From the Forum – Sod installation / Landscape recommendations??

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Sod installation / Landscape recommendations??

“Hi PoPville– I am looking to hire someone to install sod in our small front yard in Petworth (it’s only about 180 sq ft). Since the project is so small, I’m really not sure what the going rate is. Anyone have experience with this or recommendations for landscapers who could come give a quote? Thanks so much!”

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  • Central Sod – They deliver, but will not put down.

    • Accountering

      If you have any outdoors ability/desire whatsoever, get the sod delivered, and do it yourself. If you want help, grab a couple of shovels, and a few bags of dirt from Home Depot, and then hire a day laborer for a few hours. Read a couple of how-to’s on google, and go from there. Easy project.

  • 180 sq ft will be a very quick install if you want to do it yourself. Just make sure it goes down on rake soils that has no low spots. It has to be watered immediately after laying, it may look fine but it is stressed. Keep it and the soil underneath moist until it starts to put down roots.

    If you have someone install it, it could be anywhere between $.50 a sq ft to $1.25. With such a small amount to do, I am sure your price per sq ft is going to be high.

    I would second Central Sod as a good farm. You may be at the mercy of their schedule with such a small amount to be delivered.

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