Beef ‘n Bread Deli from Owners of Wiseguys Pizza Soft Opens in Chinatown

6th and H Street, NW

Back in July we learned:

“Beef n Bread is a fast casual down to earth sandwich shop inspired from living in Boston (what pizza is to New Yorkers, Roast beef is to Bostonians).”

They had their first soft opening on Tuesday and will have another starting at 11:30am on Wednesday. They’ll be open until they “run out of meat and bread”. Stay tuned for regular hours next week from 11am to 10pm. And in the future we’ll see Breakfast and Late Night hours too. In the meantime – looking forward to hearing what folks think of the sandwiches!


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  • This place sounds good — and I love WiseGuys — but isn’t roast beef more of a CHicago thing than a Boston thing?

    • Yea… idk where they got the idea that “what pizza is to New Yorkers, Roast beef is to Bostonians.” -A former Bostonian

    • Almost every House of Pizza in every town in MA has roast beef and there are many places that do roast beef and seafood. I agree that the pizza/roast beef line is a bit much, but roast beef joints are very prevelant in Boston, or at least the suburbs. Roast beef in the form of Italian Beefs is big in Chicago, but that is a completely different thing.

      • Chicago Italian Beef = roasted and shredded with jus, giardinera, and peppers served well done

        Boston Roast Beef = served rare/medium rare, sliced paper thin on a roll

  • Had a sandwich yesterday as they opened for about an hour. They are just average. Not bad, but not anything to write home about. I will say, I was impressed with how big it was.

    • No surprise. like most simple things, I’m sure the DC rendition will be mediocre at best. The same thing with pizza, corned beef, etc. We finally get a couple good pizza places and then the buzz is all about chains from Atlanta and new ways to repackage crappy pizza like &Pizza.

  • justinbc

    Damn, I won’t be in the office for the next 2 weeks! I had no idea roast beef was such a prized Bostonian item, I don’t recall seeing it prominently anywhere up there during any of my extended stays.

    • it’s more of a north shore thing than a boston proper thing. But to the poster above, yes, Nick’s in beverly is the best.

  • I went today, and it was nothing to write home about. There’s a ton of meat, but I thought the sandwich was just so-so, and the bread got soggy.

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