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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Wow, first RRRR post at 9:50? People must be occupied over on the dogs-in-stores thread. Along those lines …
    Rant: Crazy dog people.

    • +1 Dog owner still don’t want dogs in stores.

    • Yep, I couldn’t believe that at 9:45 there was not a single RRRR post!
      I suspect today’s RRRR thread is going to suffer a bit from people spending lots of time and energy in the dogs-in-stores thread.

      • +1

      • I swear the PoP just loves kicking the pot and getting everyone riled up with pet, pop-up, and kid topics. 😀

        • I was wondering this. Is the question intentionally trying to stir the pot — the PoPville version of clickbait? — or if it just very badly worded? Either way, what a disaster.

          • “PoP posted a question about whether dogs should be allowed in stores. You’ll never guess what happened next!” 😉
            (Except that we _can_ actually guess what happened next.)

      • I wish dcd hadn’t posted about that. I don’t even have a strong option about the subject but now I’ve wasted 45 minutes or so.

    • That thread went from 0-crazy in no time.

    • I just don’t get it.

    • hammers

      dog post summary: some say yes, and shockingly some say no! insults abound. I made it about a fifth of the way down before I got bored.

      • you missed the “I also hate children” ‘but my dog is my child” arguments

        • But this argument is just so redundant at this point, they probably knew it would happen! Every PoPville post about animals has a cycle which eventually ends with comparing animals to kids. It always starts with allergies, goes to fears, ends with kids.

          • It never ceases to shock me how readily some people will dehumanize children. If someone were to compare dogs to people of color or to gay people, for example, it would be immediately denounced for the horrific prejudice it is. But somehow this line of discussion is acceptable when it comes to kids.

          • hammers

            yeah I dont like dogs or kids, but at least I recognize the difference.

          • Agreed. That sort of argument really reinforces why kids are so bad too. It always gets me when people here liken a kid to a dog (or worse) and genuinely treat them like they are of less value than a dog, but then get all up in arms when kids don’t act like civilized adults.

          • Accountering

            But in all seriousness, won’t someone think of the children!?!?!

  • Rave: LAST DAY AT WORK!!!!!!!
    Rave: The opportunity to find a job doing whatever I want.
    No rant because it’s a great day!

  • Rant: How does one properly dispose of used up asthma inhalers in DC? I tried taking it back to the pharmacy, but they said they didn’t take them. I tried taking it to one of those monthly drug collections at my local police station, but they said no. I contacted DC’s DPW to ask if they could be recycled, but all they did was mail me their standard flyer on recycling/trash which doesn’t tell you what to do with them. I hate to put them in the regular trash but I’m running out of options.

  • Rant: Acid reflux this morning. Burning all in my chest. I guess I need to lay off of the Coke Zeros.
    Rant: The rain yesterday made me feel down.
    Rant: No Empire last night.
    Rave: How to Get Away With Murder is on tonight! Can’t wait!

  • Revel: I have a final interview tomorrow for something that is possibly my dream job. Or maybe I want to move abroad? Or maybe I want to move to Philly? I am feeling like if I take this job I am locked into DC for at least another 2 years and then I need to focus on having babies (and I guess a boyfriend) etc. etc. etc. Feeling a little crazy!

    • I feel ya with the maybe I want to leave feeling. “focus on having babies” EEEK! that would freak me out. don’t focus on that!

    • Woahhh, that’s a lot of very different things to focus on. The having babies thing is scary…prob going to start trying in 1-2 years and it freaks me out. I am like oh no, I have to do all these things before then!

    • Accountering

      I am just going to leave this here. You don’t want to move to Philly. Take some deep breaths, and step away from the Pennsylvania!

    • Why would you need to focus on having babies — are you nearing the end of your reproductive window?

    • Ok, so just to offer an anecdote. I chose to focus on the babies instead of the career early on. This was mostly by circumstance (Oops!) but also by choice. I wanted to be a younger parent for various reasons. I also wanted more than one kid, and wanted them to have the same father, so I got married. Flash forward nearly ten years, and I’m in my early 30’s as a divorced single mom. I have a career, but it’s definitely not what it would have been had I not had kids. I do not own a home, and probably won’t any time soon. I do have a wonderful boyfriend whom I love very much, but let me tell you ladies, you all think dating is hard? Try doing it as a single parent. Now, if hearing all of this makes you think “wow, she really effed her life up”, then I strongly consider you don’t worry about the focus on having babies.
      For what it’s worth, I am perfectly, 100% satisfied with my life and the path it has taken. But that’s me, and not everyone will have the same thought process.

    • Well, as much as we loved DC we’re thrilled to have moved away from jobs we hated, RIDICULOUSLY expensive childcare and housing (we’re talking like $6k/mo combined), crime, and having to think about the issue of schools as our kid gets older. There are many ways to look at it and being able to change the direction your life is taking is very, very valuable. Doing that once you HAVE the babies is much harder.

      • Accountering

        I can get behind this comment. I surmise this means suburbs, and presumably to downfalls that come with that living (extra time spent behind the wheel of a car) but it sounds like you made the decision that worked for you. Glad you all are doing well!

        • I was using us as an example, there are other cities that have lower costs of living. I was supporting the idea that if it’s something you want to do – move elsewhere – it’s far easier before you have a child but it’s worth the risk if you think it’ll make you happier
          we spend 60 min a day in the car. round trip. Less than I spent on metro for about the same cost. Plus I don’t have to take my kid on the metro. Bonus.

  • hammers

    rant: awful anxiety. social anxiety always and lately generalized anxiety that I think are keeping me from enjoying some great things in life. going on a very exciting trip next week and can barely feel it, or anything but stress. I think I’m just in this 5 year long rut where I am on the wrong path but too afraid to make changes because I have a “good” life, a “great” job, etc.
    rave: at least I can see that I have a lot of good going for me, even if I cant feel it most of the time. I also have the most wonderful friend who helps me feel calm and centered.

    • Wow, solidarity with you. I’ve had social anxiety my whole life. Comfort is great but challenging yourself is also important in terms of growth and. I felt like I was in a rut, so I went out and did something about it and shook up my life a little. I joined new groups and made new friends who share my interests. You don’t need a big life change, but maybe try something new so you can get that excitement back in your life.

    • I hope you’re talking to a professional about your anxiety issues — they really can help (or a good one can, anyway).
      As for, “I think I’m just in this 5 year long rut where I am on the wrong path but too afraid to make changes because I have a “good” life, a “great” job, etc.,” I can really relate to this, and would definitely encourage you to make some changes! It sounds like you know that is what would be best for yourself and just need a push in that direction. Sometimes it’s worth it to give up “good” if it means going for “amazing,” right?

      • hammers

        I haven’t been talking to a professional, it’s been on my to-do list for a couple years. Something always comes up, or I forget about it until I’m down in the dumps and inept at doing anything. Thanks for the advice on making a change. My biggest problem is, I have no idea what I want to do or what would be best for me. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

        • I’ve made a few (very) big life changes as an adult and nearly all of them started from a place like the one you’re describing — ‘I want to make a change, but *what* change?’ Talking to professionals and other authority-figure types who I trust definitely helped, and there’s something to be said for going to see them first when you’re relatively stable, rather than in crisis.
          Another exercise that has been surprisingly helpful for me is this. When I was thinking of leaving my PhD program but had no idea what I wanted to do instead, I went to a career counselor at my university and she asked me to tell her the very first thing that came to mind when asked the question, “If you could have any [job] in a year, regardless of whatever obstacles you perceive, what would that [job] be?” My answer to that question led to my next job, about a year later, and now I ask myself that question about basically everything in life, substituting [job] for whatever thing I’m trying to figure out.

    • I read a thing on instagram today that said: worrying is stupid. It’s like walking around with an umbrella waiting for it to rain. It really hit me as a person with anxiety and as someone that worries all the time. I’m tired of carrying this damn umbrella! I’m sorry you’re in this position, but I can relate. At some point I’ll know it’s just me but I cannot find a job that makes me happy!

  • Rave: Thanks again to everyone for help with the divorce questions I had yesterday. It’s probably going to be a long time before I have any substantive update on that but I really appreciate all of the advice you had for me to pass on.
    Rant?: I had the weirdest dream last night involving taking a four-hour essay test, written and graded by PoPville Dan, on esoteric subjects I didn’t know at all. He graded it before my eyes and gave me a C-.
    Help me decide. Should I make Amanda Hesser’s Teddie’s Apple Cake recipe, cooking.nytimes.com/recipes/7474-teddies-apple-cake or Food52’s Almond Coffee Cake, food52.com/recipes/34893-almond-coffee-cake ? I’m in a baking kind of mood (again) and have all of the ingredients for both.

  • Rant: Sleep deprived.
    Rave: Work isn’t too insane, and I’m slowly plodding along and getting things done.
    Rave: the sunshine, almost the weekend.

  • Rant: I don’t think the house is going to happen. At least not right now. I would need to secure an FHA 203K loan as opposed to a conventional loan (which apparently is hard to do and takes forever), or just have cash on hand, which I don’t at this moment. Oh well. At least I know what I want, and I’m beginning to understand much better what I need to do to in order to make that happen.
    Rant: Abrasive people. There are a lot of them in this city. Usually I am perfectly ok dealing with them, but today I just have hit my limit of dealing with pricks.
    Rave: Carving pumpkins tonight. I intend on taking out all of my frustrations on an inanimate orange object with a knife. Should be fun!

    • Good rave – pretend it’s Trump and carve him up!

      • LMAO…. See, I would LOVE to have the talent to carve a Trumpkin just so I could smash his face in. Sadly, I think a Trumpkin would be just way to terrifying for the kids.

    • Try boxing. Like legit actually punching stuff boxing, not Tae Bo or cardio kickboxing or whatever. I do it every Tuesday and it has made me a much more happy, empowered person to have my one day when I know I’ll be able to get all aggression out and hit stuff.

      • You know, the funny thing is, I am pretty much a over-hyped pacifist, so my usual “eff the world I’m pissed off” activity is cleaning. But boxing sounds like it could be really fun!

      • Can I ask where do you box? It is something have always wanted to try.

  • Rave: getting closer to the weekend! So excited for hiking!
    Question: This is probably dumb, but it’s been a while since I went hiking, and I’m trying to figure out if I should wear yoga/athletic wear type pants or jeans – any opinions? I don’t want to get too hot or too cold or scratched up by brambles or be inflexible….
    Neither: I’m wired today and I don’t know why. Had my usual amount of coffee, but I just feel absolutely wired.

    • hammers

      how intense is the hike? If you’ll be on a trail most of the time, Id certainly say athletic wear. Much easier to move in. I also like the kind that you can tuck into boots so that bugs stay out.

      • I’m not wearing boots, I hate how heavy they are and there’s no flexibility to them – I’ll just be in my Merrell’s, so tucking in pants would be difficult! But yeah, I think the athletic wear/yoga pants will be easier to hike in, I just wanted to get some other opinions to make sure I’m on the right track.

        • hammers

          Merrell’s are good but fyi boots are supposed to be inflexible- it’s better for the feet to not stretch so much and its good for the ankle to be held in place. I’m sure this weekend isnt Machu Piccu or something so you’ll be fine 😛

          • I know, but I just can’t do the boots thing! The only time I ever sprained my ankle was when I was wearing actual hiking boots – because they were so inflexible and heavy, I went one direction and my foot stayed in the opposite direction. I need to be able to feel the trail with my feet and have flexibility in my toes so I can grip the ground and keep balanced.

          • I usually hike in Keds. Sometimes even flip flops if it’s warm and there’s not a lot of rock scrambling. I’m not buying specialized footwear for something I only do a few times a year!

          • hammers

            that’s fair! you gotta do you! I have hyper-flexible ankles and have never (knock on wood) had a sprain, but I suffer from pretty bad plantar fasciitis so I can’t have any flexibility in the sole on a long walk.

          • That’s weird, hammers! I also have plantar’s faciitis but I have to have some flexibility – with a supported arch. Hence the Merrells and my Dr. Scholl’s custom-orthodics things to support my very high arches.

    • I would go with yoga pants. If you are worried about getting cold, you can go form fleece lined ones. They tuck easily into boots and are close fitting so less likely to snag.

    • Pablo Raw

      If you are going to Dark Hollow Falls, you’ll be fine with yoga pants, the trail is wide and clean.

    • Yoga pants should be fine, but be aware that the stretchy, yoga fabric easily catches on twigs and branches and causes snags in the fabric. I mean if you have an older cheaper pair then it’s no problem, but I wouldn’t wear newer or expensive yoga pants out in the woods.

      • Thanks for the input, Pixie – that’s my main concern. I think I have a pair that might not snag super-easily….

  • Pablo Raw

    Rant: (agitated scammer near NOMA metro pretending to be on the phone w earbuds): “excuse me sir, I need help; my mother just had a massive heart attack; my sister is at the hospital with her so I need to get on a cab (stops to supposedly talk to his sister); my sister is going to pay for it when I get there, but you know, I need at least $10 to get on a cab!”
    Rave: (me, thinking that his story doesn’t make sense) “No”.

    • see, at least you got a story! I had some kid ask me for fare for the Metro – “excuse me, can you help me out? I need money to get a metro card” Me: “Uh, where are you going?” him: “Uh, Rockville.” Me: “So how much is that?” Him: “Um, $6.” Me: “No, sorry.”

      At least tell me a good story about you need to ask a stranger for $6 – I would have settled for the old “my mom’s in the hospital and I need to get there” trick, at least it’s semi-creative. Tell me why you need me to pay your metro fare and if you come up with something good, I might just do it. Or, be super honest and just say “I don’t have any money and I need to meet up with my friends to play basketball” or something. I’d probably buy your fare card.

  • Rave: Yesterday, during our pumpkin carving party, our UPS guy stood in the doorway of the conference room (it’s right off the entrance to our suite) and said “Hi! Stripper’s here!” and everyone in the room burst out laughing. I still laugh when I think about it.

    Rave: Our pumpkin is awesome. We turned it into an apple. I still had red dye on my hands (rant: I still have red dye on my hands) but it looks really cool, so I hope we win the contest. Other pumpkins in the building look pretty awesome, though.

  • rant: evacuation drill today. at least the weather was nice
    rave: killed an hour and fifteen minutes though
    rant: recently ended things with a dude i was dating for a couple months. i think it was a case of he’s just not that into you/super busy schedules. i’m not torn up about it at all but the idea of first dates again is exhausting!
    rave: it’s my friday!

  • Accountering

    Rave: Informal HH at DC Reynolds tonight. Jeslett and Otis are coming, Andie and I, and several other of our friends. We will likely be outside. Anyone and everyone is welcome to join!

  • Rant: It took an hour and a half to go 6 miles this morning. Whoever said reverse commutes are faster is full of it.

    • palisades

      495 South? I got stuck on that today

    • Yesterday when driving to work (GW Pkwy) in Reston, the car directly in front of me spun out. We were both in the left lane and it 180’d onto the median and then did another 180 back into the left lane and then swerved into the right lane. I had to swerve around to avoid. It then just proceeded to drive down the highway at a very slow speed. Today I was anxious to see the damage to the median that it did (it was grass) and lo and behold i hit major traffic getting to the area again. As I go around the corner, I see that 2 cars are 180’d on the median in the EXACT SAME SPOT. Clearly collided with each other. Police were in the scene. Screw commutes, I need a new job.

  • topscallop

    Rant: a woman at work is being a real beyotch about an activity I inherited from another person who left our organization, saying that some of the work that was done before I took it over was shoddy and a “real shame.” I had nothing to do with it, but now I have to figure out how to evaluate the impact of something that was apparently done poorly (according to this one person). I have a call with her in 10 minutes, and I want to say “you’ve expressed your displeasure with the work, we all get it. Now I would like you to jump in and problem-solve, not gnash your teeth about how you’re the only expert on this subject in our company and how the products/deliverables are crap unless you’re involved.” Think that’ll go over well?
    Rave: leaving tomorrow for three solid weeks of travel in 4 countries, three in SE Asia and one in Africa. I’m going to be exhausted when I get back but I’m excited about visiting new countries!
    Rant: I’ll miss the boyfriend while I’m gone, but he’s going to be traveling to cool places as well during some of that time, so I don’t feel as bad about abandoning him for real Thai food.

    • hammers

      any tips for traveling alone? What countries are you going to?

      • topscallop

        I won’t be alone, I’ll be with colleagues, luckily. I like traveling alone in the US or Europe, but doing it in the places I travel for work would be slightly less comfortable. When I’m alone I like to walk all over the city I’m in, eat delicious local food, hit up museums/tourist attractions, and read a ton. This time I’m going to Ethiopia, Thailand, Indonesia, and Cambodia. The Thailand part is a personal side-trip with my coworker and we’re going to stay in an airbnb and hang out with elephants at an eco-tourism place for a couple of days!

    • Instead of “You’ve expressed your displeasure with the work, we all get it. Now I would like you to jump in and problem-solve, not gnash your teeth about how you’re the only expert on this subject in our company and how the products/deliverables are crap unless you’re involved”… what about something like: “I understand you’re not happy with the quality of the work that was done on this project before I inherited it. Do you have any ideas on how we can improve the quality going forward?”
      (Apologies for use of the term “going forward.” I can’t think of anything else.)

      • topscallop

        Thanks, I wasn’t really planning to call her out that way – just venting. The call went fine; I let her rant and then proposed some next steps she seemed okay with. Luckily I had support from a team member she respects who could chime in and be reasonable. Oy with the poodles though!

  • Rave: Deep sense of calm when I’m finally in the same place as my husband.
    Rave: Spoke with someone yesterday who’s job is to support people supporting people with mental health issues. She was incredible and while she couldn’t solve any of our problems, I felt like she was really hearing me, grasping the situation, and supporting me.
    Rant: Differing opinions on how to handle care for my friend. Intervention, no intervention, etc. Be confrontational and direct. No, be supportive, don’t mention the illness, etc.
    Rant: Found out her mother is withholding her medication?!!? WTF.
    Rave: Beautiful pictures being shared of the sweet sweet mare who passed away. And if I close my eyes, I can remember our last ride together and how fun it was.

    • So glad you were able to find some support to help you support your friend! You’re in my thoughts!

    • Whoa… with holding meds? That’s actually considered medical abuse. One angle you and your group of friends may want to pursue (if all things are very, very serious) is classification as a vulnerable adult. If she is in the position where someone is controlling her to the point of deciding whether or not she gets meds, and she has had several attempts now, she may qualify. I’m not sure if you’ve covered this before, but are the parents like Christian Scientists or Scientologists or something?

      • They aren’t religious so it’s not a religious choice to withhold meds but it’s definitely controlling. I think her mom doesn’t have the emotional intelligence to handle this or understand the complexities of the system or the illness (I’m not an expert but…) and she’s also seriously in denial. She has said to us “yes she tried to commit suicide, yes I’m terrified for her life, yes she needs serious health” but when it comes down to it, she’s done nothing to help her daughter get help and has actively gone against medical recommendations (withholding meds, refusing to give medical information to the hospital that took her in last week after her second attempt)…
        We’re thinking about legal guardianship but it’s such a lengthy process and this is urgent…

        • Is there a professional that you can put in touch with the parents to impress upon them how serious this is and what needs to be done? It kind of sounds like you need an intervention on them to get them on board before you have an intervention on your friend.

          • We did that Monday night via conference call and we all were in agreement – she needs professional help, immediately. She needs to be in a hospital and she will try to kill herself if not.
            BUT there’s no accountability. And there’s no legal obligation for them to get her help (she’s an adult) – they also are in a sticky situation where they (and us for that matter) don’t have a legal right to get my friend in care unless she’s in crisis mode/in imminent danger. Her parents have shown that they are unable to act/unwilling to act to get her committed when she’s shown herself to be in crisis.

          • I’m so sorry. This really is a tough spot to be in. There are ways to have someone declared incompetent for the purposes of having them committed and controlling their healthcare, but this generally is undertaken by their next of kin (parent, spouse, etc). It would be a battle to take this authority from the parents. The one possibility that might not be so hard, does she have a sibling? Someone who can step in and say, mom, dad I know you’re overwhelmed by this, I’ll take over? And then work closely with you guys?

  • Rant: Metro riders who do the full-body lean on a pole that people are already hanging onto. Do they somehow not feel the 5 sets of knuckles digging into their backs, or do they just think they are so special that everyone will move for them?
    Rave: I have a girls weekend coming up next week! I am so ready to get away for a few days.
    Rant: It’s been suggested that I lower my caffeine rate, so I tried tea instead of coffee this morning. Not the same.

    • I second your rant #1. Boggles the mind.

    • Nothing like that full-on five-fist knuckle massage to loosen the back after a hard day of rowing and working!

    • I have actually intentionally let my knuckles sink into some d-bag’s back once on a train leaving NOMA. He using the pole and decided to lean on it anyway. I thought he was an idiot.

    • Emmaleigh504

      I turn my hand around and dig my thumbnail into their back. i suppose I should use my words, but using my thumb nail is more satisfying.

  • Rave: The temperature is nice and the ground is wet. I’m thinking today might be a good time to try to plant some bulbs.
    Rant/Rave: After IDGI’s mention yesterday of dutchbulbs.com, I’m daydreaming about fancy double daffodils rather than the plainer stuff I bought from Home Depot.
    Rave: I suppose I could plant the plainer stuff now and the fancier stuff later.

  • Rant: Facebook hit me with one of those “thought you’d like to share this memory from three years ago things. A picture of me in a booth at The Raven. At my wife’s wake.
    I’m actually past the point where stuff like this sends me into depressive tailspin (it’s mostly pre-dawn country music that catches me off guard and punches me upside the heart. Dang you George Jones!). And I’m not angry at Facebook. They have a job to do and it’s not nearly as annoying as the pop-ups for the “I’m not a widower, my wife is waiting for me in Heaven” t-shirts I used to get on my feed (don’t tell her, but the only reason I got serious with The Girlfriend was so I could change my relationship status). You know, f–k me if I can’t take a joke. But it was kind a weird thing to leap into your consciousness while waiting to get a bagel. I suppose I’ll be deeply metaphysical for the rest of the day. You probably don’t want to sit next to me at the bar.
    Rave: Picked up a pair of tickets for (of course) Dead & Company.

    • Oh no. I am so sorry. I’d still sit next to you at the bar.

    • Ugh, I’m sorry you had that experience. I remember last year when Facebook had that end-of-year app that pulled up your most liked/engaged posts, and mine was the post announcing my kid brother’s death. Wasn’t so much depressing, but was definitely a reminder how completely worlds different my year was from your average mid-twentysomething FB user.

  • Rave – Had my first Blue Apron delivery yesterday and dinner was delicious! Bonus rave – my husband cooked the entire meal by himself.
    Rant – Drama at work makes me want to hide in my cubicle all day.

    Question for Popville – I bought chicken thighs on Sunday, put them in fridge, and forgot about them. Sell by date is today. Is it ok if I cook them today? Because Google is telling me raw chicken doesn’t last in the fridge for more than 2 days.

    • Hmm….I would just open the package and see what it smells like. If it smells off, throw it out. I wouldn’t be surprised if you have to toss them…

    • They may be ok. Smell them and see if they feel funky like sticky and such. If all clear there, I’d cook them and eat them this weekend.

  • Rant: I am pregnant and I forgot to take off my wedding/engagement rings and now my fingers are swollen and the ring can’t come off. I need to take them off before my c-section which is soon.
    Questions: Any recommendation on where I can get my ring taken off? If needed I will have to cut them off my finger, any recommendation for where to go for that is welcome as well. Thanks

    • have you tried some windex as a lubricant? That has worked well for some folks I’ve known in similar situations….

    • Yes we tried that, i guess i should try again.

    • I’ve heard that icing the finger to bring down the swelling, lubricating it and slipping dental floss underneath to help leverage it off can work.

    • Emergency rooms have equipment for cutting rings off, but I hope it doesn’t come to that.
      When I lost my wedding ring and was searching for a (not nearly as pricey) replacement Colin at Shah and Shah steered me away from certain (very attractive) alloys because they were so hard, hospital equipment would have a hard time cutting them off. In very unlikely scenarios, that could lead to the loss of the finger. Scared the [email protected] out of me.

  • emvee

    Rave: I spent my birthday yesterday surrounded by people I love eating delicious raw fish.
    Rant: General family issues with parents who keep choosing religion over non-religious offspring.
    Rave: George Clooney adopted the cutest basset hound and I am much more excited about this than I ought to be.
    Rave: Good weather for a run tonight.

    • Happy belated birthday!

    • Happy birthday! Mine was a couple days ago– unfortunately, I decided to try Rose’s which wasn’t that great. I’m still having stomach pains from something I ate there.

      • emvee

        Oh no! I didn’t even want to bother with the line, especially in yesterday’s weather, so Seki was an excellent choice. I’m sorry you got sick on your birthday!

        • I live up a couple blocks away and I went after work, after the line was already gone. So that part wasn’t bad. Didn’t get seated until 9 though. All that waiting for food that made me sick, served by a very coked-up server. At least I can say I tried it once?

    • palisades

      He could have adopted a subway rat and it would look cute being held by those two

  • Rant? ish? maybe?
    The defendant took the plea bargain at literally the last minute. I was kind of looking forward to serving on a jury in a fairly serious criminal trial. My schedule is completely adaptable right now, unlike the other two times (fortunately I didn’t even have to come in to the courthouse those times), so it wouldn’t have been a hardship at all. IDK, maybe it’s for the best.

    Not even gonna look at the ‘dogs in stores’ post. Life’s too short.

  • Rant/rave: watched some disgusting yet strangely satisfying videos of pimples getting popped right before I went to sleep…so naturally I dreamt about popping pimples, but the goo quickly turned into butterflies.
    Recommendation: I’m looking for a personal financial planner/accountant to help me make some strategic decisions, specifically regarding taxes, retirement and long-term planning, but also really need someone well-informed on student loan repayment plans. Recommendations (accountering???)

  • Rant: My parents keep having friends end up in the hospital with strange terminal illnesses and they seem to be going to funerals every other week. They are only in their 60s, but I have this feeling that they are starting to internalize it more than they should. I know no one is getting out of here alive, but I wish the bad news would slow down a bit.
    Rave: Trying as much as possible to have them spend time with my son, who brings oodles of joy to everyone. He has no idea how special he is.
    Rant: Husband is talking about moving abroad in a few years, and thinking about moving away from parents/extended family makes me really uncomfortable. Blech.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: new developments in the saga of cleaning supplies falling. Yesterday the open iodine fell out of my hand all over the bathroom. I am seriously questioning how clean I need to be, because the cleaning supplies are out to get me.

    • what do you clean with iodine, besides skin/wounds? Ugh! I shudder at the mere thought of that stuff!

    • Just the other day I was thinking about iodine, how I hadn’t seen it in years and years, and wondering if it was even available any more.

  • I Dont Get It

    Rant/rRave: I gave up on participating in handing out Halloween treats a few years ago after too many surly costume -less teenagers showing up. Seeing so many little kids in the hood these days, I my restart the tradition. But what if they show up at my door with a dog? 😉

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