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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • justinbc

    Rant: One of our tenants had to leave the area in a rather expedited manner, so we’re listing his former unit cheap to get it filled it ASAP.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: Proper Topper only has 1 kind of hat pin.
    Rave: Yesterday’s afternoon commute. So many people on my train offering seats to anyone who looked like they might need one. At least 3 people offered a seat to the older folks, the frail, dude with a cane and his wife, etc. Nice to see.
    Rave: unexpected cache of plums for canning! experiments ahoy!
    Rant: still grumpy

    • Blithe

      If you’re still in search of hat pins, you might want to give Andreaa’s Fine Hats — on Eastern Ave. a call. There’s’ another hat store in Manor Park, I’ll check back in if I can find the name. I miss the days when Proper Topper had THREE stores — and focused more on hats than on gifty things.

    • Goorin Brothers in Georgetown has numerous hat pins as well. They have hat feathers too.

  • Rant: Got no packing done on my house last night.
    Rave: Because I spent the evening hanging and celebrating with a wonderful friend who had her last day of chemo.
    Rave: Fixed her dresser too – I love complicated menial tasks like that.
    Rant: Boss back tomorrow. Prepping for the whirlwind.
    Rave: Carving out time today and write and revise. Have good tea and good music. Now if only there was good light…

  • I Dont Get It

    Rave: I had a good game of “Metro Stop or Metro Not” on the way home last night. The rules are simple–you look at those around you and guess which stop they will get off at. I even got the Mt Vernon Square Convention Center stop correct which is always iffy!
    Rave: First cardigan sweater of the season! I look like Mr. Rogers’ taller, more buff younger brother today.
    Rave: I think my 16 year old umbrella finally broke. This is a rave because who else has a 16 year old umbrella? I’ll probably keep it out of sentimentality.
    Rave: Off to the dermatologist soon for the annual scraping of barnacles off of my hull! Woo-hoo!

    • I love playing “Read the Metro!” It’s like a fun social anthropology project.

      • Wait, what is this? I love the “Metro Stop or Metro Not” idea. I’d never heard of these things before!

      • I Dont Get It

        Other people do this? I do get to claim though for the name I made up for it.

        • I Dont Get It

          Since I get off at U Street I assume anyone else left gets off at Columbia Heights. I’ve heard there are other stations going north on the Green Line but I’ve never gone past CH.

        • SouthwestDC

          I do this too! Although mine’s pretty easy…
          Crystal City to L’Enfant: Basically everyone’s getting off at L’Enfant or staying on the Yellow.
          L’Enfant to Eastern Market: No one gets off at Federal Center SW, the wealthier-looking rich white people get off at Capitol South, and the slightly less wealthy-looking white people get off at Eastern Market.

    • Emmaleigh504

      oh lord, the barnacles. I was warned of them, but they seem to be on steroids!

    • justinbc

      I was a bit perturbed when my “Madewell” umbrella broke a spring after just a few months. A rebranding should be in order.

      • Haha. I don’t think I’ve ever had an umbrella last more than a year, although I usually get cheap umbrellas at Target. IDGI, where’d you get this umbrella that lasted 16 years?! I want one, if they’re still around.

        • I Dont Get It

          It is a Ralph Lauren golf umbrella. Not something I would buy—a former roommate left it in a closet when he moved out in 1999 so it might actually be older than 16. He also left a pile of boxes and misc stuff in the corner of the basement that he was going to retrieve his next trip back from Colorado (notice a pattern of problems with roommates?) Needless to say they sat there until Obama’s first inaugural weekend when he showed up and seemed mystified that I didn’t want to hang out with him. Hey, after all he offered to buy me breakfast for storing his stuff for 10 years, what’s my problem? He also bitched that he couldn’t find an old overhead projector that he had left. When I said I didn’t know anything about it* I later caught him asking WDS about it.
          *To clarify I meant I didn’t know anything about its current location. The last time I had seen it was when I carried it to the curb after almost tripping on it. I would have carried the other stuff out but it was too much work plus lots of my stuff had migrated in front of his stuff. #ItsNotHoardingIfItsOrganized

      • Look at umbrellas by Blunt. They are designed and made in New Zealand. Amazing umbrellas – no pokey edges, wind-proof, and spring shock absorbers built into the prongs. It’s a perfectly designed product.

        • I Dont Get It

          Will you leave one at my house? You can store some stuff in my basement in return. .

          • Haha, I currently have SEVEN large closets in a 1BR apartment. I literally have more storage space than I can use. I have friends with 3 story row houses with less storage space.

          • You’re not kidding. My 3 story row house has four closets, and they’re all teeny-tiny. We added the fourth one because there was nowhere to hang coats.

        • New Zealand ought to know how to make a good umbrella – their fall / winter rains are pretty brutal!

        • +1 I love my Blunt umbrella.

        • I also love my Blunt umbrella, got it at Proper Topper a few years ago and it’s still going strong. IDGI, it sounds like you don’t lose umbrellas, I don’t either, so it’s worth the splurge.
          I will refute the wind proof thing though. I have the S or XS, I can’t remember which, and I just went out at lunch and it blew inside out. Maybe the bigger ones are better, but mine doesn’t hold up in moderately strong wind.
          I love the sleeve it comes with, makes it easy to throw it in your bag rather than leaving it somewhere.

  • Rant: Where do I start? Took my mom to the airport yesterday, she had a 2:50 flight to Miami, with a connecting flight at 6:30. Due to weather, the plane gets diverted to West Palm Beach. Leaves West Palm Beach at 6, gets to Miami at 6:28. Luckily, her connecting flight got delayed until 7:15 but she was on the tarmac for about 40 minutes due to bad weather. Gets to the Dominican at around 11 PM, doesn’t get to her house until around 1 AM. Did I mention she traveled by herself, speaks enough English to get around, had no cell phone is 72 and diabetic? She had no food for most of the day too so needless to say I was freaking out.
    Rant: On top of all of this, I’m trying to plan a wedding and it’s a little stressful trying to juggle that and trying to find a new place to live since we’re trying to get a new house or townhouse. A ton of e-mails being sent to my lender, trying to figure out if its feasible to keep the condo in SW and rent it out vs. outright selling it. Too many numbers, too much to think about.

  • Emmaleigh504

    That would be a deal breaker for me. It is not a very tolerant suggestion on his part. Maybe he can explain himself better this weekend.

  • Rant: Alternating between super hungry and heartburn that makes even drinking water sound gross.
    Rant: Two-year-old has decided in the past week that pants are her enemy, and thus refuses to wear them. Every morning includes a battle. #toddlerproblems
    Rave: Listening to the rain last night.
    Rave: Continuing my Gilmore Girls binge-watching 🙂

    • Emmaleigh504

      oy with the poodles already!

    • Ha! My four year old occasionally rages against the machine that is underwear. Worst of all, instead of just discretely not wearing any in these moments, he prefers to announce to the world “I’m free ballin’!”

      • Emmaleigh504


      • Mine gets really upset when you re-diaper him and tells me about his “pee” while pulling on said “pee”

      • I love it. Is this the same child that drew abs on himself in marker?

        • Yup! He is just a barrel of laughs. Last night, for example, my daughter randomly says to me “Mommy, I don’t want you to ever die”. Littlest Anonachild retorts “Of course Mommy is going to die. She needs to die. Everyone needs to die.” Well, um. Glad he’s cool with the concept of death?!

          • Emmaleigh504

            lol what a character! <3

          • Wow, it definitely sounds like he keeps life interesting. I hope you’re able to keep a periodic journal of all of these anecdotes–they’re priceless!

          • He sounds so awesome!

          • He is alternatingly awesome and infuriating lol. For example, he is on a self-imposed diet of cookies and PB&J at the moment, and nothing – and I mean NOTHING – will convince him otherwise. He is quite possibly the most stubborn, obstinate child I know. And he is completely, 100% a spitting image of me as a child. I fear for his adolescence!

          • Just don’t put him in charge of deciding whether or not to pull the plug on you when the end comes.

    • Your kids is a girl, so it should be an easy matter to see if she likes skirts. Maybe with or shorts, leggings or tights underneath for warmth. That might work, if she finds pants too tight, constricting, etc., as tights are less stiff. I say this as a woman who hasn’t worn a skirt in years. Sometimes you just gotta go with what the kid is comfortable in. I think many toddler pants are very constricting, and many seem to like cotton legging-type pants better as they can move in them better.

      • Oh no–heaven for fend you try to get a skirt or dress on her! I only invite that fit for going to synagogue and occasionally for a party. This has been an issue even with soft, flexible cotton shorts/pants. This morning she chose a pair of sweatpants-like pants, and then still threw a fit when I put them on her. I have no problem with her wearing skirts/dresses/pants/shorts/whatever she wants so long as its weather-appropriate, but this particular phase is related to any type of bottoms. Leaving the house in nothing but a shirt & a diaper isn’t an option 🙂
        FWIW, I can usually tell when something is actually uncomfortable rather than a fit for the sake of a fit–with the former (like with several dresses or certain types of shirts), she’ll initially settle down and then start complaining about it again after a minute or two. With the latter, she’s fine once the article of clothing is on her. It’s been the latter with the pants/shorts this week. I think it’s just a phase. Next week it’ll be something else 🙂

        • She’s two – maybe you can deal with the issue another way, by dispensing with the diaper, figuring out if she is ready to be potty trained.

          • They’re working on the potty training at day care, and we’re doing a bit at home. And she doesn’t have a problem wearing a diaper. Just doesn’t want to put on shorts/pants/whatever. She’s fine once they’re on. I’m not up for taking her on the bus without a diaper at present–that sounds like a recipe for disaster! It’ll pass or we’ll find a workaround.

  • Rave: Got a good deal on my flight to a friends wedding next month.

    Rant: I book my return trip for the wrong day. Thankfully I was able to cancel, but I’m annoyed at myself for missing the date. I was booking on my phone and didn’t realize Jetblue changed the date to best price rather than the day I initially entered.

    • Pablo Raw

      Did you sing on Saturday? We think we recognized you 🙂

    • Regarding your flight, count yourself lucky. While on my first trip to India I woke up and tried to check in to my flight online, only to find out that my flight had already left! They leave right around midnight, so I got confused while booking to match my friend’s itinerary and booked it for the previous day by accident. Several hours of phone struggles and $600 later I was finally booked on the appropriate flight.

      • Oh, and it was a terrible flight. I had to sit in the middle section and the guy next to me had the most noxious foot odor I’ve ever experienced (my fault, I think he got the idea to take his shoes off from me…but I always make sure there’s no smell!). I fell into such a deep sleep (from the stench, I think) that people truly thought I was dead. I scared the flight attendant.

      • Yikes! I’m so glad I looked at the confirmation email before bed. I don’t know why I decided that 11:45pm was the best time to book a flight, but I’m grateful Jetblue has a 24 hour customer service line. And your flight sounds like a nightmare.

  • Pretty damn close to a dealbreaker–and definitely one if he continues to insist. How is it his right to tell you what to do with token gifts at work? It’s not like we’re talking about gifts that are objectively offensive. A little bit of acceptance for the differences among us goes a long way.

  • Rant: I was up way too late last night. Running on coffee and adrenaline today.
    Rave: I hope this means that I sleep on my flight this evening.
    Rant: Still having some personnel issues at work, but feeling confident that I’m handling them in the correct manner.
    Rave: Vacation starts this afternoon.

  • Rave: The PoPville RRRR community. With your help, I managed to actually have a healthy, productive conversation with my mom yesterday about baby gear. She agreed not to send anything else here without checking first and we had a surprisingly decent conversation about the baby registry. Thanks for the good advice, everyone!
    Rave: Had a (free!) adjustment at a chiropractor yesterday — only the second in my whole life — and am really happy with the results. I have a tendency to think of chiropractors as charlatans, if I’m being really honest, but have gotten so many recommendations in the last few weeks that it seemed like it couldn’t hurt to try it. Today my hips feel a lot less achy and more open and I can feel left baby’s movements a lot more than before. I’m already excited to go back for another (free) treatment in two weeks.

    • Yay! 🙂

    • That’s so awesome! so glad to hear about the productive conversation with your mom! Yay! And also nifty on the chiropractor. I’ve always had the same view as you, but was tempted for awhile during this pregnancy. So glad you’ve found relief.

    • This is a relief to hear! I’m glad the conversation with your mom went well. Those are tough conversations to have.

    • Yay! Excellent news!

    • Accountering

      The accountant in me is dying to know, are 529 contributions forthcoming? Perhaps if you can even get her started on $10/month, she will see that as another thing that she is able to do to help your twins out, and satisfy the urge from long distance.

      • We didn’t discuss it yesterday — it seemed a bit too tangential at the time — but it will definitely come up again. My parents taught me about compounding interest at age 5 and I’m positive they will want to contribute to a college fund for their grandkids. Next time my parents offer to help I’m going to ask them to research the best types of college savings accounts.

        • I think outsourcing the research to them is a brilliant move! My dad would be so happy and create all kinds of spreadsheets. Even though we are adults, I think our parents are secretly thrilled when we “need” them. I’m glad your conversation went so well.

      • Accountering, as an accountant, can you weigh in on an issue about 529s for me? I have often heard the argument that unless education can be fully funded via a 529 and other savings that it is a detriment to the child since having savings will lower the potential for financial aid and grant eligibility. It was suggested to me that I instead max out my 401k and use to pay for/supplement the cost of my kids’ education. I would be the only one contributing to a 529 for them, and I have three to pay for.

        • Quotia Zelda

          Currently, the biggest determining factor for financial aid is parent income.
          Also, a 529 is considered a parent asset, not a child asset (the general formula is that about 20% of a child’s assets and just under 6% of a parent’s assets are considered available to pay for college each year).
          However, I do agree with the advice of focusing on retirement first.

        • Accountering

          I don’t know that much about 529s to be honest. I know that saving for college in some form or another is incredibly important – and the tax savings in a state like CA (the check goes to the parents, and is tax free, and then the parents contribute to the 529 for the tax deduction) is likely to mean significant savings in the current year.
          As far as the mechanics of retirement vs 529, sounds like Quotia Zelda is miles ahead of me there 🙂

    • DO you mind if I ask the name of the chiropractor?

      • He’s in San Francisco, where I live now, but his name is Matt Colman. He treats pregnant women’s hip issues for free as a community service. (And presumably to generate business later, but I’m not complaining).

      • I’m seeing Dr. Toth at Washington Injury and Sports Performance Clinic. They are at 1444 I Street NW. I’ve seen him 6 times. He’s thorough, professional, he provided exercises to help with my back, and ultimately told me to seek out PT because the adjustments weren’t helping. I’ve seen him once since and he noted the improvement in my back and the adjustment was helpful for some additional relief. I highly recommend him!

  • Deal breaker.

  • justinbc

    I used to collect all sorts of various religious statuary (Buddha, Ganesh, etc) and had them in my old house. My former partner’s mother was super religious (and a little bit “off”) and once told me that I was bringing demons into the house and gave her all sorts of shit until they were removed. Avoid that wackness at all costs.

    • A mini-Hindu goddess was just compared to satan.
      Yeah. This is not going to go well. We both agreed to talk but I don’t know that there’s much to say. Why can’t I have nice things? I wait very patiently and am very picky about who I like, and pride myself on being a good person with a strong moral compass. I’m starting to think that everyone else in this world has COMPLETELY lost their mind.

      • I’m sorry. You can have nice things, it just sounds like this relationship isn’t it.

      • For real? Yeah, just get out now. It’s not going to work. Try not to laugh when he says he’ll pray for you as parting words.

        • Haha, thanks.
          I want to laugh right now at how ridiculous this is. And I HATE complaining about dating on here because we all do it so much. But this really sucks! I had such hope! It was going so well and I had no indication that he would be like this. But I guess there’s that line about false prophets being sheep in wolves clothing…

        • You mean wolves in sheep’s clothing? Or are you putting a unique spin on it?

        • Fail, sorry… I woke up to these texts at 4am (sent after I fell asleep last night) and had a hard time falling back asleep so I’m not really with it today.

        • aw! No worries! Hope you get some more/better sleep tonight!

  • I don’t see how it is possible to find a middle ground in this particular situation. Are you willing to get rid of the Buddha’s? I guess I want to know- what are you approach you are planning to take with the discussion.

  • Sounds like a potential dealbreaker alright. First of all it sounds like he’s not a very good Christian – his objection to these small gifts is a rather petty and misguided manifestation of Christian belief (IMO). Second of all, it sounds like he’s going to be uncomfortable with anything you do that doesn’t conform to his worldview, so that’s not a sound basis for an intimate relationship there. Do give him a chance to explain and/or apologize – it’s worth trying to find out what’s behind it – but be careful not to rationalize his excuse.

    • Thank you for the really straightforward and insightful advice, Krampus. I appreciate it and agree completely with your first point about the misguided manifestation of belief. I’m almost less worried about this particular instance and more worried about what other religiously-affiliated issues we clash on (reproductive rights, gay marriage, etc.) that I might not know about yet. And also, of course, the really dominant way he phrased it. I went back and read some bell hooks this morning for reassurance, possibly silly but comforting none the less. When beliefs manifest themselves as a attempt to gain power or dominance over someone else, I ain’t having none of that.

      • Accountering

        This is fair, and I agree the problem is that his beliefs are already “manifest themselves as a attempt to gain power or dominance over someone else.” Seems like he is showing his true colors here, you should believe him.
        You mentioned some of the other hot button issues – I would struggle to date someone who felt differently than I do with those issues (live and let live) but if they tried to push their beliefs on me in such an obnoxious way, that would very quickly become a dealbreaker.

    • I agree with Krampus — misguided manifestation of Christian belief for sure.
      and also, unless he has a really good explanation about why he’s so uncomfortable with having a Buddha around him (is he afraid they’ll steal his soul? Like…what will happen?) then yeah, this could be a deal breaker. :/

    • Krampus hit the nail on the head here. I would also be concerned about his views on equality (LGBTQ, women, race, etc) given his apparently narrow view. I would also suggest that while giving him a chance to explain, don’t believe any back-peddling. I have known people whose partners early on showed a certain amount of religiosity that went away during the romance/”let me show you how awesome I am” stage only to resurface after marriage, and especially kids.

      • Yeah I’ve seen a few of those episodes play out as well. The “oh I’m religious, but I’ll tone it down for now, but just wait till we’re a couple years in!” or the Christian/atheist couple where the Christian thought that surely, after a few years of dating, the atheist would convert…did not happen.

  • Pablo Raw

    Deal breaker in the long run

    • especially in the long run (I’m thinking kids…I wouldn’t want them raised that way, personally)

      • Me neither. Good thing neither of us want kids. But as it stands we won’t even be getting through our date this weekend, so.

        • Pablo Raw

          But imagine when you go visit his family, are they also religious? And if something as little as a Budha bothers him… how fundamentalist is he? “Wives, submit to your husbands, as is fitting in the Lord.” How tolerant is he to things like gay marriage, etc.? I’m not asking you to give me the answers here, just something to think about.

        • I completely agree with you, Pablo. And we’re definitely going to have this discussion, more out of my own curiosity than trying to make this work at this point because it just… I don’t think it is going to.
          Do you watch the West Wing? There’s that one episode with a religious fundamentalist, Season 2. Episode 3. That is all I can think of right now. President Bartlett’s response was on point.

        • Pablo Raw

          Believe it or not I haven’t 🙁 But I should and I’ve heard is great. One of the news people I follow was a writer on it, Lawrence O’Donnell. In any case, I wish you the best with this situation.

  • Anonynon

    Rant: Might have rushed into things…they all seem great at the beginning but then the actual jump to relationship thing. Apparently I am not good at that part, or maybe I never want that again. Hard to tell sometimes.
    Rave: People from your past reaching out to you again, second chances?

  • Accountering

    I agree – deal breaker. I think you put your foot down on this one, and see where it goes.

  • topscallop

    Rave: dating. I even told my mom about the new guy, which I normally don’t do unless I think it will go somewhere (which would usually happen after more time than we’ve been seeing each other). He’s making plans for us for two months out, since we’re both traveling a lot in November, he wants to know all about me, he’s a good listener and lets me know where he’s at with things. It’s really nice to not have to guess at where you stand!
    Rant: rain. I got soaked last night, through my raincoat.
    Rave: short week since I’m taking Friday off
    Rant: to go to a memorial service

  • Rave: My meeting that I was crazy prepping for yesterday went really, really well.
    Rave: Even though the meeting ate up an extra 2 hours in my evening, I had leftovers I could just heat up, veg out, and go to bed early – 10:30 bedtime for the win!
    Rant: Money (or rather, the lack thereof). Oh well.
    Rant: the humidity. I don’t mind rain if it would just flush all this awful humid air out of the atmosphere, but it seems to just be hanging around all thick and gross!

    • Awesome 🙂 You can add the rave that I officially applied for the PRN position yesterday and will hopefully be reducing the stress for you guys in the office very soon! Which means, if you are interested, I may be needing a semi-regular evening babysitter if you would like to earn some extra cash

      • YES! Totally in! Though I hope I can get your children to like me, the youngest one was pretty not-impressed! But I’m a great storybook reader, I do all the voices!

  • Accountering

    Question: I am thinking of starting a website for my AirBNB/Homeaway listings. We currently have 2, but will be listing our basement soon, so will be up to three.
    I printed business cards with my web address to give to renters so they can share with friends etc. Currently the web address just forwards to my HomeAway page, but what I would like to build is a very simple site with a few summary pictures of each place, a paragraph description of each place, and then visitors can click on the link to go to the Homeaway listing for that place.
    Any recommendations for how to do this? I am semi-tech savvy, but have never done this before. Hoping to build something and get it running, and then have it such that I can easily update it to add another place or two as get there. Anyone want to tackle this as a side project, or point me in the right direction?

    • Maybe it’s easier than it seems, but I would get a pro to set it up and show you how to add sites. Taskrabbit, craigslist, etc could get someone. People freelance this sort of stuff all the time.

    • You could try a site like Wix or Squarespace that gives you templates to easily build your own website. Squarespace seems to be a heavy sponsor of NPR so if you want a discount listen to almost any NPR podcast for a discount code.

      • I listen to the podcast If I Were You, and they also have a coupon code for Squarespace (jake and amir are their coupon codes). Apparently squarespace will also buy a domain name for you if you want something specific.

        • +1 to Squarespace. I know plenty of non-techy folks that have made some nice, easy to navigate sites for their businesses. Also +1 the task rabbit suggestion. Maybe you can find someone that’s used SS successfully, can show you the ropes, and you can take it from there.

          • I found Squarespace incredibly difficult and frustrating to use, and ended up using WordPress. But you can try it out for free and see if it works for you. Maybe they’ve worked out some of the kinks by now.

  • Unfortunately religion is often one of those big dealbreakers. =/ I avoid dating anyone with religious inclinations because of all the potential messiness and long-term implications. If he is already trying to get you to conform to what he thinks is right – especially so early on, because it’ll probably just be worse down the line as he gets more comfortable – then that is a definite red flag.

  • Dealbreaker. Plus — although others may know better — I’ve never associated very religious people with particularly good sex, especially outside of marriage. Have actually heard some complaints, second hand. Somehow I can’t get those good evangelical (or nice Jewish) girls to go out with me.

  • Rave: All of my orchids are re-potted, hoping this gets them thinking about blooming again
    Rant: Re-potting and other serious packing (for work trip) avoidance activities

  • Rave: Meeting with the school regarding kiddo dos went very well this morning. I am extremely appreciative of their understanding and willing to work with her issues. It also really highlighted to me the struggle that people with silent conditions such as anxiety and depression face; if it’s hard for her to cope with grade school, I can’t imagine how difficult work and just adulting can be. I know a lot of you face these issues, and I just wanted to say that I have an immense amount of respect for the issues you face on a daily basis and yet still manage to make it work.
    Rave/Rant? I’m guessing my 5k this weekend will be rained out. I mean, that is, if those things actually get rained out?

    • “I mean, that is, if those things actually get rained out?”
      Generally not on account of ordinary rain. If it’s very heavy rain or if there’s thunder, lightning, high winds, or other particularly stormy elements then quite possibly – check with the race organizers.

      • Thanks! This race has a children’s component, so they may cancel/reschedule with less weather. I’ll check in.

        • Ah, good point. I was thinking about a straight-up ordinary 5k race, but the addition of a kid’s fun run, post-race festival, etc. might also affect the weather policy.

    • Ragnar Relay is still a go this weekend, they don’t generally cancel unless things are crazy because so much nonrefundable money is on the line

  • Rant: Spent Monday evening/night in the ER after sliding down the last couple of steps to the first floor landing in my house. Baby’s fine but my back and butt are super bruised.
    Rant: This kid is such a stinker about ultrasounds. We went for the first trimester screening which requires neck measurements and a picture of the nose bridge. Every time the radiologist tech would get the shot lined up, the kid would either flip to the other side or stare directly at the u/s wand (making it impossible to get the proper nose picture). What should have taken 15 minutes took us over an hour.
    Rave: Date night tonight
    Rave: Currently defrosting beef bones to make stock for this weekend’s beef stew. Seems perfect for the current forecast of rain.

    • Glad you’re ok! Sounds like you’ve got a mischievous little bunny on your hands, or maybe he’s just camera shy! Would you mind sharing your recipe/technique for beef stock? I make my own chicken stock on a regular basis (and it’s so much better than storebought!) but I’ve yet to attempt making my own beef stock…

      • I typically will roast the beef bones in a 450 degree oven for about 45 minutes (turning them halfway). Then they get tossed in the crockpot with about 3 quarts of water, a splash of apple cider vinegar, a good amount of salt, and a small handful of black peppercorns. Cook on low for about 6-8 hours (sometimes I’ll go longer if I’m out of the house – I’ve gone up to 12 hours with no problems). Then toss in a couple of chopped onions, a couple of chopped large carrots, a few ribs of chopped celery, 3 garlic cloves, and a small bunch of parsley. Let that cook together on low for another 1-2 hours. Strain everything out of the broth and it’s ready to go. I pretty much do the same thing with my chicken stock but cook it for a shorter period of time.

        • Oh and you might need to add more water if too much evaporates during the cooking process. I often will avoid doing that if I know I’m adding some high-water content vegetables in the final dish (like with the stew I’ll be making this weekend).

        • Thanks! I may try roasting the veggies with the bones and setting them aside until it’s time to join the stock at the end – I usually roast veggies with my chicken bones and let it all simmer together, but since that’s a much shorter time period it’s ok – it’d never last 8+ hours without disintegrating and turning to mush in the crock pot. Also, where do you get your beef bones?

        • Emmaleigh504

          only 3 cloves of garlic?? shameful!

    • Yikes on the ER visit, but so glad to hear you & the little one are ok. As for the ultrasounds, perhaps it’s at least fun to be able to get to see the kid more frequently if you have to plan return visits to allow for measuring everything? Just wait until you get to the anatomy scan….

      • I’m so not looking forward to the anatomy scan. As much as I adore seeing the kiddo on the screen, the bruises on my abdomen are rather unpleasant.

    • Hope you do something to the stairs to prevent further slides. If they are carpeted, maybe remove carpeting? If not, add anti-slip pads of some sort? Good luck.

      • We have carpeting on our stairs but I think the problem was that I had on fuzzy socks without grips on them. My wife has already brought home 4 new pairs of socks with grips as a reminder to wear them.

        • I have a bad history with stairs, so my wife nags me to wear slippers over my socks if I’m not barefoot (we have wood stairs). I did actually fall once holding my daughter when she was about 4 months old, but we were thankfully all fine. Since then, I’ve gotten a lot better about slippers or bare feet.

  • Rant: I wish I were better at classroom management. I start out fine but toward the end of the day, in an effort to get everything done, I tend to feel rushed and fussy.
    Revel: convinced a friend to build a sukkah in her backyard last week. I’ve spent 2 days in it already and my cousin is having a sukkah party I’m going to Saturday.
    Revel: coworker told me I look like I’ve lost weight.
    Revel: Congressional hearings on cspan help me fall asleep.
    Rant: yesterday’s PP hearing was painful.

  • Rant: Waiting to find out if I’ll be in the boat that rows in the Head of the Charles this year. It’s kind of the highlight of the season and I’ve been working like hell for ten months and I feel as though I’ve earned it, but with six of us dueling for the last two seats club politics and old habits, it’s hard to say.
    Restaurant guidance request: Anything around Dupont Circle that’s new and cool? The Riggsby is booked.

  • He sounds very controlling. Total deal breaker.

    • This. This is far more troubling than his concern about non-Christian symbols. I actually think religious differences can be some of the easiest differences of opinion to reconcile (see my Catholic father and atheist mother celebrating their 60th anniversary, countless successful Christian-Jewish pairings, etc.). But only when both parties respect the other’s views (not sure, but sounds like this might be a challenge for him) and don’t try to impose their own.
      But MORE importantly, why is he trying to influence your choice of desk tchotchkes? Whether you keep a gift from someone is not dependent on his feelings about the gift. If he’s trying to control THAT at an early stage in your relationship (I mean, you’re only just now sussing out how religious he is), it is not going to get better.

  • Rant: Got the notification that our building wants to raise our rent, which we are grumpy about after the multiple ceiling leaks, the AC leak that messed up my roommate’s floor, the month of asbestos abatement in the same roommate’s bedroom… Going to see if we can negotiate it. Been trying to find a new job so I can perhaps actually afford a studio and move out, but no luck yet.
    Mostly rave: A higher level person at work told me earnestly that they really appreciate the work I do, and he hopes I don’t leave. Said if I am thinking of leaving then I should talk to him and he’ll see if he can do anything to help. It was sweet, but they don’t do promotions (supposedly they’re trying to make that possible – but I’ve been hearing that for a couple years now) and they have very strict pay bands, so there isn’t anything he can do. Still, it was nice of him to say that and feel appreciated!
    Rave: My grandmother is doing better, which is quite a change from last week when it seemed like she might only have a few days left.

  • Rave: Date tonight.
    Rave: Taking a day to clean and get my apt ready for subletting.
    Rave: Just waiting on start date for new job.

  • palisades

    Rave: Trader Joe’s. What in the world took me so long? Cheaper than Safeway and a much quicker trip.

  • (Posting this before reading the rest of the comments, so my apologies if this has been said) This would definitely be a red flag/deal breaker for me. We all have things that we can get passed/over, but if this (religion) is something that is important to you both and you feel like you need to be on the same page, deal with it now. It will always be an issue.

  • Rant: The Pope actually met with Kim Davis. He’s easy to like, and has a lot of good things to say, but it’s important not to forget how much I fundamentally disagree with him on most things. Giving this self-proclaimed religious crusader the patina of respectability is a bridge too far.

    • I agree with you. I accidentally came across his motorcade and he received wild applause from bystanders as his car passed by. Yes, he’s probably a nice guy, and you can agree with his views, I guess, but to wildly applaud and cheer? Seemed a little over the top.

    • I agree. This news was very depressing. I am not a Catholic (dad was but married outside of the Catholic Church), and as a gay man have not been favorably disposed toward the Catholic Church for all the reasons you would expect. But the words and gestures that I saw from Bergolio last week had me feeling that maybe, just maybe, there was room to hope that his heart was open and loving enough to accept all people as equal and worthy of the same rights and dignity.

      Then he goes and meets with that hillbilly Kim Davis in the middle of the night while no one is looking and gives her a pat on the back. and a couple of rosaries. Thanks a lot Bergolio, I now see what’s really going on. It’s just new and improved Pope packaging. As bad as Ratzinger was, at least he probably would have had the guts to meet with Davis in public.

      • This Pope is the ultimate politician. He’s playing all the sides, hedging all his bets.
        He needs to lurch to the left to draw in the younger generations – many churches are in dire straits as many congregations have an average age of 55+.
        Yet he can’t afford to completely alienate the conservative rightwing of the church.
        The guy is a wily operative and incredibly savvy.

        • HaileUnlikely

          I don’t think it’s about that – he is the pastor of the global Catholic church, whose teachings do not align neatly with the political party system of the United States and whose members predominantly live not in the United States but in the rest of the world.

    • Even before hearing the news that he met with her, I have been astounded by people (not catholics) who seem to think what he has been saying before this is so very, very positive. I see it as politics, that’s all. And creepy even. Like women who have had abortions really need to be “forgiven” for having them? I would think this would appeal only to the (I think) small minority of women who have had abortions who actually think they were sinful to have them. Thinking that women need forgiveness is creepy.
      Even before you get to issues of sexuality and abortion, the church doesn’t allow women to participate equally. So, right there, I can’t see why so many women who think women are equal to men support the church, either by passively calling themselves catholic, marrying in the church, baptizing their children, or actively being catholics, going to church, and indoctrinating their children through church or catholic school. It just seems totally irrational for thinking women.

      Then, when you do get to other issues, like of sex outside marriage, birth control, even condoms to prevent STDs, and gay sex and marriage, and covering up an condoning child sexual abuse, it would seem to me that almost ALL modern people (those women AND MEN having sex before marriage, using birth control, whether or not they think they would ever have an abortion, gay people, and people who don’t support child abuse) don’t believe in the church stands for. This is true even with some nice flowery words from the pope now. Official church teachings have not changed. So it seems terribly irrational (to me) that so many people who disagree call themselves catholics, go to church, etc. because they have some nostalgia for their childhoods.
      Why not just walk away? If you want to change things (like it would be nice if abortion, which is legal, could actually be accesssed in large parts of the country, where it currently cannot be had), you should put your money and your feet where you mouth is. I never understand people’s irrational clinging to a religion that preaches and acts against the basic ways of how they live their lives and what they believe in.

    • This bummed me out too. I was really excited about the positive stuff he has been bringing to attention (climate change), but to meet with Kim Davis? Really bummed me out and also reminded me there’s so much that he believes in that I’m firmly against.

      • HaileUnlikely

        The Pope meets with lots of people all of the time – I don’t think it is fair to construe his meeting with somebody as an endorsement of all that the person has done. It is pretty widely known that the Pope has deep disagreement with lots of President Obama’s positions and actions. (I recognize that you may not share that disagreement, but that is not the point. I think it is generally understood that the Pope does not support and endorse all of President Obama’s policies.)

  • hammers

    Rant: cyst in my wrist- causing me lots of pain
    Rave: at least finally a diagnosis I can work with
    Rant: no real treatment, some ointment and hope it goes away in a few weeks
    Rant: preventing me from really getting the most out of my new workout routine
    MEGA RANT: Had to take a new job with worse insurance; had to pay 300 on scripts last night to meet some calendar year deductible I didn’t know about, scripts were still expensive even after meeting said deductible, and I’ll have to pay it again in January. Previously, I spent about 60 dollars per YEAR on scripts. Insurance is hard. But at least I have it.
    Live saving rave: vacation tomorrow to Chicago!!!!

    • holy sh#t, hammers! That sucks so bad! Glad you have a trip to Chicago to look forward to, hope you have a blast!

    • Emmaleigh504

      Bon Voyage!

    • That One Guy

      Is the cyst fluid filled? My sister has one that she has deflated periodically.

      • Emmaleigh504

        like one of those book banger cysts…Doc Martin* or someone fixed one by slamming a book on it.
        *Fictional character, not medical advice.

      • hammers

        yeah I think they by nature are fluid filled. It didn’t seem like a major cause for concern, and the Dr wanted to go with the least invasive treatment (topical anti inflammatory cream) as the first option. It’d be too small for me to “deflate” myself- I can’t even feel where it is; it’s just pinching some nerve and hurts when I bend my wrist.

      • palisades

        I used to get them on my ears (it would switch between the left and right ear) once or twice a year. Put some rubbing alcohol on it and stab it with a needle. It would go away

    • Ughhh, I have a cyst that comes and goes on my wrist. So annoying. Mine has gone away twice and come back. The first time a dumb tourist on a bike hit me, I fell and that popped it! Second time I took it easy with my lifting and it went away, but now it’s back. Luckily mine doesn’t hurt and it’s really small. Def cut back on lifting or exercises that require you to use the body part with the cyst.

    • Ouuuch sorry to hear about your wrist, hope you feel better soon! 🙁 And ugh, that’s awful about the new job! I hope you have a blast in Chicago to make up for it all. 🙂

    • “Had to take a new job with worse insurance” — Wait, did you change jobs in the past few weeks? Or is this the same job you had last time we talked?

  • That One Guy

    Have a discussion this weekend. As outsiders we’re only receiving bits of what you’re saying and making judgements based on our own biases.

    • I agree with this. We actually haven’t heard very much of this story and I think a lot of responses here are projections built on assumptions. The guy may be a controlling, fundamentalist jerk deep down, but if things have gone so well until this point, I think it’s worth discussing his rationale a bit more with an open mind before making that conclusion.

  • revel: we’re getting married on saturday!!
    rant: the actual ceremony with 15 people was supposed to be outdoors, with first look photos at Yards Park and the short ceremony at Meridian Hill Park. Any ideas for indoor interesting venues that are open to the public for weddings? Our back-up is getting married before our cocktail party in the Loft space.

    • the atrium of the portrait gallery if you’re allowed?

      • great minds…that was my next idea they don’t allow events of a personal nature. back to the drawing board.

        • I”m also getting married on Saturday! And I’ve been nervously checking the forecast. I’d suggest using your indoor back up plan and have everything at the loft space. Even the best case scenario calls for heavy rain pretty much all day and it might be a pain trying to travel between locations. Congrats!!!!

          • This weekend last year I attended an outdoor wedding where it ended up being really cold and everyone was miserable. So maybe it’s for the best that you’re forced to be indoors where it’s warm. This time of year can be tricky weather-wise.

  • Rave: Shut down averted?
    Rave: Watching the downward spiral that is the GOP
    Rant: Idiots still vote for them anyway
    Rave: I guess I’ll get my pay out?
    Rant: I know some folks wanted a shut down with back pay #freevacation

    • Averted? No. Postponed until December 11, just in time for the holidays. I really don’t understand the sighs of relief and accolades for Boehner’s enormous self-sacrifice – 72 days from now, the same issues will pop up, with the same circle of hard-right GOP Reps agitating for a shutdown, but with a new speaker who may or may not be able to or want to exercise more control over his caucus that Boehner did. Make no sense at all.

      • Accountering

        I would say this takes a 60% chance of a shutdown on October 1 and turns it into 75% on December 11. The republicans are itching for a fight, and they are going to get one. They will lose, and helllllooooo Madam President in January 2017!

        • Accountering! Even though you hate philly, I love this. 🙂

        • justinbc

          Discounting Bernie completely are you?

          • Accountering

            Yes. My unscientific estimate for our next president is:

            Hillary: 70%
            Trump: 10%
            Republican Field: 15%
            Sanders: 4%
            Democratic Field: <1%

          • I do, yes. I don’t think he’ll win the nomination, because as flawed as she is (and she’s very flawed), HRC provides a much better chance in the general election, and most Democrats are historically more practical about such things than the far right.
            If Bernie does get the nomination, we’re screwed, because the tag “Socialist” is still sufficient to turn off a significant enough chunk of voters in the 10 or so states that matter that his election would be impossible against all but the most lunatic GOP candidate. I still expect the GOP candidate to be (in this field) middle of the road – Rubio, Bush, or of their ilk – and that candidate would demolish Bernie. I am terrified of a Cruz v. Sanders showdown, because there’s actually a chance Crux could win. And that would be bad.

          • Accountering

            To give some more color, Sanders is getting waxed when it comes to minorities. Without turning that around, sure he can win delegates in Iowa and NH, but he will get crushed in SC, FL, OH, and the states that actually matter. If he can’t get much much closer to even with Hillary on minorities, he has already lost.
            Hillary is going to win the General for the same reason. Somehow, despite losing in 2012 almost solely due to hispanics, the Republicans have gotten worse with hispanics. Dummy of the day award goes to Republican Party.

  • Rant: I’m leaving my wife after less than a year of marriage. It just shouldn’t be this hard. After 8 months of individual therapy, and 6 months of couples counseling, it’s actually getting worse, whereas I actually feel more comfortable in my own skin and more aware and tuned in to my own insecurities and fears.

    It’s so hard to say goodbye to something that I’ve come to accept as my status quo. I am having a lot of trouble finding a new place, and have no idea if I’m going to stay here in DC or move somewhere else. I feel so lost and alone and it’s hard to know what to do. I’m just trying to deconstruct the whole process of next steps and make one decision at a time, starting with finding a new place to live.

    • i’m so sorry you’re going through this. I hope that, even though it’s hard now, it ends up for the best. (hey you can buy my condo;) )

      sending hugs.

    • Also sorry to hear it, but it seems you did the right things to try and resolve whatever issues existed. Some things just aren’t meant to me, and I hope once the wounds heal you see it’s for the best.

      In the vein of J in DC, I do have a long-term sublet available Nov 1-next summer.

    • I’m sorry you are going through this. If I may offer, as someone who probably should have ended her marriage after eight months but instead held on to 6 years, it sounds like you’ve done everything you can, and sometimes you just have to know when to walkaway. Best of luck.

    • Hard time finding a place to move to? From what perspective? Are you looking to rent a room, your own place?

      • From several perspectives. Being with my wife has afforded me a certain lifestyle that I wouldn’t have normally, since she makes a considerable amount more than I do.

        Finding a studio/1BR in the city near the red line is pretty difficult to do considering the amount I was paying toward our mortgage+utilities. Then I need to get furniture and I won’t have a lot of capital to do so. I also don’t want to rent a room as I need my own space and privacy and I don’t think having roommates would be helpful (I know that’s counterproductive, especially given that I don’t have a lot of friends in the city, but I think it will force me to be more social and get out and move on more effectively).

        • Don’t stress about furniture. all you really need is a bed to sleep in/lounge on.

          • Accountering

            Totally agree. CL furniture is okay in the short term as well.

          • It always get me when furniture is used as an excuse. I have a friend who has been contemplating leaving her asshole husband for going on four years now and her biggest excuse is not having furniture. When my mom left my dad, she slept on an air mattress for 6 months. When I left my ex, I had a mattress on the floor until I found a bed frame on CL. You gotta do what you gotta do. At the end of the day, happiness and being truly yourself are far more important, IMO, than standard of living and furniture.

          • Accountering

            Totally agree Anonamom.

            I literally moved onto my buddies couch. Not a very comfortable couch either. THINGS should never stop someone from making the right decision for themselves.

          • Agreed — all you really need at the moment is a bed.

          • Emmaleigh504

            really, just a mattress and some sheets.

        • FWIW, I’m sure that it feels like the right choice (as it did for me in a similar situation) but having your “own space and privacy” gives you a perfect excuse to become a hermit and wallow in your own misery. Having roommates will either encourage you to be more social (if you get along well with them) or encourage you to spend more time outside of the house (if you don’t) – so that’s sort of a win either way. Just something to consider. I’m sorry you’re in this situation, I know it’s not a good feeling.

          • Yes, this is really true. It’s super easy to wallow when you have your own space.

          • Accountering

            After my separation, I moved onto my buddies couch in Adams Morgan, and it was both of the above situations. I was out and about a ton, and there was zero wallowing – and then moved into a place in Mt. Pleasant with two roommates.

        • You might be better off moving in with someone who owns the place and has an extra room (example: a 2BR condo). They tend to be older, more mature, stable, and generally a bit higher income. They will most likely already have nice furniture, so it won’t be much of a capital outlay and you won’t need to dramatically downgrade your accustomed lifestyle.

        • Well If you change your mind on roommates. I live/own a renovated row home, with 2 spare bedrooms, and you’d have your own bathroom. NOMA is the nearest metro stop. If you’d like to talk more let me know.

        • The best roommate setup if you still want plenty of alone time is to find someone with an opposite schedule. When I worked nights, I never saw my 9-5er roomie except occasionally weekends. Best of both worlds.

          • Emmaleigh504

            +1 In college I had the best roommate for 3 years. She spent all her time at her boyfriend’s or in class. And she had all the furniture and TV 🙂

    • I just went through this. Give yourself time to rediscover yourself as a single person. Focus on the future. Channel the negative energy into positive things (I started working out.) Most importantly, you need to disconnect from your spouse. When you move out, no contact for at least a month or two. The sooner you can sever the ties, the sooner you will feel sane again.

      Also, you can buy my house! 🙂

      • Accountering

        I agree with this. Cut ties, start working out, lose those 10 pounds you have been wanting too, go to a museum on a school night, wander around the mall – all good stuff.

        • What museums are open on a school night?
          Also, wandering around the mall sounds like the most depressing thing ever.
          But the general sentiment is true.

          • Accountering

            Meh, worked out for me. But obviously adjust for whatever it is that you are interested in. I was running/biking around the mall, not really wandering haha.

          • Oh! For some reason I thought you meant a shopping mall, like Pentagon City.

    • Accountering

      Hey there, so sorry to hear this. I went through this last March, and came out SO much stronger on the other side. I know this is hard now, but I agree with Anonamom, better now than 5 years from now. Keep your head up, keep moving forward, and I agree with the sentiment to channel the negative into a positive. I started working out and running a lot, and that was incredibly helpful. Also gets you in better shape which will help your confidence for when you start dating again. Life goes on, and it DOES get better. Keep your head up, and we are here to help/listen/commiserate!
      If you like DC, try not to move. There are an incredible amount of opportunities here, and no reason to upend your entire life, there is already enough turmoil without a drastic move and new surroundings. Also, being quite frank, there are a disproportionate number of highly successful single women. Come to the next HH!

      • lol… “meet your new sugarmamma” 😉

      • I agree with all of these things and everyone who is suggesting way to move on and be happy. But, this is a big deal and if you feel sad, just feel sad, you don’t need to turn everything into a positive. You don’t need to be happy right now or any time soon. Ride the waves of the up and down emotions.
        You sound like you’ve got your head on straight and I’m sure you’ll be fine.
        And come to the next HH, it’s October 15th at Southern Hospitality. We’ll be the wackos with hats.

      • Yes, but also use that confidence to figure out how to earn more. Because then you won’t feel like you need a partner to afford to live, and can choose one not based on her earnings power. Also, I spent like nothing on furniture for two decades due to being in school and lots of student loans to pay – lots of people do – so you probably need to adjust your attitude about where you get furnishings to start with. Between people giving things away when they move, practically giving them away on craigslist just to get them moved out of their place, and really cheap stuff like Ikea, I have to wonder about your worry about furniture. Furniture is cheap and easy. Furniture to go with the lifestyle you want, maybe not so easy. But you can learn to rely on yourself to get it. You’ll have happier relationships in the long run if you do.

        • When you’re at the beginning of the break-up of a serious relationship, you focus on the strangest things. The first time I ended a relationship I spent a lot of mental energy wondering who would get the photographs. That’s how I read this – break-up paralysis – not as someone who is overly concerned with material things.

          Break-ups are hard no matter what, MopesMcGee. Things will get better. You will figure it all out. Here is your chance to reinvent yourself, just take it slowly. And keep us posted!

  • Run. Take the religion out of it for a minute, and you can see this just as controlling behavior. People don’t get to use religion as an excuse to control others – it is not OK, does not create an exception.

    You say you like a good moral compass. In my experience with very religious people, you usually get the exact opposite. I’m not saying this is true of all religious people. But in my experience (and I speak as an agnostic who was subjected to 12 years of catholic school and a very catholic family in an immigrant culture), pious religiosity goes hand and in with treating others unusually badly, not according to so-called good christian beliefs, not treating others as you would like to be treated, but rather acting selfishly and quite immorally while hanging on to an absurd belief one is “good” because one is religious.

    If you can see that churches (I’m talking christians here, as I have no deep experience of other religions) are really immoral places with hatred for many groups of people, you can see why that is often so. In this age and place, thinking people who are tolerant of others are more likely to reject such religious hatred and embrace secular humanism, agnosticism, or atheism as their belief (or the ever-popular “I’m spiritual but not religious” which I never know what that means, but it seems to me to mean one is somehow “special”) rather than support churches full of hatred and criminals. I’m not saying that there aren’t some churches that embody a good philosophy, but I think they are generally in the minority in this country. There are also deeply religious people who aren’t controlling and are tolerant and aren’t jerks, but these sorts don’t tend to wear their religion on their sleeves – they see their beliefs as a deeply personal matter and are more quietly religious and don’t bother others with their religious beliefs.

    If you want to date moral people, look at what they do and how they treat others, not what religious notions they profess to believe. Your tolerance of the hatred, desire to control women and gay people, and outright child abuse and criminality of the catholic church is likely a problem that blinds you from being immediately skeptical of religious people at first – which would be a better place to start if you want to date moral and not controlling people.

  • Carolyn Hax would say read “The Gift of Fear.” I think this definitely raises a couple red flags: 1) He’s either very young/immature about his faith and has a limited world view that he imposes on others. I was maybe that person during my scary religious phase as a freshman in college. I grew up and got over it. 2) He’s controlling.

  • RANT: ran into my ex and his new g/f twice in one weekend. Pretty sure he pursued her before the ink was dry on his new lease and I moved out. Was itching to warn her against him (he has a volatile temper which lead to the breakup), but kept my cool. It’ll play out with due time.

    • Accountering

      Yeah hard pass on the warning her bit. That is up to her to discover, and up to you to move on! I was lucky in that I helped my ex move to Falls Church, stayed in the city, and only accidentally saw her at a pumpkin patch event in Centerville of all places.

  • Quotia Zelda

    Rave: Offsite meeting this morning. I love spending the occasional morning outside the office.
    Rant: Yesterday’s migraine, complete with nausea (which is a migraine symptom I only rarely get; I get the aura and light/sound sensitivity much more frequently).
    Rave: Not too much of a migraine hangover today.
    Rant: I’m pretty convinced I need to call my doctor and tell her the propranolol tapering experiment is a failure.
    Rant: For various reasons connected to other health things I have going on, I’m not super comfortable taking propranolol long term.

    • I took propranolol for many years – maybe 10? As it was the only way to prevent migraines. (None of the available meds worked – as they don’t for about 50% of people.) Of course, talk to your doctor about tapering the dose. I don’t know how old you are – (except I think not one of the young’uns) – but menopause is actually a miracle for migraine sufferers. Boom – just vanished.

    • I was taking propranolol for migraines. took almost three months to taper off. Best thing I ever did – it was making me retain water AND preventing me from exercising. 6 months later, i’m down 25 lbs and feeling amazing. Not sure if it’s due to healthy living, menopause, or getting rid of all the stress my ex caused, but my migraines are at an all time low.

  • I’m not sure what there is to discuss with him. This is either a deal-breaker or it isn’t. You’re the one who decides that, regardless of how much you poll the audience. You’re in the early stages of dating, which should translate to best behavior time. This is his approach to handling issues with you (and most likely other women) that he disagrees with you on. The religious aspect is just the rationale, your decision should be based on the behavior. If you’re okay with the behavior, then carry on and expect more of it. If you’re not, end it.

  • Revel: 5 of the cutest, most fun and sociable foster kittens rampaging around my house.
    Rant: They are expensive little flickers to feed! 2 cans of quality food + kibble a day = $4.00. That’s more than I spend on my own food!

    Donations of food to Homeward Trails are always welcome! http://washingtondc.craigslist.org/doc/pet/5245832363.html

    • Robin is adorable! How do you think she would be with a friendly, adult (5 year old) cat?

      • I think Robin would get along fine with any cat, but if you’re looking for a playmate for your cat, she might not be all that interested. She wants people attention. Seriously – I actually had to throw her out of my office and shut the door just now so I could finish typing this! She is crazy for affection. If you think that might work for you, please contact me through the CL posting, or through Homeward Trails. Thanks! (OK – letting her back in now!)

  • Rant: Passed over for a job I really wanted and was totally qualified for. Waiting for the official rejection email. This comes after a month in the process and them speaking to my current supervisor (good reference), which now makes things awkward for me because I assumed they only did that step if they wanted you.
    Rant: Unreliable and unbalanced (cannot stress this enough) coworker did get an offer for the same job (more than one hiring slot). She did not list our sup (the one she has reported to for 10 years), only references that hadn’t worked with her in 12-15 years and had never supervised her. I am now assigned her duties, but was doing them anyway…
    Rave: Vacation on the horizon!

    • Are you sure your supervisor gave you a good reference? Maybe your coworker knows something and that’s why she didn’t use that person as a reference. Some people will give you a bad reference (or lukewarm, but enough to kill the job offer) when they like your work simply because they want you to keep working for them. Have seen it done, really.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rave: I’ve started making my own yogurt and I think I finally got the consistency right in this last batch. hurray!

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rave: I’ve started making my own yogurt and I think I finally got the consistency right in this last batch. hurray! And I’m enjoying it on a pumpkin I roasted last night. yum!

  • Rave: Thanks to all the restaurant recommendations yesterday, Mr. Georgetowner and I had a delicious dinner at Maple and a lovely walk home in the rain. (Next up for a non-Tuesday date night, Bad Saint. )

  • Rant: Made a dumb mistake at work in front of all the big bosses. No real damage done, and nothing that will matter in the long run, but having trouble shaking it off.

    Rant: After getting caught in yesterday’s monsoon without proper weather gear, really want to buy a good trench and rain boots but have been spending so much money lately that I feel guilty piling on.

    • Emmaleigh504

      I so want to splurge on some cute rain boots and raincoat, but yeah too much money spent. This happens to me every rainy season.

      • You’ll rarely have the boots and raincoat on hand when you need them, if it makes you feel better.
        But if you do want to, I found some basic rainboots at Marshalls several years ago that have proven their worth. Just wear thick socks underneath and they can double as snow boots. $14 well spent.

  • Has anyone encountered the cute-ish pandhandler on 14th? About 6 foot, blonde hair, skinny but with a swimmers build? He’s normally in front of Trader Joes on 14th NW or nearby businesses. He’s always asking for “a couple dollars.” Today he asked for a couple dollars for rent.

    He’s omnipresent, rude and smokes while asking for money. It’s like if you’re going to play that game, at least try. Does anyone actually give this @$$hat some money?

    • actual lol–Love you how started out on a positive with the description- to ending with such a negative.

    • Yes, I think I know who you’re talking about. I’m not in that area often but my girlfriend and I encountered him after dinner on 14th a few weeks ago. She is incapable of passing a panhandler without opening her wallet, so he did get a few dollars from us.

    • Allison

      I’ve seen a couple of young, white, at least superficially healthy and otherwise fully employable-looking handsome male model types asking for change in the metro. I just can’t figure it out. I can only assume drugs?

    • I Dont Get It

      I’ve seen him there and a few other places and sometimes he looks really out of it.

    • HaileUnlikely

      I’ll grant that he seems to stick out as unusual here in DC, but he would fit right in with the panhandler population in lots of other places I’ve been, including several other major cities. DC is the only place I’ve been where the vast majority of the poor and homeless are non-white. Sure, in other cities, non-whites are definitely over-represented in the poor and homeless population relative to their share of the general population of the area, but it is not hard to find poor and homeless white men in most other places.

  • Rant: DOG hates, I mean HATES the rain. We had a failed attempt to go outside last night in which he decided to take up residence on the landing half way up the communal stairs. I literally dragged him down the stairs, out the door, then down the outside stairs later because I don’t trust that he can hold it from lunch one day to morning the next.
    Rave: he’s adorable when I towel him off.
    Rave: my friend had a beautiful baby boy yesterday!
    Rave: There’s a doppelganger of me and my sister (we look pretty similar) in DC and she was seen by a friend of mine for the 3rd time yesterday. The first sighting was by an ex of mine who thought I walked right by him without saying hello, so this must be a close resemblance. The second sighting was at Qualia, but I’ve never run into her there. I want to meet her!

    • Quotia Zelda

      Doppelgangers are a freaky thing! Apparently, I used to have one in New Orleans. I never saw her, though.
      I think I must also have a generic face, because people frequently think they’ve met me – don’t you live in my friend’s building/weren’t you at that conference last year – that sort of thing.

      • Emmaleigh504

        That woman even had clothes like you! Remember those green cutoffs? She had some too! I swear there was one time when mom, dad, and I thought you had somehow flown down from school for the weekend and didn’t tell us. It was freaky.

    • I have a doppelganger in DC who’s in the same industry as me, similar background, grew up overseas, etc. I finally met her after a year of people I don’t know starting conversations with me and friends saying they went up to her at parties thinking it was me. I hope you get to meet yours too!
      Also I had a jeslett/DOG sighting on Sunday (I was in a car so couldn’t say hi) — that pup of your is adorable!! 😀

  • A “friend” asked me to cat sit. For two months! While she goes on a cruise and then sells her house.

    He’s a very nice cat but no way in hell.

    This isn’t the first time that she’s been completely clueless about other’s people’s obligations (“why can’t you go to lunch at 12:30 on a Thursday?”) and I’m so sick of it. It may be time to end the friendship.

  • Another vote for ‘deal breaker’.
    The way I see it, someone being this inflexible so early in a relationship means – it won’t get better. Who knows where the inflexibility will manifest next, but it will, over and over. (And who knows – maybe he’ll blame it on something other than religion next.)

  • I don’t understand why people go into specifics of the their relationship in online forums like this. I know if I was the dude, this would be a deal breaker for me already. Isn’t this why you came on popville anyway, mad that another user was discussing your dates with him.

    I agree though, somebody who VERY religious is not somebody I could date.

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