Heads Up Bus Riders – Meeting about proposed Metrobus service changes at Metro Headquarters Tonight

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“Metro is inviting customers to provide feedback on proposed service adjustments to selected Metrobus routes as part of a continuing effort to bring riders a Better Bus experience. The proposed changes are based on an analysis of on-time performance, ridership, service studies and cost efficiency.

A public hearing will be held September 17 to gather feedback, which will be provided to the WMATA Board of Directors to consider before a final plan is approved. Some changes may be implemented in early 2016. Riders can provide feedback through an online survey at wmata.com/betterbus.

Among the changes being considered are additions to service, route reductions or alterations, route eliminations, and changes to fare policy. A fare increase is not under consideration.

WHAT: Metrobus service changes public hearing
WHEN: Thursday September 17, 2015
TIME: Information Session – 6 p.m.
Public Hearing – 6:30 p.m.

WHERE: Metro Headquarters
600 Fifth St NW

Proposed improvements to service:

DC: 63, 64, 79, 97, A8, D4, E2, E4, G8, S9, U8, X1, X8, X9

MD: F4, G12, Q9, V14

VA: 1C, 2B, 10B, 15K, 15L, 16X, 23B, 23T, 26A, 29N

Proposed route eliminations:

DC: 5A, 93, B8, B9, D3, N3

MD: J13, K11, R3, W19

VA: 1E, 5A, 7H, 9A, 10R, 10S, 15M, 18E, 18F, 21A, 21D

Proposed route changes, reductions or alterations:

DC: 34, 54, 80, 82, A42, A46, A48, D1, H6, W4, X3

MD: 81, B31, C2, C4, G13, G14, G16, Q1, Q2, Q4, Q5, Q6, V15, Z6, Z8, Z9, Z29, Z11, Z13

VA: 1A, 1B, 1Z, 2T, 3A, 3T, 4A, 4B, 7A, 7X, 7Y, 16H, 23A, 28X, 38B

Proposed fare changes:

Q line: Transfer to/from Metrorail’s Red Line and travel between Wheaton and Silver Spring at no charge.

Capitol Heights & Addison Road Metrorail station: Bus riders transferring between certain routes can ride between stations at no charge.

Transit Link Card: $2 added to TLC price if a new SmarTrip® card is issued. Online purchases require a new card each month.

In addition to the public hearing, Metro outreach staff will visit bus stops and attend community events throughout the region to collect customer input.

For complete information on the proposed changes or to take a customer survey, visit wmata.com/betterbus.

Additional Information

The location of the public hearing is wheelchair accessible. Any individual who requires special assistance such as a sign language interpreter or additional accommodation to participate in the public hearings, or who requires these materials in an alternate format, should contact Danise Peña at 202-962-2511 or TTY: 202-962-2033 as soon as possible in order for Metro to make necessary arrangements. For language assistance, such as an interpreter, please call 202-962-2582 at least 48 hours prior to public hearing date.

HOW TO REGISTER TO SPEAK – All organizations or individuals desiring to be heard with respect to the docket will be afforded the opportunity to present their views, make supporting statements and offer alternative proposals. In order to establish a witness list, individuals and representatives of organizations who wish to be heard at these public hearings are requested to furnish, in writing, their name and organization affiliation, if any, via email to [email protected] The request may also be mailed to the Office of the Secretary, Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority, 600 Fifth Street, NW, Washington, D.C. 20001. Please submit only one speaker’s name per letter. Lists of individual speakers will not be accepted.

Please note that all comments received are releasable to the public upon request, and may be posted on WMATA’s website, without change, including any personal information provided.

Public officials will be heard first and will be allowed five minutes each to make their presentations. All others will be allowed three minutes each. Relinquishing of time by one speaker to another will not be permitted.

HOW TO SUBMIT WRITTEN STATEMENTS – Written statements and exhibits must be received by 5 p.m. on Wednesday, September 23, 2015 by the Office of the Secretary and may be emailed to [email protected] They may also be mailed to the Office of the Secretary, Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority, 600 Fifth Street, NW, Washington, DC 20001. Please reference the appropriate docket number (B13-02) in your submission. Please note that all comments received are releasable to the public upon request, and may be posted on WMATA’s website, without change, including any personal information provided.”

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  • Mootje1

    From what I understand, they’re looking to remove the 54 when every 52/54 bus in the morning is already standing room only until K Street. Not sure how this makes sense, since I highly doubt they truly intend to add more frequency to the 52’s. Honest question, why not get rid of the 53?

    • The proposal wouldn’t remove the 54; it would just stop the route at Franklin Sq/McPherson Metro. I assume you were talking about full buses heading south, not north, in which case, I think the change makes sense, because I always see the bus empty out there anyway.

      If anything, I wish they would turn the 53 into an express bus of sorts, and make maybe half the stops it currently makes. I know the Circulator runs down 14th too, but I think the route would benefit from another quick means of transportation between upper 14th st and McPherson metro.

  • Get rid of the 5A?? With the new 2020 Silver Line completion estimate…. Absurd.

    • How are they making these decisions? Pulling stuff out of hats? Dulles is a pain to get to (if you don’t have a car and don’t want to spend a grip on a cab from DC proper) and as someone that relies (and prefers) public transit, the 5A makes the trek out there doable. But alas, I know they don’t make route elimination decisions based solely on what works best for me. I’d plan to attend/speak if I had any confidence that it’d make a lick of difference.
      Oh well, Ubers to IAD it is, I suppose.

      • You don’t have to go all the way to Uber – you can take the Silver Line out to Wiehle and catch either the DC Flyer bus there (straight shot for $5 from Wiehle) or, if you are really cheap, the slow Fairfax Connector bus to the airport.

    • The 5A is funded separately, and the jurisdictions are fighting over who has to pay for it. Maryland doesn’t want to pay for it, and Fairfax said if Maryland won’t pay then they shouldn’t have to pay either, and DC should pay for the whole thing. So now it’s on the list as a proposed elimination. My guess is they’ll figure out the funding and continue it, at least until the silver line is done.

      • I’m confused. Does MD pay for the BWI/Marshall bus? I understand why MD wouldn’t pay for a DC/VA bus but Fairfax’s non-oarticipation is baffling. Try picking up that bus at Rosslyn and you know what I mean.

  • Save the D3! It’s a really useful rush-hour bus that helps people who live in NE north of H Street and commute to NW. Ridership is decent and cutting it will force more people onto the already-overcrowded X2.

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