West End Cinema reopening as a Landmark Theatre July 17th!

2301 M Street, NW

A reader reports:

“I thought you might like to know that Landmark Theatres has leased the former West End Cinema space and that they plan to reopen the theater on July 17. They have a sign on the window of the cinema and they are currently hiring new staff (they placed on ad in craigslist).”

Ed. Note: Thanks to everyone else who tweeted and emailed us.


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  • Classic move. Landmark runs them out of business, then moves in and takes advantage of their theatre space.

    • Yeah, competition is the worst! No business should ever have to deal with it.

      • small business makes its only profit of the year showing Oscar shorts.
        Big business spends its big money to buy exclusive right for showing Oscar Shorts in DC area
        Small business loses annual profit and is forced to shut down.

        • large space (continually run since 2001) theater company gets rights to the two popular varieties of oscar shorts because it is a theater that people care about. small theater gets what it can for oscar shorts (documentary) due to not having purchasing power.

          by your story, small theater with only one, seasonal source of income cannot stay afloat must fold and it’s a travesty.

          econ 101 does not involve sympathy. sorry.

    • Talk about a long grift. That place has been a movie theater for over 15 years at least.

      • Saw Mulholland Dr. there in late 2001. Anyone know when it opened? Empty for years.

        • I believe it was Loews Cineplex Odeon Inner Circle when I came to the D.C. area in 1998, and my impression was that it had been around for a while then.

  • If they wanted to open a cinema in the area, I’m kind of surprised they didn’t pick a larger and more comfortable venue like the old Visions building. West End’s space was so small and cramped.

  • While I only saw one movie while it was West End (Citizenfour – awesome movie), the folding chairs were charming and gave it that old school art house feel. However, I do think it’ll be more successful with the Landmark “infrastructure.”

  • I know first hand Landmark is do some great renovations to the screening rooms and those who bemoaned “biggish cinema” taking over/driving out the small ones…well, I dare to say you’ll be chomping on popcorn and watching some great films come the fall. Wow, why begrudge business doing business.

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