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  • hopefully the Wifi will be working on Sunday!

  • If you’ve got nothing better to do and you’re local (I think they publish a list of eligible zip codes), don’t forget about the first 100 getting free food for a year (one meal/week) if you go through some quasi-hazing sleepover ritual.

  • unfortunately, I’m only hungry for homophobic chicken on Sundays.
    Also, if I’m going here can I double park?

    • No, but you can just let Jesus take the wheel and drive it around the block a few times while you run in.

    • FWIW, i think they stopped funding those anti-gay organizations a while back. I’m not saying that you have to forgive them or anything.

      • they also use foam cups and train their employees to always say “my pleasure” and “have a blessed day”. not for me.

        • I haven’t been to a Chick-Fil-A in a long, long time, but I don’t remember any “Have a blessed day.”

        • palisades

          You just made up the blessed day thing. Get real

          • Anon is serious! I go once or twice a month in crystal city and I’m told to have a blessed day maybe 50% of the time. It jars me every time.

          • palisades

            That sounds like something that only happens at your location. I’ve eaten at chick fil more than I would ever be willing to admit all over the east coast and never heard “have a blessed day.”

          • @textdoc. I’d appreciate not being told to get real. My experience is that the same as anononon.

        • Worked at cfa for many years and was never told to say “have a blessed day.” Yeah to “my pleasure”. Pretty much ever business now uses that line.

        • Ashy Oldlady

          So saying “my pleasure” is somehow now on the list of things that offend some people?

  • I cannot wait–so pumped!

  • I don’t get why people are so fixated on Chick-fil-a not being open on Sundays because there are hundreds of businesses in the city that are not opened on Sundays and no one seems to ever comment about them.

    • It’s fairly uncommon for such a large chain to be closed for an entire day. That they advertise like crazy on Saturdays and Sundays, but are closed on Sundays, is also weird.

      • I don’t disagree but I also would not criticize any small business (which most chains start out as) that is currently closed on Sundays to all of a sudden , cave to public pressure or criticism, and open on Sundays if they ever expanded and became a national chain either.

    • *shakes fist at Greek Spot*

    • Well it’s pretty clear *why* people fixate on it: because of its religious origins…

      • “Religious Orginins”?

        This is a quote from the the owners son on why they are closed on Sundays- “by the time Sunday came, he was just worn out. And Sunday was not a big trading day, anyway, at the time. So he was closed that first Sunday and we’ve been closed ever since. He figured if he didn’t like working on Sundays, that other people didn’t either.”

        This is a quote from the owners daughter quoting him as well- “I don’t want to ask people to do that what I am not willing to do myself.”

  • Their homophobia is truly disgusting. The founder’s younger relatives may be less disgusting, but they haven’t renounced or attempted to “repent”. I would starve before I would eat there.

    I don’t eat at Dennys or buy gas from Texaco or Exxon. But I do confess being amused by the creep from the Texaco board and f directors who said, “What’s this Kwanza shit. I just got used to Hanukkah!” His distress pleased me enormously.

  • If the moniker DCUSA weren’t enough of a hint, the arrival of a Chick-Fil-A seals it: This is not a city, only a dense mall.

  • I’m QUITE GAY, and I don’t have a problem with Chik-Fil-A. This store is owned by a franchisee – someone I don’t know. I’m not concerned about his politics, either. Some franchisees might be Muslim. Some might own jet boats. I don’t believe in either, but I don’t care. All that concerns me, is that they make a damned fine sandwich.

  • Love the food, and there is a sanctimonious yuppie boycott that may make the lines marginally shorter. Hooray!

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