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  • Assuming that they’ll sell apartment-scale furniture, they could do really well, even in Logan. I doubt too many people buy couches/armchairs sight-unseen, and DC doesn’t have all that many options at this point. (Room and Board, CB/CB2, that store on 14/RIA, and… Ikea?)

    • I think they are attempting to compete for the youth and take on room and board. if they can get the style down it might work. They are US made and, judging from my grandmother,s recliner, built to last for generations.

  • Ally

    Everywhere, husbands rejoice. Wives go to adopt new cats in droves to destroy said Lazy-Boy furniture.

  • Not my style, but it’s nice to see something for normal people in the area rather than more small plate, spas or useless home goods.

  • I bought a La-z-boy sleeper sofa when I moved into my Logan apartment a few years ago. I initially resisted my mother’s urging to check them out, thinking of their wares as only for “an older generation”, but I was surprisingly pleased at the modernity of a lot of their furniture. Prices aren’t cheap, but the furniture is really well made and lots of customizable options. I think it will do well here!

  • I got a La-Z-Boy sofa in 2006. The brand has changed a lot from its original style – there were a lot of nice looking, modern, apartment sized couches for a good price. I’ve since upgraded but the sofa is still going strong at a friend’s house. It gets a lot of abuse from their four year old and still looks great.

  • No matter how they tweaked their style, there’s something about that name that repels a lot of women shoppers, like me.

    • Ashy Oldlady

      Then you’ll be excited when their sister store, La-Z-Girl, opens a location in DC soon!

    • Agreed. For me, it calls to mind an image of a guy sitting on his recliner, watching the game, drinking beer and eating nachos while his wife takes care of the kids and cleans the house. If they actually went with a name like “American Craftsmanship by La Z Boy,” that would probably help.

  • maxwell smart

    I will have to take people’s word they actually have attractive furniture. I see La Z Boy and I immediately think frumpy, over-stuffed recliner sofa with dust ruffle in a country plaid pattern.

  • Interesting how “American Craftsmanship” is in much larger text in the window display than is the name “La-Z-Boy.” Are they actually trying to incorporate it into their name for their city-oriented locations?

    • I was thinking the same thing. It makes me think of how Petco’s urban locations are called “Unleashed by Petco,” with the “by Petco” part of the name in much smaller letters.

  • I Dont Get It

    If it’s good enough for Brooke Shields its good enough for me!

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