“HUGE police presence between U & V NW on 14th Street.”


jk law tweets us:

“does anyone think #14andV should get its own Twitter handle? Huge @DCPoliceDept presence, no shots heard”

Joe tweets us an update:

“big fight between several people that spilled into the street”

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  • From what I’ve heard, this was FINALLY an instance of stopping a shooting before it happened.

  • Spilled out onto the street from where?

    • DC CapHill

      Exactly! Excuse the ignorance as I haven’t lived over in that part of town for several years, but what establishment are all of these people continually at that they start fights in, that result in them shooting at 14th and V St NW? I feel like this is the Reeves Center syndrome, all over again?

      • there are several public housing/co-op buildings on V St between 14th and 15th

        • Actually the larger public housing project is now completely boarded up – there’s a small place beside that which may or may not be public housing but that’s it. I don’t quite get why this location is a thing though. Do they hang out at Reeves? Or dine on small plates at P14 before brawling?

          • Yep. The other building was converted to private, market-rate units. I’m not sure why it’s a hot spot for violence, but your immediate assumption that it’s public housing is incorrect.

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