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You can talk about whatever is on your mind โ€“ quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct peopleโ€™s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

Ed. Note: thanks for indulging me in a day off yesterday – I saw the Martian. Pretty decent, not the best but definitely decent.

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  • Quotia Zelda

    Rave: Eldest Zelda and I had a fantastic time in NYC. We crammed so much into just 2 days.
    Rave: Doughnut Plant was a huge hit with EZ. Thanks again for the rec, Justin.
    Rave: Indeed, EZ liked everything she at in NY, which is incredibly rare for her.

  • Rave: beautiful weather
    Rave: DC on Friday – trying to squeeze a few hours after our briefing to hang out
    Rant: The last bit of work on the house is taking FOREVER. I don’t know if it’s because the foreman (my dad) isn’t around, or because the last bit is the worst (roofers not taking it seriously – guy on the job is sick, owner of the company didn’t call to tell me; Elfa install difficult to schedule). I will never understand businesses that act that way – communicate with your customers, if you’re the owner, oversee the job site. It goes a long way.
    Rave: Planning my job’s big gala-type event, getting to stay in an upgraded room at the soon-to-be renovated Monaco for free. I can’t WAIT.

  • Rave: Found an awesome sublet for my room.
    Rave: Not having to move anything large.
    Rave: Lots of peace and quiet since current roomie isn’t home much post notice.
    Rave: Time off between projects. Aww all the relaxing!

  • Rave/rant: BF and brother trying to get a 400+lbs upright piano up a flight of stairs. Tiiiiny bit hilarious but I also had terrifying images of the piano falling on one of them. “…just be ready to call 911 if something happens” isn’t exactly comforting.
    Rave: Eternally grateful to the two kind strangers who helped get it up there. Tried to give them some cash afterward but they wouldn’t take it. I know they live in one of the buildings nearby but I have no idea which one — I wish I could do something nice for them!
    Rave/rant: Project I’m managing coming to an end. Excited for it to be over and to roll out the finished product. Slightly scared of being unemployed come November.

    • Kindness of strangers for moving help is the best! This rave makes me happy ๐Ÿ™‚

    • HaileUnlikely

      I know somebody who literally lost part of a finger trying to move a piano down some stairs.

    • I’m glad no one was crushed by the piano! At least your boyfriend is a good guy to have around to carry big heavy things, haha.

      • Haha true. But sometimes it backfires because between him and his brother, the sentence “we’re huge, we can totally carry it” has been uttered way more than I’d like to recount.

    • Accountering

      This is an interesting question. I tend to think, if I helped random people move a super heavy piano, I wouldn’t want money, but if you insisted, I would accept $10 in lieu of a beer ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Accountering

        If *they* insisted. I have helped people move little things on the street, and am certainly happy to help when able. Had a (presumably) mother and daughter trying to hoist a mattress onto an SUV, they were struggling mightily, and the three of us were able to pop it right up there. Many hands make light work!

        • I actually almost called you yesterday to beg you to come help but then the strangers walked by. We insisted that they take $20 each (that was all we had on us) but they refused and hopped in their car and drove off. Super nice guys.

      • I’ve seen studies (which I cannot find or even fully recall) that show you will get more help if you ask for it than if you offer to pay for it.
        “Sir, can you help me put this mattress on top of my car please?” will get you more positive responses than “Sir, I will give you $10 to help put this mattress on top of my car.”

        • That doesn’t surprise me. If I may geek out a little bit, it’s also one of the concerns with pay-for-performance in the education & healthcare fields: financial motivations can crowd out intrinsic motivation to do a good job/help people/etc and potentially get you worse results.

        • Paying someone for a good deed can reduce it to a financial interaction instead of one person helping another

    • I Dont Get It

      I gave away two large couches that with a corner piece made a sectional. I was having back problems and made it clear up front that I could not help get them off of the second floor and out of my house. The nice young girl showed up with her mother and soon her roommate showed up also with her mother. As they maneuvered the first couch out to the street two guys stopped and helped them and then came into the house to finish the job. Afterwards they were all sitting in my living room chatting for a bit when one of the guys disappeared and went to the Whitelaw to buy two six packs. Party on in my living roomโ€ฆuhmโ€ฆit was kinda cute since they were all flirting like hell including one of the mothers.

      • I love this part: “[O]ne of the guys disappeared and went to the Whitelaw to buy two six packs. Party on in my living roomโ€ฆuhmโ€ฆit was kinda cute since they were all flirting like hell including one of the mothers.” ๐Ÿ™‚

  • NEW KITTEN! Purrs like a motorboat, pretty gentle with his tiny needle claws and teeth. He’s hilarious and snuggly and fuzzy and tumbly and silly and warm and chatty and all around perfect.

  • Rave: Got my epic baking plans accomplished–bagels & cookies are made, cookie decorating packages are put together and ready to go in the mail.
    Rave: Love long weekends. Caught up with friends, got things done around the house, lovely all around.
    Rave: Sorted out the sleeping situation so I’ve been sleeping better the last couple of nights.
    Rant: Elementary school gym teacher passed away from a heart attack. He was beloved by so many students, and it’s so sad to say goodbye far too early.

  • Rave: Fun weekend! And so many great opportunities for photo-taking.
    Rant: Ex IMed to let me know my profile pics on Tinder are not as cute as I am IRL. Just created the profile last night. No clue as to why this feels so upsetting.
    Rant/Rave: Debate!

    • On your rant–it’s a little “ewww”. Are you in touch with your ex much? Seems like a weird (and kind of creepy) thing to reach out about.

      • +1. i assume this is why he’s an ex.

      • I would say we’re in touch every few days — we were together for a long time, so we are trying to be friends… mostly what that’s looked like is sending each other articles/links we think are relevant to the other person/their interests. I think he was trying to be friendly, in his own way? Maybe it’s that in my own way I want my dating life to be “private” since I’m still trying to figure out who I am/what I am doing in this new context, so am just totally not prepared to deal with his insertion of himself into that sphere.

    • That’s some pretty classic undermining behavior. It’s emotional abuse, or at least approaching it. See how the insult and the compliment are bundled? That’s to make you feel like no one else appreciates your flaws the way he does.

      • Sigh. Thanks. Am realizing upon more reflection that it does feel aggressive, and this is probably part of the reason for the upset.

      • Yeah, I’m going to have to agree. It’s creeping me out a bit that he knew about your profile as soon as you posted it and felt the need to comment to you about it. And agreed that the comment was passive aggressive and not as “nice” as he would probably insist it was meant to be.

        • I’m in total agreement with the controlling thing and the comment being fake nice, but I will say that I was on Tinder for a hot minute and I saw all of my ex’s within probably the first 36 hours.
          It’s a high throughput thing and it’s not like you can search, so I don’t knock him for having seen it so quickly.

      • I don’t know if there’s a pattern but, absent one, I think jumping to “it’s emotional abuse” on the basis of one IM is either quite a leap or lowering the emotional abuse bar quite a bit. Could be something as simple as flirting from someone who wishes they weren’t an ex or an inept compliment. Of course there are other less innocent explanations, but still….

        • Yeah, I agree. I’m a woman, but I think some women are hyper-sensitive about any comment about how they look – in real life or in a photo. Anything less than effusive praise can be seen as an insult. I mean, really, who doesn’t look better in person than in photographs? (Unless they are the glam sort of photos actors get taken of themselves.)

          • How is a woman supposed to be anything BUT sensitive about her appearance, in this society?
            And why is an ex commenting on her appearance at all? What gives him that right? It’s the same mindset that drives catcallers and nightclub ass-grabbers.

          • @ wdc: +50000

          • Yeah, I’m with wdc too. It’s not necessarily controlling depending on the context & the relationship, but given GSM’s gut reaction, it was likely inappropriate in the context of their (still evolving?) relationship. And agreed especially with the point of–why was the ex commenting on her appearance at all? Even if intentions were good, leave that suggestion for someone else to make from a less-loaded relationship.

        • mtpresident, I think you really articulated what I’m feeling… I think at the time I posted this I was like “I am reeling why why?!” but really it comes down to it being inappropriate for where we are right now — it may have been some combination of good intentions/passive-aggression, but only he knows for sure (maybe). It goes to show that every time you think you have things figured out, it’s just a lull before you are reminded that there’s still more learning to do! I really appreciate everyone’s thoughts.

      • What’s the insult, exactly?

    • phl2dc

      It would upset me as well. Just out of curiosity, how long ago did you break up? If it’s recent you may need to set some boundaries. I don’t think it was appropriate for him to comment at all.

      • A couple of months ago. I think it’s too early to know whether this will be a habit… if it is, I will set boundaries. I think for now it’s probably a one-off event that was precipitated by a lot of factors. Probably it was a combination of trying to be helpful and also cattiness/passive-aggression — I think it can be both. And then it was upsetting to me because of reasons internal to the relationship and also just due to the fact that this was something I was 100% not expecting him to engage about. I was thinking for a bit that I should have waited longer, but really when it comes down to it, there’s no good time and everyone will always be hurt unless I move to a new city ๐Ÿ™‚ And even then…

        • He may have been upset by seeing you on tinder and then felt he had to somehow let you know he had seen you so this was how he went about it. Just a wild guess.

  • Rave: Yay! Other people are back in the PopSphere
    Rave: Not having ya’ll around yesterday made it easy to get tons done yesterday ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Rant: Nasty headache today and forgot to pack any migraine pills. Hopefully once the skies clear up I’ll feel better
    Rant: People who I love who are sick but who continue to smoke. Look, I understand there’s a dependency issue, but seriously, this might be the time to quit.
    Rave: Nice date over the weekend. Don’t see it going anywhere, but it was nice to try something different, and to feel pretty ๐Ÿ™‚
    Rave: Talked to my student loan servicer because I had gotten two emails with wildly conflicting information, and come to find out, they’re putting me on a “pay as you earn,” which is similar to the Income-Based repayment plan, but it saves me $160 from what I was originally told I was going to have to pay. Gives me a little bit more wiggle room in my budget. Yay!
    Rant: Got a call from the “surprise medical bill” collection agency DESPITE having settled all that sh!t last week. Grrrr. Somebody’s getting another call at lunch!

    • I Dont Get It

      Not sure what depths of my memory this comes from but can’t you demand they stop calling period, regardless if the debt if valid or not?

      I may be very wrong and I’m sure if so, someone here will glady correct me.

      • The debt is most certainly not valid, I paid it with the original company because I demanded they take me the hell out of collections because I should never have been there to begin with. But now I’m worried it’ll negatively affect my credit. So anyway, I’m not going to freak out, I’m just going to call that original company and let them know what’s going on and tell them to handle it before I start looking for a lawyer.

        • You can also contact the credit reporting agencies to dispute the claims on your report that are fraudulent, if the collector isn’t handling this the way they should.

      • Allison

        I’m not 100% well versed in this, but I think you have to submit a written demand that they cease contact under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. See 15 U.S.C. 1692c (sec 805). FTC website has good info on it.

  • janie4

    Rave: Officially got word I have a promotion, and the official email involved (already returned it)! Paybump, here I come!
    Rave: Apartment nearing completion.
    Rant/Rave – am now 7 days into my exercise routine. I’ve worked out every day since last Monday, except for Tuesday of last week (headache) and Thursday, Friday and today have involved working out before work. Another three weeks to make this a habit.

  • Rant: Major baking fail this weekend. This is what happens when I try to substitute ingredients because I don’t have everything I need in the pantry. Lesson learned.
    Rave: Friends got married this weekend! It was a lovely, heartwarming wedding and such a fun party.
    Rave: I got lots of rest and couch time on Sunday and Monday.

    • oh man! Sorry about the baking fail, what happened? In my experience, baking is nowhere near as forgiving of substitutions as cooking. Baking is a pretty exact science you can’t mess too much with, whereas cooking is so much more flexible and forgiving.

      • I didn’t have as many ripe bananas for banana bread as I needed (realized this while in the middle of combining ingredients) so I added more yogurt for moisture. It was so dry that I had to toss out the whole loaf. Lesson learned.

        And I agree with you that cooking is so much more forgiving. I’m great at opening the pantry and putting together a tasty dinner from random ingredients. I’m less adept at baking, mainly because following rules/being precise is not my strong suit (as is evidence by my baking fail!).

        • I love following rules and being precise. I recently bought a kitchen scale so I can be even more precise with my baking measurements! I have way more cooking fails than baking fails.

        • Ugh, that is so frustrating! Despite my best efforts, there is usually something I forgot to buy for any given recipe, so I do the substitutions a lot. And agreed with LBP, most of the time when I pay for getting creative with a recipe, it is when I am baking, not cooking.

        • It seems like there’s never the right amount of bananas for banana bread. I made some last night, which used up 3 of the 5 bananas I had, but now I need to come up with a use for the other two. Wish I could have sent them to you!

          • Put them in the freezer! Then you don’t have to worry about having the right amount (so long as you have enough). And they’re always super soft & easy to mash once defrosted.

          • I already have a lot in the freezer (my recovered produce CSA keeps sending bananas and my fiance doesn’t eat them) so I don’t feel like adding to it if I can avoid it.

          • Make a second loaf to use up the other two? Then you can pull some out of the freezer ๐Ÿ™‚

          • SouthwestDC

            I’m low on freezer space because I save all my scraps for composting. I think I’m going to make dog treats with the other two!

          • Interesting. Do you compost in your back yard? We thought about doing that, but since we share an alley with various restaurants we didn’t want to risk attracting rodents. We use a composting service that picks up bucket contents every other week and it works really well. Something about the screw-top prevents it from smelling when it’s shut. A screw-top bucket might gift you back some freezer space. Glad you found a use for the other two bananas!

          • SouthwestDC

            I’m part of a compost co-op at a community garden. You don’t have to be a garden member to do it, you just have to attend a training. If none of the gardens near you have one they could request it from DPR. Here’s more info: http://dpr.dc.gov/node/1042582

          • mtresident have you considered vermicomposting? Said to be odor free and a very effective way to compost in a small space. I couldn’t do it because I’m deathly afraid of vermi

          • Those both sound like neat options to keep in the back of my brain. For now, I like that we can compost so much (even animal products) because it’s part of a larger operation. But if we get sick of paying for the service, then I’ll check the other options out.

      • I Dont Get It

        “Baking is a pretty exact science..”

        Which is why I rarely bake. “No recipe is gonna be boss of me” just doesn’t work here.

  • Rave: Productive weekend — I got a lot of things accomplished.
    Rant: … but not the one thing I really needed to work on, which I studiously avoided.

  • palisades

    Rave: Neon Indian tonight.
    Rant: Concert means I’ll be missing the debate and Cubs-Cards game.
    Rave: Fargo season 2 premiere! Great stuff! “Okay then”

  • rant: migraine. feel like i’m shirking at work because of migraine. but also, it is my last week at this job, so, rave?
    rant: every time i have a migraine i wonder if changing my birth control might help, but the ones i’d consider changing to seem to only have reviews of migraines getting worse, not better. what is life.
    rave: aside from this migraine, life is fabulous. hoopla!

  • Rant: Insomnia has returned and I don’t know what (if anything) I can do about it.
    Rave: Found out one of my favorite people who left my wife’s company a couple of years ago is back. Super excited to see her again.
    Rave: Found out that one of my friends (who used to joke that we were cosmically connected since we always had such a weirdly close friendship since we first met) is not only also pregnant but due the same day as me. It is the ultimate in freaky coincidences.
    Rave: Leggings

  • I Dont Get It

    Rave: New things to try from the Farmerโ€™s Marketโ€”kiwi berries and baby ginger! Yum!
    Rave: Coconut milk pumpkin soup that I made last night. Iโ€™m sure it will be even better tonight! Have I said yum yet?
    Rant: First day in the temporary hoteling space. We are in a dingy corner with no natural light in the basement next to the gym. Nothing like hearing weights drop and music blaring through the wall to make your day shine!
    Rave: Good *annual* physical at 8:00 am yesterday, although waiting for results of bloodwork, etc. I appreciate that my Dr started it off by telling me that I was going to get three vaccinations โ€”Flu, Pneumonia, and Whooping Cough/Diphtheria/Tetanus. Also he thinks the symptom that was concerning was really just a side effect of a medicine so we are trying something new.

    • I have not heard of either of these things! But a bonus rant is what pops up on Google when you search for “baby ginger”… ๐Ÿ˜€

      • The baby ginger images are adorable!
        But IDGI, I also want to know more about baby ginger. What you’re going to do with it, how it differs from regular ginger… And also, what it’s doing in a midatlantic farmers market?? Ginger is tropical, and space intensive. I don’t see local farmers giving up their precious greenhouse space for a few rhizomes…

      • I Dont Get It


        It is also called Young Ginger although I’m sure the Google machine could do something interesting with that also.

  • Wife, 18 month old son and I live in a recently bought rowhome in NW. We did the DC Water free lead testing, and the two “draws” showed lead levels of 1.4 and 1.5 ppb, respectively. The EPA “action level” for lead in water is 15 ppb — good that we are way below that — but on the other hand we have a young kid in the house and we hope that my wife becomes pregnant soon. Kids and pregnant women are the ones most at risk.

    Ack. What do we do? The pipe leading to our house is still lead, but the main pipe on the street was replaced by the city back in 2007. Replacing our service pipe may end up being time consuming and expensive ($1,000 to $5,000+). Totally willing to do it if the current lead levels pose a threat and replacing the pipe is the best option — but I have no objective third party who can tell me what to do. Bite the bullet and shell out the money? Get a faucet filter and try to keep him from gulping water when he bathes? Get a whole home filter? Anyone been through this?

  • Rave/Rant – Not sure what to do with myself now that the wedding is over. So much free time! I feel like I need another big project to stress over. Or maybe some hobbies.

    Rant – Back at work. I hate this job.

    Rave – Purchased my first piece of non-Ikea furniture. A new, big, comfy sofa. It’s getting delivered to me this weekend and I don’t have to put it together. Yay adulthood!

  • Rant: The belly is getting so big that I spend most of each night (painfully) tossing and turning. It’s been weeks since I had a really good night’s sleep. And I have three months to go!
    Rave: Prenatal massage today! And chiropractor tomorrow!
    Rave: One of my apps says the girls are the size of guinea pigs now, so now I imagine them as little guinea pigs in my belly. Maybe that’s actually a rant.

    • Shawess, have you tried one of those strangely-shaped pregnancy pillows? I just ordered one and am waiting on delivery, so I have no personal experience to draw from. But I have friends who swear by them. I hope the massage and chiropractor help with the sleep. Another possible option: acupuncture.

      • The Snoogle. Absolutely amazing. I even continued using it for a while after I gave birth.

        • That’s the brand I ordered. I will report back on reviews after I have slept with it for a few nights. Shawess, I hope it or something similar can help you.

          • I have this as well, and that’s part of what’s been helping me the last few nights. If I’m on my side, it keeps my legs far enough apart to not wake up with sore hips, and if I’m on my back, I can have it under my knees to relieve the pressure on my back. I wake up a bit more when I need to adjust positions during the night, but it’s gotten a little easier. FWIW, I have the mini snoogle and it’s pretty big. Not sure how much bigger the regular one is.

        • I Dont Get It

          Do you have to be female and pregnant to enjoy this pillow? Asking for a side-sleeper friend.

          • One of the main benefits (for me, at least) is supporting my hips by putting space between my legs when I sleep. And it can also support your back/belly (since it wraps around). So I guess it depends on what support your “friend” needs when side-sleeping ๐Ÿ™‚

          • I don’t think you have to be either of those to enjoy it. While yes, it’s market is for pregnant women, it definitely could have benefits if you are having hip or back problems. My husband did try it out when I first got it to see what all the fuss was about, and he did say it was comfy (I didn’t let him sleep with it all night though – that was MY pillow. He just got to try to out for a minute.)

          • I am not and never have been pregnant and I sleep with a body pillow – an absolute must for a side-sleeper in my opinion!

      • I have a snoogle and it’s great! The tough part is making it working with the wedge pillow I got for my reflux issues. I have a sort of wacky pillow mountain situation and what feels good for my huge belly doesn’t work well for my reflux, and vice versa. Yesterday I decided it was time to try the more assertive reflux meds after getting about two hours of decent sleep, so the wedge pillow may be on the way out. Fingers crossed.

        • This is a bit drastic, but one solution I have read about for dealing with reflux is to elevate the head of your bed a few inches. That way, your entire bed and body are on a natural incline.

        • ugh…I’m having the reflux too…I use the special between the knees preggo pillow and wedge some of it under the belly, then I have another between my ankles because that’s more comfortable, then I wedge another behind my back because it helps too…of course, that means staying on one side…but all that kind of goes out the window when baby decides that 3-5am is a perfect time for a dance party. Anyway, good luck figuring out what works for you!

          • You too! It sounds like we’re doing the same kinds of overnight adjustments. I hope you’re getting more sleep than I am!

    • I have no advice to offer about not-fun pregnancy stuff, but sorry to hear it’s been rough! ๐Ÿ™ I hope the massage and chiropractor help!

    • Silk pajamas. (Quick google didn’t turn up any maternity sizes, which is a business opportunity waiting for someone jump on it.) This might work:
      https: //www.ellesilk .com/ gray-silk-nightgown-sw61ch.html

      • OR, if you can’t find any silk or satin pajamas that work, you could just get silk or satin sheets. Same slippery effect. But much more expensive.

      • These sound amazing but I think my belly could already bust out of them completely! The difficulty isn’t so much in turning over though — it’s in staying comfortable in any given position for more than 20 minutes or so. My girls are super wiggly and they change my center of gravity about a dozen times overnight.

    • Blithe

      Have you tried sleeping in a recliner? I don’t know if there are any reasons not to do this, but I’ve had friends tell me that this can be really comfortable compared to sleeping in a bed during their later months of pregnancy.

      • I’ve tried it, but am definitely more comfortable (mostly) laying down. At this point I’m just really hoping that the reflux meds do their job!

    • ….have you tried sleeping in a comfortable chair, upright? not ideal, but can help especially with the reflux.

  • Rant: low match. unfortunately will run into him at a small show tonight. i’ll be nice since his friends will be there and i can at least try to hang with them since i’m going alone.
    Rave: met someone through a friend of a friend. don’t think anyone saw us hitting it off but surprise! goal is to ask him out on a date this week. please don’t turn me down.

    • Emmaleigh504

      fingers cross

    • One a scale of 1 to 10: how annoyed would you be if someone said to you that they were planning a fun weekend trip with friends and thought about inviting you but then explicitly said they chose not to invite you? then said you could still go if you could find a way to get there. low match did this the same night he bailed on our plans to hangout. all signs point to he does not want to be friends, right?

      • 10. That would be a 10 from me. Why are still even trying to be friends with this guy? He sounds like a total asshat with no regard for anyone else’s feelings but his own, and you’re making yourself miserable trying to maintain contact. Get away from him. Get away from his friends. I repeat, you are only making yourself miserable.

        • +1. Sounds like the guy is either a complete d-bag or has Asperger’s.

          • Thanks, all. Like I said I’m going to run into him tonight so I’ll try my best to be cordial but avoid engaging in prolonged convo. Wish me luck.

          • tbh i wouldn’t even be cordial. again, prolonging the misery.

          • Not being cordial isn’t an option at this point since one of his best friends and I are working on a project together. So I have to maintain civility at least.

      • WTF?? Either he’s being deliberately insulting, in which case he’s a real jerk, or he’s so clueless that he doesn’t even realize he’s being insulting, which makes him rather dubious friend material.
        Leave this guy behind!

        • I think he’s clueless. And hey thanks to FB I know you invited the in an open-marriage woman you were hooking up with when we were casually dating.

      • My suggestion is to continue making friends that are in no way connected to people you’ve dated. This is what happens when you continue to cycle through a small subset of the big city. You see guys you’ve dated at every event, you play nice to keep someone else’s friends, etc. There are far too many ppl in this town to keep putting yourself through extra unpleasantness for the sake of friends.

        • +1. Whether intentionally or unintentionally, this guy is doing a number on your head. Best if you can avoid him.

          • +10000 to all of this. Come to Happy Hour and make new weird friends! Seriously, I know DC can be a “small town” in that you do tend to bump into people / have fewer degrees of separation sometimes, but I cannot stress how important I think it is that you get away from this cluster of friends because of their connection to him. To me, their continued friendship with this creep is not doesn’t seem to speak highly of their levels of discernment.

          • 100% correct textdoc. Never has one human caused so much frustration. And LittleBluePenguin: i’m seriously considering joining. you can put a face to the name and the sad relationship life.

        • Unfortunately, I do not get along with a lot of people being a little weird. I am trying to get away from that group of people but my gosh the degrees of separation! My dog walker and sitter are also in the same friend group, and I had NO idea until we talked about who we know and why we look so familiar. EEP!

          • I think you’re underestimating the weirdness in this town. Take it from someone in a fairly narrow dance subculture, all you need to do is look around and you can find plenty of other pockets of weirdness.

          • What Jeslett said. People in DC may look buttoned up, but there’s a lot of weirdness just below the surface. Sometimes the weirdness almost has a directly inverse relationship with how “normal” a person seems from outside. Some of the coolest weirdos I know are people you would never guess are weird unless you knew them. I eventually started trying to befriend people in suits ๐Ÿ™‚

          • And we thank you. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Gurrrrrrl. He’s just not into you.
        Dump him from your life without regrets. Dump most of his friends; I doubt any of them spoke up when they realized you were not invited. Ain’t no one got time for this foolishness.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Unofficial HH at Southern Hospitality on Oct 15. theme: hats

  • Rave: Got a second round job interview! Hooray! I thought I did poorly since I was so nervous and it’s been over a year since my last interview, but apparently I did okay.
    Rant: Figuring out excuses to take off work for the interviews. I also happen to have several actual doctor’s appointments as well this week and last.
    RAVE: Fantastic weekend. Went to see horse racing with my boss and several other colleagues, which was a lot of fun; went zombie hunting at the Anacostia Playhouse, which was also a ton of fun and then was out until almost 4 am with friends; and unexpected date to Taste of DC that went really, really well. Just such a great time overall. ๐Ÿ˜€ I really needed that.

  • Rant: Proving once again that nothing good comes from Philadelphia – Chase Utley.
    Rave: Let’s Go Mets!!!
    Rant: Have to win one of two games against (arguably) the two best pitchers in baseball.
    Rave: In the words of the immortal Ace Frehley, we’re back in the New York groove!

  • houseintherear

    Rant: This morning while walking my dog, I passed the 1st St Tunnel construction sight. A worker said, “Good morning,” but I was detangling my dog and leash and didn’t know he was talking to me (there were two men also walking down the street at the time), so I didn’t respond. He then yelled, “Good morning” towards me, and then, “I’M FINE HOW ARE YOU,” and then, “GOOOOD MORRRNNNIIINNNNNGGGG,” and was obviously angry. He didn’t do this to the men walking on the same sidewalk at the same time. I am so tired of this kind of s**t. And what I love is that he knows exactly where I live and can yell at me any time he wants. Can’t wait for this construction to be done!!

    Rave: no work Friday. Hoping I can get into a movie at the new Landmark, but their website isn’t up yet for ticket purchasing in advance…

    • Well that was nasty and unprofessional. If you are worried about this being an ongoing thing, maybe you could call the company and let them know that one of their workers was being aggressive towards you?

      • houseintherear

        I tweeted DCWater and they are taking it seriously, which is refreshing! I’m also going to take a pro-active approach and totally avoid the construction area sidewalks until Summer 2016 when this crap is done… which is too bad because my dog is injured and cannot walk far, and this is on his normal short walking route around the block.

  • Rave: I think I’m becoming a zen dater.
    Rant: had to work yesterday.
    Question: I’m driving with the dog to CT next weekend and I’d like to stop at an orchard or something on the way back, but it’s really hard to search the entirety of the route. Does anyone know a decent orchard or at least beautiful foliage spot that I can stop at with my dog somewhere along 95/Garden State? He can’t hike right now, so it would have to be car adjacent.

    • I’m not sure where you’re going in Connecticut, but I went to Blue Jay Orchard in Bethel as a kid. Pretty area, delicious donuts and cider, also a lot of other food they make. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • That one looks awesome, but says to leave dogs at home. However, there was one on the map nearby that allows dogs and is right on my route! Thanks!

        • Oops didn’t realize they might not be dog friendly, sorry! Glad you found another one that looks good though. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • See if Terhune Orchards outside of Princeton is dog friendly. They have the best cider and pies!

    • What’s a zen dater? Like you can’t be fazed by the stupid crap that is coming out of this dude’s mouth?

      • It’s late, but I’ll reply. It’s less about being zen during the date and more about being zen about the the whole dating process. I think I get too caught up in the idea that these are potential romances and there are expectations around that and how do we feel about each other. Instead I’m becoming more able to see it as meeting people and continuing to get to know them and thinking less about future outcomes and romantic implications.
        At the same time, whenever I think I’m zen about something I also like to ask myself whether I’ve actually just become numb. It can be hard to tell the difference.
        If I meet someone I’m super excited about my whole zen phase might fly out the window. We’ll see.

        • “Instead Iโ€™m becoming more able to see it as meeting people and continuing to get to know them and thinking less about future outcomes and romantic implications.”
          This is zen and is a good thing, IMHO. Not numb.
          Conversation and friendship are a good places from which a legit romance can evolve. I think people find contentment when they stop sizing up every person they meet as a potential romantic partner. There’s a certain confidence and sense of freedom that comes from such a viewpoint. Which, ironically, potential suitors are attracted to.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: so not feeling work that I left my badge, lunch, and metro card at home. Thankfully I have my wallet.
    Rave: Good news may be happening.

  • Blithe

    Rave: Finally tried ShopHouse. Wicked yum! This might even displace Cava Mezze Grill as my fast food favorite.
    Rave: Learning to listen in a different way. Yay music! And music lessons!
    Rave: Considering giving up exclamation points — for a whole week! Just to see if I can do it!
    Rave-ish: Planning to see a very soppy movie — ’cause I sort of liked the book. Given how few movies I see, I might have to rethink this — or see something “better” to balance it out.
    Rave: Another trip to NMAI. There’s something about the architecture that really makes me feel calm and peaceful. Very cool to be gently influenced by someone else’s aesthetic visions.

    • What movie?

      • Blithe

        Big Stone Gap. The book was a perfect beach read, and the scenery should be beautiful, but the trailer looked kind of painful. Still…… Maybe I’ll re-watch Chocolat, Soldier’s Story, and Shawshank Redemption to even things out?

    • I was inspired to try ShopHouse after Tom Sietsema kept saying again and again that it was his favorite fast food… I love his Wednesday chats even though I would rarely go to any of the places he talks about (Inn at Little Washington hahahaha).

  • Rave: Oyster party at my house! One friend loves opening them and did most of the 100 we ate. Harris Teeter had a special deal to pre-order boxes of farmed Chesapeake Bay oysters – hope they do it often.

    Rant: A little too hungover Sun. morning to clean up right away, so the back deck was an absolute fly-fest.

  • Rant: Work trip seems like it will never end (even though it actually hasn’t been that long)
    Rave: Colleague is my jewelry enabler, in turn I’m the pashmina shawl enabler
    Rave: Sparkly jewelry and warm shawls

  • Who wants to live with me? $1075/month for a giant bedroom in Woodley?


    Rant: it was a lot easier to fill rooms when the house was dilapidated and the most expensive room was $588/month

  • Rant: not motivated to work whatsoever today due to a) 9 more days to go in this office b) my boss is on vacation this week c) my replacement is out of the office today too.
    Rave: as of this week, reached my emergency savings funds goal
    Rant: Due to move to CA, that goal will be short lived since I will have to buy a car.
    Rave: if those are my only rants, life must be pretty good!

  • Pablo Raw

    Rave: rediscovering clothes and shoes that I can only use during the fall/winter
    Rant: looks like I won’t be able to make it to the Hats HH

    • WHAT?! Why?! I can lend you a hat if you need one!

      • I don’t think hats are actually required… just suggested (partly to make it easier for PoPvillagers to spot other PoPvillagers).
        Pablo was wearing a hat when he and Blithe and I met up the other weekend, so I suspect it’s a timing conflict rather than a lack of hat. ๐Ÿ˜‰

        • ๐Ÿ™ True. I just figured on the off-chance he wanted a hat and didn’t have one… ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Rant: Epic dating fails this weekend. Saturday’s date left me rattled (even a bit still, now) and I’ve never felt like that on a date before. So much so that I reported him to OKC the next day and I am also nervous that somehow he’ll know it was me that reported him, and do something. He exhibited none of this scary behavior in any of his emails or the phone calls we had prior to meeting. Sunday’s date I was really excited about and then he had to go ruin things before he even met me with very explicit talk about sex (over text) and wondering why I didn’t want to meet up with him then (and then furious backpedaling about how intellectual and emotional stimulation is more important).

    Rave: Beautiful at the Kennedy Center. What a great show!

    Rave: Lisa Fischer at Strathmore on Sunday. That woman can SING.

    Rant: My boss wants me to do things “immediately” and I can’t complete them because he has to review and sign them. And he’s not here today.

    Rave: My condo annual meeting is tonight — I can’t wait for the hilarity to ensue!

    Rave: Going to snuggle my friend’s baby this weekend, making apple cookies to take there.

    Rave: More exciting weekend plans. That makes me happy!

    • oh man, i’m so sorry to hear about your dating experiences this weekend. that’s terrifying.

      • My concern is that somehow he’ll know it was me that reported him to OKC — I was his very first online date.

        The second guy was just super gross, unfortunately. Luckily for me, bullet dodged, both of ’em.

        • It could be anyone he messaged with reporting him, so I would try not to worry too much. I’m super curious about what happened, but I understand you probably don’t want to provide details in case he sees this and then knows you reported him. Glad you’re okay!

    • Eeek! Oh man, that’s so scary about your first rant… ๐Ÿ™ What did he do?

      • Well, he was 2.5 hours late (but he was stuck in traffic so I understand that which is why I waited — he kept calling with updates to where he was)…but then he got really pissed when I said I had dinner plans at 8pm.

        He proceeded to yell (talk very loudly) at me because I said I was not going to be able to share an appetizer with him now, due to that, and he said that it was very rude of me to make plans later in the evening knowing we had a date (we were supposed to meet at 4). It didn’t matter how many times I said no thank you, since the meeting was later than expected I’m not able to share something but I think you should try something since you’ve had such a long commute, etc., he got louder and more verbally aggressive towards me. If it’s possible for a person to practically snarl, that’s what he did. Then later he said that he was trying to psychologically manipulate me to see how I would react (he was all “Your body language is so defensive!”) He didn’t let it go for like 10 minutes.

        He didn’t like or know any of the types beers (hundreds) at the place we went to and told me that he hates spending so much money on food and can’t believe he was spending so much money on food. Also he told me he doesn’t drink (he suggested we grab a beer) but made it seem like I was a lush for drinking a beer and also that I was irresponsible because I liked to socialize and not spend my time at home.

        When I asked him how he got into his line of work, he stared at me and said “That’s a really odd question to ask me, SinSA, why would you ask me that?”

        He told me that I better enjoy the next two to three years of relative peace in this country because very bad things are about to happen and that I need to buy a handgun and take a class to learn how to use it because I need to be able to protect myself and people like me are the reasons he can’t relocate outside of the US (people who can’t protect themselves with a firearm)

        He asked if we were going to see each other again and I said “No we are not.” and he said “I thought so. I figured 4 minutes into the date that you weren’t into me — well, I am pretty sure you were still physically attracted to me but my real-ness turned you off. But okay. You’re attractive so at least you have that going for you.”

        The bartenders pretty much ignored where we were sitting after he started going on and on about how he didn’t understand the beer selection and was rude to them when they tried to give him suggestions of what they could offer — they had my credit card and it took a good 20 minutes once I figured it was okay to leave to get their attention so that I could go.

        • OMG that’s horrible! BYE, FELIPE!!! Hope he is reported on OKC and flagged for being a creepy/potentially harmful.

          • Well, I did report him. I just don’t know what happens next — like, if you’re reported, can you ask who reported you? Since I was his first online date he’d know it probably was me, right? And then what happens? His profile gives none of this creepiness away.

          • I’m gonna go out on a limb and guess he’s used to not getting many second dates. Also – 2.5 hours late because of traffic? Where on earth was he coming from? Philadelphia, probably. (Joke! It’s a joke!)

          • I reported someone on OKC once, and as far as I’m aware, they do not say who, how, or why you are flagged. In fact, I think the flagging just causes them to look more closely at the profile. I’m sorry you had such a horrible experience!! He sounds like a real scary guy, and I think you handled the situation as best as you could. Funny though, something you said stuck with me; I once went on a date with a guy who suggested we grab a beer. We get there are he spends ages and ages choosing, and I could tell he was really trying to decide whether or not he should have one. After he finishes his beer, he tells me he spent time in rehab for alcohol addiction and this is the first beer he’s had in however many years. Check please!

        • HOLY CRAP!! I cannot believe you had the patience to stay. I would have seriously got up and left.

          • part of me (the tiniest part) thought I should wait until he finishes eating because he did show up to meet me, finally — so I was trying (and failing) to get the bartenders’ attention from about mid-meal until he was done eating.

        • Ho-lee-crap. That’s both infuriating and worrying. Kudos to you for telling him straight out that you weren’t seeing him again. As compensation for suffering through that boorish behavior, go get yourself a cinnamon bun from Baked & Wired. (Seriously, they’re unreal.)
          And now I have a new rant – my daughter is, at some point in my lifetime, going to want to date. Aargh.

          • You are not helpful in trying to quit my baked & wired addiction. That sounds reaaaaalllly good right now.

          • There should be a support group. “Hi, I’m dcd, and it’s been 29 hours since my last breakfast biscuit.” (Really, I was able to exercise some willpower today.) I’ve seriously considered getting my coffee elsewhere to remove the temptation, but that’s just too much for me.

          • I bet we’d get a lot of members. Is it wrong to suggest that our support group meets at B&W? ๐Ÿ˜‰

        • Wow. People suck sometimes.

        • There are so many foul things I could say, but I’ll keep it to WHOA.
          Good on you for reporting him. That’s messed up. Psychological manipulation and references to guns and everything all in one creepy-ass package. Also, calculated, crafted lying. Because unless there’s a state funeral, where can you possibly be coming from that “traffic” would delay you 2.5 hours? Charlotte??
          What was the response from OKC?

          • OKC said they’d monitor his account — that’s all that they said.

          • SouthwestDC

            One time it took me 8 hours to get from work (in SE DC) to home (Annandale, inside the Beltway). You are underestimating suburban traffic. It truly can be that bad!

          • Caroline — On a Saturday, though?

          • SouthwestDC

            Absolutely, even on the weekends and late at night (that’s when they like to do road work).

          • LOL, some of you apparently have not truly experienced DC traffic. My wedding venue was about 45 mins to an hour outside DC. It took some people 3 hours to get there!!!!!!! Seriously…40 miles, 3 hours. All it takes is one accident or an event and the roads are ruined.

        • See my comment on the other thread about traffic turning people into sociopaths. He was probably a perfectly nice guy who just wanted to live out in Manassas where he can shoot his gun in relative peace, but commuting 2.5 hours to DC every day has turned him into a monster!

        • Not defending this guy generally but when it became apparent he was going to be very late and you were still willing to meet I would have mentioned the other plans. You were far too nice to stay though. Hopefully the next one is nice and on time.

        • phl2dc


        • Accountering

          This is nuts. Sometimes I can’t believe people like this exist in the real world.

        • Hooooly… oh my god, that sounds awful. I’m so sorry! Block his phone number if you haven’t already (and block him on okcupid). Yuck. ๐Ÿ™

          • Yes I did both blocking things immediately (as soon as I got out of the restaurant.
            I was shaky when I got to my friend’s house for dinner.

        • Holy. Crap. So sorry you went through that… hopefully once it gets a bit further away it can just be a Horrors of Online Dating anecdote in your arsenal to bring out at parties.

        • Jesus! that is so insane. I’m so sorry you had such an awful experience! Please don’t ever be afraid, in the future, to just cut things short and get the hell out of there. Life is too short to waste it getting loudly scolded by some chump who was 2 1/2 hours late and then proceeds to make insane statements about guns and being a “Constitutionalist.” Women (and I speak as a women) are way too nice sometimes, and ignore their gut in an attempt to be polite. Not blaming you, it’s not your fault this guy was crazy, but I’d hope that next time, your tolerance for any shenanigans will be much much lower!

          • “Women (and I speak as a woman) are way too nice sometimes, and ignore their gut in an attempt to be polite.” +1 to this, and read “The Gift of Fear” if you haven’t already.

          • I just put “The Gift of Fear” in my Amazon cart.

          • Yes, “The Gift of Fear” is great. Just skip over the domestic violence chapter… he goes all victim blame-y there, saying the first time you’re a victim and after that you’re a volunteer, and it contradicts a lot of the rest of the book. It’s still a good read apart from that, though.

        • In future, I would not wait for someone you haven’t met who is late beyond whatever is acceptable late for traffic or whatever – somewhere between 15 and 30 minutes, you decide. Yes, I know traffic (or the metro) can delay people for way longer (i was delayed meeting someone this weekend for longer by traffic) BUT since you don’t know the person, I’d politely say you needed to run or you’d be late to your next thing, and it would be good to reschedule for some other time. Because if it was just traffic, then rescheduling should be fine. And if it is the way the person operates, then you never need meet them. Saves a lot of hassle.

        • Allison

          Oh man, anyone who uses the fact that they are “real” as an excuse for being an ass is an instant thumbs down. In fact, no one should ever say they are “just being real.” If you have to say that, you’re being a jerk.

        • Suggestion for next time: Don’t use a credit card on a first date with a stranger. You don’t want this person seeing your legal first and last name, which are printed on the credit card. Bring cash in multiple denominations. In case things get dicey with a psycho guy, you can toss cash on the table or bar and GTFO.
          Sorry that you experienced this. It sounds like he’s combined a paranoid world view with god awful DC traffic and ‘roid rage.

  • Rant: Steroids. After feeling relatively well Friday, I started my prednisone Friday afternoon and proceeded to pretty much have every side effect possible this weekend.
    Rant: Mystery Allergy is really effing with me. All weekend I was afraid to eat. Grocery shopping was a nightmare. Having trouble finding an adult allergist who deals with food allergies. Reading way too many studies and worrying about way too many what-ifs. This is also possibly tied to the steroids which are just generally effing with the way I think, so hopefully this will all be better in a few days and I can start thinking clearly again.
    Rave: Tremendously supportive BF who has been a star through this whole thing. He’s a keeper.
    Rant: Tremendously unsupportive mother who never ceases to make a situation all about her.

    • Dr. Gerard Mullin up in Baltimore. Saved my life. Literally. He’s a GI Doc and knows food allergies and will refer you over to other fantastic docs if necessary. GO SEE HIM ASAP!

    • ๐Ÿ™ Sorry you’re having a lousy time of it! But hooray for a supportive BF!

    • That is so awful…I hope this doctor recommendation can help you!

    • I and another person I know have had success at GW Medical Faculty Associates for food allergies… the person I saw there is gone now, but since they’re a large medical group you should be able to get an appointment quickly.

    • Prednisone is the devil. I hate every minute when I am forced into taking it. Unfortunately, it does a decent job of keeping things under control after having an attack, so it can be hard to avoid.

      And for allergists, I recommend Daniel Ein at Medical Faculty Associates. I’ve been seeing him for years about my food allergies and he’s great.

  • phl2dc

    Rant: Self-evaluations.

  • Rant: Nextdoor makes me hate my neighbors so much. Someone posted a security camera still from a break in. First response: “They look like common hood rats, of which there are many around here. Good luck trying to identify them.”

  • Rant – i need to get to Dulles by 6 on Thursday this week, but I have a meeting in the city that ends at 4. That should be fine right? And when did Uber end its flat pricing to Dulles? What is the best way to get out there from the city now (that is not metro – not a big fan of taking bags on metro around that hour).

    • It might be ok, or it might not. The traffic heading out there is so unpredictable.

      • Strike one for it being a Thursday which is my experience is the worst day of traffic now. You’ll probably be cutting it really close. I used to do the reverse commute from Arlington to Herndon and even that took 45 minutes to an hour coming home. Hopefully you’ll be coming from the Va side of DC? The best way to get out there is probably Uber or Lyft.

    • It’s going to be very, very close. Too close for an international flight, IMHO.
      Is 6pm when the gate door closes? If so, you might be screwed. Dulles security can be painfully slow and the terminals require riding that stupid monster truck.
      Take the meeting from your phone. By the time your meeting ends at 4pm, you probably won’t be in an Uber until 4:15. And even then, you’ll still need 20-30 minutes just to get out of DC.
      For my 6pm international flights (common flight time to Europe), I’m usually leaving my K Street office at 230pm. And I work near the west side, so I have a lot of options to quickly get out of the city and onto the 66.

      • Thanks! My international flight is at 8, so I’m aiming for 6 to try to get there 2 hours early. I had hoped to leave by 3, but had a meeting added today :/ And my new boss doesn’t like teleconferencing in.

        And, unfortunately, I do not work near VA – more in the center of the city. I hate Dulles.

        • You should be OK then, I think.
          Again, there’s a lot of variables at play with the traffic. Definitely call an Uber ASAP and have all your stuff ready to go before your meeting. Definitely fire up Waze and give your driver alternative directions, if there’s a better route out of the city. The Uber map engine sucks.

  • Rant: You guys, today is my LAST DAY EVER working in DC. I make the big move on Saturday and, with the exception of coming back a few weekends until the house sells, this is really it. Total mixed emotions. Love my co-workers to death. Love the friends I’ve made here. Love my neighbors and house. Love the opportunities this city has afforded me.
    Rave: Moving back “home” is going to be a wonderful decision in the long run. I cannot wait to spend more time with my beautiful nephews.

  • Rave: Had a nice long weekend in Toronto. We found a place to live!
    Rave: It’s under budget and has everything we need and almost everything we want! It’s amazing what I consider to be “cheap” rent. Haha, DC is so expensive I feel like we’re getting such a deal.
    Rant: So much to do before we move, but we accomplished a lot this weekend.

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