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  • Maybe this explains why they were out of *numerous* ingredients on Sunday. (Which they didn’t mention until after you ordered and the pizza was cooked. ‘Oh, do you still want it?’ ‘I guess since you cooked and I waited for it, but if you’d’ve told me up front, I’d have ordered something else!’)

    • There is nothing that bothers me more than places that do this! My friend and I went to a bar/lounge type thing last weekend and ordered — and they were out of the food we ordered and didn’t tell us until they finished making our drinks! We basically told them “Sorry, but we came for ____” so we’re going somewhere else. Ugh.

    • Yes! I was also there on Sunday. They were out of a bunch of ingredients (c’mon I need bacon on my pizza) and they were really short-staffed. Took like 20-25 min before I was out of there with my pizza. I love &Pizza so I’ll definitely be back, but I hope they step it up a little bit. Definitely need more staff at this location.

  • Hoping the renovation somehow results in a second cashier. Things move much slower there than they need to.

  • They desperately need [better?] air conditioning – hopefully that’s part of the renovation! Their cash register system also sucks…twice now I haven’t had to pay at all because their CC system was down and I didn’t have cash.

    • Better air conditioning? I feel like most of the time I walk by they have their front doors propped wide open. I doubt the system is the issue.

  • hopefully they’re installing better hood vents. The place always smells like pizza oven exhaust!

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