“we’re thrilled to announce Milk Bar is now open at CityCenterDC” – “Momofuku’s opening date is imminent”

1090 I Street, NW

From an email:

“At long last, we’re thrilled to announce Milk Bar is now open at CityCenterDC, (1090 I Street NW, Washington, D.C.)! Chef/founder & owner, Christina Tosi, couldn’t be more excited to officially open her first Milk Bar in the thriving neighborhood so close to her hometown! The chef/Northern Virginia native has a cult-like following surrounding her bakery, Milk Bar, for compost cookies®, crack pie®, cereal milk™, b’day truffles and more, all of which are featured on the menu.

Milk Bar ​at CityCenter​DC is also debuting a line of fresh and bright parfaits​,​ exclusive to the location, as well as our Milk Bar Blend hot coffee. Both perfect for a grab-and-go breakfast, or afternoon snack! Christina’s first and second cookbook, as well as a variety of merchandise, including our new Milk Bar cookie mixes and birthday layer cake tote bags will also be available. Milk Bar will be open until midnight this evening and regular hours are 7AM-12AM every day.”

Check out their menu here: menu (PDF)

Millk Bar CityCenter DC_area
photo courtesy Milk Bar

And on Momofuku’s status – Washington Post with the good word:

“Momofuku’s opening date is imminent but remains fluid.

Chang is not comfortable giving out an exact opening date until the menu and the kitchen crew come together to his satisfaction. Stay tuned.”

Do you guys think Milk Bar will crush RareSweets or is there hunger enough for both at CityCenter?

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  • As a city center resident, I can say that I assume Rare sweets is done for. They are actually very tasty, but Milk Bar is better and will likely keep longer hours. Plus its trendier – and we all know how DC folks love whats trendy.

  • AntiAlias

    Looks good. I’ll have to take my droogs and check it out!

  • Milk Bar is the BESSSSSSTTTTT! Brb, work…..

  • Korova milk bar?

  • I really need to get over the name and try their baked goods. Just the thought of drinking milk makes me think they could have named it “Cough Syrup Bar” and I would have found it just as appealing!

  • This is a dangerous business to open next to my bus stop…

  • Wow, these wedding cakes are super ugly, require no skill to decorate and are super $$.
    Be trendy and be ripped off.

    • No doubt. And they are bragging that their cakes are NOT covered in buttercream? If it’s not covered in buttercream or ganache, it’s not cake.

      • “Naked” cakes are super trendy right now. Personally, as someone who went to culinary school for pastry, I’m horrified by them. They’re unfinished. period.
        But, they’re also so popular and will be around for a bit.

        • I actually like the look of some naked cakes, but theirs just look messy, like they just stuffed everything in a pulled and flipped it out. I prefer it when either there is a clean, piped frosting layer and even cake layers or when the frosting has been smoothed out so it almost looks like a very thin crumb coat and is a bit more rustic.

      • I don’t like icing (and I like cake), so that’d be a selling point for me. But I know I’m in the minority.

    • Well, but Milk Bar doesn’t do “traditional” wedding cakes. They have their own sort of “undone” style that highlights the cake layers, rather than the outside. (Which I think looks kind of cool, personally.)
      And their cakes are flingin’-flangin’ DELICIOUS.

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