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  • I never ate there previously, was it any good? I am dying for some good cheap Pho in DC (i know Pho 14 is decent, but it always seems like a cluster to get to especially from capitol hill). i can deal with the crime and corruption – really it’s lack of good pho that would make me move out to the suburbs of VA.

    • DC Pho was good (served a lot of meat in their bowls) but was anything but cheap.

    • burritosinstereo

      I ate there regularly, and while I think Pho 14 is superior overall, this place did give you a lot more meat. And they also put onions in their pho, which you have to ask for separately (and pay for!) at Pho 14. I’m stoked this place is re-opening.

      However! If you ask my sister, she’ll tell you this place was better than Pho 14.

  • I hope they will be on Seamless. The only place on Seamless that delivers pho downtown has, hands down, the worst, most incomplete pho I’ve ever had. Anyone have any other sources for late night office drones?

  • I loved this place. My only complaint was they served their hoisin and sriracha in this horrible rectangular dishes that made it really hard to transfer them to the actual bowl. They should just give it to us in squeeze bottles…..

  • Pretty decent pho. Glad to see it come back.

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