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  • Uggh…can we please get a Chick-Fil-A or a Cava instead of these one offs that will be out of business in two months?!

    • You already have a Roti upstairs. No need for a Cava. I’m excited about Dunkin Donuts and willing to give Oliver’s a chance rather than letting hate-chicken into Union Station. Those waffle sandwiches look good. Now, if we could only convince Taco Bell to start serving b-fast……

  • What utter mismanagement. Thought they were going a more “upscale” route, which was their explanation for why the basement was a construction zone eyesore and they couldn’t keep Vaccaro’s or Burrito Bros. Now they’re putting in a low-end Chinese takeout (terrible reviews), a fast-food chicken place with no real track record (1 location in Gurnee IL) and no real website, and a Dunkins? Clownshow.

    • brookland_rez

      Who cares? Does anyone except large tour groups eat there anyways?

      • I work a block away and eat at Union Station pretty regularly. There are quite a few office buildings in the area and lots of people grab lunch here.
        Also, plenty of locals take the bus/train and its nice to get something decent to eat before a trip.

      • kinda a chicken-egg argument- over the years they’ve purged it of anything decent, so now the only people who go there are those who don’t know better. I used to get takeout from Aditti or pastries from Vaccarros when passing through. Now it’s all awful.

        • This is simply not true. Plenty of people work in the area/travel and this is the only option for food. There are plenty of places that are not “awful”.

    • Check out the main floor. There’s a great Italian restaurant with a good number of options. It’s called Sbarro I believe?

    • The main floor has a chipotle, shophouse, roti, abp, chopt, lpq, pret, and shake shack. If that doesn’t fit the bill for you, pretty much any other office space area with worker bees in dc will disappoint you.

  • northeazy

    OHHH EMMMM GEEEE. DD in my hood. One New Yorker who is happy DD is expanding in DC.

  • Why put another chicken place in? There’s already a Bojangles.

  • Also, as a sign of how inept the Union Station management is, the Smithsonian space that was vacated earlier this year is being replaced with… yet another Hudson News. They will have three outposts in the building now: two on the Amtrak mezzanine and one off the food court downstairs, near that Dunkin’ Donuts.

    • I don’t know if I’d call that inept. If there’s demand and they want to lease the space out, would you rather have it sit empty while you hope for something you want that probably isn’t interested?

    • There are about 15 Hudson news in Penn Station… So scaling it down to 3 for union station is about right…

  • Just looked at the reviews for Lotus Express, another terrible Chinese serve n slop joint in a mall, except this one looks especially bad. Their location in Anne Arunel mills not only averages 1 star, but EVERY SINGLE REVIEW was 1 star, the minimum. Apparently the food is terrible and gives you food poisoning. Terrible choice for a place that has gotten much better lunch options recently.

    • justinbc

      Right, but people pay for terrible food all the time. It’s only a bad choice for Union Station management if it doesn’t return revenue, and since they’ve already signed a lease then I would say it’s a win for them.

  • maxwell smart

    Thanks for nothing Union Station.

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