Small Fry (from owners of Sundevich) Opening Today on Georgia Ave!!

3214 Georgia Ave, NW (just north of Kenyon)

A reader reports:

“Rumor has it that the Small Fry Shop [“nontraditional smokehouse and fry shop”] next to Petworth liquors on George Ave. is opening today, 12-9pm. The one that is in the same row as what will eventually become Union Drinkery.”

Update – thanks to a reader for sending photos of the menus:

“Our meals….very good”

Check out a peek inside and a look at the menus after the jump.






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  • Black is the new Flipper Grey equivalent for bars and restaurants.

  • Excellent news! Welcome to the n’hood…bring your friends!


  • Should be a great addition to the neighborhood. Can’t wait to check it out.

  • Anonynon

    Good news for this block! Its going to be a nice little strip of bars/food options before you know it.

  • Kudos to the landlord for bringing this to the area. While most people think that the owners of these properties are sitting on vacant properties with no plans, it can’t be further from the truth. Plans like this take a long time to develop. I think the owners of Small Fry applied for their license over a year and a half ago.

    • this block along with the liquor store is suppose to be torn down and replaces with an apt or condo building. for some reason the developer has decided to wait which is really annoying bc this block is currently filled with crack heads and winos. i am glad something is coming there in the mean time but i’d rather the whole block be replaced to clean it up b/c i dont think 1 restaurant will do that.

      • Zuckerman Partners currently owns the old Murray’s (3400 G Ave – now a empty lot), the Post Office parcel, the former Mothership building, and the buildings that include Petworth Liquors. I think they want to develop the Post Office Parcel first but ran into a old fuel tank from a former Sunoco Gas Station. Sunoco has been determined to the be party responsible for remediation and that process is underway.

        If that process takes too long they are going to develop 3400 Georgia Ave. Which apparently someone was walking the site a week ago so might actually be the plan.

    • I’m happy this is here, but the owners are definitely sitting on vacant properties. They have brought development to a screeching halt on at least three projects that were moving forward, including the one slated for this property.
      It’s good news that there’s somewhere I can get a decent, somewhat-healthy sandwich for lunch on Georgia Ave, but it’d be much better news if this place were the ground floor of a 100-unit condo building replacing Petworth Liquors, which was the original plan.

      • +1

        The other parcels they bought further up (in post office lot and Murrys) both were much closer to development BEFORE Zuckerberg bought them. It has been regression in that regard IMO. Glad to see Small Fry either way.

      • Sitting on properties is a business model that doesn’t work in D.C. now. DCRA/OTR is very aggressive at taxing property at the blighted rate which is 10% per year. Buy a property for 700K, and they assess it at 550K. That’s $55,000 per year in taxes alone. Any appreciation will be sucked up by the high taxes that one has to pay. The developers are either trying to lease places out, sell them or develop them. Blame your government for the ridiculously slow pace.

        • Accountering

          How and why would we blame our government for the ridiculously slow pace of development? Seems like they are doing all they can to encourage the pace of development of vacant and blighted properties (with a punitive tax against them)

          • The owner applied for their business license at this location in May of 2014. It doesn’t take 17 months to complete a build-out of this type. Although many things in D.C. have changed for the better, licensing, permits and inspections take a ridiculously long time even when you use an expeditor.

        • All that an owner has to do to avoid being taxed at the vacant rate is to advertise a property as being for lease, or to have a permit for some kind of construction (e.g., replacing windows).

  • Omg omg omg omg. Scotch eggs are the best food ever invented.

  • Egad

    Wow, that looks great! Thank you for sending in pics of the menu!

  • Looks good. But with a name like Small Fry I was hoping for there to be a few Poutine options.

  • so excited for this! if it’s anything like sundevich, it’s going to be amazing.

    now neighbors, let’s all go – and often – so this place stays in business, yes?

  • Just went – great food. More of a carry-out then a dime in. Will be back again! Going to be a great combo when the bar opens next door.

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