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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: fcking Apple Inc (while I’m at it, IBM and Google suck too)
    Rant: spilled an entire bottle of laundry detergent (it suicided in my closet) so I stink even though I washed my clothes twice sans detergent.
    Rant: Asshls at work who tell me what a crap job I do, but then expect me to happily do more work for them.
    Rave: Earl Grey Tea

    • Sorry about your rants! Hope your day gets better! 🙂

    • your 3rd rant – happened to me a large chunk of my gov career. I feel ya, it’s awful. sorry you’re going through it.

    • Not sure I understand Rant #2 — your clothes smell like the laundry detergent that spilled in your closet? Or they just don’t smell clean because you had no detergent to wash them with?
      Either way, having an entire bottle of laundry detergent leak into one’s closet sounds like a pain. 🙁

    • I’m no Pollyanna, and you might not be in any mood to hear it, but when I first read about the laundry suicide, I thought it was a bottle of bleach that had spilled….
      which would have been awful.
      And far more nausea-inducing.

      (and I hate it when people say this so feel free to roll your eyes and ignore, but…)

      It – Could – Have – Been –


  • Rave: Had a wonderful weekend with my husband in our beautiful new home in NYC, celebrating 5 years of adventure together.
    Rant: At wit’s end with trying to figure out a way to help my childhood friend. Had a many a long conference calls this weekend about the situation. Current plan of attack conference call with her parents tonight urging them to action by the four us (we’re all childhood friends and have known our friend and her family since kindergarden) and holding them accountable for doing so.
    Hoping the call for collective action will be heard and will light a fire under their ass to move. If not…
    Rant: Consulting with a family friend who is a lawyer in NJ to determine how to involuntarily commit someone to a mental institution (which her parents have proven they won’t do).
    Mundane rant: Have been in love with Rachmaninoff’s Piano Concerto #2 for years – only ever heard Andre Watts perform it. Saw it was being performed in NYC but it is sold out. Argh!

  • Rave: Looks like Mexico fared well during Hurricane Patricia.
    Rant: Afghanistan not nearly as lucky this morning with their earthquake.

  • Rave: Wonderful weekend with my momma!
    Rant: Stupid Mondays. I hate them.
    Rant: The ever-decreasing amount of light per day is really starting to affect me. It amplifies every negative thought, every little thing that makes me anxious and makes me feel trapped, like I’m suffocating in sadness. I’m trying to keep myself busy with positive things (yay new book club, yoga, etc) but even still, it’s like darkness creeps into my bones.
    Rave: Many positive things in my life to try to focus on.

    • Pablo Raw

      I thought it was just me, but I’m starting to feel the effects. I need to start looking for one of those lamps that fool people into thinking it’s summer, and taking vitamin D.

      • Yeah, I started to look at the sun-lamp things and got overwhelmed (plus, many are very ugly, and who wants to spend all that money on something ugly!), but hopefully I can find something that fits the bill. Also, yeah, I guess I should start taking my vitamins again, thanks for the reminder.

  • Rant: Bad Saint. There’s no law that says you have to have carryout. Or that you have to have a phone. But, when I walk all the way over to try to grab something for dinner about the time everyone is getting a little cranky, you don’t have to act so smug about not having basic technology — especially since you seem to have some kind of texting system for the folks who want to dine in.

    • Not sure what your rant is. Bad Saint simply doesn’t take reservations. That is a pretty well-advertised fact. You line up like the rest of the folks and get in cue. The hostess texts you from a phone when a spot is available for you. I lined up before the place opened and was able to get a spot for actual dinner time around 7. You can’t expect to waltz in and eat dinner ASAP when folks line up before the place opens to get a spot.

      • I read it that he wanted carryout and they didn’t have a phone to place an order (and maybe they don’t have carryout?).

      • I believe Irving Streete was hoping to get takeout, which the lack of a phone number made difficult.

      • Emmaleigh504

        It’s a rant, just let him rant. no need to tell him his rant is wrong.

        • I didn’t mean to come off as saying that it’s wrong. Just wanted to make sure others knew a little bit more about Bad Saint and how it runs. We’re all entitled to our opinion, and I wanted to share that I had pleasant experience dining there.

    • Agreed, it’s one thing to dispense with certain everyday conveniences designed to make life better. But smug is the perfect word for the attitude of these places. They seem to enjoy jerking would-be patrons around, like there’s some kind of contest for whose patrons will go through the most inconvenience for the honor of giving a place money. “At our new concept, our experiential dining guests will choose a dove from our Capitol Hill location at 4:21pm, Sundays through Tuesdays, and every third Thursday. They will attach their cell phone number to the dove’s leg and release it. The doves are trained to fly to one of our three pop-up locations, which move spontaneously. When the dove arrives, you’ll receive a text message telling you which location your dove chose, and you have until 5:29 to get there and be seated. Doves are $50, which counts as a deposit on your check, and is non-refundable. No exceptions.”

      • Ha! 🙂

      • Have you been to Bad Saint? The service is great for the limited staff they have. It’s a really small restaurant and small operation. Website is simple but very clear that they only take walk-ins for a sit in restaurant. For the quality of food you’re getting, I wouldn’t expect it to be a carry-out place.

        • I get carryout food from a wide variety of very good restaurants — especially ethnic — and am not sure why I wouldn’t expect a hip 11th Street place to offer it. It’s not exactly a sort of white tablecloth place. But, to my original rant, if they had a phone, or mentioned “no carryout” on their website, then I could have checked.

          • Sure, many of the swankiest restaurants will do up something to go. Even “21” has take out, though of course that was for Grace Kelly in the movie “Rear Window”; I don’t know they’d react to a request from us civilians.

        • Yes. It was fine, but not worth standing in line for. We arrived right when they opened to avoid having to wait, and won’t repeat the experience.

      • wdc thanks for the monday laugh

    • To be clear, this is a rant and not necessarily logical criticism. But we decided to grab carryout from Bad Saint. being a cautions guy, I looked on their website to see if there was a menu or a phone number to check about availability. Their website is pretty unhelpful. So, it being a nice evening my daughter and I walked down to the place — maybe a 15 minute walk and discovered that they didn’t have carryout. But what vexed me was that when I said something to the effect of “if you’d only had a phone number on your website I could have called and discovered this fact,” the person at the door replied “we don’t have a phone” in kind of a smug “we’re too cool to have a phone” sort of voice, that seemed designed to be particularly grating to me at that moment. And then throw in the fact that they appear (we’re not positive) to have some sort of tech-based “your table is ready” system — but not a damn phone — and I walked away feeling particularly stabby.

      • Yeah, that sounds pretty irritating. I would have been annoyed too!

      • binpetworth

        I don’t understand restaurants that don’t have a phone. Sure, some establishments may not take reservations by phone, but it is useful to be able to call sometimes and confirm hours, confirm they’re open during a snowstorm/holiday, ask about specials, make special requests for a celebratory occasion, etc.

  • Rave: Slept in our house last night! And child slept through the night for the first time in a while!
    Rant: our dishwasher was ruined by the previous owners, so waiting on a new one and washing dishes by hand when you haven’t done that in ages sucks
    rant: but not as much as unpacking. Where did we get all this junk?!?!

    • also, rave/rant: I know many of you can relate….how the heck is it that my kid is gonna be 2 next week? Seriously. He’s SO funny and smart and where he gets his athleticism, I have no idea….but time has flown. He isn’t the easiest child (I chalk that up to how smart he is), and he’s definitely a mama’s boy, but I can’t believe he’s going to be 2. This is how people get trapped in to having another kid! They miss their squishy little babies….I miss it, but not the 30 minutes of sleep I got a day, the awful nursing relationship, the alienation of never going anywhere because your child doesn’t eat well, ect. But now, he’s like a mini adult and makes us laugh so much. Not sure we’ll try for a 2nd, so I’m thankful for my goofball!

  • Rave: We passed our rental re-inspection!! What a relief.
    Rant: This weekend. The shootings. We had people over Sat night and right before everyone arrived there were a bunch of gun shots…welcome to our house everybody!
    Rave? MPD is back with their crime light tower. However, you can tell they’re not on board with that, which I understand. Whenever I talk to the younger MPD officers they seem pretty jaded and toe the line with “we’re just doing what we’re told.”

  • Rant: Live on the Hill, work in Georgetown (only for a year, but still). Nearly all my friends live in NW (Petworth/U/Shaw) and work downtown. I very rarely get to see them. Love my place on the Hill, love that it feels somewhat safe (eh), but am wondering if I should move up to NW? Echhhh. If only Georgetown were more connected with the rest of the city/there were a direct bus from the Hill to Petworth/etc.

    Rave: Um, Halloween? Also, my Royals are in the Series!

    Rant: Want to go to the WS but have work. It was easier to go last year when I was still in law school :(.

    • I think if your reaction to a place is “echhh” you shouldn’t move there.

    • Can you just splurge on Uber when you want to see them? That seems more logical than moving to a neighborhood you;re not crazy about, Also, the 90 buses are very convenient for getting from Capitol Hill to U Street.

    • Eight year Hill resident with the same problem. At least you can take the 90s to U St. Shaw and especially Petworth are a pain to get to, even still now that I moved to pretty much a block from Cap South. I thought about moving somewhere on the green line, but my hours are too long and I don’t have a car, so my commute would make me miserable, and I really like the neighborhood.

    • there is a direct bus from ledroit park to georgetown.

    • Georgetown actually isn’t as disconnected as many people think. You can take the 30N/30S buses over to the Hill, the 31 to the Foggy Bottom Metro, the Circulator to Union Station (which comes every 10 minutes or so). It’s only disconnected if you’ve been relying on the metro, which is a lot less reliable than the bus, frankly.

      • Whoops, sorry. I misread. It is a bit difficult to get to U Street. But you can take any of the 30s buses up to the Cathederal and transfer to the 96, or take the Georgetown Circulator to the McPhearson Sq Circulator. Or take the G2 to Logan Circle and go from there. You probably already know this.

      • “the metro, which is a lot less reliable than the bus” — Depends on which bus line, which Metro line, and what time of day.
        I was thinking yesterday about how (before Metro ran until 3 a.m. on weekends) I frequently got stuck having to take cabs from Dupont to Adams Morgan late at night because I’d be waiting for the 42 bus and it wouldn’t show up.

      • SouthwestDC

        Nor is Capitol Hill.
        I think if you live in DC, and your work and social life are also in DC, you’re doing pretty well. It’s hard to get everything in one place, and even harder keep it there. As soon as you move to NW your job will move to SE, or your friends will move to the suburbs. It’s inevitable.

    • justinbc

      Lookup the D6 route. I take that bus every day, and it goes straight across the city from Capitol Hill to Georgetown (Sibley Hospital). There are two different D6 terminus points though, so make sure you don’t get on a Dupont Circle one.

      • palisades

        D6 goes to Palisades 🙂 Finally something that applies to my neighborhood!

      • The D6 has been a lifesaver since Stadium Armory has been affected by the never ending track work. It goes through most of the city, drops off at 5 stops on the redline for those who need to transfer and generally on time.

    • That sounds like a commute I wouldn’t want to make, and puts a crimp in your social life. I like the hill, but would only live there if it mades sense for where I worked and wanted to go when off work. When I moved to DC, I worked in NW, so I got a place in NW, because people warned me the hill wouldn’t be an easy commute. If I were you, I’d look into moving. (You don’t say if you rent or own, obviously a different decision if you own.) I lived on the western side of Adams Morgan near Dupont Circle, and was surprised by how close I was to Georgetown – I’d walk over there when in the mood (and occasionally had to take a taxi home when I then went overboard with shopping parcels I could barely carry.) Also walked to U Street and Shaw. Very convenient location for going lots of places (other than capitol hill.)

      • SouthwestDC

        I’d advise them against moving for the sake of a better commute, unless they think they’re going to be staying at their job for a long time. My partner and I have changed jobs several times over the years, and have been grateful that our Capitol Hill location made our commutes easy no matter where the jobs took us. It’s so incredibly convenient to VA and PG County, as well as anything off the blue/orange/silver lines.

        • The job’s only for a year, so at least part of this will hopefully only last about 9 more months — but the living situation may last longer. Thanks to everyone on this thread for their suggestions, btw!

    • I know how you feel – I live in NW and all my friends now live on Capitol Hill. It’s just hard to get together spontaneously. I certainly don’t mind taking Uber or bus over to them, but I don’t think I get invited to that “hey, pop over and have a glass of wine” kind of thing because of it. I understand that, but it kinda’ sucks.

  • Rave: My time in Florida was wonderful yet all too brief. Friends wedding was lovely.
    Rant: Flight home was not so great. I was so tired I accidentally took another couples seat on the plane. I misread the seat number. It was pretty mortifying when they boarded and had to ask me to move. On top of that the ride was pretty turbulent. I’m not a good flyer and had nothing to calm my nerves. Thankfully the flight was short. I was home and back in bed by noon.
    Rant: Friends who try to sell you stuff I have a friend who is really into Rodan and Fields. She’s been pretty aggressive about pushing products onto her friend group. To the point of alienation.

    • At least you weren’t a jerk about the seat! I had someone knowingly sit in my assigned seat one time, then they had the audacity to be like “But the flight is only two hours, can’t you just deal with my seat [several rows away and not an aisle like I chose]?” To be honest, if she had a good reason I wouldn’t have cared but her attitude was so unnecessary. I’m sure the couple was understanding as long as you moved!

      • I was up and out so quick. Apologizing all the way! Before they boarded I was sitting there thinking how nice it was I didn’t have a seatmate. It’s funny, I’ve been reading so many articles about the trend of seat stealing, and I accidently do it myself.

        • Don’t be too hard on yourself, SKJ84. There’s a big difference between mistakenly/sleepily swiping someone’s seat — and being apologetic about it — and purposely, brazenly, and shamelessly swiping someone’s seat.

    • I’ve had to hide a few facebooks friends due to the aggressiveness of their R&F/Lia Sophia/etc. pitches lately. I don’t know what I’d do if it was someone close.

      • This person is pretty ride or die for R&F. Has sent me several messages inviting me to parties, to try the product. I appreciate her spirit of entrepreneurship, but it’s getting annoying.

    • I’ve found someone in my seat plenty of times. I’ve just pointed out the error, they’ve apologized and moved, and I’ve never ever thought badly of them. So dismiss your mortification; it’s fine!

      • + 1 to this. On the other hand, I would not react well – at all – to someone giving me grief because I pointed out they were in my seat. I agree with Fridaygirl – in many (but not all) circumstances, I’ll switch with someone, but if you’re snotty about it? No chance.

  • Quotia Zelda

    Rave: Historic cemeteries!
    Rave: Hanging with Emily on Sunday.
    Rave: Longmire.
    Rave: Series of meetings with some awesome people this week.
    Rant: Being on and interacting with people all week is super stressful for this introvert who is used to a nice, quiet cubicle.

  • Rave: Great weekend, oldest Anonachild’s soccer tournament was awesome!
    Rant: People who seem to be absolutely determined to be the first person to spoil major plot lines on shows that a lot of people watch. I was watching Walking Dead on a slight delay last night and briefly peaked at FB only to have literally the next scene spoiled. Live Tweeting is that – TWEETING. Do that on Twitter! There should be an official moratorium on discussing shows at least until they are seen in all US time zones.
    Not sure yet: I was casually perusing real estate listings and found what could be the absolute perfect house. It need work, but it was built in the 30s and never renovated, so it has all the originals from the wood work to built ins to the kitchen (though the stove is from the 50’s). It’s an estate sale, as is, but it’s been on the market for 8 months so I’m sure there’s wiggle room in the sales price. The only issue is that it’s WAY up in Harford County. Baltimore I was prepared for, but Harford County? I’d be closer to PA than DC 🙁

    • Have you considered areas south orf Balt, like Ellicott City?

      • I have, and I’m still open to them. I’m pretty specific about what I want (craftsman style, older, in need of renovation not already flipped), so when I look I for those specific houses. The particular house I’m looking at now is a freaking steal by DC standards, especially considering the amount of land it sits on. I definitely could not get anything similar for that price in Howard County. The price really makes it very, very attractive.

  • Rave?: There’s a guy outside L’Enfant Plaza Metro who I think is singing countertenor opera parts. (Originally I thought it was a woman contralto.)

  • Rant: Surprise glucose tolerance test. Blech! That stuff tastes gross.
    Rave: At least I passed it.
    Rave: Good but busy weekend.

  • janie4

    Rant – My odyssey in Ikea building had me doing two trips to Ikea yesterday, neither of which I really needed to make. Their pictogram instructions are actually pretty difficult to understand!
    Rave: All six drawers, eight cabinets, and six doors were ready for install. Just the vanity and the mirror to go.
    Rave: picked out a pretty granite for the basement apartment, and also it was worth it to get the cordless underpowered screwdriver, which it turns out may be a little slow, but actually is great for building Ikea stuff without splitting the wood.
    Rave: Taking tomorrow off to do all the errands I couldn’t do today, and get all the appliances for the kitchen (and my new washer dryer, as I’m giving the tenants the old one.)

  • Rant: Getting some kind of sick – probably a cold. Ugh
    Rave: Kale-quinoa-kimchi grain bowl for dinner last night (NYTimes recipe) – extra delicious with homegrown quinoa and kale, and homemade kimchi.

  • maxwell smart

    RAVE: I slept SO good last night. Literally the best night of sleep I have gotten in 2 months. I started taking SAM-e and it seems to be really helping with my mood, my outlook and my sleep!

  • Pablo Raw

    Rave: Went to the Tweed Ride for the photos, but decided to stay for the ride; it is way more fun when the weather is nice, as opposed to last years windy and cold unprepared ride.
    Rave: The porch fest was fun also.
    Rant: Introvert problems. It takes a lot to convince myself that I can interrupt the peace and quiet of my place, and it will be a fun thing.
    Rave: Planning a lot of upcoming photography work.

  • binpetworth

    Rave: I set a personal record for a 5K this weekend at 24:30!
    Rave: I also had a great time yesterday cheering on the MCM runners. My poor friend that I was tracking ended up being one of the last to make it past the bridge, so I ended up seeing the scragglers…including the person who got the Penguin Award for being dead last. (not sure that’s a rave?)

  • Rant: Dog showing me she didn’t appreciate me leaving her with the roommate for the weekend. She peed on bed, right where I lay my head. Still pissed(pun intended) about it.
    Rave: I have a cali king so I was able to sleep on other side.
    Any tips on how to clean this up? get rid of the pee scent?

    • Ugh, that sucks. Nature’s Miracle is the best for pet accidents.

      • Ok thanks. I still can’t wrap my head around why she would do that and blatantly spiteful. Normally she’d jump on the bed before I get to it, but instead went to her own bed. Nothing nice about coming home to your own bed after 5 days to lay your head in dog pee.

    • Emmaleigh504

      vinegar or White Wizard (terrible name) are good for pet clean up.

    • I Dont Get It

      It must have been the weekend for it. I think I overdosed Lucy on Bendryl causing her to pee the bed Saturday night.

  • justinbc

    Rant: Need to get a really nice gift (preferably high end men’s watch) and got very short notice that I have to pick it up today or tomorrow. Where would you go to buy one in the city? (would rather avoid heading out to the mall/Tysons, and don’t have time to wait for online delivery which is where I would typically buy one) Most of the boutique type shops I’ve been in have “nice” stuff, but not quite what I’m looking for on the designer end.

  • Rave: My 2nd date on Friday was kind of amazing. We’re supposed to go out again, soon. And I have a date set up with a different person for Thursday. Maybe, maaaaaybe my bad streak is over?

    Rant: My friend took a very scary turn for the worse on Saturday. She had to be shocked twice Saturday morning and is back in ICU. Every medication they try to give her to try to control her heart causes terrifying results, so today, they’re going to try to burn the part of her heart that is mis-firing? So scary. I’m supposed to go visit her tomorrow night, depending on how today goes. I’m trying to find a cute hospital gift, as she’ll be there for a while. I’m definitely going to get her some lotion and some chapstick, as hospitals can be very drying, but any other thoughts? (I’m shopping in Georgetown on my lunch hour — I am not rich).

    Rave: SUCH a great weekend in Richmond. Friends with kid hired a sitter and we had grown up time on Saturday night. Went to incredible breweries, ate delicious food, and then on Sunday I hung out with the baby (who says “ah-ah-ah” after we count, like the count from Sesame Street, and my heart melted every single time he did it). Saw John Cleese and Eric Idle, and the traffic home was not terrible.

    • Chaptstick and lotion are great ideas. Maybe a spray/leave-in detangler, since her hair may be in bad shape, as well as some dry shampoo (if she’s at all lucid, she’s probably feeling pretty gross and wanting a hot shower, but they won’t let her for a while, most likely). Slippers and/or a robe? word puzzle books, audiobooks?

      • Oooh dry shampoo! YES! Good idea. What about warm socks instead of slippers?

      • These are all great ideas! I was in the hospital for a few weeks this summer unexpectedly and the absolute worst part was not being able to shower. Once I was lucid and strong enough I had a friend shampoo my hair while I was sitting up in bed- not sure if your friend will be there yet, physically, if she’s still in the ICU but this made me feel 100x better after a week of no showers. Dry shampoo would also work well and would be easier to apply if she’s still in the ICU.

    • I’d say anything that would kill time that she can put down and pick back up (when being checked frequently by staff or dozing off) – so magazines of interest, Sudoku, cute deck of cards, maybe a YA novel that’s not too heavy. So sorry to hear your friend is going through this.

    • I really hope your friend’s condition improves. I know it must be terrifying sitting by and watching all this go on. Hugs to you!
      Agreed with all the above suggestions. I would also add lollipops. If you don’t have time to shop on your break, the gift shop at WHC is really nice. I don’t know if they have dry shampoo, but they have everything else that was suggested.

    • “I’m shopping in Georgetown on my lunch hour — I am not rich”

      I bet you’ll find a lot of nice little things you get your friend at the TJ MAXX/Homegoods for decent prices. They should have good deals on nice toiletries and slippers/robes, etc. I’m a personal fan of those really soft fuzzy spa socks and gloves that are infused with aloe. I just did a Google search and I think they are Earth Therapeutic brand. They should have those in the same section with the toiletries.

      Kudos for you being such a supportive friend. I wish you both all the best.

      • I’m going to head there tomorrow. I got a couple of cute Halloween things at PaperSource for her and figured TJMaxx would be best for the rest of it. Thank you so much for everyone’s help!!

  • Rant: MCM start line was an absolute security theater goat rope. Imagine if Nats Park didn’t let anyone into a sold out game until 15 min from first pitch, and then only through the center field gate.
    Rave: Weather and crowd were awesome! Slow, but steady and feel good today. Slept like Tutankhamun.

    • Mug of Glop

      We didn’t get in until fifteen minutes after the gun. Didn’t start the race properly until gun+31. What a complete shitshow that security line was. It was my first MCM, but people say that it’s never been like this at all. Does anyone know what the whole thing was, yet? Would have been nice to have been corralled properly at the start and not have to fight through 20 miles of slower runners and walkers. (Not to say that slower runners and walkers shouldn’t run, but proper corralling makes it a better race for everyone.)

    • HaileUnlikely

      Surprised and sorry to hear about the organization troubles – I ran it in 2006, 2007, and 2008, and all three were among the very best-organized races that I have ever run. Congrats to you both for running!

  • That One Guy

    Men have officially run out of things to protest.
    Yesterday, I saw a small group picketing/protesting circumcisions next to the convention center. To me, it was absurdly comical. Anyone else see them?

    • It’s mutilation! Religious oppression! Unnatural! Ruins your love life!

    • Farragut

      There’s actually been a lot of talk in the last several years about circumcisions. I wouldn’t consider it comical, per se (though maybe the protest you saw was somehow), since it’s basically a “we want the right to decide if our penises are mutilated without our permission.” (Sort of the flip side of female “circumcision”/FGM.)
      There’s also been some cases of babies dying from improperly done circumcisions (from infections, etc.). It’s apparently not that common in Europe anymore, and growing slightly less common in the US.

    • Yeah, there’s a small but vocal protest movement.
      Every time I see a mention of the UK Uncut movement — which is actually opposed to _budget_ cuts — I initially think it’s an anti-circumcision movement.

    • The anti-circumcision movement is very much gaining strength. I can understand how it seems silly, but to those who are anti-circumcision, it’s on par with forced genital mutilation.

      • ….it would be easier to take seriously if there weren’t a significant current of antisemitism within the movement. They tend to, more often than not, end up with the “jewish docs want to make more money’ route. Because, you know…it’s always our fault. Hard to take them seriously even if they have valid arguments when that’s what they resort to.

        • I’ve honestly never heard that particular argument against it, though to be perfectly honest, it’s a parenting choice that I choose not to dwell on so I haven’t really entered that debate in a while to fully judge on it. The anti-circumcision types I usually ran into were the crunchier-than-thou types.

          • I’m the opposite of crunchy, and I don’t much care for circumcision, in this time and place. It has benefits in other circumstances, like places where water for bathing is less available, or where STDs are common and condoms are hard to get. But here, I don’t see why anyone needs to mess with the package as it’s delivered.

          • Have you been on DCUM? Every thread about it devolves into anti-jewish rants. It’s also not just there – historically, the big push to ban has been because it’s traditionally a Jewish practice. Make it harder for them to practice religious obligations, maybe they’ll move (even though Muslims do it, too).

          • @wdc – the funny thing is, I am (was?) pretty crunchy aside from my birth experiences, however, I deferred to my ex on this one. I do wish I had pushed more to not do it because I don’t see it as a necessity at all, and I feel bad for depriving them of their foreskins because foreskins are fun!
            @J – oh hell no. I stay as far away from DCUM as much as possible. I really had not thought of that aspect. Culturally speaking, the practice varies greatly from area to area, even within the US. There are places in the US where the whole “but he’ll look different from the rest of the boys in the locker room” argument is highly, highly effective for pro-circumcision.

          • Yeah, my husband had a strong pro-circ preference too. (“Boys should look like their dad.”) Luckily we had girls and never had to throw down about it.

        • I agree there has been a fair amount of antisemitism associated with anti-circumcision movements, and that is unfortunate. However, it doesn’t negate the main argument, which is that is it a medically unnecessary, and potentially traumatic, intervention in which the child has no say.

          • and you thinking that doesn’t make a huge chunk of the advocacy any less antisemitic, It does round and round….

          • I myself am Jewish, albeit non-practicing. I’m just not attached to rituals that, from my perspective, serve no purpose any more in a society in which we have things like lots of available bathing water, sanitary wipes, good education, access to condoms, etc.

        • I can also say I’ve never heard this argument against it.

      • I Dont Get It

        This is discussed often on gay blogs–I think we are against circumcision.

    • is there a circumcision convention? Or maybe APA…?

    • Pablo Raw

      I think you are right. When the Pope was here, I saw Evangelicals protesting and asking Catholics to accept Jesus.

    • I inadvertently walked my dog through them and she FLIPPED OUT trying to defend me. I have no idea why because she’s generally pretty low key. I think maybe it was all of the signs.

  • Rant – How is it only 10:30am and I’m already bored out of my mind at work? This job sucks the life out of me sometimes.
    Rave – Treated myself to a bunch of new work clothes. At least I’m going to look cute while I sit in my cubicle all day long.

    • I completely feel you on the work rant. (But at least they’re letting me preoccupy myself with studying for midterms. I think I’d go crazy if I didn’t have school stuff to do…)

    • SAME. I’m just sitting here waiting for emails until a meeting at 3 PM. You wouldn’t expect it but being bored that much is really difficult.

    • Yup, feel the same with your first rant, but then again I’m already mentally checked out of my current job, waiting for new one to start. Anybody know how long it takes to get MBI/tier 2 clearance? I have been waiting 2 weeks already, current job required NACI so figured half the work is already done.

      • All agencies are a little different but the process usually starts over when you move jobs. They are sometimes able to re-use info (like fingerprints cards that are less than a year and a half old, etc.) but otherwise I would act as though you are starting from the beginning and expect to wait several weeks if not a few months.

  • Rant: Midterms week!
    Rave: Weekends are always lovely with my guy.
    Rant: Really lackluster experience at Thip Khao this weekend. Went for the first time, the food was WAY too salty (the waitress admitted she tried it and also had trouble finishing her dish the week before — the same dish we had), but they still didn’t comp us for the dish on our bill.
    Rave: Got a reservation for next weekend at Momofuku figuring I can cancel or give it away if we decide we don’t want to try another high-profile place that might be disappointing. Will still make my way to Milk Bar for crack pie either way. Anyone eat at Momofuku this past weekend? Opinions?

    • That One Guy

      Take a look at the menu. Wasn’t personally impressed with what they’re offering either a la cart or their fried chicken. I’m personally going to wait until the hype dies down a little.

      • Yeah, I wasn’t SUPER impressed but I saw a few things I’d like to try (assuming that a bowl of ramen won’t be twice as expensive as all the other ramen places in this city, which are already overpriced). I think it might be an interesting experience since I’ve long watched David Chang and his cookbooks and magazine but never had a chance to experience it.
        They also added Bo saam to the menu for groups but its very expensive. I will never get to have that.

        • On second thought, I’m more thrilled about the thanksgiving croissant. Maybe I’d be more worth my time to get in line at Milk Bar one day….

  • Rant: bad date Friday. Told me on the date he’s moving to NY next week. When I asked what he wanted, he said “to hang out, make friends”. When I told him flat out I wasn’t sleeping with him, he asked ” what do you expect, I’m moving next week”. What a waste of time.
    Rant: people at my school are pushing me to use donors choose to get necessary items for my classroom. I explained I’m not shaking down friends for money for items the school should be providing and that don’t get to go with me when I leave the school. One woman then goes “but why should the children suffer?”. They’re suffering with an adequate, but less than ideal replacement. Arghh!
    Revel: got to catch up with lots of old friends this weekend. It felt nice. Especially after Friday

    • A teacher at my kids’ school recently did a donor’s choose for an item that normally would be purchased by the school but she did not have (i heard varying stories as to why not, but at the end of the day she no longer had the money for it in her school budget). I was put off by it, namely because I feel like she could have first approached the PTA or asked if any parents had connections to be able to get the item cheaper. However, she raised those funds in a hot second, so it worked. I get your unease. I would strongly recommend trying to crowd source the items before doing a donors choose, but there’s also no shame in it either.

    • The great thing about donors choose is that you’re not shaking down friends/family. I donate nearly monthly to random classrooms that I have zero connection to. You should definitely do it.

  • Rave: Tweed Ride. Best one yet.

  • Rave: Unplanned dinner of pirogies last night at neighbors
    Rave: Cheering on friends yesterday during MCM
    Rave: The Glover Park crossing guard – telling me every morning “Have a great day and be safe baby,” always makes me smile.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rave: splurged on a dirty chai and something came up to postpone the asshle’s task so things are looking up! Only 7 more hours to go till I can nap!

  • I went to the REI gear swap at Wunder Garten on Sat. Then discovered it happened LAST Sat! Does anyone want 1. Norwegian wood cross country/telemark skis & boots (men size 10) 2. A ladies full 5 ml. wetsuit (great Halloween costume!) 3. A brand new never-used dog jacket (for a long skinny dog.) 4. An old tent & rainfly, no poles, but good for parts like buckles & straps, or for kids to play with.

    I’m only asking donations which will go to put food in the mouths of hungry kittens!

  • I Dont Get It

    Rave: I planted my tulip, daffodil and Oriental lily bubs Saturday.
    Rant: There is such a difference in the smaller, drier looking bulbs I bought at Home Depot versus the larger, “moister” (is that a bulb term?) bulbs I bought online.
    Rave: Someone mentioned American Cafe on FQOD which reminded me of a date I had there once with a Mark Twain impersonator. I had completely forgotten about it and in retrospect, it’s kinda funny–even his American Express card was branded “His Name as Mark Twain.”*
    Rant: I spent more time Sunday than I should of looking for this guy online. Who knew there were so many Mark Twain impersonators out there. Is this a thing now?

    *Note: This was not with Dixie Carter’s husband. I wouldn’t want to p*ss her off.

  • Rave: I had SUCH a nice weekend with a visiting friend this weekend. It was also a nice excuse to get in some very long walks and check out nice home design and baby stores.
    Rant: The top of my left leg is mostly numb,. Either left baby is sitting right ion my sciatic nerve or I busted something whole walking around. I guess I’ll find out at PT.
    Rave: The babies are now the size of cantaloupes and I can feel their little limbs and butts moving around in my belly.
    Rant: The babies are now the size of cantaloupes so you can imagine how freakin’ huge I am. And I still have about three months to go.

    • Oh, that leg sounds uncomfortable. I thought the sciatic usually caused pain. I hope you can fix that issue soon so it isn’t there for the next three months.

    • They’re probably getting to the size now where you can do Fun Fetus Tricks. You can run your finger up a spine to trigger the reflex that makes them stretch. And they should push back at you now when you poke them, right? Or is that later? Someone recommended shining a flashlight through your belly, but I don’t remember what it was supposed to do, because it didn’t do anything for my fetuses. Probably just another thing to make ’em wiggle, like drinking ice water.

      • Ha! It’s definitely fun fetus time! Although to be honest they are wiggly enough on their own that they don’t need a lot of prodding. Right baby never seems to stop twisting around and I think that means she might be a little hellion once she’s on the outside. Sometimes I look down and see crazy movements in my belly, like in the movie Alien.

    • I have that left thigh squeeze thing too (almost 30 weeks)…the only thing that helps is 1. putting my legs up, especially sitting on the sofa with a pillow under my knees and another under my ankles (I know, that means moving the pillows from the bed to the sofa…) and 2. using one of the maternity support belts when I walk around (I got one from Gabriella I think, on Amazon, good $30 to spend).

  • Rant: RIP Ed Walker

  • Rant: I live in a secured building with all day desk reception and still have packages stolen! About 3 weeks ago, the package (a box of books/magazines) was ultimately delivered to me with an apology from the post office, but the box was destroyed, and the September issue of Vogue of all things was missing. The second one showed up on tracking as being delivered on Friday, but I didn’t receive it and the building manager didn’t accept any packages for me that day. I called the other buildings on my street or with similar addresses and they don’t have it either. All very frustrating.

    • The only time I’ve ever had packages mysteriously disappear was when I lived in a secured building with 24/7 reception in Arlington. Basically the last place you’d expect stolen packages to be an issue. And yet I get 2-3 packages a week delivered to my Capitol Hill rowhouse and nothing’s ever gone missing.

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