what they get at PoPville – the good, the bad and the ugly. I pray for the good but refuse to ignore the bad.

Update from Council Member Nadeau’s office:

“Councilmember Nadeau is deeply committed to ensuring her constituents have access to all the information they need about public safety and other issues in the ward. In fact, the recording referenced in a recent POPville post was taken at a public safety meeting she had convened for constituents to receive additional information from MPD. The Councilmember was responding to a question about the best way to receive information about public safety. She referred the constituent first to the MPD Yahoo group, then indicated that her personal preference for local news was Borderstan, given their approach to reporting the news. She also noted that while POPville is a forum that posts information, it does not do reporting. I should note that the Councilmember’s characterization of the blog is affirmed by its editor in today’s post, although she was not given the opportunity to comment.”

Ed. Note: “the Councilmember’s characterization of the blog” as not being factual is not affirmed by the blog’s editor.

The Council Member’s office has a standing offer to comment.

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  • binpetworth

    First your handsome mug is plastered on street signs, and now you’re being discredited by a Council person. You have arrived, Dan!

  • She’s the worst and I sadly live in her ward! Long live PoPville (the good and sadly the bad).

    • I thought anybody would be better than the Grahamster, but boy was I wrong to have voted for CM Nadeau. Not because of her, but I’m glad I’ve moved out of Ward 1.

  • palisades

    There certainly is a lot of anecdotal banter concerning crime in the comments section. There are also the occasional users claiming to be cops. Aside from your crime reports (which are certainly facts) the comments can be rife with unsubstantiated claims and one-sided anger. The internet is a big place, and I think if anyone goes on here expecting 100% facts and a complete story of all crime going on in the city, they should be ashamed.
    All things considered, this website is my first stop for any crime news. How users decide to disseminate that information is up to them, not you.

    • This. I wouldn’t be surprised if she was just referring to the comments. I can’t recall Dan ever adding to the MPD alerts or reader reports that he copies verbatim.

    • jim_ed

      Yeah, it’s not Dan’s fault that people turn to this blog for local crime news because WaPo has abandoned its local coverage in order to have a dozen reporters covering Rand Paul. But if you can use critical thinking like an adult and adjust for the histrionics of some comments, this blog does a better job than any other shining light on otherwise ignored instances of crime in the city.
      Nadeau meanwhile seems comically in over her head without any either ability or interest in bending her idealism to reality. When you start trying to fight the internet, you’ve already lost.

      • “critical thinking” and “adult” are two of the last phrases I would use to describe Nadeau. She’s a spoiled child who lucked into her job. The “anybody but Graham” vote could have swept literally anyone into office. And now we’re stuck with her.

        • So it’s “luck” that got her elected. Not spending 2+ years walking every street in the ward, knocking on doors and meeting people. Okay.
          As for the “anybody but Graham” claim, if that was the case, he would’ve ended up with a lot less than 41% of the vote.

  • It sounds like she’s trying to dismiss concerns over crime by attempting to discredit your blog. Real leadership!

  • I regret voting for her. I know someone who is interested in running for the seat in the next election. She won because most of us couldn’t take another term with the Grahamstander.

  • what’s even more amusing about this is that the ONE TIME I was a bit frustrated with the accuracy of a PoPville post was when you copied a message from a listserv sent by a Nadeau supporter/ally (and former colleague, I believe) regarding the status of the Hebrew Home. The copied post was wildly, if not intentionally and deceptively, inaccurate. I likewise consider this a big endorsement!

    That said, there are times when I wish you provided commentary on posts like that – stuff taken from other forums – to offer context or updates (you often do, but not always). People don’t always read the comments to get the additional info.

    • And on that note, there was actually some wackadoo on the Petworth listserv claiming Dan deleted all the pro-affordable housing posts regarding the Old Hebrew Home. Dan is a pro-Bowser Super PAC!

  • She would make an excellent president of Syria or Russia. “I dont like the information, so I will use my official capacity to discredit and trash it”. Good thing she doesnt have any real power.

    • Given the BBC’s recent deletion of information that showed Saudi Arabia to be using UK funds to support an al Qaeda affiliate and the recent congressional fear of potential terrorists from Canada, Russia sounds like a place of reason.

  • What did you all expect when you voted her into office? From the minute I met her outside the CH Metro, I knew she was in way over her head. Just look at her paper thin resume, laughable. The unfortunate reality is that we have, for the most part, a council of clowns, not of leaders. Kenyon being a true exception to that. We get what we vote for, thanks David Grosso! Clown.

  • I Dont Get It

    Actually I think this not factual blog helped elect her. We were so unhappy with the ethically challenged Graham that we should have asked more questions about Brianne. Next election?

    • Ashy Oldlady

      I”ll bet a lot of the regulars here voted for her. Corruption or effective leadership: in DC, I guess you have to pick one. Nadeau is clearly in WAY over her head.

    • Agreed — the PoPville readership was pretty strongly pro-Nadeau. I am among the many disappointed former Nadeau supporters.

      • justinbc

        +1, I saw nothing but anti-Graham posts here for so long, it seems like she definitely owes some bit of gratitude. (not that it should influence her politics, but at least her perception)

      • Yeah, I always thought she was pretty shallow. I wish Bryan Weaver had run instead, but I know he didn’t want to split the anti-Graham vote.

    • I voted for Graham, and I really value Popville, but I kind of agree with her on this one. The crime coverage here has been weird and somewhat sensationalist, and the comments on crime posts are frequently ridiculous. The amount of blaming Nadeau for not having stopped crime in Ward 1 is ridiculous, in my opinion. She’s a city council member. She has virtually no ability to fix crime. Why does anyone expect her to do so?

      • justinbc

        It’s true that many people’s perceptions for what a council member is even responsible for is shaky, at best, but that goes back more to the comment section, rather than the “news content” of the site. The internet is awash with fools and trolls pretending to be fools, and for the most part this site does a decent job of eliminating that element before it causes too much trouble. Some people continually spout hyperbole, but a regular reader can learn who they want to avoid relatively easily (unless said person always posts under Anonymous, or some derivation).

      • Prince Of Petworth

        Please give an example/link of sensationalist crime coverage lately. Thanks.

        • Sure, how about these?

          One Perspective: “If you want to see why crime is skyrocketing, I strongly encourage you to watch this video.”

          “But you know what we don’t see? Prosecutions.”

          God Help Us

          “No one seemed to do anything other than clean up the blood”

          Like I said, I value you and your site, but that stuff is pretty over the top. And I haven’t done any statistical analysis, but I think your crime coverage has increased far more than actual crime has.

          • Prince Of Petworth

            With the exception of choosing the title God Help Us (which is how I felt when reading it) I disagree – that was being sensationalist – that was passing on what others sent in. I’m especially shocked you think “But you know what we don’t see? Prosecutions.” is sensationalist.

          • I agree fully with jcm here.

          • justinbc

            This gets into the grey areas of journalism, if you will. What do you take responsibility for as a publisher, versus allowing the free speech of the populace to be heard. As PoP noted, the content of those headlines, and most of the headlines here, is simply a highlight of the narrative presented by whatever citizen is responsible for the content of the story being featured. You may take umbrage with the approach of using someone else’s words as the sole headline (and this fact is often lost on many readers, as you can observe from some of the comments, or by people who don’t know how to RTFM), but blaming the editor for giving people an outlet to express their concerns, whether it’s about crime or about dog poop, seems to lack the understanding of the focus of the blog (at least as I understand it to be, and maybe my interpretation is the incorrect one).

          • So, PoPville is factual because it is presenting people’s unedited opinions which may or may not be factual?

          • Prince Of Petworth

            PoPville is factual because a reader sends in a photo of crime tape, bullet holes, police response, burglary in action etc. and then I post it. And then I add the police reports whenever possible.

          • palisades

            A photo of a crime isn’t inherently factual. You as a frequenter photographer know that a photo can have bias or an agenda like anything else. Simply taking a photo from a certain angle and ignoring a subject from appearing in the shot can skew an entire debate.

          • Prince Of Petworth

            I am aware palisades. If someone says there was just a shooting. Then they send me a photo of crime tape, a bullet hole, police response etc. along with like a @DCPoliceDept tweet – this is a fact. But yes, I get there are nuances. If someone sends a photo of blood on the sidewalk and says there was blood on the sidewalk. The picture helps confirm that. Then other readers, MPD, commenters, twitter often fill in the blanks. I don’t know what everyone thinks I’m trying to say here. I post crimes that happen. Often with photos/questions that readers send in.

          • I really really love this site. But sometimes passing on user content without comment under a quote from the content can feel like endorsing the content. I try to remind myself that the quotes are meant to signify that the site isn’t doing that. But I also assume there is some selection process going on about what is “passed on” and what isn’t. Also, perspectives must differ wildly because I found “But you know what we don’t see? Prosecutions.” to be one of the most sensationalist positings I’d seen in a long time.

          • My apologies. I was confusing “But you know what we don’t see? Prosecutions.” with “If you want to see why crime is skyrocketing, I strongly encourage you to watch this video.” So I take that part back.

          • This is concept of quoting what was sent to Dan is just a stylistic choice which is carried through almost all posts–not just crime posts. He makes the headlines of GDON a quote from the listing, for instance. Is he endorsing the description written by the realtor? No. This is the style of the blog (which is not a newspaper and isn’t supposed to be a newspaper) and anyone who reads this site with any regularity can pick up on that style.

          • Eleven, I do perfectly understand that. And I really do love this site. But it is not an open forum. Decisions are made about which user content to post and which language from the user is chosen for the headline (which is often more salient in a crime post than a GDON). No, the content isn’t actually being endorsed, but the site isn’t a passive conduit, either. I do like the site, and bet I agree with many (most?) of the decisions about what is and isn’t posted (even on crime), but I do not agree that this site has no agency. Dan has created an incredible–and influential!–forum. And he has some responsibility for who he gives a voice on the forum. I think he does a good job, but I was rubbed a little the wrong way by the suggest that all that is happening in the “Headline…” posts is passive passing along of information.

          • p.s. Sorry for making the conversation so meta.

        • POP, I love your site, the community, and the transparency that your crime “reporting” provides. That said, I do think your headlines can trend toward the sensationalist, FWIW.

        • Don’t change a thing Dan! This is the best community forum and blog, possibly in the whole country, hands down and no question. Nadeau is threatened by the commenters on your site, so she’s trying to discredit you- i.e. discredit the opposition. Sarah Palin did the same thing when she coined “lame stream media”. As for sensationalist headlines, that’s nonsense from folks who are over sensitive or can’t be bothered to read the factual coverage included in the posts themselves. If someone is so bothered by the headlines, then they should head over to a different site. But they don’t, because your site is the best.

      • Seems you’re confusing “coverage” with “comments.” Also seems that you’re confusing the blame being placed on Nadeau–I agree that she cannot shoulder the burden of “stopping” crime, but she could at least recognize that problem. I think that’s what upsets people.

      • You’re 100% correct

    • How do people not realize that Nadeau is basically in Bowser’s back pocket? A vote for Nadeau was, essentially, a vote for the Bowser agenda. Nadeau’s policies and mealy-mouthed excuses have paralleled Bowser’s attitude when she was on the Council.
      Get with the program, folks.

    • I used to cover a lot of political beats in my early days, and Graham was one of the good ones.

  • Worst mistake I ever made was voting for her… She is either in over her head or doesn’t care about crime.

  • jesus, i was no jim graham fan, but at least he pretended to care.

  • Ughhhh she is terrible!!! I cannot stand her and hope she goes away after her term. Head in the sand.

  • I LOVE YOUR BLOG & I have been a fan since the beginning. I always go to it for neighborhood news. A lot of times, that’s shootings, news of gunfire & sh*t like that. Often, I’ll find news quicker on PoP than on regular news sites. Keep it up & you’re an app on my iPhone, easy to get to.

  • Yes, Nadeau. Readers have so much time on their hands that they report fake crimes to POP. It was pretty bad when you refused to attempt to DO anything about the crime rampant in CoHi. But now you refuse to believe it is all that bad. #recallvote

    • this! She has nothing to say about how to address crime other than its all in our heads. Um ok. And also on the regular videos people post of their houses getting broken into in broad daylight. The shootings in the middle of the day in shaw (do we REALLY know that an innocent man was killed). Or the muggings on MBT. nothing to see here folks, so keep it moving. But don’t worry, if you want 1000 more units of low income housing in Ward 1 then she is your girl. Because there is no connection between concentrated poverty and crime.

    • But Neighborhood watch!

  • Funny how this was the exact same strategy of Ted Cruz last night..BLAME THE MESSENGER.

    • I came here to post exactly that..
      When you are out of your league, have no idea how to fix the problem, and can’t respond to the most basic questions from would-be voters….you blame the media.

  • justinbc

    It really shouldn’t be as hard as it is to find someone of quality to elect, but DC seems to continually provide us with a wealth of bad options to choose from.

    • palisades

      At least we aren’t chicago

      • At least Chicago has numerous community organizations, social welfare groups, and local government committees people can join to gain experience dealing with bureaucracies and getting things done. DC only has (1) ANCs and (2) the City Council. We used to have the School Board, but that’s a shadow of its former self. So you see the same bunch of senile batfarts and clueless newbies time and time and time again.

    • I think it’s become most of the “local elites” have better things to do than lead the municipal government – i.e., be an influential person in the Federal government or run a lucrative business catering to Federal spending.

    • Or simply too many options in a primary, splitting the vote and making it hard to oust a bad incumbent.

  • True story: I once emailed the Prince when there was a HUGE police presence in my normally safe neighborhood. An officer told me that a woman had been raped and beaten, but another officer said that they were still investigating and would not give any details. I emailed the Prince, and before he posted he followed up with them several times to try to confirm what had happened. It ended up being a false report, and he didn’t post it.

    That is a lot more than many bloggers would have done, and its CERTAINLY more than someone who is trying to promote an idea that crime is surging would do. To take issue with someone informing the public of crime is absurd. Bye, Felicia.

  • The good news it that, as a DC council member, she has no credibility on–well–anything. And no actual power, to boot! Just a cushy job that requires pandering. Any moron can do that, but only a special moron actually will.

    • gotryit

      no power except the entire budget of the dc government? oh, and our laws too?

      • Congress has final say over basically everything that happens in DC, in terms of budgets and laws. So yes, very little power accorded to the wee-council people, to say nothing of the actual residents.

        • gotryit

          Except that congress generally only meddles in a few key vote getting (poke in our eye) issues. Congress doesn’t set the size of our police force, determine how schools and libraries are built, or create noise ordinances.

      • Ashy Oldlady

        Sounds like Congress to me.

  • justinbc

    This blog does a good job of making crime feel more real to those in areas affected greatly by it, as well as providing a voice for people who otherwise wouldn’t know where to turn (and often gives them advice on how to expand that voice). If her desire is to stifle either of those elements I would seriously question her concern in any regard for her constituency.

  • I have not met BN, however, I do know that she has delivered for our part of Ward 1 in the 3 years I’ve lived in CoHi. We are getting a new alley and her staff was very helpful in sorting through the issues along with our ANC rep. Her staff was also very helpful with some other issues I’ve encountered with the City. I have not heard the discussion or reference you speak of, and I find it troubling that she would have made that kind of comment about this blog. I think she and the rest of the DC leadership really need to answer for the crime situation, and I think that scares her and others driving them to discount what really are valid community resources, such as Popville.

    • I don’t think people expect her to stamp out crime on her own, but for crying out loud. Act like you care. Don’t blame the victims and say we are all delusional. In my opinion, she hasn’t demonstrated even the most basic leadership or organizational skills need to be on the council or to fix problems. Congrats on your alley. That’s a relatively simple solution. On complex issues she is a failure.
      And for whoever said there is one person coordinating all these comments because he/she wants to run against her, then congrats. If you can organiz many people to take time out of their day to post something negative against Nadeau, then you SHOULD run! Too bad the disappointment and anger towards her is so bad, we all nothing like that is going on.

  • Accountering

    When we are talking about tone-deaf and Nadeau, let’s think about the most recent update e-mail she sent to her subscribers, which was titled (I kid you not) — “Paid family leave, getting serious about affordable housing”

    • It is possible she doesn’t write her own emails and subject lines.

      • Accountering

        Regardless, it is a relatively small office. The exact wording may not be written from her, but the tone is, either directly or indirectly. If she was serious about crime, there wouldn’t be e-mailed updates leaving her office talking about affordable housing, regardless the exact wording.

        • Not to mention: affordable housing in wards other than her own.

        • Are you suggesting if she was serious about crime she would not talk about any other issue or affordable housing is related to crime?

          • Accountering

            No, I am suggesting exactly what I said. In the midst of a huge uptick in crime, trying to force more affordable housing in CH is exactly the opposite of what she should be doing, and certainly blasting out e-mails about it is incredibly tone-deaf.

  • Is ANC Commissioner Charlie Bengel in her ward? He seemed to care more about the crime surge than any of the council members and I’d love to be able to vote for him.

  • I agree with what some have already said, that she may be referring more to the Popville comments than the stories themselves. I’ve noticed a number of comments on here that drag her name into issues and stories upon which she can have no impact at all. I think it’s part of the early ground game of someone looking to challenge her, in fact. Which is fine, if so, I guess, that’s modern politics. I don’t live in her ward, and don’t have much of an opinion on the job she’s doing, but I could see why the comment pool here may not be her favorite place.

  • gotryit

    Wow, she’s nuts. This is a great source of blog-type info.
    If anything, I’m not a fan of how some comments on here were censored in the past, so I just don’t comment as much. Then again, this comment probably won’t post so…

  • I am sorry to hear that our Councilmember is discrediting POP, when I find POP to be on top of issues and accurate. My question — was there anything of value discussed at this meeting? I was unable to attend. Was there anything new proposed or discussed? The increase in violent crimes on V Street is really disturbing. I see the same group of loiterers (again, realizing there are no laws against loiterers) on V Street day and night (I am talking all day and all night). It is the same group that hung out on W Street. They are DEALING DRUGS folks! They hit the alley between W and V Street when they want to make a deal. They keep the drugs, money, etc in this alley. The police should be present and not just sitting in their cars. They should be walking the beat. They would see these drug dealers dash to the alley to make a deal. The police should also utilize the cameras that some of the apartment buildings have in the alley to catch their criminals. I honestly don’t understand how these criminals have not been caught. Or, maybe they are caught and released the same day.
    It is really sad. I’ve lived in the neighborhood and I have watched the 13 years olds that would hang out on the block all night (maybe attend school during the day) that are, now, 23 year olds. Guess what they are doing? Hanging on the street day and night, now…..dealing drugs and shooting at each other (and will probably kill an innocent bystander). If anything new was shared at the meeting, I’d be interested to hear about it.

    • Chief Lanier regularly addresses walking patrols vs. car patrols. I am indifferent on her leadership but think we need to be better educated with MPD’s help on why decisions are made. Police on foot take longer to respond to crime more than a block away. Police in cars can more quickly respond to a wider stretch of area. Should we have more police so we can have more doing both? Probably. Should we demand police get out of cars because we think we know they are doing nothing? That is probably not useful.

      MPD does use video cameras on private property when the owner provides it. They have a program where they are attempting to both have a map of where public facing cameras are so they can collect footage as well as a program to reimburse owners who install cameras and provide the footage.

      • I disagree with a few points in your message. First, I do believe that “walking the beat” not only deters crime, but creates relationships between the neighborhood and MPD. It also helps MPD identify the people that live on the block that are hanging out and chatting with neighbors, and the drug dealers or buyers who are coming to the neighborhood to commit crimes. Heck…the MPD station is only two blocks away (and yet people are still getting killed). Second, I was on the condo board of my bldg. There were regular crimes occurring (shootings, muggings, and attempts to arrest criminals selling drugs) within view of our cameras. I had to OFFER up video footage. Our Board and/or property manager were never contacted by MPD even after we informed them multiple times that we would provide footage whenever they needed it. Theses are issues at the basic level.

  • I listened to her comments and have a different interpretation. She is saying Popville is the modern police scanner, and that if you want a fuller understanding of an incident with context there are places to go to get additional information.

    So, yes it sounds like an endorsement but not much in the way of an accusation, unless there is some shame in being the raw conduit of information on crime activity.

    In the old days, my family listened to a police scanner and read the newspaper. They coexist just fine.

    Disclaimer: Not that I would vote for her.

  • Maybe this is why Nadeau doesn’t seem to know what’s going on?

  • I appreciate the neighborhood crime coverage. It’s usually basically reposting MPD listserv e-mails and tweets, but I often learn about it here first. The Post does this too albeit less infrequently, with the added occasional “OMG crime is up in white/gentrifying neighborhoods” click bait (see the recent one about Park View). Still waiting for the Post to cover the 300% murder increase in 7D, but I digress. There’s also the occasional non-reportable crime (i.e. shots fired) story which is a good public service.

    Putting aside the bloggerati’s opinion of Nadeau, you state that “The fact of the matter is that crime reported on PoPville is not some masochistic fantasy” and go on to talk about emails and tweets you get. Have you ever posted an analysis of the actual crime data that is publicly available on MPD’s crime map? I think that the victim playing and public service positioning would be more authentic if every once in awhile this blog posted hard facts. Back when Borderstan was two guys on 15th St, they did this and it was great. The actual data and the perception created by news and blogs who play the if it bleeds it leads one-time anecdotes game could paint a different and more focused picture.

    • Prince Of Petworth

      As I’ve said before I don’t think “crime data that is publicly available on MPD’s crime map” is an accurate picture of the crime going on. I post about real concerns readers have period. I post about crimes that don’t make it the MPD crime map. I post facts. Period – you’re quite welcome to analyze it. You’re even quite welcome to email me your analysis to post. As I said – this is a platform for the people.

  • Brianne Nadeau just wants to restrict your information to approved sources. For your own good, of course. We can’t have the citizenry get upset about things that they read online. Brianne will tell us what is true and what is not. Forward, comrades!

    • +1.
      I’d love to see Kent Boes run against her. He has more leadership for ALL residents in CoHi than her. Nadeua only cares about a select few.

      • saf

        You know, Kent would be really good at that. I would never have thought of that.

      • Yes, I would vote (and campaign) for Kent Boese against Nadeau. He is a leader and isn’t just narrowly focused on public housing. Kent sees the whole picture. #BoeseforWard1 #recallvote

  • She sounds similar to the new Principal at one of the Petworth elementary schools. She removed herself from the parent’s list serve because parents were voicing their concerns too much. I guess it’s easier to behave like a child and stick one’s head in the sand that listen to constituent’s concerns.

  • Ugh… so regret voting for her! Glad I don’t live in her ward anymore!

  • Is there any real criticism of Nadeau? Haven’t found any here. Convince me to regret my vote. Still don’t see it.

    • Accountering

      Yeah no, that is your job to be an educated voter/citizen. It is in no way mine or anyone else’s responsibility to “convince” you. Be an adult, use your brain, and make a decision.

      • I have, and still don’t understand where all the hate comes from. Just from soundbites, according to this thread.

    • At least one of her constituent-services staffers is not competent. I don’t expect a councilmember to be able to solve the city’s problems, but I do expect a councilmember to have staff that can act on behalf of constituents and light a fire under city agencies to get things done.

  • I’m disturbed by Nadeau’s comments as ignorant of the news that PoPville provides to citizens who are concerned about their neighborhoods. But I also didn’t attend the meeting and would like to know what was otherwise said. Comments like “in over her head” seem premature and maybe a bit dismissive of a young politician. But if you really want to work on the problem now, not just at the polls, write to her, to the paper, to Bowser to call for more accountability and updates on what our elected officials are doing about crime. And we could all probably pitch in, too – what about neighborhood watches? Reaching out to MPD as a group of neighbors to find out who patrols our neighborhood and when? Other suggestions?

  • Egad

    Meanwhile, Nadeau likes to pretend that there isn’t any crime at all. Those bullet casings in front of my house? Just a few kids playing games! The guys shot in the head at 11am? Just part of city living! She constantly dismisses the concerns of her constituents as exaggerations and it is tiring.

  • Like many politicians and corrupt individuals heading up corrupt organizations, she is blasé, passive-aggressive, and counter-accusatory when called out. If she really gave half a sh*t she would have retracted, apologized, and attempted to make peace. Instead we get “affirmed by the editor” — a complete insult!! Screw you, lady. You’ve revealed yourself.

  • This whole thread cracks me up. I voted for Graham and thought he was doing a fine job. It was painfully obvious to me that Nadeau would be a disaster. Her resume was paper thin and her platform consisted solely of “I’m not the incumbent.” Then, once elected, people are shocked, SHOCKED to learn that her politics are not in line with theirs. The beautiful thing about democracy is that sometimes the people get exactly what they deserve.

    • What’s funny is that if you go back to crime threads on PoP in the year or so before the election Nadeau won – yes folks, there was crime in DC before the current “crime wave” – you will find the exact comments about Jim Graham’s supposed lack of concern for what these people considered to be out-of-control criminal activity besieging Ward One. Now people are like, “Remember the good old days of 100 murders a year?”

  • So I have a comment here, less as a cop, but more as a resident. Two things. First, DC is an electoral abyss because we don’t have the usual stepping stones to higher positions. So CMs can become Mayor, but then a Mayor becomes….a Visiting Professor at GW? A part-time writer for Brookings? It’s a fact. If you’re politically minded, you’re going to move somewhere you you can at least move to Governor if you don’t want to go the federal route. For those looking to recall Nadeau, you need to come up with things that a new CM would do. And don’t say “Stop crime” unless we’re electing Batman.

    Second, this is a great blog. Read a lot before I posted clearly. This blog spreads news and/or fear and concern. It’s not on Dan. I think people want to know. But 5 years ago, before Twitter, gunshots were just noises until they struck someone or something. And now we have this blog and Twitter and cellphone cameras of scout cars flying back and forth. It’s information that we didn’t have before. It also allows us to be more afraid than we used to be with basically the same level of crime. I know that murders are way up, but these murders frankly aren’t hitting the vast majority of the readership here. They are in NE and SE, especially over the river.

    So to sum, I voted for Nadeau and yeah she’s bland. And honestly I’m not sure how asides from lip service the next CM would be different. And also know that crime is an issue for all of us, but we are much more atune to it thanks to MPD Alerts and this blog and others, so we feed ourselves this stew. Let’s not complain about the taste all the time.

    • 1. Homicides are over EOTR. As your chief just admitted, the new gang thing is to rob white people in W1.

      2. What a real elected member would do:

      3. 9/10 of life is just showing up, and she’s been missing for months.

      • “9/10 of life is just showing up, and she’s been missing for months.” Isn’t this post about her having a community meeting and a comment she made there?

    • Thanks for your perspective, Anon MPD, I think you’re right on the money. As a relatively-new citizen of DC, I am trying to understand more about how District governance works, and the more I learn, the more depressed I get. But you may be right that the lack of ability to move into more / higher positions, as well as what seems to me a fundamental inability to actually create a more effective system of governance may dissuade some of the good ‘uns from making the move into the D.C. political landscape.

    • She actively supports blocking the VICE squads which in my (and my neighbor’s opinions) were a huge deterrence to drug dealing and violence along lower Georgia Avenue. She could actually use her position to recall the VICE (with any tweaks that may make her feel better). What is your take on that?

    • This +100:

      “But 5 years ago, before Twitter, gunshots were just noises until they struck someone or something. And now we have this blog and Twitter and cellphone cameras of scout cars flying back and forth. It’s information that we didn’t have before. It also allows us to be more afraid than we used to be with basically the same level of crime. I know that murders are way up, but these murders frankly aren’t hitting the vast majority of the readership here. They are in NE and SE, especially over the river.”

  • General Grant Circle

    Nadeau is a bum and doesnt like reading PoPville because people like me writing that Nadeau is a bum.

  • Daaaaang! CM Nadeau got curried.

  • This is not the first time I have been disappointed in the Council Member Nadeau where it concerns crime and it sadly/most likely won’t be the last.

    On a personal note, I have found PoPville’s postings informative on many levels – as well as those he has posted on others behalf. For instance, there was a young woman who described being accosted early one morning when walking her dog. By her description of events, it sounded like the person lived in my building – turns out she did. It was her writing and Dan’s posting that alerted me to this specific hopped up/meth head loony tune who was lurking in the neighborhood – NOT any “official” crime blog.

    Yes, I read Popville for the cute animal pix, the garden photos, and other neighborhood news, but I definitely appreciate the crime awareness postings by him and others in the comments that otherwise I would not know about.

  • you RAWK. That is all for today.

  • Mazel tov! That’s awesome. She’s a moron.

  • I live in Breanne’s ward and will definitely remember her lip service approach come election time. Like most politicians, she is all talk and zero action.

  • Dear CM Nadeau,

    I unfortunately was not making up the report that a single mom of a two year old got beat and robbed while walk on her dog at 4th and Mass Ave NW, by 4 shit head teenagers. Get your head out of the sand, let the cops do their f ing job, and do yours and find them a damn leader of men and women as chief of police worthy of the world class city that we strive to help DC be. Otherwise, GTF out of the way and let others do the brave selfless role of carrying the city’s issues on their back to retake the streets and the schools. #hirebratton #whereswilliams

    • Yes, stop referring to the VICE as “jump out squads”. I’m sorry but they were a huge suppression of crime along the lower Georgia Ave corridor. It is a free for all now and all you can do is throw them under the bus while you sit in your condo away from the madness. Quit bashing police and instead help them to do their jobs keeping the public safe!

  • Aside from her daily screed about affordable housing, that is one empty suit.

  • I often find the only place I can discover what is happening is via popville. When there was a lockdown in Chinatown a month or three ago, onlo on popville could you watch the developing story. At first there were rumors, often noted as such, and then over hours the actual situation was revealed. I love it. Housing is unaffordable because of demand. That may seem like crazy thinking, but there it is. The focus should be on breaking the cycle of poverty, if you ask me (of which dignity in housing is part of the solution).

  • I know from experience (and personal interactions) that Nadeau has simply given up on the Park View neighborhood, specifically the GA and Lamont problem corner. I’ll save her the embarrassment of posting some of our communications, but they boiled down to a cadre of neighbors sending along very detailed safety concerns and suggestions for improvements, and Nadeau basically telling us to fuck off.

    Nadeau spews rote platitudes about “taking back [our] blocks and being part of the solution,” but she is 100% absent when it comes time to make or support tangible safety improvements in the neighborhood. She clearly is concentrated on her own political agenda, developing more affordable housing, etc., and gives zero fucks about the safety of her current constituents in Ward 1.

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