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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rave: Taking the day off. Woke up early to do work….
    Rant: But I have zero focus. I did pay a bill though! Baby steps.
    Rave: Date day today because the boy has to work most of the day tomorrow.
    Rant: Now if only I could just get one assignment done before I meet him in a couple hours…

  • Am I the only person surprised by Boehner’s resignation? Not just speaker, but his seat! I don’t follow domestic politics as closely as others in this town. I mean, I do better than most Americans, but I don’t read the political gossip or anything…

    • Whoa, when did that happen?! I’ve been reading the news and didn’t see it until I went searching. Huh.

    • After seeing him cry yesterday as the Pope gave speech, I’m guessing he has some personal stuff going on. I know they sign up for those jobs, and though I don’t agree with a lot of them- I commend them for what they do.

    • Whoa! I didn’t see that coming.
      The NYT says: “Most recently, Mr. Boehner was trying to craft a solution to keep the government open through the rest of the year, but was under pressure from a growing base of conservatives who told him they would not vote for a bill that did not defund Planned Parenthood. Several of those members were on a path to remove Mr. Boehner though their ability to do so was far from certain.”
      It also refers to the resignation as a “surprise announcement.”

    • It’s pretty surprising but his speaker status has been pretty shaky with the far right house members. He probably figured better to go out on his own terms well he can still hit the speaker circuit/write a book/go into lobbying with some cred.

      I don’t like the guy but he’s gotten pretty beat up by both sides as speaker trying to herd cats on the tea party side. May have just had enough.

    • Honestly that came out of left field to me. I assumed he would retire at the end of his term but I didn’t expect it to happen so soon or so suddenly. But who can blame him after the last couple of years? I seriously doubt I could have ever lasted that long.

  • Quotia Zelda

    Rant: I am cranky as all get-out today.
    Rave: I am leaving soon for a work event in Baltimore that should be pretty interesting.

  • Rave: Friday!
    Rave: Going to Renn Fest tomorrow, that should be fun.
    Rave: Date on Sunday afternoon
    Rave: Halloween costume making on Sunday night!
    Rave: Boehner will be going back to Ohio!

  • Rant: So very tired.
    Rave: It is Friday! I am so grateful for an unscheduled weekend.

  • Rave: Moms’ night out last night. Tried a grapefruit heffeweisen and it was delicious. But mostly it’s just lovely to have a night out with friends–particularly those who also have two-year-olds, etc.
    Rave: Feeling very lucky after said night out; for now, at least, my kiddo seems to be less of a pain in the arse than theirs. That all may change in a month, though.
    Rant: Crappy sleep. Took forever to fall asleep and then tossed and turned a lot.
    Rant: Non-labor aches & cramping. Yuck. At least it went away before I got to work. Really need to get the hospital bag packed this weekend just in case.
    Rant: Wife is in even worse shape than I am. Hoping a day (or at least a morning) at home will help.

  • justinbc

    Rave: Day off.
    Rave: New Orleans birthday / Halloween / house hunting trip booked!
    Rave: Flying through the refi process on our PR, just waiting on appraisal next week *cross fingers*. The “Zillow” value (which is largely meaningless, but not entirely because it’s based on neighborhood comps) has gone up over $80K this year alone, so hopefully that’s a good sign.
    Rant: Really needed a cup of coffee this morning before getting started on my staircase painting but the damn machine is making me go through some annoying automated cleaning procedure. She uses it about 2x per day, and I use it maybe once a week, and for some reason whenever I use it it’s always cleaning time. Grrr.

    • Are you moving to New Orleans?

      • justinbc

        If I find a house I like down there, then yeah at least part time. I’ll probably split my time 50/50, since my job allows me to work from home pretty much 75-90% of the time, depending on what month. We’re looking to buy a typical double shotgun style place down there so it will have 2 rental units, then build a second story on top that will be ours to go to whenever we like. Either that or find an old run down place with some historical charm and build a nice B&B from scratch, just depends on what we find.

    • Emmaleigh504

      oooh have fun! so much fun to house hunt!

    • Emmaleigh504

      omg and go to Frankie and Johnny’s and get some fried bell pepper rings! Everything else on the menu is meh, but the bell pepper rings are to die for! Corner of Arabella and Tchoup!

      • justinbc

        Nice, we’ll be staying in the Garden District (where I want to buy), so that’s not too far away!

        • Emmaleigh504

          oh there’s a 4 apartment place on Chestnut you should buy! I have no idea if it’s for sale. or the upstairs/downstairs duplex next door! I used to live in the downstairs and it could easily be 2 apartments. Chestnut St around the corner from Commander’s. Commander’s has good eats too.
          Not many shotguns in the Garden District though.

          • justinbc

            Right now I’m looking at a double on First Street, about 2 blocks off St Charles. The bones are incredible, and the rental and AirBNB rates for fixed up properties are absurd.

          • Emmaleigh504

            There are soooo many places down there I want to own. Oohhh you could get the old Lee Harvey Oswald house! It’s a duplex on Magazine. I have so many ideas for you!

          • justinbc

            I saw 2 really nice places perpendicular to each other on that corner, but it doesn’t look like either is for sale. They’re probably making too much to let them go!

          • Emmaleigh504

            omg or you could get the duplex next to my parents’ house and fix it so it’s a side to side shotgun again. Someone weirdly remodeled it to front and back units and the back unit’s front door is right outside my bedroom! Bonus: that side of the street does not flood!

          • Emmaleigh504

            I think I just want you to buy all the places I think need fixing 🙂

          • justinbc

            Haha, not always the best investment strategy :p

  • Mega Rave: I had the amazing privilege of spending almost an hour and a half yesterday afternoon with Justice Ginsburg at the Supreme Court for a live interview and Q&A in the courtroom. She is brilliant, hilarious and it’s utterly humbling to be in her presence. And yes, she did get asked about the “Notorious RBG” and her reply was terrific!
    Rave: Crafty Bastards this weekend!

    • Nice!! And what did she say about the “Notorious R.B.G.” nickname?

      • She has totally embraced it in her own wonderfully humble way. Really looking forward to the book of the same title by the NYU law students who coined it coming out in late-Oct.

    • Very cool! Is there anywhere where this is publicly available? I’d love to hear what she said.

    • justinbc

      That’s pretty dope. We’re heading to CB on Sunday (and Barrack’s Row Fest on Saturday), the weather forecast looks great so far for Saturday, we’ll see about Sunday, but at least CB has tents.

    • Blithe

      That’s awesome! I’m jealous! RBG is my hero!!!! If you can share any details re: her brilliance and hilarity, that would be MUCH appreciated! (Although I quite understand if sharing details would not be appropriate. )

  • Rave: Nailed a spreadsheet that took all week to organize/figure out.
    Rave: Learned some new excel tricks
    Rave: Weather is nice
    Rave: I’m almost debt free
    Rave: I’m 100% healthy.

  • Rave: for the man who gave up his seat to an elderly gentleman this morning.
    Rant: for the 4 people sitting in handicapped seats who did not, despite his polite request.

    • HaileUnlikely

      …despite his request?! Seriously. What the fvcking hell is wrong with people? I see oblivious people lost in the world of their newspaper or phone fail to get up when an elderly person is standing there and have to be asked to move rather t, but have never seen somebody outright refuse.

    • HaileUnlikely

      …despite his request?! Seriously. What the fvcking hell is wrong with people? I see oblivious people lost in the world of their newspaper or phone fail to get up when an elderly person is standing there and have to be asked to move rather than take the initiative to move, but have never seen somebody outright refuse.

  • Rant: Everyone making fun of Boehner for his tendency to tears. Attack his politics, by all means. But mocking him for having and displaying an emotion is juvenile. Not to mention, it often encourages the toxic version of masculinity that is so damaging to our society.

  • Rave: if making my dog winter coats that match my favorite scarves is wrong, I don’t want to be right.
    Rant: I have too many books to read and I am not a fast reader. I want to put everything aside to start planning next year’s Montana, Wyoming, Idaho, Utah trip, but I also want to keep reading my normal stuff.

    Rave: I’m excited to help a friend with a photo project by modeling. I am totally nervous because I’m awkward as hell in front of a camera, but it should be fun nonetheless. Hats!
    Rant: I think I should get a new camera for the Iceland trip and I would obviously use it again for my national park trip, but I really don’t feel like doing the research and making a decision. Damn you technology for moving so fast!

  • Rant: Feeling generally pissed off today. This is not being helped by Gospel Girl. I swear to god, if I hear one more fucking hallelujah I am walking out. My ears literally hurt from having ear buds shoved in them at all times.
    Rave: Its Friday – two blissfully gospel free days ahead!

    • maybe time to bring this up with gospel girl?

      • IIRC, Anonamom said that management had already talked with Gospel Girl about how her music was affecting her co-workers, and that Gospel Girl stopped temporarily and then started up again. (Or maybe never stopped?)

        • This – it has been discussed with her on many occasions by management. It quietens for a few hours, then back up with associated bad attitude because she feels “persecuted” and needs Jesus even more. From my understanding, this has been going on for much longer than I have been here.

      • I Dont Get It

        I think it is time to go to management–not that it’s gospel music but NO one should be playing their music in such a way that others hear. Other consideration would be to fight back playing something obnoxious like heavy metal. .

  • Rave: Friday!
    Rave: Good friend from college who moved to California is visiting for the weekend – and it’s also my undergrad’s five year alumni reunion this weekend. (Five years! Gah!)
    Rave: Went to a Japan-related happy hour full of people I didn’t know, which was a bit intimidating (so many lawyers/people working at law firms) but it turned out fun! I now have so many business cards floating about in my purse and I can’t remember who was who….
    Rave: Going through quotes from favorite authors for the Friday question of the day is fun.

  • Rave: DDOT paved around the Carnegie Library at Mount Vernon Square. My Mass Ave bike commute is smooth sailing.
    Rant: Tri tomorrow and our relay member hurt his knee…desperately seeking biker or swimmer…
    Rave: Gorgeous day today. Submitted my massive expense report from a long work trip.
    Rant: Starting to worry about splitting my time NYC DC. Excited but worried. Any Popville-like blog community recommendations for NYC?

    • emvee

      I used to blog pretty heavily when I lived in Baltimore and was seeing a guy in Brooklyn at the time, which led me to briefly dabble in the Brooklyn blogging scene. Long story short – New York is so massive that the community-based blogs are definitely more by borough/neighborhood. There’s a helpful, albeit not updated too often, list here that’s organized by subway stop: http://www.nycbloggers.com/

      Good luck!

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rave: Millinery
    Rant: I suck at it.

  • I need creative suggestions for finding a house/pet sitter, (besides Craigslist.) I’m planning a trip for 3-4 weeks in Feb. & early March. I’m NOT looking to pay someone, but give someone an opportunity to live for free in a nice house 1/2 block from Columbia Heights Metro. I’m thinking someone local who needs a place to live during home renovation, or family visiting locals to help with a new baby. Maybe a retired couple who wants to visit DC & see every art gallery & museum at leisure. I’ve checked some house-swap sites, but they all want a fee to join. Any ideas?

  • I Dont Get It

    Rave: The paw-paw I bought at the DuPont Farmer’s market ripened enough for me to eat it. It was delicious, sort of like a peach with vanilla undertones. Expensive though, $4 for a medium sized one ($11 a pound).
    Rant: I’m tired of working from home this week—especially with the needy dogs. I’m looking forward to going back to the fishbowl next week!

    • Emmaleigh504

      “That’s a good car, Paw-paw.” [tire kick]

    • Blithe

      I’ve never tried a paw paw. “Peach with vanilla undertones” might be the nudge it takes for me to finally check out the market..

    • Would you mind sharing (if you remember) which vendor you bought it from? My boyfriend is obsessed with trying paw-paws, and I figured I could try to pick one up this weekend.

  • Revel: I have not cried at work since Monday. I can do it!

  • Blithe

    Rave: Pope Francis cologne is an actual thing! I’m not sure why, but I really love the idea of this! Even though I realize that the likelihood that he’s actually worn this commemorative fragrance is probably pretty low.
    Rave: Making Brazilian cheese bread — play doh with a purpose!
    Rant: I never thought I’d view this as a Rant, but Boehner’s resignation. I’m truly terrified about what might be coming next as people whose goal is to “take back America” get to play out their dysfunctions on an even larger scale. These are parlous times.
    Rant: I have a friend who is a survivalist. I can’t say that he didn’t try to warn me. Sigh.

    • emvee

      Man, this pope. He’s a week-long rave for me!

    • Emmaleigh504

      I keep trying to tell my mom and aunt we need a house at the tree farm, so we can have a refuge when the wackos “take back America”!

      • Blithe

        Yeah, I’d love to have a refuge — I’m just not sure where I can find one. Up until recently, NYC has been my refuge of choice, Several years ago, a friend seriously invited me to stay with them in Idaho. When I demurred — wondering if this would really be an ideal option for me as a black female, my friend then noted that the number of home-grown terrorists and/or white supremacists might be high…. 🙁

        • Emmaleigh504

          There’s a fallout shelter in my apartment building 🙂

          • Emmaleigh504

            Bus seriously, if we really need to flee, you are welcome to come live on the tree farm. It’s in Mississippi…but the middle of no where!

          • Blithe

            Thank you for your kind invitation!!!! 🙂 I hope I won’t need them in real life, but I will give serious thought to stretching my limited urban skill-set to include stuff that could be useful living on a tree farm in Mississippi. Maybe I could water the trees? 🙂

          • Emmaleigh504

            There’s a pond with fish! We will have protein! Vegetables may be more difficult.

          • Blithe

            I’ll start stockpiling veggie seeds! 🙂

    • Pablo Raw

      Wow, the possibilities for advertising it are endless…

  • Is it chestnut season yet? I have found them at farmers markets in the past, but haven’t seen any this year. Anyone else spotted some, and if so, where?

    • I Dont Get It

      It may be a little early. Usually U St Farmer’s market has them but I didn’t notice any last weekend.

    • How do you eat/use chestnuts? When I lived in France I can remember people selling hot chestnuts in the winter, but I just wasn’t sure how the hell to eat them, or prepare them or anything….maybe I should look into this

      • Emmaleigh504

        +1 I see them in old movies, but never see anyone actually consume them.

      • 1. Remove shell.
        2. Eat nut.
        I don’t like them roasted or otherwise cooked, or anything chestnut flavored (very common in France.) I like them in their natural state. We used to gorge ourselves on them every fall.

        • Yu are making me get SUPER excited about chestnut season. I associate them with the dead of winter, so yes it may be too early. But now I’m going to be on the hunt too!

          • Also, they make a delicious addition to pureed soups. I sometimes buy peeled ones in a bag (at Whole Foods, I think?) for this purpose and they’re surprisingly affordable and tasty.

          • When I was a kid they were the very definition of fall. On bright sunny sweater-weather days, we would shuffle our feet through the fallen leaves to find the burrs, then pry them open with our sneakers to get the nuts out. We would fill brown paper grocery bags to the top with nuts, and then eat them until our fingers wore out from shelling them. One large grocery bag usually lasted a month or so.

          • What an awesome memory!

        • Alrighty, I may give it a try if I see any at the farmer’s market…

        • I’ve never had them raw! But they are delicious roasted.

        • We had a horse chestnut tree in our yard growing up and holy f&k that thing was treacherous! We called it the “Spiny-ball tree” because it would drop these huge spine-covered balls that hurt like a mother if you accidentally fell on them. Or had a sibling chuck one at you. We were always amazed by the squirrels who somehow managed to avoid a fatal stab wound and pry those puppies open to get at the chestnuts. I think because of that tree, I’ve never really wanted anything to do with trying chestnuts. Murderous tree!

          • I hated those trees. Them, and buckeyes, because they LOOK like they ought to be good for something, but they aren’t.
            (Horse chestnuts are barely related to Chinese chestnuts, and they’re not native. Of course, neither are Chinese chestnuts, but they’re closely related to American chestnuts which largely died out in a blight early in the 20th century…. No seriously, I could ramble on about chestnuts.)
            Please don’t let dangerous tease-trees put you off lovely nostalgia-morsels.

          • While I’m on a rant-roll against dangerous trees that disappoint: Osage oranges. What is the point of producing a softball-sized fruit that is only good for denting cars? I call them the Oranges of Damocles, and I hate them.

      • Blithe

        I’ve tried them candied, roasted (or however they sell them on the street), broiled (I think) with brussels sprouts, and chestnut paste. I am not a fan.

        • Have you tried them fresh and raw? That’s the way I’m used to them, and the only way I like them. The texture is perfection. Crunchy then buttery… a little like a macadamia.

          • Blithe

            No, I haven’t tried them raw. If they are anything at all “like a macadamia” I’m willing to give them another try!

  • emvee

    Rave: I have a relaxing, cozy weekend ahead of me.
    Rave: Impulse-purchase ankle boots because why the hell not.
    Rave: It’s crockpot season!
    Rave: Great siblings, great partner, great dog, great friends.

  • I know we have a few int’l development folks here. I want to get a short term job overseas (less than one year) somewhere I can take my kids. I speak a couple languages, have non-profit/ development program experience. But not much field time. Is this a total pipe dream?

    • A short term gig tends to be a consultancy and for much shorter stints and/or multiple stints in and out of country which wouldn’t have the same benefit package. It’t not ideal for cost control to pay for an international move for staff for short-term gigs. Maybe if you are willing to move the family at your own cost?

  • “Perhaps all the dragons in our lives are princesses who are only waiting to see us act, just once, with beauty and courage. Perhaps everything that frightens us is, in its deepest essence, something helpless that wants our love.” — Rilke

  • Weird, my post seems to have been swallowed by the internet….anyway,
    Rave: Super exciting fun weekend full of plans – Saturday morning coffee catch-up, then Carmen at the Kennedy Center, and kitten yoga at WARL!
    Rant: Sooooo much to do between now and then! Ack!
    Rant: Sometimes I say the dumbest things without thinking about it, and then spend the rest of my day feeling so stupid and sorry, but there’s no way to unsay it. Just keep hoping that the person forgets every single word I said. Ugh.

  • RANT: Bought a new vehicle in Virginia on July 31st and am now almost at the end of my second 30-day temporary registration waiting for DC to transfer the registration from my old vehicle to my new vehicle. In the meantime, I’m without my parking sticker, so parking has been a real headache (will they pro-rate this for the time I’m without it? I doubt it). Can anyone explain why it’s taking 2 months for my registration to come through? The dealership tells me there’s nothing they can do; it’s all the fault of the DC DMV. Grrr….

    • Can you get a temporary/visitor parking sticker so you’re at least without that particular hassle?

    • DC requires the actual car title for registration and that can be slow going. When I registered my car in DC (also from VA) we had to have Ford Credit mail the title to the DC DMV and the DMV then mails it back after you come in and register. We ended up having to call and fax our request to Ford. The DMV is also supposed to alert you when they receive the title, but they never did, and actually had it for a week before we found out. You also have to check which branch they sent it to. It’s kind of a nightmare. VA only requires your previous registration when registering, seems simpler.

      • Interesting; the dealership says they have to take care of everything (I asked if I could just go and do it myself to get it done) and they have not given me any explanation for the delay.

    • I bought a car in MD this past summer, and it took me nearly 60 days to get my tags. The dealer said that the title was the delay, particularly because the MVA needed a single piece of paper from my credit union regarding the note/title. It took a while to get it from my credit union. Also, they sent the tags and registration sticker (I don’t have zoned parking) to the dealer who then sent them to me. The car was inspected June 30, the the registration says August 10, and I got them August 20-something. The dealer blamed DC for all the delays and said it’s a nightmare when they have to deal with DC.

  • Rave: Have had a few bursts of productivity and am feeling less behind in life. I’m still behind, but not as badly behind.
    Rave: While I work, my dog likes to burrow under blankets (or anything snuggly) and sit as close to me as possible. It’s 80% amazing and 20% annoying. It’s sort of makes me heart melt when he makes sure that he’s touching me with at least one paw, and that makes up for the times that he tried to lick my forehead and ears while I’m doing work.
    Rave: Looking forward to seeing more of the city this weekend, health permitting.

    • Sometimes my typos make me laugh. I wasn’t trying to talk like a pirate when I said “makes me heart melt.” IT makes MY heart melt. Obvi.

    • Glad to hear you’re feeling less behind!

    • Emmaleigh504

      omg I love the little paw touches! So cute! Last night Donna decided to like my eye, I appreciate the gesture but waking up to searing eye pain is not cool. Not cool, Donna.

  • Revel/reflection: Has there been any update on the cowboy boots story from earlier this week? Can OP please give us more details?!

  • Totally random q–anyone else having trouble viewing the WaPo live discussions? Tried checking out The Fix, Hax, and even the main Live Discussions page and all I get is a blank page. Same is true for chrome & IE.

  • janie4

    Rave: Construction is drawing to a close on my basement apartment. God willing, it will be finished in time for me to rent it out for November.
    Rave: got a promotion at work that should mean an extra $90 a pay period in the first year.
    Rant: It’s federal, and while I got the verbal call (and accepted it) from our HR department, still don’t have the email officially saying I got it, and when it’s supposed to kick in.
    Rave: refinance is ready to go once I get the appraisal, but I want to wait on getting the drywall up.
    Rant: Very tired today.

  • Rant: Headache slowly getting worse
    Rave: It’s Friday!
    Info: I know hitting the VA Vineyards is a popular pastime for a lot of people and if anyone had been considering it this weekend, I encourage you to try Chrysalis Vineyard in Middleburg. This Saturday from 11-3, Operation Paws for Homes, a local dog rescue, is hosting Bark, Wag & Wine with proceeds benefiting dogs in need. $25 entry includes wine tasting and a goody bag. Kids and dogs welcome (and free!). There is also a silent auction with a ton of stuff from local and national vendors, as well as music.

  • Revel: My two newest fosters got out of “quarantine” (a week in the bathroom) and got to meet the other 3 today. Poor little Muffin doesn’t really even know how to be a kitten, but is quite intrigued by the possibilities.

    You can meet my other 3, Raisin, Rory & Sally at the PetMAC adoption event tomorrow from 12-2 – or of course, at my house anytime! They are about the friendliest, most sociable kittens I’ve fostered.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant/Rave: Mental health day.
    Rave: watching Longmire for the 4th time, it’s a sickness, a good sickness. It makes me want to move to Wyoming.
    Rave: Then I see a picture of SoDak and I think a VISIT to Wyoming would be a better idea. Let’s go Schwesit, after Sweden!

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